Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/2/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/2/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will tells Sonny that he has to go but Sonny says they have to settle this as he can't stand it anymore. Sonny says he's thought about it and admits he was wrong. Sonny adds that he should've been upfront with Will about the job but needs him to understand why he did it. Will says he knows why but Sonny says he's wrong.

Daniel and Nicole run into each other at the club. Nicole drops her papers so Daniel helps her pick them up. She thanks him as Daniel is surprised to see her paper is a job offer in Santa Fe. Daniel asks when she's moving to New Mexico.

Theresa has a dream that she gets arrested for the attempted murder of John. She wakes up and Anne arrives with champagne. Theresa asks what they are celebrating. Anne says it's the public humiliation of Abigail and Jennifer. Anne brings up Theresa leaving work sick and asks why she really left. Theresa tells Anne that today is the day they are shipping John off so she doesn't want to be near the hospital until that happens.

Kayla checks on John as Marlena and Eric stand nearby. Kayla tells them that a long term care facility is the best option for John right now. Marlena says she knows. Eric asks about Brady consulting with more specialists. Kayla tells them that they did all they could. Eric asks if Brady has the last say. Marlena tells him that Brady knows what's going on. Eric wonders where he is.

Kristen finishes a phone call as Brady arrives at her hotel room and calls her a bitch.

Nicole tells Daniel that the letter came out of the blue. Daniel asks when she leaves. Nicole tells him never because the money is lousy. Nicole asks if he would miss her if she left.

Kayla thinks Brady is just trying to process what's happening. Marlena offers to pay to keep John in the hospital. Kayla explains how doctors judge a head injury. Kayla tells her that they won't move him for a few hours if she wants to wait. Eric asks Marlena if there's anything he can do. Marlena responds that there is.

Kristen tells Brady that she can tell he's upset but it's still really good to see him. She invites him in and talks about Brady finding her. She asks why he's there. Brady tells her to get dressed. Kristen asks if they are going to talk then. Brady says he's going to talk and she's going to listen so he tells her to get dressed.

Will doesn't think they should deal with this right now as it might make things worse. Sonny disagrees and thinks everything will be worse if they don't deal with it and make their marriage work. Will asks what he's wrong about. Sonny talks about the things he's done in his life but always having help which is what he was trying to do for him.

Anne thinks Theresa isn't giving her the whole truth with the John scenario. She asks if she's covering for Brady. There's a knock at the door for Theresa to sign for a delivery. She signs and is handed an envelope. She opens and pulls out the annulment papers. She tells Anne that she and Brady are officially done.

Eric tells Marlena to name anything she needs. Marlena tells him that he can always say no. Marlena brings up Eric thinking about going to Colorado or Africa and she understands that. Marlena asks him to stay in Salem a little while longer. Marlena then clarifies that she wants him to stay in Salem indefinitely. Marlena knows it's a lot to ask. Eric says his plan was to put some real distance between he and all that has happened this year. Eric says it's what he thought would be best. Marlena understands but Eric tells her that if she needs him to stay, he will. Marlena tells him that she does as does Sami and Brady. Eric tells her that he's there then. Eric hugs her as she cries.

Daniel tells Nicole that he would not miss her if she left. Nicole tells him that she's not leaving town. Daniel doesn't care as they aren't friends. Nicole says she'll stop bothering him and apologizes for not leaving. Daniel suggests maybe it is good that she's sticking around. Daniel points out that Brady could use all the friends he can get. Nicole says she will be there for Brady because she doesn't abandon people that she cares about.

Kristen puts on a red dress and tells Brady that she's all dressed. She wants to start and knows he's mad because she went to see John. Brady questions why she did that. Kristen claims she meant no harm but Brady argues that it's all she does. Brady tells her to never see John again. Brady adds that he's got a judge to issue a restraining order against her with John and warns that she will go back to jail. Kristen blows it off. Brady talks about his anger and how much he hates her. Brady says she wrecked his life and his relationship with John. Brady adds that he will never be able to make that right. Kristen knows he holds himself responsible but tells him that he's not. Kristen asks what happened the night he fought with John.

Sonny gets that Will wants to be independent but talks about all the help he received. Sonny argues that someone's help doesn't mean he's not good enough and apologizes if he made him feel that way. Will asks what else he's wrong about. Sonny opens a box to show him.

Anne encourages Theresa to drink the champagne. Theresa cries about her marriage to Brady falling apart. She says nothing good in her life ever lasts.

Nicole talks with a co-worker at the club while keeping an eye on Daniel. Daniel watches them and then exits the club. She asks Nicole who he is. Nicole calls him a former friend. She says it's a lie that Daniel wouldn't miss her if she left. Nicole gathers up her papers and rushes out of the club.

Eric tells Marlena that his plan is to clear his name and make Kristen pay for what she did to him, Marlena, John, and Brady. They watch through the window at Kayla checking on John. Eric hates that Marlena has to go through this and comments that he knows John was the right one for her. Eric says he accepted that and wishes he could make this better.

Brady doesn't want to talk to Kristen about John. Kristen says they usually fought over her so she doesn't get why they were still fighting. Brady calls it not her business and doesn't want to talk to her about it. Kristen talks about Brady making rash decisions and spiraling out of control so she was concerned about him which is why she contacted Daniel. Brady says she should have stayed away but Kristen says she wanted to make sure he was okay. Kristen adds that she sees he's not okay but she can change that and she can help.

