Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/29/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/29/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie comes home and goes in to see Victor. She questions him wanting to talk and having flowers. She asks what he's done now.

Sonny goes home. Will thought he was at work for the day. Sonny says he left something behind. Sonny questions Will only being there because he was at work and him not wanting to talk. Sonny asks if this is how Will is going to punish him.

Jordan meets Rafe in the town square and says she got his message. Rafe tells her that he talked to his friend about the job for Abigail. Clyde listens in from nearby. Rafe tells Jordan that the job was already taken. Jordan thanks him for trying.

Kate sits in the club as Julie arrives and greets her. Julie tells Kate about her and Doug just coming back from a cruise. Kate notices a copy of TruVista with Will's article nearby and questions what it's doing there.

Sami gets a text that upsets her. EJ asks what's wrong and if it's about the children. Sami tells him that it's Stefano.

Ben and Abigail get close and kiss in the storage room leading Abigail to remember being with EJ so she stops Ben.

Will tells Sonny that he's not punishing him but Sonny feels like he is since he's avoiding him. Sonny asks how long he's going to keep this up. Will responds that he really doesn't know.

T comes to Kate and takes back his copy of the TruVista magazine, praising Will as a writer. Julie questions what they are talking about. T gets a call and tells Kate that she can keep the magazine. Julie wonders what she'll find in it. Kate tells Julie to keep it as she'll need it more than her.

Sami asks EJ if he knew about this. EJ is clueless and asks what's going on with Stefano. Sami starts to rush while EJ continues questioning everything. Sami says she has to take care of this and runs out of the Pub. EJ tries calling Stefano.

Ben asks if he did something wrong and apologizes to Abigail if he pushed too hard. They get interrupted by a knock at the door. T opens the door and says he forgot he was supposed to help. T jokes about Ben and Abigail being together. T jokes with Ben about doing it on purpose. Abigail takes the blame and decides to go. T asks Ben if everything is okay with them. Ben tells him that he doesn't think so.

Rafe tells Jordan that it's not all bad news as he really talked Abigail up so she'll be kept in mind if anything comes up. Jordan says Abigail could really use a break. Clyde continues watching and listening from nearby. Rafe mentions the situation being rough on a lot of people. Jordan asks if he means Sami.

Sami goes home looking for Kate and texts her to get there now.

Victor tells Maggie that he didn't set out to hurt anyone especially her and her family but that's how it ended. Maggie tells him to cut to the chase. Victor reveals that he owns TruVista magazine. Maggie questions him. Victor says he's sorry but knows that's not nearly enough.

Sonny admits to Will that he made a mistake by going behind his back to get him a job. Sonny says they talk things through instead of avoiding the subject or running away. Will argues that he wasn't running away. Sonny accuses him of blaming him for his life sucking. Will says he has a job that he loves and Arianna. Sonny tells Will that he also has him. Will says he knows. Sonny says he's not acting like he does. Will agrees to talk if Sonny listens. Will knows he's sorry and that he was only trying to help. Sonny says it doesn't change anything and he wants to understand. Will brings up Sonny first coming back to Salem and everything he has done in his life. Sonny says he could never write like Will. Will continues that Sonny did everything he's done on his own without anyone's help. Will adds that he couldn't even come out of the closet without help.

Rafe tells Jordan that he wasn't referring to Sami but Jennifer, Abigail, and their family. Rafe adds that Sami's always made bad situations worse. Jordan apologizes for bringing Sami up. Jordan says she will tell Abigail that Rafe tried to help and she has people in her corner. Jordan adds that Rafe could've just texted her so she asks why he didn't. Rafe admits it was just an excuse to see her. Jordan says she has to get going and walks off after thanking him. Clyde approaches Rafe and says it's nice to see them start to work things out.

Ben and T bring boxes back to the club. T points out that Ben hasn't said a word since leaving storage. Ben has nothing to say. T asks if something is going on with he and Abigail. Ben insists that he doesn't want to talk about it. T mentions having to make a delivery to Sonny so he asks Ben to watch the place as he exits. Ben pulls out his phone then puts it back in his pocket. Ben wonders out loud what the hell just happened with Abigail.

