Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/13/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/13/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope asks what kind of incident as Daniel walks in with Kristen, shocking Hope, EJ, Sami, Marlena, Eric, Nicole and Jennifer.

Theresa paces at the hospital and thinks back to what she did to John. Anne approaches and questions her checking on John. Theresa says she was paying her respects. Anne calls him a corpse. Theresa says John can't wake up ever for Brady's sake.

Brady wakes up in a sweat, declaring something is wrong.

Marlena tries to go after Kristen but Eric and Sami hold her back. Kristen remarks that she didn't realize she would attract such a crowd as everyone looks on.

Brady makes a call to check on John at the hospital. He thanks the nurse and hangs up. Brady says he has to get out and do something as he gets up from bed.

Kristen says she's so flattered they all showed up for her homecoming. Marlena and Sami yell at her as Hope gets in between. Abe arrives as Hope shouts for everything to remain calm. Hope asks Daniel what's going on. Daniel explains what happened and how Kristen tried to kidnap him until he turned the tables on her and brought her back. Sami and Marlena yell while Hope yells at them to shut up. Hope wants Kristen taken in for questioning. Eric confronts Kristen. Hope gets in between and tells Eric to step aside while Marlena continues yelling at Kristen. Hope escorts Kristen out. Nicole checks on Daniel. Daniel says he couldn't have tipped anyone off so he asks why everyone is there. Marlena says they all have their reasons. Abe asks why Kristen kidnapped him. Daniel explains that she wanted to use him to get to Brady but he broke free. Daniel talks about Kristen trying to talk her way out of it and then attacked him. Daniel realizes he's bleeding. Abe wants him to go to the hospital but Daniel insists on staying to give a full statement. Marlena suggests an x-ray. Daniel gets dizzy and almost faints.

Hope and an officer bring Kristen to Hope's office. Kristen wants her lawyer.

Anne tells Theresa that she should've talked to her before signing the annulments so she could've advised her. Anne talks about the money Theresa could've gotten while married to Brady. Theresa says she and Brady are played out. Anne hopes she's not listening to Eve. Theresa says it's time to move on. Anne questions her attitude about Brady. Anne talks about Theresa usually acting like everything revolved around her. Theresa mocks her friendship. Anne asks if they are friends and talks about the time they spend together. Anne tells Theresa that it's fine if she wants to move on from Brady and now she can go back to focus on seducing Daniel so she can watch Jennifer's head explode.

Jennifer wants Daniel to sit but Daniel assures that he's fine and will see it through. Marlena says it can wait. Abe tells Daniel that Kristen won't be leaving this building. Abe tells Daniel that they are leaving. Nicole tells Daniel that he did it. Daniel apologizes to Eric for taking so long and adds that maybe now he can get back to the life he always wanted. Abe escorts Daniel out. Sami notes there is one person not there who should know about it and that's Brady, who will either have a heart attack or kill her. Sami decides to call.

Brady's phone rings by his bed where he left it. Sami notes that he's not answering. Nicole tries Henderson, who said Brady left. Marlena asks about Victor but he's on a trip. Marlena decides to call the hospital. Hope comes back. Eric and Sami ask about Kristen. Jennifer asks if she will be charged today. Nicole and Marlena want to do the questioning. Hope declares that only one person will be seeing Kristen. They hope it's not Brady. Hope reveals that it's her lawyer she wants and turns to EJ. Sami talks up EJ as a true DiMera and tells him to go to his sister. Roman arrives, asking if it's true. Hope informs him that she's in cuffs in her office. Hope takes EJ to see Kristen. Nicole tells Sami that she could've stopped EJ. Nicole adds that she will hold Sami responsible if EJ gets Kristen out.

Hope brings EJ in. Kristen greets him. Hope wants to get started. EJ wants a moment alone with Kristen first. Hope warns that there are a dozen cops in the building and keeps a cop at the door with instructions. Hope exits. Kristen remarks about Hope and asks EJ if he's wondering why she did it. Kristen states that it seemed like a good idea at the time. Kristen says she was getting Daniel to get to Brady without being near Salem but Daniel was tougher than he looked. Kristen comments on the big crowd there. EJ remains silent. Kristen asks if he's going to say anything.

Nicole tells Sami that she's no better than EJ. Sami wants to focus on what's important. Sami says Kristen is going to pay and revenge is sweet. Jennifer comments on Sami and revenge as she leaves to go check on Daniel. Nicole warns Sami that if EJ helps Kristen in any way then that's it. Sami tells her to realize they are on the same side and get out of her face. They argue until Roman interrupts. Eric wants them to concentrate on Kristen and making sure she doesn't get off. Sami complains about cops being on the DiMera payroll. Sami wants to be the one watching Kristen. Roman announces everyone's going home now and tells them to get out. They argue against it. Hope says they can build a case against Kristen but need to keep it to themselves so no press. Marlena asks about Brady. Hope says she's putting someone on it now. Roman pulls Eric aside and says he wants to hear about the Vatican but it can wait as it's a bad time. Eric agrees to talk later but Sami can't wait and wants to know now. Eric exits with Sami to go talk about it. Nicole follows out.

Theresa tells Anne that she can't even get Daniel to go to dinner with her. Anne encourages her to fight. Theresa suggests that Anne instead go for Daniel. Theresa tells Anne that she saw Daniel checking her out the other day. Anne believes it and thinks she saw it too. Theresa tells her to go for it. Anne says Daniel isn't her type so she's not attracted to him. Theresa decides she needs some air and rushes off.

Brady walks through the park and stops to wipe sweat from his head. He thinks back to running in to Kristen there in the past.

