Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/22/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/22/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ tells Will it was quite a hatchet job he did on he and Sami. Will tells him he has no right to barge in as he has nothing to say to him. EJ tells him to listen to what he has to say. Will argues that every word he wrote was true. EJ questions the words he said when he led him to believe he wanted to help them reconcile when all he wanted was information for the article. Will tells him that he knew he was a writer. EJ didn't know he was a journalist on the job. EJ argues that an ethical journalist lets people know when they are being interviewed. EJ calls Will a disgusting snake.

Sonny walks in and says Sami sure did a number on her son. Sami questions what Will did to her, EJ, and Kate. Sonny asks what about Abigail. Sami doesn't want to hear any more about Abigail.

Jennifer finishes a call. Abigail comes in. Jennifer tells her that family are calling to check on her as they are worried. Jennifer mentions Maggie trying to call. Abigail wants Jennifer to help her write a press release about the article. Jennifer was thinking the same thing.

Anne reads the article at the hospital and laughs about it. Daniel approaches and questions what has her so happy. Anne shows Daniel the article and points out Abigail being EJ's secret lover. Theresa walks by and thinks back to Daniel questioning her about John coming out of the coma.

Brady talks on the phone at home, trying to get a hold of a special doctor for John. He gets put on hold so he sits down and comes across an article on Kristen's trial.

Kristen's trial continues and the judge is ready to hear arguments on bail. The DA sits with Roman and says she is surprised it's a question as Kristen is a proven flight risk. The judge insists on hearing the argument.

Brady talks on the phone with the doctor about being an expert in this field. Brady asks if he will come examine John if he sends a private jet. Brady asks how he can make this happen but gets hung up on.

Daniel gives Anne the article back while she brags about it. Anne finds Theresa and asks if she read the article. Theresa mentions that she already read it. Anne asks her about not rubbing it in Daniel's face with her. Theresa doesn't want to get in Daniel's face right now. Anne asks why since she never held back before.

Abigail and Jennifer begin writing the press release together. Abigail begins by saying Sami and EJ are meant for each other. Jennifer hugs her and then the doorbell rings. Jennifer tells Abigail not to let them see her as she goes to check the door. Abigail answers and it's Daniel, who says he couldn't stay away.

Sonny tells Sami that she didn't even warn Will that she gave Abigail's name. Sami complains about Will threatening to destroy her business and not warning her so that she could shield the kids. Sonny argues that Abigail didn't deserve this but Sami feels she does. Sonny can't believe she's giving EJ a pass. Sami brings up everything she's done to EJ and declares that she's burning him to the ground.

Will tells EJ to leave but he instead sits down. EJ asks if he has any comprehension of the damage he has done. Will says he told the truth. Will declares he owed it to the readers to be honest. EJ asks what about his family. EJ asks if he has any idea where Johnny or Sydney are. Will calls it unfair and says they've shielded the kids from much worse. They argue about their family. EJ brings up Lucas going to prison for a crime Will committed that he could still go to prison for.

Sonny insists to Sami that EJ seduced Abigail. Sami stops him and says Abigail is a grown woman that said yes and made sure it happened again. Sami says she will not pretend that she thinks Abigail is an innocent victim when she knew what she was doing and didn't care who got hurt. Sonny states that Will was so right about her. Sami asks about Will threatening her and says she has a right to be angry. Sonny argues that Sami is destroying Abigail's life. Sonny feels that Will had to write the article as someone else would have if he didn't. Sami responds that no one else could have because Kate wouldn't have given the details the way she did to Will. Sami remarks that Will stabbed her in the back. Marlena enters and asks to speak to Sami alone.

Will says he's taken responsibility for that. EJ brings up Sami stealing evidence to keep Will out of jail and the lengths she went to. Will argues that doesn't excuse her destroying Abigail. EJ feels Will did that himself. Will says it wasn't him that mentioned Abigail's name but it was Sami. EJ questions him blaming Sami. Will informs EJ that Sami gave Abigail's name so the world would know who the other woman was.

Daniel says he knows they might not want to see anyone but he was worried and wanted to make sure she was okay. Abigail tells him that he's one of the only ones welcome. Daniel knows how hard it must be on her. Abigail says it's embarrassing. Daniel says people won't judge her. Abigail hopes he's right. Daniel says people will give up in a week or two. Daniel assures her that she has people who care about her. Abigail thanks him as Daniel hugs her. Jennifer listens in with a smile.

