Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/26/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/26/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny goes home and tells Will that he has to tell him something. Will tells him to stop treating him like a child. Will states that the only reason the magazine hired him is because of Sonny.

Victor sits at the club and thinks about calling Maggie but decides not to. He finishes his drink and Ben comes for a refill. EJ then enters the club.

Sami goes to leave but Abigail arrives and tells Sami that she warned her as Abigail then slaps her and calls her a bitch. Sami pins her against the wall and warns that she picked the wrong day to pick a fight with her.

Brady informs Marlena that he already saw Kristen. She asks what happened. Brady says they had it out but it doesn't matter as she's gone. Marlena asks where she is. Brady says he doesn't have a clue but he doesn't care. Marlena doesn't believe it and wants details on what happened.

Kristen talks about being happy to see John when Daniel suddenly grabs her.

Abigail tells Sami that she did what she came for. Sami mocks her and calls her a spineless bitch that doesn't have the guts to come clean. Abigail says she knows Will didn't use her name but Sami did. Sami admits it.

Marlena asks Brady what happened. Brady thinks back to Kristen telling him that he's all she thinks about. Brady tells her it was nothing but the same old. Marlena disagrees and brings up Kristen almost destroying his life. Brady states that she's not done with them.

Daniel warns Kristen. Kristen informs her that she got bail and shows the tracking device. Daniel can't believe it and questions the judge. Kristen says he brought her back to Salem and now she's not going anywhere. Daniel says he runs the hospital and she's not going anywhere near his patients as he takes her out of John's room.

Brady tells Marlena about Kristen claiming she wants to make things right. Brady says all he could think about is John in the hospital bed because of her. Brady says it's because of her and him. Marlena wonders if she went to John.

Daniel warns Kristen that he will get an order to get her never allowed in John's room and then will find another judge to get a restraining order. Kristen says she just wanted to see John once and then asks Daniel if they can go speak in private because they have a few things to straighten out.

EJ orders a coffee but Ben turns away. Victor comments on EJ not making friends. Victor brings up their last business transaction. EJ brings up Will's article. Victor says Sami must be proud. EJ tells him that he ran in to Lucas, who found out that Victor owns True Vista so the article was his doing.

Sonny swears to Will that he just had someone look at his work. Will says he could've submitted anything. Sonny tries to encourage him but Will blames Sonny and says none of this would have happened if it wasn't for him. Sonny says he just set him up with the job, not that article. Sonny warns that none of this would've happened if Will wasn't so desperate for attention.

Sami brings up Abigail thinking she was pregnant with EJ's child before. Abigail questions what she's done to her not being enough. Sami blames her for destroying her marriage and her children's lives. Sami says everyone gets to know what a lying slut she is. Sami then reveals that she e-mailed Chad and mailed him the article so he could know that she jumped in bed with his brother as soon as he left town. Sami says she has bigger fish to fry. Abigail brings up Mr. Shin.

Will argues that he did not come up with the idea for the article but he knows why he wrote it. Sonny calls it a power trip that Will enjoyed.

Victor tells EJ that he wouldn't waste his time planting naughty articles about him and the press. EJ threatens to go talk to Sonny about it. Victor says all he cares about is the magazine making a profit. EJ questions the magazine just happening to have Will write that article. Victor brings up the edition flying off the shelf. EJ questions if he thought about his children. Victor says he should've thought about them while doing Abigail. Victor tells Ben that he changed his mind about another drink and exits. Ben tells EJ to go too because he's bad for business.

Sami questions what Abigail knows about Mr. Shin. Abigail says his name pushes her buttons. Sami remembers his name was mentioned in the article. Abigail brings up him being the most influential member of the board. Abigail threatens to talk to him about Sami and Kate taking over the company. Sami doesn't believe her but Abigail reveals they already talked and starts to call him again.

Marlena checks in with the hospital and finds out that John is alone except for staff. Brady doesn't like that he's vulnerable. Marlena adds that John is being taken for a CT scan. Marlena suggests calling Sami to see if she knows Kristen is on the loose. Marlena then believes that EJ had a part in getting her free. Brady declares that he will protect her and John from Kristen and promises that she will never do anything to them again. Marlena hugs him and says she's already done so much to him. Brady says he's got his head straight so she can't hurt him anymore. Marlena is glad and tells him to take care as she walks off. Brady notices his hand starts shaking.

