Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami is at the Pub on a call with Kate. Sami talks about the judge and Stefano as Eric and Nicole come in and go back out arguing. Eric accuses her of trying to manipulate him and says there's no future for her here so she should just go and stay away.

Paige goes to see JJ and tells him that she just finished babysitting Parker so they have the whole rest of the night. Paige suggests watching a movie. Paige then notices JJ has a package addressed to her.

Brady and Theresa continue kissing in bed. Theresa says he's so intense but she doesn't want him to stop.

Kayla and Daniel talk about the e-mail that could be an amazing breakthrough. Daniel isn't sure if it's legit but says there is only one way to find out.

Marlena doesn't believe Kristen would ever help John. Kristen says she found a way to help John get better. Marlena argues that John's coma is permanent. Kristen tells her to call Daniel so he can explain it. Daniel then calls Kristen. She says she thought she would be hearing from him.

Nicole blames Eric for making the wrong assumption that she was leaving town. Eric accuses her of making sure he thought that. Sami comes out and interrupts to tell Nicole off. Sami tells her that Eric will never want anything to do with her ever again.

Daniel tells Kristen that he and Kayla would like to see her in person after her e-mail. Kristen tells him that Brady put a restraining order on her with John so she can't go to the hospital. Kristen suggests her hotel room but Daniel decides on his. Marlena questions what she's done.

Paige sees the package is addressed to her dorm room in Stanford. JJ explains that he got it before she decided not to go. They open the package and go through the things that JJ wanted her to have while she was away including a hat, flip flops, and a photo of them together. Paige jokes that it's a bad picture of her but JJ says she couldn't take a bad picture. Paige kisses him and continues going through the box. She pulls out a teddy bear and kisses JJ after telling him it's perfect.

Sami and Nicole continue arguing as Eric yells at them to stop. Eric holds Sami back while Nicole brings up Stefano returning. Eric asks what is wrong with her. Nicole blames Sami for starting it. Nicole apologizes for bringing up Sami's kids and says she just lost her temper. Eric walks Sami away.

Brady and Theresa lay in bed after sex. She brings up how Brady's been saying they should go their own ways and the annulment papers. She then asks why this happened.

Marlena, Kristen, Kayla, and Daniel meet at Daniel's apartment. Kayla explains to Marlena about the e-mail they got. Daniel further adds that it's about a drug that could be used to help John. Marlena doesn't believe it and calls it a vicious game of Kristen's. Kristen argues that Stefano is always ahead of everyone else. Kristen says Stefano wanted to help find a cure for John to help Marlena. Marlena continues to not believe it. Kayla wants to keep things civil. Kayla admits the drug has potential to help John or at least improve his condition. Daniel brings up that Kristen only gave them part of the formula. Marlena realizes Kristen will have conditions. Kristen says the first one involves Brady.

Paige and JJ eat popcorn together until deciding they need to do something fun before classes start. JJ says he's got an idea that's perfect but it's going to require them to get naked.

Nicole sits at the Pub having a drink. She toasts to all the dumb dreams that never happened and calls herself the dumbest person in the room. Caroline interrupts and takes her drink away. Caroline questions what makes Nicole think she can come in to the Pub and order anything. Nicole thought she said she was always welcome. Caroline says that was before she knew what she did to Eric.

Eric sits with Sami in the town square and brings up what Nicole said about Stefano. Sami tells him that she has only heard a rumor that Stefano might be making a deal with the state. Eric asks if that means Stefano could be back in Salem any day. Sami adds that it would not be good news for her or Kate.

Brady tells Theresa that he wasn't thinking and it was sudden. Theresa recalls that he seemed upset and asks if something happened with John. Brady tells her that he's the same. Theresa says that's good and asks what was going on with him when he came in. Brady thinks back to seeing Kristen. Brady tells Theresa that this was a mistake and he's so sorry.

Marlena declares there is Kristen's crazy scheme to get Brady back when he wants nothing to do with her and hates her guts. Kristen tells her to shut up so she can explain that she wants the exact opposite. Kristen says she doesn't want Brady to know anything about it until they know the drug works so they don't get his hopes up. Daniel agrees that there won't be a word to Brady so he's not hurt again. Kayla brings up the drug having to be used as soon as possible. Daniel points out that they need the rest of the formula. Kristen suggests she and Marlena go talk about the second condition in private.

Brady tells Theresa that this was so selfish of him to give her mixed signals. Theresa says she's not mad and she really cares about him so she's fine if this was a one time thing. Theresa calls it a good time. Brady thanks her and gets out of bed.

Nicole tells Caroline that it was Kristen's fault. Caroline says she has words for her but Nicole was the one who destroyed the evidence so she is as much to blame. Nicole argues that she helped Eric in every way she could. Nicole tells her that Eric is the one who decided to leave the priesthood. Caroline says it's because Nicole made him so full of hate. Nicole says there's a thin line between love and hate.

Eric suggests Sami tell Roman but she wants to see what happens first. Eric brings up the DiMeras always getting away so she needs to be on guard and ready for everything. Eric brings up Kristen getting bail. Sami insists that Kristen will be pay for what she did to him and she'll end up in prison.

