Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/19/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/19/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope follows Aiden into the Pub and questions him running away before they were finished. Aiden apologizes if she misunderstood but says it's not his fault that she got the wrong impression. Hope says that he wanted her to think he and Jennifer were dating then asks why.

JJ tells Rory that Eve really hates him. Rory asks why. JJ says he's the last dude on Earth that Eve wants Paige with. Mary Beth interrupts, hoping Paige sees what Eve sees.

Eve questions Paige thinking she would send Theresa to her to talk about JJ. Eve claims she's been trying to keep them apart. Paige complains about Theresa showing up and running down JJ. Paige adds that Theresa has never given a damn about her and she accuses Eve of putting her up to it.

Eric goes to the hospital and finds Jennifer. Eric informs her that he has to reschedule as he received a subpoena to testify against Kristen. Eric adds that he owes it all to Daniel.

Daniel plays with Parker at the Kiriakis Mansion. Brady comes in and says he's glad he got Kristen back. Daniel questions if he really is.

Kristen is brought to the waiting room to wait for her lawyer. Nicole enters and says it's finally just them.

Eric tells Jennifer that Kristen picked the wrong guy in Daniel. Jennifer says he's lucky that her thug didn't kill him. Eric asks how Daniel is doing.

Brady asks why wouldn't he be glad that Daniel brought Kristen back. Daniel says it puts him on the spot since she wanted to trick Brady in to meeting with her. Brady thanks him. Daniel tells him that she still wants him back. Brady says she won't see him. Daniel asks about the court. Brady says he was able to submit a written statement. Daniel brings up the trial. Brady says he will figure it out and declares that he won't be in the same room as Kristen ever again.

Nicole tells Kristen that one of her reporter sources got her in. Kristen tells her to go ahead and spit out what she has to say.

Victor and Maggie come in to welcome Daniel home with hugs. Daniel is glad to be around his family. Victor and Brady play with Parker. Maggie tells Daniel that she was so worried. Daniel assures her it's over and he's back as they hug.

Jennifer tells Eric that Daniel is fine and didn't want to talk to her about it. Eric is sure he will talk to him at some point. Jennifer stops Eric and says she owes him an apology for believing Kristen had changed for the better and for being her friend. Eric says they were all taken by her but that's behind them now. Jennifer says it's all going to come out in court today. She encourages Eric to become a priest again. Eric says he was told he could come back but he said no and he meant it.

Maggie and Daniel step out of the living room. Maggie worries about the risks Daniel took. Daniel says he had to after what Kristen did to Eric and Brady. Maggie understands and praises him being brave. Daniel says he did it like it wasn't even a choice. Daniel suggests he and Parker go as she and Victor must want to talk to Brady about their concerns. Maggie is not ready to let Daniel go yet so he hugs her.

Victor talks to Brady about Kristen getting what's coming to her and he hopes she's brought down or else he'll have to do it himself again.

Aiden can't believe Hope thinks he deliberately misled her. Aiden then admits that he did and it was a terrible plan. Aiden adds that he did it for her.

JJ tells Mary Beth not to waste her time. She complains about Paige wasting her time with JJ and questions how he got Paige to give up her dream. JJ complains that she can't even credit Paige to making up her own mind. She questions JJ not trying to talk her out of staying and walks away. Rory jokes about Mary Beth until JJ cuts him off.

Eve pretends she can't believe Theresa trashed JJ to Paige. Eve says she'll call her and let her have it. Paige believes it's part of her plan. Eve says she had nothing to do with it and doesn't appreciate her tone. Paige adds that she got a message from Stamford, asking if they should hold her place since they got a call from Eve, saying she might change her mind. Paige asks how dumb she thinks she is. Eve says she had a good reason to call. Paige says she messaged back that her plan to stay is final. Paige adds that she didn't do it for JJ but for Eve so she can help her deal with the lawsuit. Paige suggests she ask her what she wants next time. Paige exits to go meet JJ.

JJ tells Rory no nasty comments about Paige and he has to go. Rory asks if he talked to Paige about the party. Rory adds that he will probably have more fun if he leaves Paige at home and might even meet someone better. JJ reminds Rory he's not that guy anymore but Rory feels he will always be that guy and just doesn't know it.

