Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/20/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/20/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will walks through the town square on the phone with Sonny. Will says the article isn't live yet but it should have by now. Sonny wonders if Sami put a stop to it. Sonny feels Abigail will be the one who gets humiliated if people put together that she had the affair with EJ. Will gets another call and switches over while Abigail brings Arianna home to Sonny. Abigail says they had fun and asks if Will is around.

JJ and Paige play with Parker in the park until Mary Beth interrupts and asks if it's JJ's kid.

Eve wants time to make sure it's fair but Jennifer says they are going to settle the lawsuit right now one way or another. Eve questions accepting it's a good deal. Aiden and Jennifer suggest she get her lawyer because it's not as good of a deal but worse.

Brady goes to the Pub and orders a water. The bartender assumes he'll also want a vodka. Brady says he just wants a water. He gets his water and drinks it then goes to leave when Theresa arrives. She asks if he's in a rush.

Daniel questions what Nicole's done to Eric now. Nicole tells him that she testified in front of the grand jury for Eric. Daniel says he just talked to Eric, who said he can't be a priest because he hates her. Daniel asks Nicole why someone who doesn't hate anyone or anything, hates her.

Kristen waits outside the court room. Her lawyer informs her that they are waiting on another witness so she can either go in and hear the testimony or go back to the station. Kristen choose to go back to the station but then Eric arrives. They exchange looks. Eric starts to walk on but Kristen asks him to wait.

Eve laughs at Jennifer and asks why she would sign a worse deal. Jennifer says it's the last offer she's going to get before trial where she could end up with nothing. Jennifer asks if she wants her attorney or court. Eve agrees to call.

Nicole tells Daniel that they cleared Eric to be a priest again. Daniel asks why won't he. Nicole calls it complicated. Nicole says Eric can't in his heart forgive her for what she did. Nicole complains about what Kristen did but she's the reason he can't be a priest anymore.

Kristen tells Eric that he's such a good man and calls it unfair for him to have to walk away from the priesthood. Eric questions that being all she has to say. Eric says he's due inside the grand jury room to talk about things that are unfair. Eric heads inside. Kristen's lawyer tells her to go back to the station until they are done but she says no.

Abigail tells Sonny about having fun with Arianna. Sonny notes that she seems so happy. Abigail admits she's been doing better lately as she feels like things are finally behind her. Abigail wants to go check on Jennifer and the lawsuit. Sonny thanks her for watching Arianna. Abigail says she will any time they want. Sonny tells her to wish Jennifer luck with everything. Abigail thanks him and exits.

Paige takes Mary Beth aside and tells her that question was lame and mean. She calls it a joke. Paige doesn't find it funny and doesn't believe her. Mary Beth tells her to calm down. Paige says she will when she stops being a jerk to JJ. Mary Beth tells her to wake up and see he's not a good guy. Paige doesn't want to hear it. Mary Beth argues that JJ hasn't changed one bit and that she will get dumped when she gives him what he wants. She adds that Paige will be without JJ or Stamford and then walks off. JJ tells her that he could have defended himself. Paige questions why he didn't.

Eve's lawyer goes over the deal and admits it's worse than the last offer. Aiden goes over the agreement. Eve stops him and says she read it. Eve asks the lawyer how bad it is. He tells her to take the money and run because the odds at trial are not in her favor. Eve agrees to sign it and get it over with.

Daniel asks Nicole if she's saying that it doesn't matter that he brought Kristen back since it won't help Eric in the long run. Nicole says he brought justice but Daniel complains about Eric not being in the priesthood. Daniel starts to leave but she stops him and swears she tried everything she could to help Eric. Nicole asks if they can still find a way to be friends. Daniel responds that they are not friends and never will be.

Theresa promises Brady to get the annulments taken care of. Brady says it's fine. Theresa adds that she's sorry about Kristen coming back. Theresa figures he'll let her have it but Brady says that's the last thing he wants to do.

Kristen wants in to the grand jury room to hear the testimonies. Kristen is brought in as the DA begins to ask Eric about the night he was drugged in his hotel room.

