Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami tells EJ that he has to help her and call the board as the company is a wreck and it's going to implode. EJ agrees. Sami says he has to do something now. EJ looks unconcerned and takes a drink.

Lucas enters the club, making a call to get information on Zoe. Lucas approaches Sonny and suggests he should be at home with Will.

Will wasn't sure Abigail would come. She wasn't either. Will invites her in and thanks her for coming as they really need to talk. Abigail thinks they needed to talk before he published the article. She mocks the article. Will says he didn't get a chance to tell her. Abigail continues to mock it and questions if it's what he thinks.

Eric sits at John's bedside in the hospital. Nicole enters and then apologizes for not knowing Eric was there. Nicole says she just decided to visit John. Nicole adds that she didn't follow Eric as it's just a coincidence but Eric doesn't believe her.

Roman finishes a call at the Pub as Marlena enters. Roman is glad she came as he has something to tell her about Kristen. Roman informs her that Kristen has been released. Marlena argues that it can't be true and asks where she is.

Brady removes his shirt and sits down on the bench in the park as Kristen then approaches. Kristen says she's so happy to see him as it's been so long. Kristen declares they are together again at last.

Sami tells EJ to say something. EJ tells her that he agrees the situation is very dire. Sami tells him he's going to have to do something. EJ sits down and says one thing he learned from Stefano is to never let personal feelings interfere with business decisions. Sami doesn't want a lecture. EJ calls it a textbook example of his point. EJ tells her that Will's article would've been a lot less damaging if Abigail wasn't named.

Will gets why Abigail is angry and says he's so sorry. Abigail says she had reservations about coming over but she decides it's really important for her to tell him how she feels about him.

Sonny tells Lucas that he just talked to Will and he didn't need him to stand by him. Sonny mentions Will not seeming concerned. Sonny questions Lucas not even talking to Will. Lucas apologizes and says he's just worried about him. Lucas says he has a few things he wants to figure out before he talks to Will. Lucas questions Sonny about Will suddenly becoming a featured writer for a major magazine. Sonny points out that Will has connections to the people in the story. Lucas questions Will printing those things about Sami and Abigail.

Eric tells Nicole that he has to go and exits the room. She follows him out and says they are bound to run in to each other. Eric says he can still leave. Nicole brings up how her boss wants her all over the story with EJ, Sami, and Abigail but she's not going to touch it. Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't want to hurt him any more than she already has.

Marlena asks Roman what happened. Roman tells her that the judge ordered her to wear a monitoring device. Marlena doesn't think that will do any good. Marlena brings up Brady and says they have to find him and tell him. Marlena tries to call Brady but he doesn't answer.

Kristen comments that Brady looks stunned. Brady asks what she's doing there and why she isn't at the station. Kristen tells him that she was released and shows her monitoring device. Brady questions her being let go. Brady then asks her again what she's doing there. Kristen questions him not knowing.

Sami tells EJ that it's unbelievable that he only cares about protecting Abigail. EJ argues that it's not about Abigail but about Sami for giving her name. Sami didn't feel it was fair for Abigail to get a free pass after what she did to her. EJ feels it's what he did to her. EJ brings up Stefano sending his man after Rafe instead of doing it himself. EJ questions her not thinking about the company and says he's been waiting for the day that she would come begging for his help. EJ adds that he's been looking forward to telling her to go to Hell.

Abigail tells Will that she has a few questions and asks if he is doing a follow up article since he's leaving her messages. Will wanted to talk to her but Abigail continues to mock the article. Will says he would never do that to her. Abigail cries about what he did to her. Abigail tells him that she's not a whore because she didn't take money for what she did. She then questions how much Will was paid for his services.

Sonny tells Lucas that he is kind of uncomfortable talking to him about this as he doesn't want to explain Will to him. Lucas notes that he doesn't seem too happy about this. Sonny wants to trust Will to handle this on his own. Sonny adds that the magazine put an enormous amount of pressure on Will. Sonny brings up Sami but suggests Lucas talk to Will about it instead. Lucas agrees and tells him that Will is very lucky to have him as he exits. Sonny remarks that they'll see about that.

Brady questions Kristen following him. Kristen wanted to see him and has so much to explain. Brady cuts her off and says there's nothing to explain as he hates her and wnats her to go. Brady brings up Kristen kidnapping Daniel and asks if that's what she had in mind for him. Brady tells her that he's ready for her and her goons.

Eric tells Nicole to do what she wants as he doesn't care anymore and can't bear to look at her anymore. Nicole questions if he's so desperate not to care and he hates her so much that he can't help it. Eric gets a call from Marlena and tells her that he was just leaving the hospital. Marlena asks him to meet at the Pub and to bring Nicole too. Eric asks if it's about Will's story but Marlena informs him it's about Kristen.

Will wants Abigail to listen but she continues yelling at him about the article. Abigail questions how much he got paid and how detailed he got. Will reveals that he was paid $3000. Abigail accuses him of betrayal and continues questioning him. Will says he listened to her and wants to talk now. Abigail questions what there is to say since he obviously took notes from everyone. Abigail declares that she never thought she would say this to him, but he's exactly like Sami. Abigail hopes it was worth the money and then storms out.

Sami tells EJ that she's already in Hell but he cares about the company. EJ says she and Kate are going to crash and burn so he doesn't give a damn. EJ gets up and walks out.

Eric and Nicole meet Marlena and Roman at the Pub. Marlena asks Eric about his testimony. Eric says he got through it. Marlena asks about Nicole's testimony. Nicole says they all agree that Kristen belongs behind bars forever. Marlena then reveals that the judge let Kristen go so she's free.

