Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes home and pours a drink. She notices the back door is open so she goes to close it. She turns around and drops her drink in shock as she sees the portrait of her and Kate has been replaced by the old portrait of Stefano. Sami starts saying it can't be and screams when she turns around.

Hope goes to see Jennifer and apologizes for not talking to Sami about Abigail but promises to get to it. Jennifer thinks Abigail has the situation under control for now so they should wati and see. Jennifer wants to hear what's going on with Hope and asks if there's anything new.

Aiden sits alone in the town square finishing a drink. He thinks back to telling Hope about his feelings.

Brady remains outside of John's room and calls Daniel. Brady asks if he's busy. Daniel says he just put Parker down. Brady asks Daniel about John's transfer being delayed and if he knows anything about it. Daniel says he'll come by and they can talk.

Theresa goes to the club and calls Anne, saying she has something so exciting to tell her about Brady. Kristen interrupts and asks her to tell. Theresa tells her that she's trying to have a private conversation. Kristen says she'll wait and sits down so Theresa hangs up. Theresa tells Kristen that she knows she is Brady's crazy ex and the bitch who ruined Eric's life.

Marlena tells Eric that she has to ask him to do something that is so horrible. Eric tells her that he would do anything for her so he wants to know what it is. Marlena calls it unfair that she has to ask him. She tells him that she has to beg him not to testify against Kristen.

Sami was startled by EJ, who apologizes. EJ explains that he was out in the garden which is why the door was open. EJ asks about Sami being upset. Sami shows him Stefano's portrait is back up. EJ asks who put it back. Sami accuses EJ of doing it and says she knows he's been working with Stefano since day one so she wants him to admit it.

Theresa tells Kristen that she's going to prison for what she did to Eric but Kristen disagrees. Kristen brings up Theresa's charges and questions her marriage to Brady being so short. Theresa says she and Brady are close and always will be. Kristen warns her to stay away from Brady.

Eric tells Marlena that she can't be serious. Marlena explains that Stefano found a formula to reverse John's coma. Eric questions her believing Kristen. Marlena adds that Daniel and Kayla believe it might work but Stefano won't give the formula unless Eric doesn't testify against Kristen. Eric says he would be allowing Kristen to go free.

Aiden gets another drink. Anne greets him from nearby and then introduces herself. Aiden remembers her from the hospital. Anne joins Aiden at his table. She asks about his drinking. Aiden says he doesn't normally drink. Anne flirts with him. Aiden decides he shouldn't be drinking like this alone. Aiden gets up and walks away. Anne gets upset and finishes her drink.

Jennifer asks Hope about Ciara starting school. Hope says she's excited but brought up Bo not being around. Jennifer asks how she's doing with that. Hope says she's staying focused on other things. Jennifer brings up a fundraiser. Hope changes the subject and suggests going on a walk as she has something she really needs to talk to her about.

Brady goes to Daniel's and asks about the delay in John's transfer. Brady says something seems off and he wants to know what's happening. Daniel thinks back to Kristen's condition that Brady not know. Daniel tells Brady not to look to much in to it. Brady says it's been a hell of a day after he let Kristen have it about seeing John. Brady says he left rattled then he went home and made a big mistake.

Theresa tells Kristen that getting in her face doesn't work with her. Kristen says she's back and looking out for Brady. Kristen talks about Brady not wanting her. Theresa brings up Brady hating her. Kristen brings up Brady stopping by her hotel room earlier and claims he was excited to see her. Theresa thinks back to asking Brady why they had sex. Theresa says now she gets it. Kristen asks what she gets.

Marlena understands Eric being skeptical but brings up Daniel and Kayla thinking it may work. Marlena brings up Stefano's access to research. Marlena knows it's asking a lot. Eric declares it's asking too much. Eric apologizes and says he won't do it.

Sami starts questioning everything about EJ. EJ insists he's on her side but Sami doesn't buy it. EJ insists that he has no idea who switched the portrait. Sami continues to accuse him of working with Stefano. EJ asks why he would hang his picture up. Sami shouts about Stefano having to stay out of town. Sami asks what she was supposed to think. EJ then tells her that he knows exactly who put it there.