Will comes home and Sonny tells him the story still isn't up yet. Sonny tells him that Abigail brought Arianna home. Sonny feels it wasn't his place to tell her about the article. Will decides to call Abigail. Will thanks her for taking Arianna today. Abigail walks through the town square and says they don't have to thank her for that. She asks if everything is okay. Will brings up his editor that she met and tells her that he was just hired on staff at True Vista magazine. Abigail congratulates him. He tells her that his first story comes out today and it's a cover story. She praises him for it. Abigail gets another call before Will can tell her more. Sonny questions Will not telling her. Will says she didn't give him a chance and adds that he will try again in a few minutes.

Aiden tells Eve that she made the right decision to end this. Eve says she will try to keep that in mind. Aiden exits. Eve tells Jennifer it's her turn but she says they first need to get a few things straight.

Daniel tells Nicole that Eric has been the one suffering and he hasn't lost sight of that. Daniel says what he feels fails compared to what she put Eric through. Daniel says Nicole used him over and over again. Daniel blames her for not being his friend after he stuck up for her only for her to lie to him. Nicole asks if he's just going to despise her until the end of time and yell at her every time he sees her. Daniel says every time he sees her, he feels sad because he lost a friend forever.

Jennifer makes sure Eve understands the agreement and that she can not speak about Jack in public. Jennifer says she will not have Eve trashing Jack. Eve argues that she hasn't. Jennifer feels Eve was trying to ruin his story and she won't allow that. Jennifer warns her that if she makes one word or stunt then the money goes away. Jennifer tells Eve that she will live by the document. Jennifer asks Eve if she understands the terms. Eve calls it a gag order and says she understands. Eve asks for her money. Jennifer says she will look at her payment schedule and make sure she gets her first check very soon. Eve says she needs that money to live on. Jennifer hopes it makes her happy but guesses it won't. Jennifer then exits.

JJ tells Paige that he didn't go after Mary Beth because she's her friend and he respects that even if he hates her. Paige knows she, Rory, and Bev have all been hard on him. JJ notes that he and Bev are not friends anymore. JJ assures her that nothing happened between them. Paige brings up the girls when JJ was in England then apologizes. Paige goes back to Parker. JJ joins them and gets a text from Jennifer, wanting him home but he doesn't want to ditch them. Paige tells JJ that he can go while she stays with Parker. JJ makes sure they are good and they kiss as JJ then exits.

Brady sits with Theresa and tells her that he doesn't intend to see Kristen and he's focused on John getting better. Theresa tells him to be realistic after what the doctors said. Brady says he's having more doctors brought in on the case. Theresa figures it'd be easier if Kristen was sent to prison. Brady feels everyone should pay for their crimes. Brady then exits the Pub. Theresa heads to the counter and orders a vodka. Theresa gets a text from Eve wanting to see her.

The judge assures that Kristen will not be a distraction and then continues. The DA asks Eric about his memories from that night. Eric says he was injected with a memory suppressant and has no personal recollection but he remembers every detail as it was recorded so he had to relive every horrible moment of it.

Daniel picks up Parker in the park. He asks where JJ is. Paige tells him that he had to go home and hopes it's not a problem. Daniel assures her. Paige says she can babysit any time he needs as she's staying in Salem but she understands if he doesn't want her to. Daniel insists that Eve is not an issue as he just thinks of Paige and JJ as great adults who are lucky to have each other.

Aiden finishes talking to Jennifer at home and leaves her to tell JJ the great news. Jennifer tells JJ that the case is closed. Jennifer says Eve settled and Jack's legacy is protected. JJ can't believe it as they hug. Jennifer declares everything they have been worried about will be done. JJ tells her that he's so proud of her.

Theresa goes to see Eve. Eve shows her the settlement and Theresa questions her signing it. Eve says the lawsuit is dead. Theresa thinks it's a lot of money but Eve complains about it. Eve screams that Jennifer is such a bitch.

Brady goes home where Nicole catches up to him at the door. Nicole wanted to check on him with Kristen being back. Brady invites her in and thanks her for checking in on him. Brady mentions hearing she testified. Nicole gets that he's only sending in a written statement to keep his distance. Nicole says that Kristen is dead in the water. Brady asks if she was there. Nicole says she didn't have the courage to listen to them lay out the truth. Nicole adds that she did see Kristen alone outside the court room. Nicole admits that Brady and Eric were brought up.