Hope questions Aiden lying about dating Jennifer for her sake. Aiden says it's hard to talk about but Hope insists on listening. Aiden calls Hope a beautiful woman and says he likes her but he's not looking for a relationship. Hope mocks his idea of letting her down easy. Aiden points out that she's married. Hope says she's a grown woman and doesn't go off the deep end because of one dance. Aiden is glad they got it all cleared up then. Hope agrees and claims it wasn't her getting the wrong idea that night. Hope declares they were both wrong and Aiden says this was all for nothing. Aiden decides he no longer has time for lunch and Hope has things to do as well. Aiden says he will see her around and quickly exits. Aiden stops and looks back at Hope through the window then walks off.

Maggie asks Daniel about Jennifer coming by the hospital. Daniel says she was worried but he didn't think it was a good idea to talk and send mixed signals. Daniel asks Maggie for a favor and brings up the lawsuit. Daniel says he can't help Jennifer but doesn't want her to deal with it alone so he would appreciate Maggie being there for backup. Daniel goes back to get Parker and they leave for the park. Brady tells Victor to stay out of this but Victor wants Kristen to get what's coming to her. Victor knows what Brady would be going through again. Brady says Kristen made a fool of him. Victor blames Kristen. Brady says he's not looking forward to the trial digging it all up again but he will do whatever it takes to get through it and be okay.

Jennifer questions Eric not wanting to be a priest anymore. Eric doesn't want to get in to it but says his decision is final. Eric says he has to get to court. Jennifer is sorry for everything. Eric is as well and then exits.

Nicole figured Kristen would want to hear highlights from her in the grand jury. Nicole talks about telling of Kristen's video with Eric and what a great priest Eric was until she took it away from him for fun.

Brady brings up racing down to the station when he heard Kristen was back but Marlena stopped him by making him see that's what Kristen wanted. Brady tells them that he went to a meeting instead. Maggie is glad. Brady tells her that he went to another one this morning. Brady says Kristen is not worth a drink or a line of coke. Brady then says he's late for a meeting and hugs Maggie. She tells him that she is so proud of him. Victor hugs Brady and tells him he's doing great. Brady thanks him and exits. Victor turns to Maggie and says this whole thing with John woke Brady up. Maggie refuses to let Brady go through this alone. Victor asks about her talk with Daniel. Maggie says she just didn't want to let him go. Victor understands. Maggie tells Victor that Daniel asked her to help Jennifer with Eve. Victor asks if she told him about their discussion the other night. Maggie says no but she would like to go ahead with it. Maggie thanks him for his help and kisses him as she then exits.

Daniel brings Parker to the park. Paige walks through and greets him. Paige is glad nothing bad happened to Daniel. Paige brings up Eve hitting on him. Daniel tells her not to worry about it. Paige doesn't know why she does it. Daniel says it's not her problem and it's fine. Paige says it is her problem if he thinks she's bad for JJ. Daniel says she's perfect for JJ. Paige is happy and mentions JJ thinking highly of Daniel. JJ arrives and greets them. Daniel apologizes for not calling JJ back and says he's just trying to get back to normal. JJ invites him to hang out with them.

Aiden goes to see Jennifer. Jennifer tells him about finding Jack's journals for the lawsuit. Aiden wants to straighten out a personal matter first. They go to the living room and sit down. Aiden tells her that he thinks Hope has the wrong idea about them being more than friends. Aiden apologizes for giving that impression or causing problems. Jennifer says he wouldn't be causing problems because he and Hope are just friends. Aiden hopes they can reschedule seeing the play another night but she tells him it closed. Aiden calls it unbelievable and they decide to get to work on the lawsuit. The doorbell rings and Jennifer says she'll get rid of them. Jennifer answers the door to see Maggie. Jennifer tells her that she's meeting with Aiden right now. Maggie says that's good because she has an offer for them.

Eve calls Stamford and claims that Paige isn't thinking clearly. They tell her that they will only talk with Paige about it. Eve gets upset and hangs up. Eve switches to another call to her lawyer. He says they need to get together to talk about her case.

Nicole says she let Kristen go because she thought it would be best for Eric and Brady if she was gone but she was wrong because everyone turned on Eric. Kristen says the video ruined her life too. Nicole tells her about people deciding Eric was the liar and stopping him being a priest. Nicole mentions Eric blaming her. Kristen says it's not shocking as Eric knows what she is capable of. Kristen brings up how Eric could have had his name cleared a long time ago but he didn't because of Nicole.

