Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/27/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/27/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ goes to the police station to see Hope. Hope asks if it's about Abigail. JJ says it's about him and tells her about his record being expunged. JJ mentions Aiden making it happen. JJ says he wanted to thank Aiden with something so he asks Hope what he's in to but Hope says he'll have to ask someone else. JJ notes her look and questions if she hates Aiden.

Aiden sits at the Pub and thinks back to dancing with Hope. The waitress tells him that his drink is on her and gives him her phone number.

Theresa talks with a nurse about Abigail. Jennifer arrives and Theresa says she was just looking for her to find her replacement temp. Theresa says they'll be looking for the opposite of Abigail and comments that she really shocked them all.

Eve shows Paige the article. Paige says poor Abigail. Eve feels Sami is the victim. Paige thinks she's just mad at Jennifer. Eve says this isn't about her but it's a perfect example of how screwed up that family is. Eve tells her they are trouble that Paige doesn't need.

Abigail goes to the club and greets Ben. She didn't think he would be there since he closed last night. Ben says he is looking for storage keys and steps away. Jordan approaches Abigail and asks about her job hunt. Abigail mentions the article and brings up another job possibility. Jordan brings up that Rafe has a friend that works there but then stops herself.

Kate runs into Rafe in the town square. Rafe mentions visiting Gabi. Kate asks how he's doing. Clyde interrupts and greets them. Rafe questions Clyde and Kate knowing each other.

Paige tells Eve that their family is no more messed up than anyone else's. Eve wishes Paige went to Stamford but says there's nothing she can do about it now. Eve doesn't want Paige to regret her choice and get hurt by JJ. Eve calls JJ an ex-con which upsets Paige. Eve tells her to be careful. Paige assures her that JJ is a good person. Paige calls JJ kind and thoughtful, adding that he's turned his life around so she doesn't need to be careful around him. Eve questions how deep her feelings are. Eve asks Paige if she's in love with JJ.

Hope tells JJ that she doesn't hate Aiden and asks why she would. Hope says she likes him and calls him a great guy but says she doesn't know him well enough to help JJ. JJ asks how that's possible.

The waitress at the Pub says she knows it's a little forward but points out that Aiden comes in every day and they joke and he's the highlight of her day. Aiden gives her his name. She notes that he's not wearing a ring. Aiden calls it very flattering but says he doesn't date, ever. He thanks her for the coffee and exits.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she didn't think Abigail had it in her. Theresa talks about Abigail snagging EJ and brings up Jennifer and Daniel. Jennifer can't imagine how Theresa sleeps at night, knowing that all she does is find satisfaction in other people's problems. Jennifer calls it tragic that she has trashed her life.

Clyde tells Rafe that he doesn't know Kate but saw her picture in the newspaper. Kate pretends to be meeting him for the first time. Clyde mentions his children and Kate calls them lovely. Clyde says he just wanted to tell Rafe how sorry he was about he and Jordan. Clyde mentions that Jordan is pretty shook up about it. Rafe says that makes two of them. Clyde asks what happened to split them up.

Abigail sits with Jordan and guesses she hasn't talked to Rafe. Abigail assures her that Kate didn't mean anything to Rafe. Jordan says it doesn't matter as Rafe made a choice and now they have to live with it.

Eve tells Paige about thinking she was in love at her age too and how it turned out. Eve doesn't want Paige to throw away her plans, dreams, and life. Paige doesn't want to have this conversation again. Paige talks about moving the rest of their stuff in. Eve tells her that they will start looking for a nicer place soon. Eve tells her they can hire someone to bring in her boxes but Paige insists. Eve then realizes Paige asked JJ to help her. Paige exits, leaving Eve frustrated.

JJ brings up Hope working with Aiden for so long on the auction and how she can't know anything about him. Hope calls it all business. Aiden arrives and asks what he's doing at the station. JJ tells him that he was just telling Hope how grateful he is to him. Aiden says he was just doing his job. JJ says it meant a lot to him and he's glad he got to thank him in person. JJ exits. Aiden tells Hope that he's there about an arrest made. Hope tells him that he will have to reschedule. Aiden asks who he talks to about that. Hope says it would be her.

