Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/28/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/28/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope remains on the bench in pain as Aiden returns and asks if she's okay. Hope tries to say she's fine but Aiden tries to help her only for Hope to ask him to leave her alone.

Maggie goes to Daniel's office and asks if it's a bad time. Daniel says he's just putting together everything he has for the DA to throw the book at Kristen. Maggie hopes she doesn't come after him next. Daniel says he's the one who gave her what she thought she wanted. They both hope she pays for her crimes. Daniel says she's not there to talk about Kristen. Maggie tells Daniel to watch out for Eve.

Eve arrives and is surprised to see JJ. JJ immediately asks what Theresa told her. Eve says nothing and asks if there was something she was supposed to tell her. JJ thinks back to Theresa walking in on he and Paige.

Theresa tells Paige to hold out for as long as possible because as soon as she gives a man what he wants, he'll be gone in a second. Paige argues that JJ isn't like that but Theresa disagrees.

Abigail moves the box that Ben had used to prop the door open, causing the door to close in on them.

EJ finishes a call and tells Sami that he has now personally called every board member to assure them that no matter what they may read in Will's article, there is no cause for concern. Sami says he's just in time to have lunch. EJ suggests they eat outside but Sami wants to go out. EJ is surprised she wants to go out in public.

Paige tells Theresa that she could listen to Eve if she wants to hear someone trash JJ. Theresa argues that she doesn't know JJ like she does. Theresa tells Paige that she's all for her and JJ. Theresa tells Paige to enjoy it but remember that it will not last.

JJ says he just figured Theresa made something up since Eve wouldn't want to be there. Eve asks why JJ is back so early and where Paige is. JJ tells her that Paige is unpacking and he asks if she was checking up on them. Eve says she came for her check but JJ doesn't know where it is. Eve asks where Abigail is since she doesn't have a job or anywhere to go. Eve wants her check found now. JJ says he will look around. Eve asks if she was interrupting his practice. JJ says he was just messing around. Eve brings up Paige thinking he's a very talented musician and questions how good he is. Eve wants to hear how good JJ really is.

Aiden tells Hope that he won't leave her when she can't even get up. Aiden sits with her and massages her injured leg.

Maggie warns Daniel about Eve.

JJ plays guitar for Eve. Eve recalls buying her first guitar. JJ brings up Paige saying Eve has a gorgeous voice. Eve says music has always been a passion that she could count on and it saved her life. JJ says he gets it. Eve tells JJ about a song she was driven to learn and tries to sing but says she sounds terrible.

Theresa tells Paige that she has more to say and if she hears her out then she will forget what she walked in on. Paige says she needs to get to the club so Theresa decides to go with her.

Sami says she thought they could just go out and enjoy the day. EJ says he would love to. EJ adds that he knows lunch is because of their arrangement but he wanted to thank her as he's grateful for the opportunity to talk. Sami says they will just see how it goes as they exit.

Ben tells Abigail that the keys were in the lock. Abigail can't get a signal on her phone. Ben jokes with her about getting them locked in. Abigail apologizes and blames herself. Ben says it's okay. Abigail doesn't know how long they will be down there. Ben says Sonny and T will come looking eventually but it could be awhile.

EJ and Sami go to the Pub for lunch. Sami tells him that Caroline's not there and EJ jokes about it. Sami points out that people are starting to look at them. Sami asks EJ about his talks with the board members. EJ talks about them going well and convincing them that they are working very well together. Sami apologizes for talking business when it's supposed to be social. Roman arrives and hopes this is a divorce negotiation.

Abigail still can't get a signal on her phone. Ben shows her cans of tuna and says they could survive as long as they need. Abigail finds more canned foods and decides she will make them a meal. They sit together to share the meal and Ben says he's starting to hope they don't find them now.

Aiden tells Hope to keep an eye out to make sure no one's coming and jokes about Father Louis wanting to make him a massage therapist. Hope tries not to laugh as it makes it hurt more. Hope tells Aiden to just continue what he's doing as it is helping so he continues his massage. Hope tells him that he did it and the pain is gone.

Theresa and Paige sit at the club to talk. Theresa advises her that she can't count on anyone but herself. Paige calls it cynical. Theresa says it's realistic. Theresa complains about her parents. Paige says she and Eve get along and Eve has always looked out for her. Theresa thinks she has it all backwards. Theresa tells Paige that she's the one taking care of Eve.

Maggie tells Daniel that a long time ago, Eve nearly killed Sarah in a car accident. Maggie tells him that Eve hasn't changed as there's always something with her. Maggie worries that Eve will get restless and look for trouble to stir up. Daniel appreciates the warning but says he knows all about Eve. Maggie says he's just the type that Eve sets her sights on. Daniel assures that she won't get anywhere with him. Maggie says she'll only have to worry about JJ. Daniel praises Paige and says Eve being her mother is completely irrelevant.

JJ convinces Eve to sing "Oh Shenandoah" as he plays guitar and then sings along with her. Eve stops when she chokes and says she's not okay.

Aiden has Hope stand to make sure she's okay. She says she's fine and thanks him. Aiden says he'll let her get back to her run. He goes to leave but stops and says this is crazy and has to stop. Hope asks what. Aiden says they both know how he feels about her.