Kristen suggests they get the lab ready for the drug depending on what Marlena decides. Daniel and Kayla step out to let them talk. Kayla wonders what Kristen's up to. Daniel assumes she's about to wreck a lot of lives.

Kristen tells Marlena that Stefano wanted some assurances first and the condition is that she can't go to prison so she tells Marlena to talk to Eric.

JJ and Paige go swimming and joke around. They talk about their classes. Paige encourages JJ about his music and reveals they are taking one of the same classes. JJ asks her if having to stay and go to Salem U screwed things up for her. He asks if she's sorry that she stayed.

Brady walks Theresa out. She gives him the annulment papers. He says he can't apologize enough. She assures him that she had a great time. Brady feels he crossed a line. Theresa says it's just nice to know he cares about her. Brady says he does so they can be friends. Theresa points out that this was the first time they ever made love sober. She thinks it made it sweeter. Brady gets a text from a nurse at the hospital about John.

Caroline questions Nicole thinking Eric hating her means he loves her. Caroline calls her crazy and suggests she see a psychiatrist. Nicole thinks back to fighting with Eric and ending up close. She tells Caroline that she has no idea how Eric feels but she knows she loves him more than anyone in her entire life. Nicole shouts that he loved her and she will always love him as that feeling doesn't just die. Nicole storms out of the Pub.

Sami tells Eric that even if Stefano or EJ escape at least Kristen will pay. Sami wonders if the case against Kristen will make Stefano come stronger. Eric asks if she thinks he should drop the charges. Sami assures him not to and encourages him to make Kristen pay. Eric worries that he's putting her life in danger. Sami tells him not to worry and promises that Stefano won't harm her. Sami insists it's fine but Eric is unsure. Sami tells Eric that it's not about him. Eric brings up everything that has happened and says seeing Kristen brought to the station gave his life meaning again. Eric says Kristen going to prison keeps him going.

Marlena tells Kristen that she can't ask her for that. Kristen clarifies that Stefano is asking and he wouldn't hand over the drug unless Eric agrees not to testify against her. Kristen points out that only Stefano can get the drug. Marlena calls her disgusting and questions her expecting Eric to give up any chance of justice. Kristen says it's not her problem. Marlena suggests something else. Kristen brings up John's condition deteriorating and suggests she try to find Eric. Marlena storms out as Daniel tries to ask if she's okay. Kristen tells him not to worry as Marlena has a lot on her mind. Kristen fills Daniel in. Daniel warns Kristen about bluffing. Kristen says it's a win-win for everyone. Daniel brings up Eric. Kristen says Eric will be giving his mother the love of her life back. Daniel tells Kristen that Brady will never change his mind about her.

Theresa asks Brady for an update on John. Brady says they are just done with testing for today but are moving him to a long-term care facility as they don't think he's going to wake up. Theresa says that's really sad and decides to go. She kisses him goodbye. Brady thanks her as she exits. Theresa says to herself that Brady might have thought that was a one time thing but not her.

Kristen tells Daniel that he can't predict the future. Daniel says some things are obvious. Kristen says she has someone to see but they'll be in touch if Marlena does her job. Kristen exits.

Marlena visits John in the hospital. She says after all that Eric has been through and lost, John needs his help and Brady needs him. Marlena pulls out her phone and calls Eric. Eric answers from the town square and asks where she is. Marlena says she's not far and needs to talk to him about something really important. She asks him to come meet her.

Paige tells JJ that she's not sorry that she stayed as it's another year with her mom and with JJ. JJ tells her that he loves her. Paige says the same and they kiss on to the ground as they are seemingly watched from the bushes.

Sami goes home and pours a drink. She notices the back door is open so she goes to close it. She turns around and drops her drink in shock as she sees the portrait of her and Kate has been replaced by the old portrait of Stefano.

Nicole walks out of the town square complaining about her feelings not going away. She picks up the newspaper and sees the article on Kristen. Nicole calls it Kristen's fault and throws the paper away as she says at least Kristen is giving her something to look forward to.

Theresa goes to the club and calls Anne, saying she has something so exciting to tell her about Brady. Kristen interrupts and asks her to tell.

Brady visits John and tells him that this isn't over no matter what anyone says. Kayla comes in. Brady asks if it's time. Kayla tells him that the transfer has actually been put on hold for a little while. Brady asks why. Kayla says it's a procedure thing. Brady asks what she means. She tells him not to worry and she'll let him know. Kayla gets a call and exits.

Daniel goes over the e-mail and says Kristen is always playing games. Kayla calls Daniel and informs him that Brady is at the hospital and she doesn't think she explained well why John is not being transferred. Kayla warns Daniel that he might be getting a phone call from him. Kayla tells Daniel that the lab is ready to go. She asks if he was right about Kristen's condition. Daniel says Marlena has probably found Eric by now and he would hate to be her.

Marlena and Eric meet at the Pub. Eric questions why she's upset and what happened. She tells him John is the same but he's the reason she's there. Eric doesn't understand. Marlena hates herself for doing this but she has to ask him to do something really hard.

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