Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas walks through the town square with Jordan. Lucas mentions getting back from a trip and that he saw Sheryl, who said to give her best to Jordan and Rafe. Jordan informs Lucas that there is no she and Rafe anymore.

Ben approaches Rafe in the park and says he owes him an apology.

Clyde meets with Kate outside of the town square. Kate asks what business he wants to discuss. Clyde is interested in setting up business in Salem and thinks she's the only one who can point him in the right direction.

Sonny hands Will the tablet to show the article. Will asks what's wrong. Sonny asks him how the hell he could do that. Will is confused. Sonny brings up the adjustments and points out Will's name on the cover. Sonny tells him to have some integrity. Will thought the article was better with the adjustments and asks what's bugging Sonny so much. Sonny didn't realize Will would sell his soul for writing.

Jennifer asks Abigail how things got worse. Abigail reveals that it's all coming out in the new article, naming her as the woman who had an affair with EJ.

Sami reads the article at home and says it's not very flattering. Sami says Abigail can answer for herself. EJ enters and questions what she has done.

Sonny questions why he let this happen when he knew it was trouble and should've stopped him from writing it. Will reads the article and realizes Abigail's name got put in.

JJ questions Will writing it. Jennifer thinks there must be a mistake and can't believe Will would do this. JJ calls him an SOB as Jennifer complains that this is so cruel. Jennifer adds that not even Sami deserves this and questions how Will could write this about people he's supposed to love.

EJ informs Sami that he just got off the phone with Mr. Shin. Sami says it's not okay for him to be talking to the board. EJ explains that Shin called him to tie up some loose ends on a business deal and to congratulate them on their wedding. EJ mentions that he was pleased about them working well together. Sami says it's just for show. EJ argues that she told Mr. Shin a lot more than needed. Sami says they have to keep up appearances. EJ asks when she will stop trying to make things look good and asks her to just give him one more chance.

Lucas thought things were going great between Jordan and Rafe. Jordan thought so too. Lucas asks what happened and if it has anything to do with EJ and Sami's breakup. Jordan informs Lucas that Rafe slept with Kate again.

Rafe tells Ben that he doesn't owe him anything as he would've done the same thing. Ben is not sorry that he hit him but that he lost control of his temper. Ben says that's all and goes to leave but Rafe stops him to ask him about Clyde.

Kate asks Clyde what he's looking for. Clyde says he wants referrals. She asks what kind of business he's starting up. He calls it a carry over and needs staffing. Kate offers to call her assistant to get him in touch. Clyde stops her and says he'd much rather talk to her.

Abigail is worried about the people she loves and apologizes for making her life more miserable at the hospital. Jennifer tries to calm her down while JJ storms out. Abigail worries about JJ getting in to trouble because of her mistakes.

Will questions why Zoe would do this without asking him. Sonny realizes it wasn't Will's adjustments. Will says he would never do this to hurt Abigail. Sonny can't believe they did that with his name on it without asking him. Will declares that the article shouldn't have happened. They wonder how they got Abigail's name. Will says he never said or wrote her name. Will then stops and realizes it was Sami.

Sami tells EJ that they are in the same room together without her throwing things. EJ calls it a start. Sami says that's all he is going to get. EJ gets a message and asks Sami about an article in True Vista. EJ says he has to check it out. Sami tries to stop him and then says it's nothing to worry about. EJ asks her who wrote it.

Will says it had to be Sami who outed Abigail since she had just met with Zoe. Will calls it pure vengeance. Sonny says it all makes sense now. Sonny apologizes and says he should've known. Will shouts back that he can't believe Sonny thought he would do this.

Lucas argues that Rafe would never sleep with Kate again. Jordan reveals that he admitted it. Lucas apologizes as he thought they had something special. Jordan thought so too. Jordan says she has to go and thanks him for the coffee then walks off.

Ben doesn't like to talk about Clyde. Rafe says Jordan wanted to tell him about Clyde and kept trying so he feels there is something for him to know. Ben tells Rafe that won't get them back together. Rafe says he cares about Jordan a lot and mentions how she shut down when Clyde's name came up. Ben suggests she didn't want to give Rafe the chance to hurt her again and walks off.

Kate tells Clyde that personnel is not her area. Clyde brings up Kate's marriage to Stefano. Kate asks what about Stefano. Clyde wants some of his associates to help him out. Kate asks what he needs them to do. Clyde says it's just a little work off the books. Kate says that's not specific. Clyde says it's distribution and needs people that can manage a crew. Clyde adds that he knew she would understand.