Ben brings out cookies for dessert. They joke about being stuck there and talk about JJ and Jordan. Ben hopes Jordan and Rafe can work things out. Ben adds that Rafe isn't his favorite guy in the world but they know she really loves him. Ben says Jordan sacrificed so much for him so it's time she gets a break. Abigail knows it's been hard on them with Clyde in town. Abigail says she and Jack had their problems and brings up giving a second chance. Ben stops her and tells her not to ruin this by bringing Clyde up.

Sami steps aside with Roman and tells him that she and EJ are discussing something very important. Roman questions why she is still living in the mansion and letting EJ run her life. Sami tells him to let her handle this and assures him that she's keeping it under control. Roman agrees to call her later and exits. Sami returns to EJ and apologizes. EJ says he had one more thing to say about business. EJ brings up a board member that he wasn't looking forward to talking to. EJ points out Sami remembering to donate to the member's favorite charity. Sami talks about remembering EJ talking about growing up. Sami tells EJ that there was a time when his opinion of her meant everything to her.

JJ compliments Eve's singing but she doesn't want his excuses or feeling sorry for her. Eve apologizes and says everyone thinks she's shallow and greedy but he knows why she needed Jack's money. JJ knows it was to pay for Paige's college. Eve tells him that singing was the one thing that made her feel grounded and in control so she misses it terribly. JJ tells her that he's sorry. Eve decides she will come back later for the check. Eve tells him that things with her and Jennifer will probably never get better but maybe things can be different with them. Eve then exits.

Paige tells Theresa that she doesn't know anything about her and Eve. Theresa argues that she knows Eve wants to be taken care of. Paige tells Theresa to start acting like a big sister. Theresa claims she's trying to help her and she'll realize this is the best advice of her life. Paige asks why she should listen to her. Theresa says she knows JJ better than anyone so she should keep stringing him along because he's a lot of fun if he knows there's a pot of gold at the end. Paige calls her disgusting and sad. Theresa says she'll be sad when she gives JJ what he wants because then he'll be hunting for a new pair off panties. Theresa exits, walking by Daniel, who is sitting at the club with Parker.

Aiden talks about putting on an act and being a jerk by leading her to believe he was going out with Jennifer. Aiden talks about his feelings and how he didn't know what to do as it's been a long time since he felt that way about anyone. Aiden calls her beautiful and smart. Hope reminds him that she's married. Aiden points that out and says thank God for that.

EJ questions Sami constantly checking her phone. Sami says she's paranoid about the kids at camp. EJ suggests talking about them. EJ mentions a promise to Johnny. Sami says he has to tell her now. EJ shows her a video on his phone of Johnny telling him about camp. Johnny mentions being homesick. Sami calls it the sweetest thing. EJ is proud of him for taking care of his sisters. EJ tells Sami that he should've shared it with her but he didn't want her to be upset that she didn't get one. She thanks him but then reveals that Allie made her the same kind of video with Sydney as they both smile.

Abigail and Ben start to clean up. Abigail mentions it's taking Sonny longer than she thought. Abigail drops things off the shelf as they end up getting close.

Hope questions Aiden. Aiden tells Hope that he couldn't have feelings for her but started seeing her in a different light. Aiden says he just wanted to acknowledge it. Aiden considers her a friend and he knows she loves her husband. Hope repeats that she does and she's sorry. Aiden asks why she's sorry. Hope says it's for his grief as she can see how much he misses his wife. Aiden responds that he didn't say that.

Daniel sits with Paige and tells her to get whatever Theresa was saying out of her mind as she's just jealous. Paige says Theresa pretends not to trash her and JJ. Daniel tells her not to let Theresa undermine what they have and trust what she knows about JJ. JJ then arrives. Daniel points him out and Paige smiles.

Theresa goes to see Eve and tells her what she walked in on with JJ and Paige which shocks Eve.

JJ joins Daniel, Parker, and Paige. JJ and Paige go to get lattes as Daniel talks with Parker. JJ tells Paige about Eve stopping by. They wonder if Theresa said something to Eve. Paige doesn't care if she does because it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of him. Paige says it only matters what she thinks and they kiss.

Theresa tells Eve that she promised Paige not to tell her. Eve questions Paige wanting her to lie and declares that JJ is history. Theresa tells Eve that Paige won't listen and warns that she'll lose her. Eve suggests she won't have to say a word.

Aiden tells Hope that she's had a good marriage but he did not. Aiden sits back down and tells her that he and his wife fought a lot. Hope sits with him as Aiden tells her how it was hard and they stayed together to not put Chase through a divorce. Aiden says it may have been a mistake but he doesn't know and then she died. Aiden says he was left with Chase and regrets that he could never resolve. Aiden says most of all, he was left with the knowledge that he wasn't a good husband. Aiden declares he's not a good person but Hope tells him that he is. Hope brings up all the good he's done since coming to Salem for JJ and St. Luke's. Aiden argues he's not wrong about this. Aiden says she'll just have to take his word for it. Aiden then walks off.

EJ and Sami laugh together. EJ assures her that she'll get a video from Johnny soon. EJ asks if the people looking at them are bothering her. Sami assures him that it's not as she doesn't care what they think. EJ tries not to get upset and says they are having a nice time and he's only taking it for what it is. Sami gets a text that upsets her.

Ben and Abigail get close and kiss in the storage room leading Abigail to remember being with EJ.

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