Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/15/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/15/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami asks about the article and then is surprised to learn that Will wrote it.

Will and Sonny get up from bed as there's a knock at the door and Adrienne arrives.

Abigail tells Ben that she spoke to Clyde. Ben worries about Clyde trying to ruin their lives but Abigail isn't sure that is what he is doing.

Jeremiah asks Clyde if he's sure about expanding their business to Salem.

Rafe decides he will go but Jordan stops him. Jordan isn't sure what she wants and talks about being unprepared for what happened. Rafe starts to apologize but stops and says words don't mean anything. Jordan tells him that they do mean something to her.

Zoe praises Will as a writer. Sami is surprised he didn't say anything and suggests he must have wanted to surprise her. Sami says she's dealing with stuff but calls this uplifting.

Kate questions EJ about what Sami stands to lose and tells him that their love affair is over. EJ says he's talking about Stefano. Kate says he needs to understand it's just business. Kate talks about Sami's take no prisoners approach. EJ warns that they will both end up with nothing. Kate says she can handle Stefano. EJ tells her that they went too far this time as they know that when they push Stefano, he pushes back hard.

Abigail tells Ben that she's not defending Clyde and doesn't want to get in the middle but she thinks he should hear what he said.

Kate tells EJ that she knows Stefano better than anyone. EJ brings up Kate cheating on Stefano with Ian and then Rafe. EJ reminds her about what Stefano tried to do to Rafe. EJ calls it child's play compared to what he will do to her if she continues. Kate asks if he's saying Stefano will put a hit out on her and Sami. EJ asks what she thinks.

Adrienne comes in to see Will and Sonny. They tell her that they were just celebrating Will's article getting published. Adrienne hugs Will and says his parents must be so proud. Will says they don't know and asks her not to tell. Adrienne says that won't be difficult since she and Sami aren't speaking. She asks what the article is about.

Sami keeps saying she can't believe her son wrote an article about her and says it's so moving. Zoe asks her to finish the article. Sami admits she's dying to know what he wrote and starts reading it. Sami's mood changes and says there's no way her son wrote this.

Ben asks what Clyde said. Abigail says that Clyde was sure she heard terrible things about him. Abigail adds that Clyde admitted to everything Ben said about him being a terrible father. Ben asks what the catch is. Ben says the only reason he talked to her is because he wants something. Abigail says that all Clyde said was that Ben had every right to hate him and she shouldn't blame him for being angry.

Rafe insists to Jordan that he means his words and he can't stand that he didn't get to tell her the truth or that they haven't talked. Rafe is glad Jordan has Ben to lean on and feels he deserved the beating. Rafe is sure Ben and Clyde feel the same way about him. Jordan shouts that she doesn't care what Clyde thinks.

Jeremiah tells Clyde that he's going to head back but asks how he knows the guy who will put the team together. Clyde informs him that she is the one who found him. Jeremiah realizes he means Kate. Clyde says Kate is a fine looking lady that's also very well connected.

Kate tells EJ that she's not afraid of Stefano. EJ calls her a fool then. Kate says EJ betrayed Stefano and lived. EJ states that he's a DiMera while Kate is not. EJ says Rafe won't be there for her honor. Kate says she doesn't need anyone to defend her and mentions Rafe and Jordan not being together anymore. Kate asks what if Stefano gives Rafe reason to ride to Sami's rescue. EJ says Stefano may show Sami mercy for his grandkids but he loved Kate and thought she was on his side. EJ warns that someone is going to pay and it's going to be her. Kate notes that he hasn't done a thing yet. EJ says it doesn't mean he won't and brings up why he has taken so long to get her out of the picture. Kate thinks she knows why.

Will and Sonny tell Adrienne that the story will be published by True Vista. Adrienne tries to ask about the magazine's publisher but Sonny talks over her and covers so that she doesn't slip anything about Victor. Sonny sends Adrienne away with deposits to take to Ben at the club. Sonny wants to go back to celebrating and kisses Will.

Sami repeats there's no way Will wrote this. Zoe says he wrote every word and she's just there to do fact checking. Sami begs her not to publish it and offers to pay her off. Zoe says she just wanted to be fair by letting her read it before it went to press. Sami calls it a hatchet job. Zoe offers to let her say anything about it. Sami declares that she has comments and they will be heard.

Rafe didn't mean to upset Jordan. Jordan says it doesn't matter what Clyde or Ben think. Rafe knows all that matters is them. Rafe knows he will have to work hard for her trust and asks for her to give him a chance. Jordan stops him and thinks this was a mistake.