JJ texts Abigail that he's taking a walk and not to worry. Abigail and Jennifer agree that they have to believe that. Abigail continues to blame herself and worries about what happens now. Jennifer says she can fight this. Abigail brings up Anne and Theresa. Jennifer says Kayla will keep them in check. Jennifer says she'll call the hospital to see how far it has gotten and they'll figure out what to say. Abigail apologizes. Jennifer stops her and says she made a mistake but it wasn't her decision to broadcast it so she's not to blame.

Sonny goes over what happened and asks why he wouldn't think it was Will. Will says he has dignity. Sonny says it was the truth so he thought maybe Will was convinced. Will repeats that he would never hurt Abigail and asks if Sonny thought he was that desperate. Sonny apologizes but Will doesn't accept. Sonny knows he worked hard on this and it's important to him so he thought the editor said put Abigail's name in it or kill the story. Will says he would've killed the story but doesn't think Sonny believes him. JJ arrives and confronts Will, calling him a son of a bitch and asks what Abigail ever did to him.

Sami tells EJ that she has to put it in context. EJ questions if she knew about this. Sami says she didn't. EJ hopes she didn't have something to do with the article. Sami says she found out about it and did everything she could to stop it. EJ questions her. Sami says he couldn't have stopped it either but EJ feels he could have. Sami says it's too late now. EJ realizes she wasn't going to tell him. Sami says she had a lot of work to do. Sami says she already called the board, the investors, and the stockholders. Sami goes over what she explained to them. EJ understands that's why Mr. Shin was so interested in their personal lives. Sami let Shin believe that they are back together. EJ thinks he deserved to know. Sami says she was busy with calls and EJ would've done the same thing. Sami thinks she put all the fires out. EJ wants to finish reading the article and says he'll go upstairs if she doesn't show him. She hands it to him. EJ warns that he will sue if there are any inaccuracies. Sami says it's all true and well written. EJ then sees that Will wrote it.

Sonny tells JJ that Will didn't write Abigail's name. JJ questions Will. Will says he wrote the article but never named Abigail. JJ realizes they went out and dug it up. Will says the damage is done. JJ argues that Will didn't make it hard to figure out. JJ questions him further. Will says her family and friends already knew. JJ brings up how everyone will know now and questions Will thinking he could put the article out without exposing Abigail to the world.

Rafe meets with Lucas at the Pub. Lucas questions what he was thinking and how he could blow it. Rafe says he doesn't know and wishes he could take it back. Lucas says he might be able to repair the damage.

Jordan runs into Ben in the town square. Jordan informs Ben that people are saying horrible things about Abigail online. Ben sees it and rushes off.

Kate tells Clyde that their conversation is over. Clyde stops her again. Kate says she's been polite to him but she's done. Clyde talks about making friends and meeting new people like Rafe. Clyde says they have so much in common. Clyde wants to help out with Rafe and Jordan's problems. Clyde thinks Rafe would tell him exactly how they broke up and he would tell Rafe exactly how he and Kate met. Clyde adds that he wouldn't have to speak to Rafe if Kate helps him out. Kate then says she'll be in touch with his referrals. Clyde says he looks forward to working together and what they will accomplish. Kate walks off.

Rafe would love to repair the damage but says Jordan would have to be willing to speak to him. Lucas didn't think she seemed that mad so maybe there is a chance. Lucas mentions that he just saw her but she seemed resigned and sad about the whole thing. Lucas tells Rafe not to give up.

Clyde finds Jordan in the town square. She tries to rush off but he stops her and says he's sorry to hear about Rafe. Jordan tells him it's not his business. Clyde asks if she will always be so hateful towards him. Jordan says he earned it. Clyde suggests they and Ben go talk to someone. Jordan can't believe him. Clyde says he's willing to air the dirty laundry if they could put it all behind them. Jordan questions if he thinks she could ever put what happened behind her. Jordan then storms off.

Kate joins Lucas at the Pub and asks about seeing Sheryl. Lucas tells her that Sheryl hates his guts and asks about Kate's corporate takeover. Kate says she's so busy. Lucas then remarks about Kate breaking up Jordan and Rafe. Lucas can't believe that she did that. Lucas complains that Kate breaks up all his relationships and that she makes everyone miserable.

Will is so sorry that he hurt Abigail. JJ questions why he wrote the article. Will says it was to protect her from Sami. JJ calls it a hell of a thing to do to his own mother. JJ doesn't see how they can get past this. JJ tells Will that it really sucks and then exits.