Anne questions Theresa holding back with Daniel. Theresa says she couldn't care less about him. Anne wants to poke fun at Daniel and brings up Jennifer. Theresa says she has a lot to do and doesn't feel like piling on to Abigail. Brady appears and asks what about Abigail.

The DA argues about the police looking for Kristen to capture her and her trying to kidnap Daniel. She continues on about Kristen eluding justice and how Kristen would walk out and never be seen again. She urges bail to be denied. Kristen's lawyer declares that Kristen would like to address the court.

Will tells EJ that Sami made sure Abigail was front and center of the article. Will adds that EJ knows it's true. Will argues that Sami doesn't care who or what gets broken if it gets in her way. Will calls her lying and vindictive. Will feels he let her off easy as he could've went in to detail about their relationship and sent her to prison for attempted murder. EJ points out they would need his testimony. Will calls them crazy and says this time she's coming after him. Will says he might have backed off if not for Abigail because Sami and EJ deserve each other.

Sami stops Sonny and tells him to be there for Will because this is only going to get worse. Sonny exits. Marlena asks Sami what's new. Sami assumes Marlena read Will's journalistic debut. Marlena says she didn't know about a lot of it and questions why she didn't come to her. Sami says John is in a coma and Kristen's back and maybe she would've defended Abigail. Marlena is sorry that all of this happened. Marlena questions Sami marrying EJ any way. Sami admits everything Will wrote is the truth and thanks her for stopping by.

Abigail checks her messages from Will. Daniel wonders what he has to say. Abigail goes in and tells Jennifer that she has to deal with Will. Jennifer tells her that she doesn't owe him anything but Abigail wants to. Jennifer says she will get the press release out and tells her to call if she needs anything. Abigail thanks her and thanks Daniel for stopping by as she then exits.

Brady reads the article and calls it a train wreck. Theresa says she knows how it feels to have people gossip. Brady thanks her for not piling on. Brady starts to text Jennifer, Sami, and Abigail. Brady says he can't pick a side as none of them deserve it except EJ. Theresa notes that he looks stressed or distracted and asks if it's Kristen.

Kristen argues that everyone she cares about is in Salem and gives her word that she has no intention of going anywhere.

Jennifer asks Daniel how he is. Daniel assures that he's fine and appreciates her rescuing him. Jennifer says she was concerned. Daniel mentions being concerned about Abigail and caring about her. The doorbell rings. Jennifer talks about getting the press release finished. Daniel offers to take care of the door and get the reporters to back off.

The judge sets Kristen's bail at a million dollars and orders Kristen a tracking device. Kristen's lawyer is ready now. Roman remarks that Stefano bought that judge.

Brady tells Theresa that he's not worried about Kristen as she's in jail and it's not his problem. Brady says he got bad news this morning as the doctor expert won't even look at John as he looked at the charts and declared there's no hope. Theresa says she's so sorry. She encourages that he did everything he could.

Marlena asks Sami how she can help. Sami responds that she can't. Sami says she has calls to answer. Marlena says she'll be there if she can help in any way at all. Sami answers a call so Marlena exits.

Will tells EJ that he needs to leave. EJ questions if there's no more damage or cause for concern. Will says there's nothing left to talk about as it's done. Will calls it an article not life and death. EJ declares that he is disgusted by what Will did as he didn't show concern for anyone this hurt including his brother and sisters. EJ remarks that he puts his family first while Will does not. EJ asks if the awards he gets for the article will be worth the deadly price he'll likely have to pay. EJ exits.

Daniel finishes up with the reporters and tells Jennifer they are gone. Jennifer thanks him and tells him that she's already getting a positive response from the press release. Daniel tells her that she's good at her job. They get close while looking at it. Jennifer asks if he's really okay. Daniel says he's fine. She says they both know what Kristen is capable of and he could've been killed.

Roman accuses Kristen of buying the judge and asks how she worked that out. Kristen suggests he just sees that she came back on her own. Roman brings up EJ not showing. Kristen says he's pouting. Roman mentions EJ giving his word that he's done with her. Kristen remarks about promises being hard to keep.