Abigail tells Ben that it's been a long time and sometimes people do change. Adrienne arrives and gives the deposits to Ben. Ben goes to take care of it so Adrienne sits with Abigail. Adrienne asks how she is. Abigail says she's okay. Adrienne knows they haven't talked much since Sami declared war. Abigail would rather not talk about it but Adrienne thinks they need to.

Kate still detects adoration in Stefano's voice for what they accomplished. EJ warns that her life is about to become a nightmare. Kate thinks Stefano has bigger problems and says he will have plenty of time now to deal with Kristen. Kate asks EJ about not being at the jail to bail her out. EJ responds that he's not lifting a finger to help Kristen as she deserves to pay for what she did to Eric and Brady. Kate asks if he spoke to Stefano about that and what he has to say.

Will notes that Sonny sure got Adrienne out in a hurry but he's not complaining. Will goes to get their champagne glasses. Sami then arrives and accuses Sonny of putting Will up to this. Sonny asks what happened. Sami explains that she just met Zoe and got an early look at Will's article. Sami can't wrap her head around Will writing something so horrible about her. Sami asks if they both felt so horrible about what happened to Abigail and if Sonny put him up to it. Will comes back in and informs her that Sonny tried to talk him out of it.

Ben steps out of the club with his phone. Adrienne knows Abigail thinks this isn't her business. Abigail knows she was right about EJ. Adrienne says she was just concerned when she went to Jennifer after seeing her with EJ. Abigail apologizes for laying in to her. Adrienne feels she deserved it despite thinking she could save her from EJ. Abigail says it was already too late. Adrienne regrets sending her to bake cupcakes with EJ and Johnny. Adrienne asks if she can ever forgive her.

Rafe asks Jordan what's a mistake and wants to at least try. Jordan is unsure. Rafe knows she's hurting and it's terrifying for her to put her heart out there again. Rafe isn't asking for a decision right now but wants her to promise to think about it. Rafe adds that he's not going anywhere as she means more to him than anything in the world. Rafe hopes to see her soon as he walks away.

Ben walks out of the town square and meets with Clyde. Clyde asks what he owes the honor of meeting with him. Ben warns him to stay away from Abigail.

EJ tells Kate that Stefano understands why he washed his hands of Kristen. Kate asks if it was because Sami demanded it. EJ says he had enough of Kristen wreaking havoc on his life. Kate says Stefano will be responsible and that will be a full time job. EJ tells her not to forget about the target he puts on her back. Kate asks what the board would think if something terrible happened to them. EJ says they are only interested in the bottom line. Kate points out they improved it tremendously. EJ asks how far she thinks that will get them. EJ brings up the other members that she hasn't met yet. Kate questions what she is talking about. EJ says it's the companies they stole and dismantled which had a number of silent investors. EJ warns that they are very unhappy about what they have done. EJ says if they don't get what they want, they will do Stefano's dirty work for him. EJ tells her to sleep well and exits.

Sami goes on about how she can't believe her son would write something so mean and nasty. Will tells her that every word is just true as she is mean and nasty. Sami says he made her sound like a narcissistic, vengeful bitch. Sonny tells Will that he forgot something and has to get to the club. Will tells him he doesn't have to go but Sonny says he does. Sonny wishes him luck and exits. Sami gets Will is upset but didn't realize that he hates her that much.

Clyde tells Ben that he doesn't respond to threats. Ben says he's just telling him that he doesn't want him anywhere near Abigail. Clyde tells him to get his anger under control which is why he talked to Abigail, because his angry side scares her. Clyde doesn't expect Ben to believe him but insists that he has changed for good.

EJ talks on the phone about business outside the Pub. EJ says to keep him informed as he hangs up. EJ looks in the window and sees Rafe sitting alone. EJ then heads inside.

Abigail forgives Adrienne as she didn't know. Adrienne knew something wasn't right. Abigail says she was ashamed of herself and took it out on her. Adrienne wishes she warned her better about EJ. Abigail says she persuaded herself to think he had changed. She assures that EJ is now in the past. Adrienne comments on Ben seeming nice and Abigail blushes. Adrienne says it's so nice to see her smile again. Abigail says she can take care of Sami if she comes after her again. Abigail goes to the counter and asks where Ben went. She is informed that he left a little while ago so she pulls out her phone. Sonny shows up and thanks Adrienne for bringing the deposits. Sonny starts to go back to work but Adrienne stops her, thinking he owes her an explanation.

