Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa sits in the Pub reading about Kristen's arrest on her tablet. She wonders how Brady is doing and thinks she should call him. Eve arrives to meet with her. Theresa questions what favor she wants. Eve admits she has a small favor to ask which is to reunite with Paige.

Paige walks through the town square with Mary Beth. She mocks Paige's decision to stay in Salem. Paige explains that she's doing it to save money. Mary Beth accuses her of staying for JJ.

Jennifer and Hope talk at home about Daniel bringing Kristen back. JJ comes in and suggests Jennifer go check on Daniel to make sure he's alright. She tells him that she saw him last night and he was fine. Hope asks Jennifer if she still went on her date which JJ questions.

Abigail walks through the park with Arianna in her stroller and stops as she comes across Ben without a shirt on.

Will comes home to Sonny from the gym. Sonny tells Will that Abigail took Arianna. Sonny notes that Will left early and questions if he's avoiding Abigail because of the article. Will feels he protected Abigail by not mentioning her name but he had to tell the whole story. Sonny asks Will how it went with Sami. Will says she was furious. Sonny notes that Will doesn't seem worried about it. Will feels Sami is getting what she deserves for trying to ruin Abigail's life.

Sami finishes a call at home setting up sending the kids to a sleep away camp. She tells Kate about it. Kate asks if EJ knows. Sami says he doesn't yet but thinks it's good for the kids to be out of the house before all Hell breaks loose. Kate thought that happened. EJ then walks in and greets them. EJ questions what they are plotting.

Theresa questions why Eve suddenly wants her with Paige and what's changed. Eve says Paige has and tells her about Paige staying in Salem. Theresa notes that it's Paige doing what she wants instead of what Eve wants. Eve wants Paige to change her mind and says she's running out of time so she needs Theresa's help. Theresa asks what exactly she wants her to do.

JJ asks Jennifer about not mentioning a date. The doorbell rings. JJ follows Jennifer, questioning her going on a date so soon after Daniel. Jennifer says he doesn't understand. Jennifer answers the door and Aiden arrives.

Ben asks Abigail about not saying hi. Abigail worried that she made him mad while thinking Clyde was going to change. Ben understands she gives people chances. She tells him about spending the day with Arianna. Ben calls her great company and offers to hang out with them which Abigail accepts.

Sami tells EJ they weren't plotting. EJ talks about not going to court for Kristen. Sami and Kate joke about Kristen's trial. EJ insists that he has cut Kristen out of his life completely. Sami mocks taking his word for it. Sami is happy that Kristen will finally get what she deserves for what she did to Eric. Sami adds that they have work to do. EJ says that he's going for a run and hopes Kate thought about their conversation last night. EJ exits. Sami asks Kate what he meant by that. Kate tells her not to worry as EJ just thinks Stefano will have someone kill them.

Eve teases Theresa about keeping her mouth shut about what happened with John and Brady. Theresa argues that she doesn't know anything. Eve threatens to talk to the police so Theresa agrees to help her. Eve says she just wants her to stir up trouble.

Paige tells Mary Beth that they won't be friends if she keeps trashing JJ. Mary Beth argues that guys like JJ don't change. Paige gets a text from Eve that they need to talk at home. Mary Beth calls JJ a drug dealing loser that got kicked out of boarding school and was hooking up with girls. She warns Paige that JJ will get tired of playing the nice guy and she will get hurt. Paige storms off.

Jennifer invites Aiden in. Aiden greets JJ and asks if it's a bad time. Jennifer says she and JJ are just going to discuss something and she will be right back. Aiden heads on in to the living room where Hope is. Jennifer steps out with JJ and tells him that it's not a date as they are just going to dinner like friends. She tells JJ that if it was a date, he would have to be okay with it. JJ says he just knows that she loves Daniel. Jennifer says when she saw him last night, he made it clear that he doesn't want to see her so they both have to accept that. JJ says they drive him nuts but he just wants her to be happy. Jennifer thanks him and they hug.

Sami questions Kate not mentioning EJ thinking Stefano will have them killed. Kate thinks EJ just wanted them to panic. Sami wonders if he's not bluffing. Kate says she knows Stefano and knows how far they can push him. Kate insists that she would know if he was going to take a hit out on them. Sami calls it ridiculous. Kate goes back to asking Sami why all Hell is going to break loose. Sami tells Kate about the upcoming magazine article about them. Kate hopes it's flattering. Sami says it's not but it details everything they did and it's the truth. Kate questions who did it.