Kristen tells Brady that what happened with Daniel was complicated and a terrible misunderstanding. She claims her intentions were good. Brady questions her intentions in destroying Eric's life. Brady brings up her lying to him about it. Brady declares that he would never believe her because he's done with her and her lies. Kristen swears that what she has to say to him is not a lie. Kristen tells Brady that he's all she thinks about. Brady doesn't care. Kristen understands he'll be skeptical but insists it's the truth. Kristen says they've been going through a horrible time since breaking up. Brady doesn't want to listen to her. Kristen shouts that she knows the Brady she knows would listen to her. Brady questions her expecting him to listen. Kristen announces the reason she's there is because she's finally going to make things right.

Roman gets a call and tells them that he will keep them posted on Kristen. Roman hugs Eric goodbye and exits. Marlena and Eric talk about not getting ahold of Brady. Marlena tells Eric that it's so wrong for Kristen to go free when he's been through so much.

Abigail goes to the club but stops outside and thinks back to Will not letting her see the article when he was finishing it. She gets a call and says she isn't speaking to reporters so they are wasting their time. Abigail adds that she doesn't understand as she nothing to say at this time.

Lucas makes another call, finding out that Zoe answers to Victor when it comes to the magazine. Lucas goes to see Will. Will asks if he's there to tell him off. Lucas wants to understand what is going on as he thinks he has a pretty good idea.

Abigail goes into the club and questions Sonny knowing about the article. She says she's so sick and tired of the excuses. Abigail says she could've at least warned Jennifer. Sonny says he's so sorry as the whole thing is his fault because he got Will the job.

Sami questions EJ letting his personal feelings affect business now. EJ argues that it's not his business as she took it away from him. Sami claims they have had their little differences. EJ brings up her tricking him into marrying him and having him arrested then stealing his company. EJ adds that Sami has devoted her entire life to destroying him which aren't little differences. Sami admits she's been bad but wants to focus on the future not the past. Sami says this is their children's legacy. Sami repeats that EJ has to help her and the company. EJ asks what she's willing to do for this help.

Eric tells Marlena not to worry about him as Kristen is only interested in Brady so they need to find him. Nicole asks what to do now. Eric suggests splitting up. Marlena exits to go to his office while Eric exits to check his house. They hug goodbye and head their separate ways. Nicole exits and follows Eric.

Brady brings up everything Kristen did to Eric.

Sonny tells Abigail about Will not being the one to write her name in the article. Abigail questions Will not saying anything to her which surprises Sonny.

Will tells Lucas that he'll be the only one who understands. Lucas wishes Will came to him first so he could have helped out. Will tells him it has nothing to do with him as he makes his own decisions. Lucas brings up Victor. Will questions what he has to do with this. Lucas questions if Will is covering for Sonny. Lucas then reveals that Victor owns True Vista which shocks Will.

Sami questions if EJ is going to blackmail her back into bed after everything he did to her. EJ tells her wrong answer and walks out of the mansion. Sami gets a call from Mr. Shin and tells him that everything is under control.

Abigail tells Sonny that she saw the article and Will's name on it so she wants to know the other explanation. Abigail questions how the editor found out if not Will. Sonny informs her that someone else told her. Abigail says it's impossible but then realizes it was Sami and runs out of the club.

Will tells Lucas that he needs him to go. Lucas thinks they should talk about this. Will is talked out and has nothing left to say. Lucas wants to help him through this. Will wishes he could but feels he needs to do this on his own without anyone's help. Will thanks him for coming. Lucas tells him to call if he needs anything as he then exits. Will remarks "damn it, Sonny."

Brady brings up going back drinking and cocaine and pushing everyone out of his life that cared about him while bringing in everyone bad for him. Brady says he got in to hatred of her but he also began to hate John. Kristen asks why. Brady says he constantly reminded him of her with his presence and for being right about her but mostly for bringing her into his life. Brady says he blamed everything on John but he got really good at hating. Brady says he realized the one guy he hated the most was himself. Brady declares he's fine rolling along with his useless life but it will be without his dad because he killed him. Brady states that John is as dead as a person can be so he's gone. Brady brings up trying to pay off doctors but it's not going to happen as he's gone. Brady has come to the realization that he killed his father. Kristen argues that he didn't. Brady tells her that he has to live with it for the rest of his life just like she has to with the fact that she created this. Brady tells her that there is no salvation her and she is as dead to him as John. Brady then walks off.

Eric goes to the Kiriakis Mansion but Henderson tells him there's no one home. Eric decides to go in and leave a note for Brady. Nicole enters and Eric asks what she's doing there. Nicole says Brady is her friend too. Eric tells her to go look somewhere else because he doesn't want her near him. Nicole argues that he doesn't know what he wants as she leaves.

Lucas runs into EJ outside the Pub. EJ doesn't want to hear it and brings up Will. Lucas questions EJ playing the victim. Lucas yells that EJ ruined everybody's life. EJ brings up Will putting himself ahead of everyone. Lucas argues that Will was pushed to write the article and blames Victor. EJ doesn't understand. Lucas brings up knowing something that a DiMera doesn't and reveals that Victor owns the magazine.

Sami tells Mr. Shin that EJ will be calling him soon. Sami hangs up and wants to find out where he went. Sami goes to leave but Abigail arrives and tells Sami that she warned her as Abigail then slaps her and calls her a bitch.

Sonny goes home and tells Will that he has to tell him something. Will tells him to stop treating him like a child.

Marlena walks into the town square and Brady finds her. Brady informs Marlena that he already saw Kristen. She asks what happened. Brady says they had it out but it doesn't matter as she's gone. Marlena asks where she is.

Kristen goes to John's room at the hospital. She sits next to him and asks if he can hear her. She adds that it doesn't really matter. Kristen says life is so strange as she just ended up in Salem and had no idea what to do next but now she does.

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