Will says he doesn't hate Sami but she wouldn't listen. Sami says everyone only cared about Abigail's suffering. Sami brings up everything Abigail did. Will says they know. Sami says what's worse is Will taking her side. Will tells Sami that she's doing it again. Sami says she's calling it like it is. Will says she is making it impossible to help her. Sami questions him. Will says he never defended what Abigail did but it was Sami's obsession for revenge. Sami tells him that she's Sami DiMera and doesn't play victim. Will argues that is what she has been doing from the moment she found out. Sami argues that she hasn't and says he's wrong about this as she hasn't been expecting sympathy from anyone. Sami says she's been taking charge and building a future for her children. Will accuses her of tearing down Abigail's future. Sami says she can't be blamed for her violating the hospital rules. Will suggests talking to Marlena would help her feel better. Sami brings up their issues but thought she and Will worked through theirs. She asks how Will could write such a scathing article about her. Will calls it an assignment and a big deal. Sami asks if it's okay to throw his mom under the bus to see his name in print.

Ben asks Clyde what changed him after all these years. Clyde says losing them made him realize he needed help so he went to therapy and worked hard at it. Clyde tells him that they mean everything to him even if he doesn't mean anything to them. Ben says if he really cared, he would go away. Clyde says he just wanted Ben to be happy and it looks like he is with Abigail. Clyde brings up Jordan having Rafe. Clyde notes Ben's reaction and says he thought Jordan was crazy about Rafe. Clyde asks if something happened.

EJ joins Rafe at the Pub and orders a whiskey. EJ tells Rafe that he is sorry to hear about him and Jordan. Rafe doesn't believe him. EJ says he couldn't help but wonder whether the split was about Sami. Rafe questions him. EJ asks if Rafe broke up with Jordan because of what happened between he and Sami.

Jordan walks through the town square and runs in to Abigail. Abigail hopes she and Rafe talked. Jordan says they talked but she wasn't expecting to run in to him so everything she wanted to say went away and all she could think about was him being with Kate. Jordan says it's nice to talk to her about it as she's so confused on how she could still love Rafe after what he did. Abigail thinks she knows Rafe didn't want to hurt her. Jordan talks about Rafe telling her that he was over Kate and he never loved her. Abigail brings up that Rafe was drunk. Abigail doesn't think love is the issue but trust.

Sonny asks Adrienne what she wants an explanation on. Adrienne brings up Sonny stopping her from saying that Victor owns the publishing company that published Will's article. Sonny says Victor doesn't want people knowing and he's surprised Adrienne knew. Adrienne questions it then realizes that Sonny got Will the job.

Will tells Sami that it wasn't easy to write and he almost didn't but she kept taking things farther. Will tells Sami that he warned her to back off Abigail but she went after her harder and then went after Adrienne. Sami says she was making a point. Will realized he needed to make a point of his own. Will apologizes if she's upset but says people needed to know what actually happened and now they will.

Ben tells Clyde that he didn't come to talk about Jordan and again warns him to stay away from Abigail. Clyde says he will make them a deal, all he wants is to spend some time together and give them a chance to show he's changed and he'll stay away from his friends. Clyde tells Ben to give it a thought and walks away.

Jordan wonders how she can ever get past this. Abigail asks if it was possible this was supposed to happen as a test that will make their love even stronger. Jordan asks how. Abigail brings up how EJ really does love Sami but she lashed out at everyone. Abigail says Jordan isn't like that so if they really love each other, it would be a shame to throw it all away over one terrible mistake.

Rafe calls EJ a horse's ass. EJ laughs and realizes Jordan did the dumping. EJ says he's sorry. Rafe thanks him for his phony concern. EJ says they have something in common and toasts their drinks.

Sonny tells Adrienne that Victor may have put in a good word but Zoe respected Will's writing. Adrienne questions keeping it a secret as Will is going to find out eventually that Victor owns the magazine. Sonny thinks it won't be so bad if it's after Will is established. Adrienne knows his heart is in the right place and asks what the article is about. Sonny says it's about Sami and EJ and the truth. Adrienne asks why that. Sonny says it was an assignment. Adrienne is sure Will told the truth so Sonny better pray Sami doesn't find out that he got Will the job.

Sami asks what happened to her sweet little boy. Will says he grew up but this isn't about them. Sami brings up Will bringing up her cheating on Rafe with EJ. Will says it was after she called Abigail a whore for the fifth time. Sami says she is protecting him and now his daughter. Sami talks about always loving him and being willing to risk everything to help him. Sami says that Will threw that love and sacrifice back in her face with the article. Sami adds that now she hurts because she knows Will is going to realize one day what a huge mistake he made. Sami tells Will that he will forever regret writing what he did. Sami exits.

Zoe makes a call saying she wants to make one small, very important adjustment before they go to press. Zoe says she hasn't spoken to Will yet but she wants to change all references to EJ's unidentified mistress to her actual name, Abigail Deveraux.

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