Eric recalls feeling like something had happened to him weeks after the incident and having nightmares. The DA asks if Eric never saw Kristen again after the sex tape was released. Eric says he tracked her down right before she left town but she wouldn't say anything directly. Eric explains how Kristen wanted Marlena punished. Eric adds that Kristen said she had no regrets. The DA thanks him and he steps down from the stand. The judge asks if Kristen wants to take the stand in her own defense but she declines.

Brady asks Nicole about Kristen talking about him then says he doesn't want to know because he's trying to get her out of his head. Nicole apologizes for bringing it up. Brady says it's okay but he no longer wants to hear Kristen's name because his focus is on John getting better.

Eve tells Theresa that she should've seen Jennifer being delighted and how she must be bragging about her triumphs now to Victor, Maggie, and Daniel. Theresa points out that Eve is still in to Daniel but Eve blows it off. Eve says her only interest is getting out of this hellhole, having her surgery so she can start all over again but she can't do that because Paige is staying. Theresa asks about her talk. Eve says Paige saw right through her. Eve complains that she's stuck here. Eve declares that JJ has got to go.

Daniel talks to Paige about the hospital working with Salem U and offers to let them know about her. Paige says that would be great. Paige gets a text from JJ that the lawsuit has been settled. They agree that it's great news and Paige says she has to get home. Paige says goodbye to Parker. Paige rushes home. Daniel then pulls out his phone and looks at Jennifer's number but then puts it away. Daniel hugs Parker.

Will tells Sonny that he forgot to get more diapers. Sonny offers to go but Will says he's got it while Arianna cries. Will exits. Sonny looks in on Arianna and she stops crying so he shuts her door. Sonny goes back to his tablet and sees the article has been posted.

Abigail walks through the town square with her tablet and sees Will's article has been posted. She sits down to read it and is surprised to learn that Will wrote about Sami and EJ.

Eve and Theresa complain about JJ. Theresa is glad he's out of her life. Eve comments on Theresa changing her focus to Brady and says maybe they would still be together if not for John's accident. Theresa reminds her that's an off limits topic. Eve wants Theresa to talk to her about what happened but Theresa refuses and exits. Eve goes back over the settlement.

Abigail goes home as Jennifer is celebrating with JJ. Jennifer says she was hoping she would be there soon. Abigail calls it great news and says Jack would be so happy. Jennifer notices she's upset and asks what happened.

Theresa walks through the park and finds Daniel with Parker. Daniel gives Parker a book then steps aside with Theresa. Theresa brings up everyone talking about Daniel being a hero and she hoped he could help Brady out too. Daniel asks what she's talking about. Theresa talks about Brady looking for a specialist to help John and she's worried that he's getting his hopes too high. Theresa mentions hearing that John probably won't come out of the coma. She asks Daniel if he has a chance. Daniel asks Theresa how worried she would be if John could come out of the coma.

Nicole asks Brady if he really thinks a doctor could help John. Brady says he has to believe that. The doorbell rings and Brady answers to see Eric. Eric asks him to just listen to him as he just came from the courthouse. Eric then sees Nicole inside.

The grand jury charges Kristen with assault, battery, hindering an investigation, evading arrest, violating civil rights, invading privacy, conspiracy, illegal use of pharmaceuticals, and rape. Kristen pleads not guilty.

Brady says they are all hoping for the same thing as they want Kristen put away. Eric declares Kristen isn't getting out of it this time.

The judge accepts Kristen's plea. The DA asks for no bail. The judge says they have to have a lengthy discussion.

Theresa says she has no idea what Daniel is talking about. Daniel says she's been very uneasy since John went in to the hospital. Theresa claims she's been worried about Brady. Daniel says he knows her well and was watching her. Daniel says he knows she's always working an angle which he calls curious. Daniel says he's got to go and goes back to Parker. Daniel exits with Parker.

Paige comes home and excitedly tells Eve that she just heard the news from JJ. She asks if it's really over. Paige calls it fantastic and suggests they can all be friends. Paige hugs Eve.

JJ and Jennifer ask Abigail what happened. Abigail responds that she didn't think it could get any worse but it has.

Will comes home with diapers and asks how Arianna is. Sonny says she's asleep and hands Will the tablet to show the article. Will asks what's wrong. Sonny asks him how the hell he could do that.

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