Sonny shows Will's first attempted blog and asks him about not publishing it. Will recalls Sonny saying it needed work. Will realizes he accused Sonny of not being honest about his writing. Sonny encourages that his writing was brilliant which is why he got the job. Will points out Victor making a call but Sonny continues to insist. Sonny tells him how much he loves and respects him. Sonny admits he screwed up but wants to make it up to him. Will says he won't let him make it up to him.

Theresa realizes they put Brady's copy of the annulment papers in with hers. Anne suggests she just mail them to Brady but Theresa decides she's going to bring them in person as she wants Brady and John out of her life. Theresa and Anne exit.

Marlena tells Eric that she can't keep watching this as she just keeps thinking about Kristen and what she did. Eric tells her to go take a walk and he'll stay for any updates. Marlena thanks him and exits. Nicole arrives and pretends to drop her papers when Eric turns around but he doesn't see and walks off making a phone call.

Brady tells Kristen to plead guilty if she wants to help and give Eric his life back. She claims she wants to make things better for Brady. Brady argues that she only makes things worse and everything she touches dies. Brady adds that he can't hurt her feelings because she doesn't have any. Kristen says she knows she made mistakes and now she knows how to make things right. Brady questions her but doesn't want to listen to it. Kristen says she wasn't going to say anything but she can explain in five minutes. Kristen promises that he won't regret it.

Sonny says he tried but gets that there's no forgiveness. Will explains that he doesn't have to make it up to him because there is no reason he should as they both mistakes. Will adds that he knows Sonny did everything he did because he loves him. Will knows he gets insecure and lashes out. They talk about the things they said to each other. Will tells him that he never stopped loving him. Sonny says the same and they kiss.

Anne goes to Daniel's office and asks why he wanted to see her. Daniel gives her Paige's application which he recommends that she considers. Anne recognizes her as Theresa's niece and JJ's girlfriend. Daniel calls her very qualified but Anne accuses him of trying to score points with Jennifer. Daniel argues that she deserves it. Anne questions Jennifer not hearing about it. Daniel threatens to go straight to the board if Paige doesn't get the internship. Anne agrees to look into it and exits as Kayla enters. Kayla tells Daniel that there is something he needs to see.

Nicole tries waiting for Eric. He walks by finishing his call and she drops her paper again. Eric picks it up and asks about her job offer in Santa Fe. Eric asks if she's leaving Salem and says that's terrific.

Marlena arrives at Kristen's hotel room and questions what Brady is doing there as she thought he was staying away from her. Brady says he just came to give her a warning. Brady warns Kristen to stay away from John or she'll end up in jail. Brady asks Marlena if she'll be okay alone with her. She says she will be as Brady exits. Marlena says she hopes she didn't spoil whatever she had planned by showing up. Kristen tells her that her timing couldn't have been better.

Nicole says she didn't realize Eric wanted her gone so badly. Eric mentions thinking about leaving town as well and thinks it's best for them to not see each other. She asks where he was planning to go. Eric says nowhere now as Marlena asked him to stay. Eric adds that he appreciates her taking the first step by moving to Santa Fe. Eric assumes it has to do with him. Nicole clarifies that she didn't accept the job. Eric apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Eric then accuses her of planning this and that she never stops trying to manipulate him.

Kayla shows Daniel an e-mail that can't wait.

Theresa goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and begins leaving a note for Brady but Brady walks in. She explains that she got the annulment papers and was just leaving him a note but she should go now. She notes he's upset and asks if he's okay. Brady grabs her and kisses her.

Marlena argues that Kristen is going to spend the next two decades in prison. They continue to argue. Kristen brings up Marlena playing the video and what it did to Eric. Marlena argues that she only cares about herself and she's evil which is why she lost Brady and John. Kristen continues talking about Eric. Marlena calls her a disgusting bitch that cost him his vocation just to hurt her. Kristen is happy that it still causes her pain. Marlena says her cheap shots are all she has left because she lost. Marlena brings up that Brady wants nothing to do with her and EJ even abandoned her. Marlena says she'll be front row cheering when Kristen is sent to prison because that's what she deserves after all the people she hurt, especially John. Kristen states that John is the one who started this whole chain of events and he will be the one who ends it.

Sonny tells Will that it was their first big fight as a married couple. Will says they made it through and suggests celebrating. Sonny asks what he has in mind so Will kisses him on the couch.

Nicole tells Eric that she just dropped a piece of paper. Eric says she wanted him to read it and asks if she wanted him to cry or beg her to stay. Eric argues that she can't help herself with trying to trick people. Eric says she has no honesty. Eric wants her to take the job and move to Santa Fe. Eric adds that no one wants her as he walks off.

Brady and Theresa have sex in bed.

Daniel questions this e-mail just coming out of the blue. He calls it unbelievable and asks if she thinks it will work. Kayla says it seems like it. Daniel declares that it would change everything.

Marlena doesn't know what kind of sick plan Kristen has in mind but warns that if she goes near John, she will kill her. Kristen says she doesn't have a clue as she's not there to hurt John but to save him.

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