Theresa asks Jennifer if she really expects people to stop talking about Abigail any time soon. Jennifer brings up Brady and how Theresa used his addiction to get married. Jennifer says everybody knows that's what happened and accuses Theresa of getting Brady drunk and high which led to him fighting John. Jennifer declares that what happened to John is Theresa's fault. Theresa questions Jennifer blaming her for what happened to Abigail and for her and Daniel breaking up. Jennifer continues blaming her for what happened to John and tells her to worry about herself because Abigail will be fine while she has doubts about her. Jennifer says it looks like Theresa has the same doubts as she walks away. Eve arrives and approaches Theresa, asking if everything is okay. Eve asks what Jennifer said to her.

Rafe asks Clyde about Jordan not telling him why they broke up. Clyde says she's a private person. Clyde comments that Jordan's not the same happy girl she was weeks ago. Clyde hopes they work things out. Rafe feels the same. Clyde tells Kate that he wants to talk to her about business in Salem. Rafe suggests they talk now because he needs to get going. Clyde tells Rafe that Jordan is stubborn so he shouldn't give up on her. Rafe says he has no intention of giving up as he walks on. Kate questions Clyde what that was all about.

Abigail hopes Jordan and Rafe can work things out. Jordan says she's unsettled about everything right now. Jordan talks about never getting to talk to Rafe about Clyde. Abigail tells her she's there if she needs anything. Jordan tells her to keep making Ben smile. Abigail says Ben's been so great about everything. They talk about them being good for each other. Ben comes by and greets Jordan. Ben says he got the storage key and is off to storage. Abigail offers to go with him so she exits with Ben.

JJ helps Paige move her boxes. Paige thanks him for helping. JJ kisses her. JJ picks up a box of Paige's things that breaks open and spills. Paige comes across a stuffed animal that was won for her by her dad as she then finds a picture of him.

Theresa tells Eve that it's just the same old Jennifer. Eve says she came for her first royalty check and mentions that Jennifer will hear it from her if she upset Theresa. Theresa thanks her for the concern. Eve asks what Jennifer said to her exactly. Theresa tells her that Jennifer blamed her for John's condition. Eve warns her not to talk about that with anyone but her. Eve asks about John. Theresa tells her that they think he'll never recover so they want to send him off to a long term care facility. Theresa hopes it's soon because it reminds her of what happened. Eve suggests they take a walk so she can cheer her up. Theresa agrees and tells Eve to give Jennifer hell for both of them. Eve goes on to talk to Jennifer.

Clyde tells Kate that he wanted to introduce himself so no one suspects anything if they see them together in the future. Clyde adds that he likes the idea of being seen with her in public because she's an extraordinary woman.

Aiden talks to Hope about rescheduling but they can't decide on anything. Hope says she will see what she can do but Aiden says he won't hold his breath. Aiden thinks the Hope he first met is back. Hope questions what he means. Aiden says everything is an argument with her. Hope questions him making it personal. Aiden asks why they always have to be yelling at each other.

Eve goes to Jennifer's office and says her check was sent to her by mistake. Jennifer says she was going to put it in the mail. Eve says she's here now. Jennifer says the check is at home. Eve tells her to go get it but Jennifer says she's working. Eve gets upset and calls it totally unacceptable.

JJ apologizes for upsetting Paige. Paige says he didn't and shows the picture of her dad. Paige says she never talks about him because it upsets Eve. JJ tells her that she doesn't have to talk about it if she doesn't want to. Paige says her parents got in a fight and he walked out then never came back. Paige says he sent postcards every now and then but eventually stopped. Paige adds that Eve drives her nuts sometimes but she understands why she acts how she does with men and with her. Paige feels Eve has never gotten over him leaving. JJ says Paige hasn't either. Paige agrees and says JJ must know how that feels. JJ and Paige then kiss on the floor as Theresa appears and sees them.

Kate appreciates Clyde's words but questions him using her. Clyde says he wouldn't think of that but thinks they are partners. Clyde points out that she is the reason he's in Salem. Clyde adds that he's lucky to be reunited with his kids and he's never meant anyone like Kate. Clyde says he's really enjoyed their time together. Kate says she's very busy. Clyde apologizes for getting carried away. Clyde says he wouldn't want to turn people off. Kate says all is well that ends well. Clyde tells her that it hasn't ended yet and asks if she has valuable information for him.