Abigail walks out of the town square and thinks back to kissing Ben and then EJ. She sits down on the bench. Jordan approaches and asks if she's okay.

Maggie asks Victor if there's more. She assumes he's personally involved. Victor admits that the article was his idea. Maggie declares that he's done it again.

Sonny tells Will that there is no right or wrong way to come out. Will points out that Sonny's immediate reaction is to make excuses for him. Will tells him to just listen. Will talks about being scared and unsure. Will says he got Gabi pregnant in an effort to convince himself that he wasn't gay. Will calls himself a screw-up and says he has been his whole life. Will adds that the pregnancy should have never happened. Sonny accepts that he's not perfect. Will thinks it's more than that. Will brings up Lucas going to prison for his crime. Will says he blamed Sami for all his mistakes. Sonny says most of the time it is. Will says he needs to stand up and be honest with himself. Will thought he was turning it around by being a good father and husband. Will talks about thinking he accomplished something with his article but Sonny got him the job. Sonny tells him that his skills got him the job. Will says Sonny and Victor got him the job. Will states that everyone hates him for writing the article. Will says it was the one thing that he thought he got on his own but he screwed it up. Sonny blames himself. Will doesn't want to talk anymore and goes to the bedroom. Sonny tells him that he's going to go but he'll be back. Sonny adds that they will get through this as he exits looking sad. Sonny hopes they will get through this. T shows up and Will asks if he has to work. T can tell something is wrong and asks if he wants to talk about it. T asks him what's going on. Will tells him that he knows so he doesn't have to pretend he doesn't. Will expects a lecture on the article but T tells him he'd be waiting a long time for that.

Rafe tells Clyde that he's not comfortable talking about Jordan with him since it's between them. Clyde says he just saw them together and thought it seemed friendly. Clyde says he just wants Jordan to be happy like she deserves. Clyde talks about making her unhappy and mistakes. Clyde adds that it would be nice if Jordan was happy with Rafe like Ben is with Abigail.

Abigail tells Jordan that she was just lost in thought. Jordan tells her about Rafe referring her for the job. Abigail is surprised Jordan talked to Rafe for her. Jordan tells her that Rafe and a lot of others are in her corner. Abigail asks Jordan what it was like for her to talk to Rafe again. Jordan says it was good and they were like friends, almost able to forget what went on between them.

Kate comes in to the mansion. Sami questions where she's been after she texted about Stefano. Kate guesses he put a hit on them. Sami then shows her the message that she got.

EJ exits the Pub where Julie approaches him. EJ tells her to save it as he's already heard what she's going to say from everyone. Julie tells him that she hasn't heard this.

Kate tells Sami that Stefano can't come back to Salem because he would be arrested. Sami asks if she's sure about that.

EJ questions Julie thinking she can say anything to make her feel worse than he already does. EJ says he's ripped himself to shreds better than she could. Julie asks if she can speak now. Julie tells EJ that she believes him which surprises him. Julie says it would be hypocritical to call him a monster when she's hurt people the same way he has. Julie adds that she's concerned about Abigail but she knows these things happen. Julie says humans stumble but that's life.

Sami tells Kate that Stefano is close to cutting a deal with the state on his back taxes and they are agreeing to drop all charges. Kate can't believe this is happening. Sami tells her to deal with it. Sami says Stefano will descend on them with his revenge. Kate brings up all the information they gave the prosecutor. Sami guesses he made an offer they couldn't refuse. Kate thinks they need to get confirmation so they exit together.

Rafe tells Clyde that it was nice talking but he's running late to the station. Clyde thanks him for introducing him to Kate and comments that she seems like a real nice lady. Rafe agrees and walks off.

Abigail knows Jordan still feels beat up by what Rafe did but suggests talking is a good first step. Jordan doesn't want to make too much out of one conversation. Jordan asks if she had fun with Ben at the club. Abigail says they are great and decides she should tell him what a good time she had. Abigail thanks her for everything and walks off.

T asks Will what kind of friend he would be to pile on to his problem. T says he won't lecture him. Will says no one thinks he should've written the article. T didn't like seeing Abigail hurt but knows Will had his reasons for the article. Will thought he did at the time.

Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie that he came to Victor to get Will the writing job. Sonny admits it was a huge mistake for many reasons but insists that Victor didn't have anything to do with the assignment Will got. Maggie points out that Victor could've taken Will off the article at any point. Victor admits he could have but didn't because Will wanted it. Maggie can't see Will wanting Abigail to suffer. Sonny points out that Will didn't put Abigail's name in the story. Victor adds that he didn't know Abigail's name was included either. Sonny informs them that it was all Sami. Sonny adds that he's not blaming Sami or anyone as this started because of him. Victor blames himself. Sonny says he had a gut feeling that Abigail would be outed. Victor doesn't want him to take the blame. Maggie says she needs to talk to Victor about it. Victor tells Sonny that he's proud of him. Sonny says he's the only one as he exits. Maggie says Victor makes her so mad and she was furious when he told her what he did. Maggie adds that she was going to let him have it but then she sees him with Sonny and how much he loves him so she knows he just did it to help Will. Maggie points out that Victor wouldn't let Sonny take the blame. Maggie tells Victor that she loves how he loves kids and she knows he would never intentionally hurt Abigail. Victor asks if that means she's not mad at him. Maggie tells him not to push it. Maggie warns him against another opportunity like this. Victor agrees to ask himself what would Maggie do. She laughs it off and tells him that he's so lucky. Victor agrees that he's the luckiest man in the world as they kiss.

T tells Will to give it a little time and things will settle down. T compares it to them being best friends forever and having rough patches that they got through. Will says he never did anything to T like he did to Abigail.

Julie tells EJ that the article is not the end of the world. Julie says it's unfortunate that Will put everything into print. EJ agrees and asks if she's talked to Will. Julie says she just got back in to town and thinks Will could use some time before she does. Julie suggests everyone involved could. EJ notes that Julie seems different. Julie says she just got back from a wonderful trip and she needed to get away after losing Nick. She wanted answers and the trip opened her spiritual eye. Julie thinks she's found a path way to peace. Julie suggests he try it one day and tells him that it was good to see him as she then walks away.

Abigail returns to the club and greets Ben. Ben asks if she came for coffee. Abigail wants to talk about before. Ben blames himself for coming on too strong. Abigail tells him that's not it at all.

Clyde finds Jordan outside the town square. Jordan suggests he go back home. Clyde says he won't leave them now that he's finally found them. Clyde adds that he wants to stick around to see how things turn out with Jordan and Rafe. She questions him spying on them. Clyde says Rafe is real polite and nice and even introduced him to Kate.

Sami and Kate talk at the station about Stefano as Rafe then enters to see them. Sami says they need to talk to him because they got a warning that Stefano is going to get another hearing. Kate hopes it's just a rumor or a nightmare. Rafe knows who he needs to talk to and exits.

EJ is outside the club, making a call to find out what is going on with Stefano.

Abigail apologizes to Ben because he did nothing wrong. Ben doesn't get it. Abigail starts to explain when EJ walks in. EJ turns and walks back out. Ben tells her that he does get it and walks away, leaving Abigail frustrated.

T tells Will that their rough patch was because of what he did to Will. T points out Will getting past it and forgiving him. T says Sonny and Abigail can surprise him like he did. Sonny comes back home. T leaves him his bills and says he'll see them later as he exits, adding that the first year is always the hardest. Sonny declares that he can't stand it anymore.

Jordan questions Rafe introducing Clyde to Kate. Clyde recalls meeting her and talks up how she's famous. Clyde praises Kate and then asks Jordan if she knows her. Jordan says she's late and has to go so she walks off. Clyde declares "bull's-eye."

Rafe returns to his office and tells Sami and Kate that it's not good news as the prosecutor has been replaced. Sami declares the DiMera fix is in. Kate says first Kristen and now EJ and Stefano. Rafe says it's not a done deal yet. Rafe adds that Stefano may not do any jail time but it first must be approved by a judge. Rafe tells them that the hearing has been set for tomorrow. Sami comments that it's good the kids are at camp. Rafe reveals that Stefano's plane could land the moment the judge's gavel comes down.

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