Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail sits in the town square on the phone about a job. She mentioned having worked at the hospital and says she will get a recommendation. She hangs up as Clyde then approaches.

Jordan goes to the club and asks Ben if she wants to go out to eat. Ben tells her that he's closing tonight. Ben asks if she's seen Rafe. She says she no longer wants to see him and he's respecting that. Ben asks if she wishes he wouldn't.

Kate goes to the Pub and meets with Rafe. She hopes he has good news that he worked things out with Jordan. Rafe questions if that's really what she wants to hear.

Sonny comes home and asks Will how it went with the editor. Will grabs the champagne and tells him that she thought it was a great story and his account was compelling and well written. Will tells him the story will be published any day now. Sonny asks if he's going to give Sami a heads up.

EJ walks in to the DiMera Mansion. Sami tells him that she just put the kids to bed and mentions that she will enforce the restraining order. EJ argues that there's no need. Sami questions if something's changed and accuses him of helping Kristen. Sami tells him to pack his bags.

Brady questions Kristen being back and if she just showed up. Marlena informs him that she's been arrested and is in custody.

Kristen uses her one phone call to call Stefano and tells him that she's in a jam.

Marlena tells Brady that Daniel brought Kristen back and explains how Kristen kidnapped him but he turned the tables and brought her back. Brady asks about her being at the station. Marlena says it just happened and how they all tried to contact him. Brady rushes out the door and declares he's finally going to have it out with that bitch.

EJ tells Sami that it's not what happened. Sami questions him trying to explain things all the time. EJ admits he's tired of it too. Sami continues to accuse him of helping Kristen. EJ wants her to listen but she feels he's always lying. EJ asks her to please wait.

Clyde sits with Abigail and says he knows things were tense the other day with Ben so he wanted to speak to her one on one because some things have never been right between he and Ben. Abigail suggests he talk to Ben about it. Clyde tells her that the truth is that he was a terrible father to Ben and Jordan. Clyde says they left because he drove them away and it's haunted him ever since. Clyde says it's no wonder they want nothing to do with him. Abigail doesn't know why he's telling her. Clyde says Ben deserves good people in his life. Clyde adds that Abigail makes him happy and he's so grateful for that.

Jordan asks if Ben has seen Rafe. Ben says he hasn't been in. Jordan fakes being surprised after Ben beat Rafe up. Ben admits he was hard on him but says nobody gets to hurt her. Ben encourages Jordan that she will get over Rafe. Ben then asks her if she wants Rafe back.

Kate questions Rafe thinking she doesn't want him to be happy. Rafe says he hopes she does but doubts it. Kate tells him about telling Jordan it was her fault. Kate adds that she has been a good friend to him. Rafe questions if that's all it was when she went after Stefano for him, just a friend.

Will questions why Sami needs a heads up. Will says every word in the article is true and it could've been worse. Sonny feels it's still devastating. Will thinks she'll be fine but Sonny isn't sure if she's blindsided. Sonny thinks Sami deserves a chance but Will brings up how Sami didn't give Abigail a chance or Kayla a chance in firing Abigail. Will says Sami blindsides people with nasty information all time. Will says he can just ask Adrienne and reveals to Sonny that Sami lied to Adrienne about Justin having an affair with Kayla.

EJ asks Sami if she at least wants to know what happened with Kristen. Sami doesn't think he would tell her the truth. EJ says she asked him to defend her and he told her no way in Hell. EJ says he would only help the prosecution after what she did to Eric. Sami mocks his concern for Eric. EJ says he always had concern for Eric, Sami, and Brady. EJ adds that he would take back that day if he could because this whole thing started with Kristen. EJ says he was loyal to a family member who didn't deserve it. EJ declares he will never again as Kristen is dead to him. Sami questions why she should believe him. Sami brings up EJ lying to her for months so she doesn't know who he is anymore. EJ insists that everything he just told her is true.

Kate asks Rafe if people don't go out of their way for friends. Rafe says it was more than that as she put her life on the line for him. Kate admits it's a risk but she did it willingly without hesitation and she would do it for any of her friends. Kate says she wanted an excuse to go after Stefano anyways. Kate reminds Rafe that she broke up with him. Kate says it was fun but she knew he wanted more which he found with Jordan. Rafe says he thought he did but he's trying to respect her wishes to stay away. Kate wishes there's something she could do to make Jordan see she's not the problem. Kate adds that she's not a threat to her as she doesn't want to be tied down. Kate talks about not needing a man to feel relevant. Kate claims she was so happy for he and Jordan so she won't forgive herself if she wrecked that.