Jennifer gets off the phone with Maxine while Abigail uses her tablet. Jennifer tells Abigail that it's not out at the hospital yet. Abigail shows Jennifer her pal page where people are saying ugly things. Jennifer wants to block her page. Abigail says they will just write it somewhere else. There's a knock at the door and Jennifer answers as Ben arrives. Ben goes in and asks Abigail if she's okay. Ben asks how Will could do that to her. Abigail is embarrassed and understands if he needs to keep his distance. Ben says he's not going anywhere. A reporter and photographer arrive at the door. Abigail wants to get it over with but Jennifer says they won't do anything until they figure out what to say. Jennifer sends Ben and Abigail out the back. Abigail doesn't want to hide. Jennifer insists so they go out the back while Jennifer goes to answer the door.

EJ asks Sami if this is why she sent the children to camp and thanks her for that. EJ calls it a side to Will they haven't seen in quite some time. Sami argues that they don't know the circumstances and maybe Will didn't have the choice. Sami calls it Will's big break. EJ is angry at how much damage this will do to them. Sami encourages him to go ahead and say poor Abigail too.

Kate tells Lucas that she didn't break up Rafe and Jordan. Kate says if things were good between them then it wouldn't have happened. Lucas asks how drunk Rafe was. Kate calls it rude but Lucas says he knows it's true. Lucas remembers it was the night Rafe was drinking because of Gabi and she got rid of him to take advantage of Rafe. Lucas tells her to let Rafe and Jordan work this out on their own as they had something good and they don't want to give up on that.

Jordan walks back through the town square and stops when she sees Rafe walk by.

Ben takes Abigail to the park and offers to go to his place. Abigail says she doesn't want to see his place like this. Ben asks how she's doing. She admits she's embarrassed but she's not going to hide and only left because Jennifer begged her. Abigail thinks she could handle the reporter. Abigail doesn't want Ben to worry about her and she hates how hard it will be for JJ and Jennifer.


Jennifer asks the reporters to leave and refuses the questions about the affair. She argues that they are on private property. JJ comes home as Jennifer threatens to call the police. The reporters persist. JJ threatens them. They say they will be nearby when she changes her mind. Jennifer shuts the door and JJ apologizes for leaving her alone with that. They worry about things being a mess.

Will calls Zoe to question the adjustments to the article without telling him. Will says he's glad they are getting a good response but he's dealing with some fallout. Will adds that he gets it and hangs up. Sonny remarks that he sure told her. Will asks if he was supposed to yell at her when she was very apologetic. Will points out that she's his boss. Will says she intended to call him but had an emergency. Will tells Sonny to cut Zoe some slack as she was already unhappy about Abigail's name being kept out. Will adds that it's Zoe's call to make. Sonny says it's done and apologizes for what he's thought and he knows Will is sorry for what has happened. Will thanks Sonny for not telling JJ that it was Sami who outed Abigail. Sonny says that would've just made it worse. Sonny tells Will to lie low while he goes to the club. Will agrees. Sonny kisses him goodbye and exits.

EJ tells Sami that the situation is damaging to everyone. Sami questions Abigail being the first person he was thinking about. Sami blames Abigail for all of this. EJ shouts that he's concerned about them and their family. EJ questions her attacking him when it was her son who sabotaged their family. Sami yells that he has no right to talk after what he did. Sami screams at EJ to go to his slut and that she's getting a restraining order as she throws a glass while EJ exits.

Ben tells Abigail that a lot of people would crawl in a hole to get away from this. Ben assures her that he doesn't want distance. Abigail says a lot of people would run from a trainwreck like this. Ben insists that he's not going anywhere and they kiss.

JJ tells Jennifer that at least no one has gone to jail. JJ points out that Abigail is tough. Jennifer says they are too. JJ jokes with her about the reporter being scared of her. Jennifer says they don't care if she's mad or tough because they are going to pounce with a vengeance on their family. JJ says they have her on their side and will take those odds.

Ben tells Abigail that she is anything but a train wreck. Abigail jokes that it was the nicest compliment. Ben calls her an amazing person that he feels lucky just to be around. Ben tells her not to put herself down like that again. Ben tells her about being in the park by the pond and looking up at the stars, wishing she was with him. Ben suggests they go do that now. Abigail tells him he's doing a good job at distracting her. Ben says by the time they are done in the park, the reporters will be gone. Abigail likes the plan and they kiss.

Jordan and Rafe exchange looks. Rafe approaches but she runs away.

Kate tells Lucas to pay more attention to Will's life rather than Rafe's love life. Lucas asks what's going on with Will now. Kate tells him to check out the article and find out for himself. Kate exits.

Sami finishes a business call and then Sonny walks in and says Sami sure did a number on her son.

Will texts Abigail hoping he can explain. There's a knock at the door and Will assumes it's Abigail but it's EJ. Will tells him he has nothing to say to him. EJ says "tough" and walks on in.

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