Sonny asks Will about Sami threatening him. Will says Sami doesn't like it when things don't go her way. Sonny brings up what Sami did to EJ. Will feels Sami wouldn't do anything to hurt him on purpose. Will adds that every word he wrote is true. Sonny says Sami could argue it shouldn't be a cover story. Will thought he was behind him on this. Sonny says he is to a point. Sonny feels he should've given Sami a heads up about the article and that he should've thought this through. Will says it's a little late now as the online edition is posting. Will thanks Sonny for the mixed signals and remarks that it's great to know he has his support to a point.

Aiden sits with Hope and asks about Daniel having Kristen arrested. Aiden mentions that he's glad Daniel is okay as he likes him and was starting to consider him a friend. Aiden recalls Daniel being welcoming when he came to town and they have things in common. Hope says apparently they do.

JJ tells Jennifer that he's going to meet with Paige. Jennifer asks how Eve feels about Paige staying in Salem. JJ responds that she's not thrilled.

Mary Beth catches up with Eve at the town square and brings up Paige staying in Salem. Eve tells her that nothing is written in stone.

Paige goes home looking for Eve but she's not home. Theresa then arrives, acting surprised to see her and introduces herself as Paige's aunt.

Ben returns to Abigail and Arianna with a balloon for Arianna. Arianna's fallen asleep so Ben and Abigail kiss. Abigail loses the balloon but Ben says he'll get another one as they continue kissing. EJ stops along his jog as he sees them.

Will tells Sonny that he was just thinking about everything he's done for him so he shouldn't have lost his temper. Sonny says married couples fight and they kiss. Sonny insists that he supports him and tells him to never doubt it. Sonny is just worried about fall out from the article coming back on him. Sonny checks the website but the article is not up yet. Will says it should be posted by now. Sonny wonders if Sami found a way to stop it from being posted.

Kate declares whoever wrote the article won't get away with it and she'll sue. Sami says she can't because it's all true. Kate thinks they can put a stop to it but Sami tells her that she can't. Kate asks what was in the article. Sami says everything from EJ's affair to her setting him up and tricking the board. Kate argues that it's slander and libel. Sami calls it the truth. Kate questions how anyone knew about the details. Sami reveals that it was Will who wrote the article.

Jennifer returns to the living room. Hope asks if JJ was upset. Jennifer says he's fine and just had to run. Hope suggests she leave but Aiden says he should since he showed up out of the blue. Hope points out that Aiden came for a reason. Aiden says he will call next time and exits. Jennifer asks Hope what is going on.

Mary Beth points out to Eve that JJ is talking to Rory in the distance. They laugh about them.

Rory talks to JJ excitedly about college and an upcoming party. Rory suggests starting off their college years with a party for the ages. JJ says he will talk to Paige about it but doesn't think it's their thing. Eve approaches and asks who JJ's friend is. Rory introduces himself. Eve asks for a few minutes alone with JJ. Rory tells JJ to think about it as he hurries off. Eve tells JJ that she is deeply disappointed in him.

Paige tells Theresa that Eve isn't home but Theresa says she came for her and gives her a Stamford shirt as a gift. Theresa praises Paige's looks and says she must have the guys lining up. Paige says not really. Theresa brings up knowing JJ really well. Paige says she didn't care. Paige suggests she leave if she came to talk trash about JJ. Theresa instead says she thinks it's the coolest thing ever.

Abigail and Ben continue kissing until Abigail spots EJ. EJ apologizes for interrupting. Abigail suggest she and Ben take a walk. Ben agrees. EJ asks Abigail to wait a minute.

Kate is surprised to learn that Will wrote the article. Sami explains that Will was so unhappy about how she went after Abigail. Sami can't believe Will did that to her. Kate responds that she can as Sami always pushed his buttons but she can't believe he took her down too. Kate says that explains why he had all kinds of questions about the takeover. Sami questions her not finding it odd. Kate felt Will was just interested in her successes. Sami says he was so interested that he wrote an eight page article. Kate asks when it comes out. Sami says it's soon and they are putting highlights on the web page today. Kate worries about the board finding out. Sami decides they will do damage control. Kate adds that the bigger problem might be Stefano finding out that he was publicly humiliated and then the hitman that EJ talked about might become a reality.