Daniel takes Kristen into a room and calls her delusional so he's going to give her a dose of reality. Daniel tells her to enjoy her freedom while she has it because she's going away. Kristen laughs it off and says her attorney doesn't think so. Kristen says it will be just his word against hers. Daniel brings up her getting rid of the evidence. Kristen says he has nothing on her but Daniel feels there's enough evidence to put her away. Daniel tells her that she got sloppy this time and hurt too many good people who will have her sent away for a long time. Daniel decides he has to go but Kristen says she didn't get a chance to tell him what she wanted to say. Daniel assumes it's that she hates his guts. Kristen responds that she doesn't hate him but she wants to thank him.

Brady goes home and sits down, again thinking about what Kristen said to him. He gets up and goes towards the drinks when Maggie walks in. Brady throws the glass against the wall and tells Maggie that she doesn't have to worry about Kristen driving him to drink because it's not going to happen.

Kristen tells Daniel that she wouldn't be back in Salem if not for him and have her second chance with Brady. Daniel argues that she would've just come up with another scheme. Kristen disagrees. Daniel tells her that she won't get to him and he finds her boring. Kristen says she still owes him and thinks things are going to go better than she ever expected. She declares that things are going to work out perfectly. Kristen thanks him. Daniel says if she wants to thank him, she can write him a note from prison. Kristen doesn't think that will happen.

Maggie tells Brady that Kristen has caused he and Eric a world of pain and the stress of her return has to be a trigger for Brady to give in but he didn't. Brady wishes he had a switch to never think about Kristen again. Brady declares that he's done with her and doesn't want to think about or talk about Kristen. Brady asks how Maggie is. She says she's fine. Brady brings up Will's article and how she has to be hurting for Abigail. Maggie doesn't know how Will could do that.

Will argues that he was trying to get Sami to see what she was doing to Abigail and he never meant for Abigail to be named. Sonny brings up the article and goes over how Will described her without name and argues that anyone could have figured out who EJ was sleeping with. Will states that he is a writer. Sonny questions him not thinking that Sami would find a way. Sonny accuses Will of not thinking to warn Abigail. Will shouts that he doesn't need him to tell him what he's thinking. Will declares that he doesn't want to be married to someone who is trying to control his life. Will is mad about Sonny getting him a job and feeling he doesn't believe that he could get a job on his own. Will storms out. Arianna starts crying so Sonny goes to check on her.

EJ remains at the bar as Ben returns and questions him still being there. EJ tries to tell him that he's happy for Ben and Abigail but Ben doesn't want to hear anything he has to say. Ben stops himself before calling Abigail the woman he loves and walks away. EJ smirks and exits.

Abigail goes through her phone and shows Sami the call from Mr. Shin. Abigail brings up Sami lying to him. Sami tells her to put the phone down and tell her what she wants. She tells Sami that she wants her to back off as she had her revenge. Abigail says she should call Mr. Shin for what she did to Jennifer and Chad. Sami warns her about what she's doing. Abigail points out that she didn't mind ruining her life. Sami says she should've thought about that when sleeping with her fiancee. Abigail thinks Sami would understand not thinking about the consequences. Abigail says her and EJ are over as it's all out in the open. Abigail warns her that she has no more bombs left to drop and tells her to never blindside her family again. Sami asks about if Mr. Shin calls her. Abigail says she won't lie but she doesn't have to answer the call unless she gives her a reason to. Sami asks what if Mr. Shin finds her. Abigail says she will answer everything with the truth like her press release. Abigail hopes Sami and EJ spend the rest of their lives in this house, tearing each other apart as it's exactly what they deserve. Abigail then exits.

Will sits alone outside the town square. Marlena arrives to meet with him. She asks what's wrong. Will says everything as they hug.

Victor goes to see Sonny and says he got his message. Sonny brings up Will finding out. Victor says Sonny told him they didn't keep secrets. Sonny admits he screwed up but says he wasn't the only one. Victor asks what he did. Sonny feels Victor could've stopped this before it started and prevented people from being hurt.