Brady meets with Hope at the Pub. Hope tells him about the DA being confident going in to the trial. Brady warns that if Kristen escapes, he'll wring her neck himself.

Kristen says Nicole had her choice and made it. Kristen talks about what Nicole did to Eric. Kristen says what Nicole did is worse than anything she's ever done. Kristen asks Nicole how she sleeps at night.

Eric sits in his room with a box. He pulls out a photo of him as a priest and then sees photos of he and Nicole kissing. Eric imagines Nicole appearing and kissing him. Eric stares at his priest photo.

JJ asks Daniel about bringing Kristen back to Salem. Daniel says it was a wild ride but it will be worth it when Eric is cleared. Daniel gets a call from the hospital and says he thought he didn't have to work. Paige and JJ offer to watch Parker. Daniel assumes they have plans but JJ says they would rather help him out. Paige promises to be responsible. Daniel tells Parker of the plan and he's okay with it. Daniel thanks them and walks off. Paige asks JJ about not minding babysitting. JJ says he would do anything for Daniel and he owes Parker.

Eve questions her lawyer needing more money. He says this isn't the easiest case. She asks if he's saying they could lose and then agrees to get the money.

Jennifer tells Maggie that this is her fight. Maggie wants her to hear her out. Maggie brings up Victor saying Eve needs an incentive to settle so they drew something up last night. Maggie shows it to Aiden. Aiden goes over and reads that Eve gets her money from Maggie and Victor plus a smaller settlement from Jennifer. Maggie explains that it gets Eve off of Jennifer's back and Jennifer can make sure Jack's wishes are honored. Jennifer is bothered to take their money and brings up their strong case. Aiden points out that it could take a while and be hard on the kids. Jennifer admits they have enough to deal with. Maggie asks if she'll do it. Jennifer says she's so grateful but she first wants Aiden to draw up one more legal document that she calls an insurance policy.

JJ and Paige sit in the park with Parker. Paige asks what JJ meant by he owes Parker. JJ explains that he did some rotten things to him when he first got back. JJ brings up the time that Parker almost fell when he was watching him. Paige asks why he didn't tell her before. JJ says he doesn't know how much more she can find out about how he used to be without running away. Paige assures him that she's not going anywhere.

Eric goes to the club and finds Daniel. Eric asks how he is. Daniel says he was grabbing a coffee on the way to the hospital. Daniel asks Eric about being in a suit. Eric says he was called to court to testify. Eric is glad Daniel is okay. Daniel tells him that he wants to see him back in the priesthood. Eric informs him that won't be happening. Eric says the cardinal cleared him but he said no thank you. Daniel asks why and if it has something to do with Nicole. Daniel asks if he's in love with Nicole. Eric responds that he hates her.

Aiden and Jennifer show up at Eve's door. Jennifer says they have an offer for her as they come in. Eve asks what kind of offer. Aiden advises her to call her lawyer and look this over. Jennifer says she'll find good reason to end this now. Eve thinks there's a catch. Jennifer says there definitely is.

Nicole argues with Kristen until Kristen's lawyer interrupts with an officer to escort Nicole out.

Paige assures JJ that she's not going anywhere so he can stop thinking she'll change her mind about who he is now. JJ doesn't know what he did to deserve her. Paige says that someday, JJ will make a great father.

Jennifer tells Eve that it has an expiration date of today so she needs to go over this with her lawyer today so they can end this or else it's going to court. Eve questions not getting a chance to digest it. Jennifer tells her that she walked away from her first offer and regretted it so she asks if she's willing to make the same mistake twice.

Nicole goes to the hospital and sees Daniel. She approaches and greets him. She says she's there to interview a patient for a story but informs Daniel that she testified today and is glad she did what she did. Nicole declares that she put a nail to Kristen's coffin. Daniel remains silent. Daniel then questions what she's done to Eric now.

Brady goes to the Pub and orders a water. The bartender assumes he'll also want a vodka.

Kristen waits outside the court room. Her lawyer informs her that they are waiting on another witness so she can either go in and hear the testimony or go back to the station. Kristen choose to go back to the station but then Eric arrives.

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