Hope and Jennifer walk to the lake. Jennifer asks what's bothering her. Hope says she was just wondering if Jennifer has heard anything from Daniel lately. Jennifer tells her that he came by to see how Abigail was doing but other than that, she's pretty sure things are over between them and she has to accept it. Hope tells her she's sorry. Aiden walks by behind them and stops. Hope then suggests Jennifer should give Aiden another shot.

Kristen asks what Theresa gets. Theresa says she gets why everyone hates Kristen and calls her a nasty piece of work like the rest of her family. Kristen warns her that the DiMeras always get what they want and she wants her to stay away from Brady. Theresa mocks being scared of her. Kristen exits the club.

Brady tells Daniel about being in bed with Theresa. Brady promises him that it was a one time thing and says she understood. They agree to keep it between them. Brady thanks him for listening and for clearing things up. Brady talks about hoping for a miracle but starting to let that go as he exits. Daniel says to himself that Marlena must have talked to Eric by now.

Eric says he would do anything for Marlena and John but not this. Marlena understands that he doesn't want to give Kristen a free pass and she knew that this would be so painful. She asks him to consider it. Eric points out that she doesn't know if the drug will work. Marlena tells him that he can testify if it doesn't work. Eric doesn't want to think about Kristen going free as it's a lot deeper than her raping him. Eric talks about all that he lost and says the only thing he holds on to is making sure she goes to prison.

EJ questions Harold about Stefano's portrait. Harold says he got a call from Stefano, telling him to prepare for his arrival tomorrow. Harold apologizes if he did anything wrong. Sami says it's okay but EJ says it's not as the house is controlled by Sami and Kate so no one else makes orders. EJ then sends Harold to put the portrait back away. Sami worries about Stefano coming back tomorrow as they look at the portrait.

Jennifer tells Hope that her date with Aiden wasn't romantic as they are just friends. Hope suggests they could be more as Aiden listens in. Jennifer asks where this is coming from. Hope says she's gotten to know Aiden a little better and he's nice. Jennifer stops her and tells her that she's far from over Daniel while Aiden is just her friend. Jennifer gets a text and realizes she left something at home that she was supposed to e-mail. Hope decides she'll stay at the lake. Hope apologizes to Jennifer for overstepping. Jennifer understands she's always looking out for her. Jennifer walks home while Hope remarks on that going well. Aiden then confronts Hope and questions what she was thinking.

Anne joins Theresa at the club. Theresa talks about sleeping with Brady after he saw Kristen. Anne thinks he used her but Theresa feels Brady needed her as they have a connection. Anne argues against their relationship but Theresa feels she's back in the game with Kristen back in town.

Kristen goes to Daniel's and says she left her lipstick. Daniel assumes she left it on purpose so she would have a reason to come back. Daniel tells her she's too early as he hasn't heard from Marlena or Eric. Daniel says maybe they decided not to cave in and she can go to jail. Kristen assumes Marlena is taking too long to get to the point. Daniel suggests she leave but Kristen wants to have a talk. Kristen asks Daniel what he knows about Theresa.

Marlena tells Eric that she wants justice for him too but she won't hold it against him if he doesn't know do this and she only had to ask for John. Eric realizes it's selfish and he should be thinking about John, Marlena, and Brady but he can't. Eric says he can only hold on to how Kristen ruined his life. Eric questions Marlena wanting him to let her walk. Eric says he's sorry but he can't and storms out of the Pub.

Hope questions how long Aiden was there. Aiden says he was there long enough to hear her try to set him up with Jennifer. Aiden questions her. Aiden understands he made her uncomfortable with his feelings but he gets that she's married. Aiden tells her that he's not looking to date anyone so he tells her to stay out of his love life. Hope realizes that he's been drinking. Aiden says it was just a little bit. Hope brings up Aiden saying he didn't approve of drinking. Aiden says it was one drink and questions if she's going to act all superior.

Eric goes to the St Luke's garden and prays at the statue. Eric says he can't after everything Kristen did to him. Brady arrives and asks if everything is alright.

Anne suggests Theresa listen to Kristen's warnings but Theresa isn't scared. Theresa then decides she'll act scared to Brady so he'll be by her side. Theresa starts to call but decides she has something much better.

Daniel brings up Kristen asking about Theresa a couple days ago and still says nothing. Kristen asks if he still has a thing for her then realizes that Daniel hates her.