Jordan tells Ben that the jury is still out on Rafe. Ben thought he was a good guy. Jordan thought so too and mentions listening to his old voicemails today. Jordan doesn't know how to handle it. Ben suggests talking to a friend. Jordan responds that Rafe was the best friend she had. Jordan assures that she will bounce back from this. Jordan asks if he's seen Clyde. Ben says he hasn't since before the fight. Jordan says she hasn't either so she hopes he went back home.

Abigail tells Clyde that she and Ben are taking things slowly. Clyde says that's good. Clyde mentions it not changing how she feels about him. Clyde tells Abigail that Ben has a right to his anger against him. Clyde talks about going to see a doctor when his kids left and he came to understand they don't owe him forgiveness. Clyde declares that he has to stick around and hope they find a place in their heart for him. Clyde thanks Abigail for listening and he then walks away.

Brady goes to the station calling out for Kristen. Marlena follows him in. An officer tells Brady to calm down. Brady wants to know where Kristen is. He tells Brady that Kristen is in custody and no one can see her tonight. Brady brings up what Kristen did to his family. Brady wants a word with Kristen before the media. Brady demands she get brought out because he wants to see her now.

Kristen talks with Stefano and offers to help in the problems with Sami and Kate. Kristen adds that she wouldn't be in Salem if not for Daniel. Kristen says she knows Daniel saved Chad and EJ in the past but now he ruined a perfect plan. Kristen then tells Stefano about EJ turning his back and betraying her. Kristen says there's a very steep price to pay when a DiMera betrays a DiMera.

Sami congratulates EJ on ditching his psycho sister but says it doesn't change anything. EJ tells her that she knows what it means for a DiMera to turn his back on a family member. EJ says he chose Sami and their children. Sami says the children are why she has to get him out. Sami tells him that she will never forgive him. EJ asks what's the harm in him staying then when the children are happy. Sami says she doesn't care who knows what EJ did. EJ asks if she's sure about that. Sami says the board and investors don't know and have no reason to find out. EJ says if she kicks him out, word will get around. Sami says he wouldn't. EJ says he wouldn't have to. EJ says he has no interest in his private life becoming public but for Sami, it's critical.

Will tells Sonny about Sami lying to Adrienne to make her see how she felt. Sonny feels that's not okay. Will says that's Sami and not caring who she hurts. Will hopes the article serves as a wake up call that forces Sami to leave everyone alone.

EJ brings up the board thinking Sami took over with he and Stefano's blessing. EJ talks about the board's concern over his arrest and now Kristen so Sami could face an ugly trial and press. Sami feels she can handle it. EJ questions what happens to her big plan if the board starts to panic. Sami warns him not to pretend she can't hurt him. EJ responds that she does that every minute and every time she looks away. EJ says he would like to see her win. Sami warns him about using the kids to hurt him or helping Kristen. EJ says he will pack his bags and leave if he does. Sami walks away.

Rafe tells Kate that whatever happens with he and Jordan, it won't be her fault. Kate wants to be sure and asks if that's why he asked to meet. Rafe hopes she understands. Kate says she does and agrees to keep her distance. Kate tells him to call if he has a problem. Rafe thanks her and they hug. Rafe then exits the Pub. Clyde approaches Kate and asks if that was the guy that Jordan is dating.

Jordan talks about leaving Rafe in the dark for so long about their past that he felt shut out. Ben assures her that it's not her fault and asks if she's looking for a way to take Rafe back. Jordan doesn't get it and questions how she can still be in love with him after everything that happened.

Will pours champagne for he and Sonny. They toast to each other. Sonny hopes his family doesn't go ballistic. Will feels it's nothing. Sonny asks if everyone knows what happened. Will is sure they heard from Sami and says the article will be a fair balance of what happened. Will mentions the article possibly getting picked up nationally. Will adds that he still can't believe he got this chance. Sonny encourages him for taking it and toasts to him as they kiss.

Sami talks on the phone with Mr. Shin of the board. Sami tells him that EJ is not home so EJ then shouts that he's home. Sami then has to tell him that EJ is home and gives him the phone.