JJ asks Eve what she means. She accuses him of pressuring Paige to stay in Salem. JJ insists it was her decision. Eve wonders if he's like Jack. JJ warns her not to go there. Eve says she's really trying hard to like him and tells him not to give her a reason not to as she then walks away.

Paige questions Theresa thinking it's cool that she's dating JJ. Theresa says she must be having fun because JJ is the definition of fun. Theresa says they have a lot more in common than just JJ as their moms are similar. Theresa praises her and then leaves. Theresa walks away laughing that it was fun.

EJ tells Ben that he knows Sami tried to put the worst spin on things and insists none of it was Abigail's fault. EJ says it was a long time ago and he wants Abigail to move on and be happy. EJ says they don't have to run in opposite directions when they see each other. EJ asks Ben to be civil for her sake. Abigail agrees. EJ thanks them and walks off. Ben tells Abigail that it's a miracle he didn't just knock EJ out with his track record.

Sami talks on the phone with Mr. Shin. He hopes Sami and EJ have reconciled since the article was written as it would go a long way in calming their concerns. Sami claims that they have which is why they are living together. He calls it reassuring. Sami says there's no need for an emergency board meeting then. He hopes Sami and Kate keep the profits rolling in. Sami says they intend to keep everything under control.

Will finishes a call and tells Sonny that they are still releasing the article after some final changes. Will says there was some stuff to adjust. Sonny asks if it's not the same article. Sonny jokes with him and kisses him. Kate then arrives and tells Will that she loves him but could strangle him right now.

Hope questions Jennifer and Aiden dating as she thinks it's a little fast. Jennifer explains that they were just going to dinner as friends. Hope realizes she misinterpreted. Jennifer notes that the idea of it being a date really bothered Aiden. Hope claims it's because she doesn't want her giving up on Daniel so quickly. Jennifer says Daniel made it clear that he doesn't want her around so it'd be stupid not to give up. Hope tells her she's sorry. Jennifer gets a call from work and has a crisis to take care of. Hope says she has work as well and they agree to lunch to catch up. Hope exits.

Will tells Kate that he told Sami he felt justified. Kate questions Will being so deceitful. Will asks what she expected after he grew up around her, Sami, and Lucas.

EJ comes home and says he's just grabbing some water and then will go. Sami stops and says she has to talk to him. EJ asks if it's more charges. Sami says it's about the kids and suggests sleep away camp for a couple weeks. EJ agrees to let them go today. Sami is glad they are on the same page. EJ asks what the plan is. EJ questions if Sami is throwing him out. Sami says she's not and that there's no reason he shouldn't live there. EJ questions what is going on and why she is acting so differently.

Hope catches up with Aiden outside the Pub and mentions thinking he went on a date with Jennifer last night. Aiden says she had to cancel after everything with Kristen. Aiden adds that it wasn't a date. Hope asks why she thought it was. Aiden claims he has no idea and walks off. Hope says she thinks he does.

Rory comes back to JJ and tells him that Eve is hot and compares her to Jennifer. JJ tells Rory that Eve really hates him.

Eve comes home and Paige questions if she sent Theresa to talk to her.

Abigail tells Ben that EJ kind of ruined the moment. Ben suggests they don't let him and they resume kissing.

Sonny thinks Will is being harsh. Kate says it's alright as it's true that they haven't been good role models but she wants him to know she never meant to hurt the people she loves like he is with the article. Will says Kate and Sami end up hurting who they love. Kate decides to go. Will stops her and apologizes that she got dragged in to this. Will tells her that he loves her and they hug as Kate says the same. Kate adds that she's just surprised they ended up so alike. Kate exits. Sonny hugs Will.

EJ talks to Sami about wanting Will to hear him out as he's been reasonable. Sami thanks him and says she has to get back to work. EJ apologizes for interrupting and exits. EJ stops and says to himself that he knows Sami is up to something. Sami says to herself that she doesn't think EJ will think Will was being reasonable with the article and she hopes it doesn't ruin everything.

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