Eric asks Brady if Marlena sent him which confuses him. Eric questions why Brady is there. Brady says he was lighting a candle for John and asks why he thought Marlena sent him. Eric apologizes and asks how John is doing. Brady says he's not good and was supposed to be moved but they put it off. They talk about it being hard to see him in that condition. Brady blames himself and wishes he could take back so much. Brady declares that his dad is going to die never knowing how much he loved him.

Marlena returns to John's bed side and holds his hand.

EJ tells Sami that he's a little surprised and quite disappointed that she thought he put Stefano's picture back up. Sami says she's done everything she can think of to get back at him for what happened so she questions EJ trusting her. EJ asks if they are at a stalemate. Sami doesn't know how to make it different. EJ suggests they just deal with the matter at hand. EJ says the important thing here is Stefano. Sami tells him that she will handle him. EJ says they will handle him. EJ gets a call from Mr. Shin. EJ asks him when Stefano did that.

Theresa tells Anne that she won't play the Kristen card yet since Brady is focused on John but once he's sent away, she'll come crying for help. Theresa says if she plays this right, Brady will want her to come home and stay.

Brady tells Eric that it's weird how things become clear like what happened with John and the bitterness and hatred he held on to. Eric says sometimes hatred is all they have. Brady remarks that it's no good wallowing in it as it just brings nightmares and is a total waste. Brady tells Eric that he has something to say out loud. Brady apologizes for how he treated Eric as he knows what happened with Kristen was not his fault. Brady acknowledges Eric was a victim and he was just hurting. Brady says it was easier to blame Eric. Brady knows Eric has been a good brother to him. Brady admits he missed him. Eric says he missed him too and is sorry. Brady asks for Eric's forgiveness. Eric forgives him and they hug.

Daniel tells Kristen that he's not Theresa's biggest fan and couldn't think of anyone worse for Brady than her. Kristen says she must be more than a nightmare than she thought. Kristen suggests they team up against Theresa. Daniel thinks Kristen and Theresa should destroy each other. Daniel says he's busy so she has to go. Kristen comments that Daniel is very cold as she walks out. Daniel tells her that she doesn't know anything about him. Kristen says she knows Daniel won't forgive Jennifer so he's not just cold but stupid. Kristen then exits.

Hope tells Aiden that he's the one who loves acting superior and judges everyone. Hope tells Aiden that she was trying to set him up with Jennifer because she thought he was lonely so she was trying to help him out. Aiden tells her that she doesn't know him or what he likes or wants. Hope agrees and tells Aiden to be lonely then. Aiden responds that's not what he wants as he then kisses Hope.

EJ informs Sami that Stefano called the board for an emergency meeting in Salem. Sami calls that step one in Stefano's revenge to get her and Kate fired. EJ brings up that he can't get anything signed unless it's in Salem. Sami is glad the kids won't have to see it as there's going to be a war. EJ gives his word that he won't let anything happen to her or the children. Sami responds that talk is cheap and walks out of the room. EJ glares back at Stefano's portrait and declares that he won't win this one.

Aiden and Hope continue kissing. They stop and Aiden runs away.

Daniel pulls out a photo of he and Jennifer then puts it back in the drawer.

Jennifer sits at home on her computer. She gets a call from Daniel. Daniel asks if it's a bad time. She tells him it's not at all and asks him what's up. Daniel says he knows they have busy schedules but asks if they could go out for coffee tomorrow. Jennifer thinks that would be really nice and accepts the offer. Daniel tells her that he will be in touch and hangs up.

Anne warns Theresa not to overestimate how much Brady cares and to not underestimate how dangerous a DiMera can be. Theresa blows it off and toasts to Kristen as she laughs.

Brady tells Eric that it means a lot as family is the most important thing and he's got to keep his mind on what's right. Brady says there's no more revenge fantasies and assures that he will be there for Eric during the trial as he's got his back. Eric agrees that family matters and having Brady's support means more than he knows.

Marlena says she knows John would tell her to let Eric have his justice and peace. Marlena suggests maybe she shouldn't have asked Eric but she loves John so much. Marlena can't bear the thought of living without him. She holds his hand and cries.

Eric remains in the garden and pulls out his phone. He calls Kristen and tells her that they need to talk.

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