The officer threatens to arrest Brady. Brady tells him to go ahead and put him right next to Kristen. Marlena tries to calm him down. She tells him that this is exactly what Kristen wants. Brady says she doesn't want to hear what he has to say. Marlena tells him how Kristen kidnapped Daniel to lure Brady and asks if he's going to give her what she wants.

EJ tells Mr. Shin how Sami and Kate are doing a wonderful job. EJ goes along with everything and finishes the conversation. EJ tells Sami that it couldn't have gone better. Sami tells him not to get used to it as she won't trust him or forgive and forget. EJ tells her that she has to pay attention to what he has to say because she's playing a very dangerous game.

Ben tells Jordan that she was really there with Rafe and it won't just disappear in a couple of days. Jordan admits she got really angry. Ben calls that a start if she wants to get over him but right now he knows she wants to see Rafe and doesn't want to get over him. Jordan says she doesn't know. Ben suggests she go talk to him and see how it feels.

Rafe walks through the town square on the phone, getting told about Kristen's arrest. Rafe says that's two DiMeras in a month and it couldn't happen to a better bunch. Rafe says their luck must be running out and says he'll be in later. Rafe hangs up and thinks back to physical therapy with Jordan.

Clyde tells Kate that it looks like she and Rafe are pretty good friends. Kate says they are. Clyde says he would've said hello but Jordan didn't want him talking to Rafe. Clyde says Jordan hasn't been happy having him around. Clyde adds that Kate did a good deed and will get credit for that. Kate doesn't want credit. Clyde brings up their first meeting. Kate doesn't think there's any point in telling Jordan that she came to see him because she would misinterpret her motives. Clyde assures that he didn't as she was just looking out for a friend. Clyde adds that they all need friends. Clyde says it was good to see her as he exits the Pub.

Sami says she's taking care of business and doesn't need his help at all. Sami gets a call and says she'll be on her way. EJ questions her but Sami says she's going out. EJ tries to argue that he has something to say. Sami tells him to tell Kate and rushes off. Kate asks what EJ has to say. EJ doesn't know where Sami is going and offers Kate a drink. Kate doesn't want anything from him. EJ says one of them needs to hear what he has to say as it's important.

Will and Sonny kiss in bed where Sonny praises Will for his article. Will still can't believe it and says it happened because Zoe just stumbled across his blog. Will wonders how he got so lucky.

Abigail goes to the club to see Ben. Ben shows her the latest job listings and encourages her. Abigail is unsure but Ben says he is.

Jordan goes to the park and pulls out her phone. Rafe jogs by and stops as they exchange looks.

Marlena takes Brady home and is glad he understands there's no point to see Kristen. Brady says what matters is that she pays for what she did. Brady says he will show up in court if they need him but that's it as Kristen is his past and it's done. They hope for John to get better. Brady refuses to give up on John. Marlena is glad it keeps him away from Kristen. Brady declares that Kristen will rot in Hell before she ever sees him again.

An officer calls in that Kristen's call is over. Kristen wonders why Brady hasn't come to see her since he knows she's there. She wants to focus on turning this around.

Rafe greets Jordan and says he didn't know she would be there. Rafe decides he will go but Jordan stops him.

Ben shows Abigail how to make a drink. Ben then asks what she came to tell him. Abigail informs him that she just spoke to Clyde.

Clyde meets with Jeremiah, who tells him that he's got the truck all ready. Clyde says it's time to step it up in the big city now and he's going to put a crew together. Clyde states that he knows just who will lead him to the right people.

EJ is concerned that Kate and Sami have no idea of the tightrope they are walking. Kate says she's not frightened. EJ says he's trying to help but Kate doesn't believe him. EJ thought she would understand the stakes. Kate says she knows exactly where she is. EJ thinks Sami doesn't know what she stands to lose.

Sami meets with Zoe in the town square as she is surprised to hear they want to do a story on corporate. Sami sits with her and begins talking about her work which confuses Zoe. Zoe apologizes and tells Sami that this is not an interview. Sami thought the article was about her. Zoe informs her that it is but it has already been written.

Sonny asks Will when the article comes out. Will says it will be as soon as they fact check it. Will tells him that the article is getting published no matter what.

Zoe wanted to give Sami a chance to read and comment on the article before it went to print. She hands it to Sami. Sami calls it very exciting as she begins to read it.

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