Brady thanks Theresa and tells her the annulment papers should be coming shortly. Brady says he'll be busy with John and handling his business. Theresa offers to do anything she can to help. Brady decides to go for a run to clear his head. Brady exits and Theresa remarks that at least John is never waking up.

Marlena goes to see Will. Will tells her that she's too late if she came to chew him out and call him a reckless idiot. Marlena wants to understand what happened. Will tells her that it's all in the article. Marlena wants to understand why he wrote it and questions him hurting Sami, Kate, and Abigail. Will says he didn't mention Abigail but he wrote what happened and every word is true. Marlena asks why he had to make it public. Will feels Sami didn't give him a choice as he tried talking to her but she was set on destroying EJ and Abigail. Will says Sami ran over everyone including Kayla so someone had to stand up to her because clearly Marlena never did.

Sami continues making calls to cover for the article. Sami says things were blown out of proportion while she and EJ are married and happy. Sami mentions being sure EJ will call as soon as he is home.

EJ runs into Abigail in the town square and takes her outside the gate. Abigail has nothing to say. She tells him people will talk and she's already bored with it. EJ doesn't believe her. Abigail says she's moved on. EJ says people will assume that he's the aggressor. Abigail says they know that's not true as they were both there. Abigail tells him that she wanted him in the cabin even though she knew it was a mistake. Abigail tells him that she doesn't need his sympathy or his help to deal with it now as she walks off.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's glad it all worked out and Kristen has to face what she did to Eric. Jennifer wonders what happened in court. Daniel brings up all her charges. Jennifer can't believe Kristen was her friend. Daniel tells her that she was very good at manipulating. Daniel decides he needs to go. Jennifer walks him out and thanks him for coming as he exits.

Will apologizes to Marlena. She understands he's upset and feels attacked. She calls it a normal response. Will argues that what Sami is doing is not normal and he wrote the article to stop her. Will says the only thing that would stop her was something big. Marlena doesn't think it makes any sense. Will tells her that he wanted to create something that he could be proud of as he got the cover with his very first article and not one person has had a nice thing to say about it. Marlena states they can't talk about it as it's just too soon. Will agrees and asks how John is doing. Marlena says he's the same. Will hopes she gets some good news soon. Marlena exits.

Theresa talks with a nurse about John and how maybe Brady can have some peace. Daniel approaches and asks how she knows what Brady is feeling.

Brady finishes his run through the park.

Kristen's lawyer tells her that the bail check cleared and she thanks him. An officer attaches the tracking device to Kristen's leg. Kristen gets her phone and declares now that she's free, she knows exactly where she's going to go.

Theresa informs Daniel that she just saw Brady and they just talked so she's more in tune with what he's thinking than Daniel is. Theresa suggests they go back to staying away from each other. Daniel asks what changed since this morning. Theresa thinks they should avoid each other. Daniel says that's fine with him. Theresa suggests he also avoid Jennifer and her family as she calls it one hot mess of a scandal and then walks away.

Anne goes to see Jennifer and brings her a box after clearing out Abigail's office. Jennifer tells Anne that she will be at work first thing tomorrow. Anne asks if she's ready for what everyone will have to say. Jennifer declares that she is very proud of Abigail and how she's owned up to her mistake with nothing to be ashamed of. Anne mocks what Abigail did. Jennifer says Anne just feeds off people's misery. Jennifer tells her to be ashamed because she deliberately hurts people and it's never a mistake. Jennifer then shuts the door in her face.

Will calls Sonny and tells him about all the web site traffic for the article and how the response has been growing all day. Will adds that local news stations are calling but Zoe wants to wait until the story goes national. Sonny tells him that's great. Will adds that he will be able to help out with rent more now. Sonny doesn't care about that but Will hangs up as someone is at the door. Will opens the door to see Abigail.

Sami makes another call about Will blowing things out of proportion and how EJ will call as soon as he can. Sami encourages that this will blow over as she takes a drink. EJ appears in the doorway. Sami tells him that she thought she had it handled but the board is freaking out and everyone wants to talk to EJ while everything is falling apart. Sami tells EJ that he has to help her.

Roman finishes a call at the Pub as Marlena enters. Roman is glad she came as he has something to tell her about Kristen.

Brady removes his shirt and sits down on the bench in the park as Kristen then approaches.

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