Jordan walks out of the town square and runs into Rafe. Rafe starts to walk on but Jordan stops him.

Hope yells at Aiden that she's not the one that is yelling. Aiden points out that she is now as he then exits. Hope thinks back to their dance. Hope decides she's going for a run and exits the station.

JJ and Paige continue kissing until Theresa interrupts. Paige asks what she's doing there. Theresa says Eve texted her that she was stopping by. Paige says she doesn't have her phone. Theresa thought Paige was working hard and comments on JJ mixing business with pleasure. JJ tells her to go. Theresa says she came to get a photo album and suggests JJ leave. Paige tells her that Eve is fine with JJ. Theresa says she'll call Eve and see about that.

Jennifer tells Eve that if she would've called her then she would've made the arrangement. Jennifer argues that Eve just can't wait for Jack's money. Eve calls it her money now and brings up Abigail's scandal. Jennifer warns her about going there.

Paige tells JJ to go and she'll handle this. JJ hesitates but agrees if that's what she wants. Paige says she will call him as JJ exits. Theresa tells Paige to relax as she won't tell Eve now that he's gone. Paige doesn't believe her since she hates JJ and can stick it to them. Paige tells her that it wasn't what it looked like as they just got a little carried away. Theresa says that's how it always happens. Paige responds that she's not like her and won't sleep with JJ just because she can. Theresa calls her a smart girl. Paige agrees and says she's the last person Theresa should be worried about as she walks off.

Ben and Abigail go to the storage room. Ben talks about moving everything to a new storage closer to the club. He asks if she's sure she wants to do this. Abigail says she has nothing else to do. Ben brings up her getting dirty but Abigail insists that she's not looking for an out. Ben reminds her that he told her she could do any job she wanted as they kiss. Abigail tells him they've got work to do.

Rafe asks Jordan how she's doing. She says she's fine. Rafe asks about work keeping her busy. Jordan says it is and asks about Rafe. Rafe talks about working overtime and visiting Gabi yesterday. Rafe talks about Arianna growing up quickly. Jordan can't imagine how Gabi is doing but at least Arianna is in great hands. They both try to talk but stop and tell the other to go first. Jordan says she has a very important question for him.

Hope goes running in the park until she hurts her leg and stops on the bench, saying she should've stretched. Aiden walks by behind her then stops and walks away.

Jennifer reminds Eve that her family is off limits to her according to their agreement. Eve claims she was sympathizing with Abigail. Jennifer says the only reason she is there for the money. Eve admits she wants it. Jennifer tells her she will get it when she gets to it and tells her to get out. Eve storms out and tells herself that the check is at Jennifer's house where she can find Abigail so she'll love this.

Kate gives Clyde a name of someone who can help him. Clyde thanks her and repeats that she is quite a woman. Kate thanks him and walks off.

Jordan tells Rafe that Abigail is having a hard time finding a job after Sami forced her out of the hospital. Rafe is sorry to hear that. Jordan brings up Abigail applying at the sports complex where Rafe's friend works. Rafe asks if this is about Abigail. Jordan says she could really use someone putting a good word in for her since the stuff with EJ has hurt her job search. Rafe has no idea why Will wrote that article. Rafe asks Jordan if Abigail asked her to talk to him. Jordan says no and that she's asking for the favor. Rafe agrees to do what he can. Jordan thanks him and says she has to get going then walks away.

Hope remains on the bench in pain as Aiden returns and asks if she's okay.

Jennifer says to herself that Abigail will get through this like JJ got through the nightmare with Theresa. Jennifer looks at a family photo and says she's her mom so it's her job to protect her no matter what it takes.

Abigail tells Ben that it's going faster than she thought. Ben thanks her. Abigail moves the box that Ben had used to prop the door open, causing the door to close in on them.

Theresa follows Paige in to her place to get the photo album that Eve sent her for. Paige gives it to her. Theresa knows she doesn't want to talk about it but says she didn't always make the same choice as her with guys. Theresa tells Paige that she's being smart so she should keep it up. Theresa tells her to hold out for as long as possible because as soon as she gives a man what he wants, he'll be gone in a second.

JJ plays guitar at home until Eve arrives. Eve is surprised to see him and JJ immediately asks what Theresa told her.

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