Brady talks to Maggie about not talking to Abigail in a while but thinking she was smarter than to fall for EJ. Brady wants to go after EJ but Maggie tells him not to. Maggie asks about Sami. Brady says Sami doesn't confide in him. Maggie suggests Brady call her. Brady says he did but got no response. Brady talks about getting his life back.

Kristen questions Daniel about what happened with he and Jennifer. Daniel tells her to leave. Kristen tells him to stop projecting his anger on her. Daniel tells her to go to Hell. Kristen thanks him again before leaving. Daniel shuts the door in frustration.

EJ goes home and Sami tells him about the kids being at camp. Sami mentions Sydney being homesick and Allie e-mailing her. EJ suggests they take the kids out to eat. Sami doesn't want to give them the wrong message. EJ decides he will go to bed. Sami asks if he wants her to come with him to get his help with the board.

Ben starts closing the club when Abigail arrives. Ben is surprised to see her. She walks up and kisses him.

Marlena asks Will if he thinks Sonny is responsible for what happened. Will says if Sonny wasn't pulling the strings then Abigail wouldn't be dealing with the article. Marlena calls it selective thinking. Marlena asks about Will taking the job and agreeing to write the article. Will questions how Sonny could think he enjoyed writing the article to hurt his mom. Will says he loves his mom and only wanted to stop her from hurting other people he loves. Marlena suggests the article wasn't the best way. Will says he has to go. Marlena tells him to remember that they love each other as Will exits.

Victor tells Sonny that he came to him to get Will the job so he can't complain. Victor admits the story was his idea but says someone else would've written it if not Will. Sonny says it would have at least been someone else's problem. Sonny tells Victor that Will was furious and he doesn't know where he went. Victor argues that no one told him what to write. Victor thinks the piece will bring Will more assignments. Sonny worries that Will won't take the chance with how he got the job. Victor praises him and thinks it should mean a lot to him. Victor decides to leave so Sonny can put Arianna back to sleep. Victor tells Sonny that Maggie is not going to like finding out how this all happened as Abigail is like a daughter to her. Victor says all they can do is learn and hope the person they love gives them another chance. Victor exits.

Sami tells EJ that she needs his help and for him to call the board so she knows what he wants in return. EJ questions her opinion of him sinking that low. EJ says that he wanted something in return and as much as he misses touching and holding her, that's not what he's asking for.

Brady goes to the hospital and asks Daniel if Kristen hurt John. Daniel says no and there's been no change after the CT scan. Brady questions what Kristen was doing when he came in. Daniel says she was just staring at him and he will make sure she doesn't get in there again. Brady doesn't think they can stop her and wants to know why she was there. Daniel says that she wanted to thank him for bringing her back to Brady. Daniel is afraid there's more.

Kristen talks on the phone in her room and says there might be hope for her situation and with their help, she might be able to make this happen.

Abigail tells Ben that she just wanted to stop by and say goodnight and she'll see him tomorrow. Ben tells her to feel free any time she wants. She kisses him and then exits.

Sonny holds Arianna as Will returns home. Sonny didn't know if he would come back tonight. Will says he came home to put his daughter to bed. He takes Arianna and tells Sonny that he doesn't think they should talk tonight.

Victor comes home and finds Maggie sleeping on the couch.

Sami asks EJ if he wants more power at the company. EJ tells her to just ask him what he wants so she does. EJ wants a chance. EJ says he doesn't want to be back in her bed unless he's back in her heart. Sami says that's asking a lot. EJ wants to start out talking and having a meal. EJ wants to earn the right to hold her hand. EJ hopes that's not impossible. Sami doesn't answer so EJ turns to leave. Sami stops him and gives him a list of the board members who need to hear from him. Sami asks him to have lunch with her tomorrow. EJ thanks her and tells her that she won't regret it. EJ exits and heads upstairs as Sami holds back tears.

Kristen remains on the phone and thinks back to visiting John, where she took pictures of his scans and charts. Kristen says she will send them now.

Daniel tells Brady that he doesn't know what Kristen is up to but she's way too sure of herself. Brady questions how she can be sure of herself when she's going to prison and he wants nothing to do with her. Daniel declares that she left with a plan.

Kristen tells the person on the phone to let her know what they think of the chart as her future depends on what they tell her.

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