Kristen tells EJ that she needs him to help her get out so she can go talk to Brady. EJ calls her a psychotic little bitch and warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Abe has Daniel checked on at the hospital. Daniel wishes they could charge Kristen for what she did to him too but there's no witnesses. Abe says they will do a complete investigation. Daniel is glad they have Kristen dead to rights on what she did to Eric and Brady can have closure which means the world to him.

Brady remains standing in the park and has another flashback to that night with Kristen. Theresa approaches and asks what he's doing there.

Kristen comments that EJ is never rude to her. EJ tells her it's not about her. EJ tells her the group of people want her head. Kristen has confidence in him. EJ tells her not to be confident about anything because his access to DiMera things has been restricted as has Stefano's. EJ informs her that he's in a deep downward spiral that started when he agreed to keep her secret about Eric. Kristen responds that it started when he slept with Abigail and asks if he's going to try to blame that on her too. EJ calls it one of the biggest mistakes he's ever made and another was not listening to his instinct when it came to Kristen. EJ states that he should've walked away and stayed away. Kristen calls him rude but EJ says he's being honest which is why she doesn't understand it. EJ declares they are finished. Kristen reminds him that she brought Sami back for him last time he lost her. Kristen says if EJ gets her out now, she guarantees she will get Sami back for him again.

Sami catches up with Eric in the town square and asks what's going on and what happened in Rome. Eric begins to talk to her but Nicole appears. Eric tells Sami that he will not be a priest ever again. Sami turns and accuses Nicole of doing something after she promised to help. Nicole tells her that she doesn't know the story. Sami blames Nicole for Eric not being a priest. Eric stops Sami but Sami insists on telling her what she thinks. Sami complains about Nicole not helping Eric. Sami says Kristen is back so they can prove Eric's innocence and he'll never need Nicole again. Eric tells her that's enough.

Marlena and Roman come back from the DA office and tell Hope that they have enough to charge Kristen for what she did to Eric and they will not let her out on bail. Roman adds that more charges could be filed later and Abe is getting Daniel's statement. Marlena asks when she can have time alone with Kristen. Hope tells her it won't happen. Marlena brings up what Kristen did to Eric, Brady, and John. Hope tells Marlena that she will not be alone with Kristen but she will pay when they nail her. Hope asks Marlena to back off so they can do this the right away. Roman asks about Brady. Hope says no one can get in touch with him and asks Marlena for help. Marlena suggests the hospital and decides to go check. Marlena declares that she wants Kristen's life completely destroyed as she then exits.

Jennifer goes in to check on Daniel. She worries about what Kristen did to him. Daniel insists that he's fine. She questions if he is. Daniel backs away from her and asks how Brady's doing. Jennifer says nobody knows where he is.

Brady says he didn't expect to see Theresa. Theresa says the same as she was just getting some air. She asks if Brady is okay as he looks tense. Brady talks about having a bad dream and waking up tense and worried. Brady apologizes about the annulment papers. Theresa tells him there's no rush. Brady talks about trying to keep working to not think about everything. Brady wants to focus and concentrate on now. Brady tells her that he will see her as he walks off.

Eric tells Sami that the Cardinal gave him the chance to return to the priesthood. Sami questions why he didn't when it's what he wanted more than anything. Eric tells her that being a priest requires him to live in God's grace while he didn't feel the devotion anymore. Nicole explains that Eric is not going to be a priest because he hates her guts. She says that hatred makes him feel unworthy. Sami determines that means it is Nicole's fault. Eric wants to concentrate on Kristen as he's worried about Marlena and Brady. Eric tells Sami that this won't solve anything. Nicole tells them that EJ will be making sure Kristen walks. Sami argues that he's not but Nicole says they know who he will choose. Nicole tells Sami that she's the one married to the man who kept Kristen's secret. Nicole argues that Sami just wanted the DiMera money and power and to be in EJ's bed. Nicole warns Sami that she better hope EJ fails because if he helps Kristen go free, Sami's dead.

Kristen tells EJ that she's had people keeping tabs on him. EJ calls her blind to everything and accuses her of almost driving Countess Wilhelmina in to the ground. Kristen says EJ made the most of her mistakes but she didn't end up in jail and his doing led to Sami and Kate taking over. EJ says they can concentrate on their own affairs. EJ tells Kristen that he doesn't need her help with Sami. She says it's his call. EJ says he only came to make sure they are clear on one thing. Kristen tells him to stop as they are family. EJ tells her that Sami and his children are his family and he will do anything to keep them. EJ says goodbye. Kristen asks if she has to spell out that there is no middle ground and he can't remain neutral. EJ says he has no intention of remaining neutral as he's going to help Eric, the DA, and anyone else to put her away. Kristen warns him to rethink that as she's coming to him in a time of great need and if he betrays her then there will be a very steep price to pay. EJ questions her. Kristen tells him that she will destroy him. EJ calls it to the point and melodramatic. EJ questions being threatened by someone in handcuffs. Kristen warns him not to underestimate her as people who do end up extremely unhappy. EJ says he only came to say goodbye. Kristen tells him that if he thinks his life is a mess now, she will show him what Hell is like. Hope enters and says they had enough time to consult as she has a lot of questions. EJ tells Hope that she can ask without him as he's refusing to represent Kristen. Hope is surprised as EJ exits.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's just worried about Brady. Daniel feels pain from his injuries but blows it off. Daniel says it's no big deal and he just needs to reach Parker, Melanie, and Maggie. Jennifer offers to do it for him but Daniel insists on doing it himself. Daniel tells her that it will probably be awhile before he hears anything back and there will be more blood work. Jennifer wants to stay and worries about if she lost him forever. Jennifer just wants to be with him and take him home to take care of him. She asks him to please let her do that for him.

Eric wants no more threats or blaming but to focus on Kristen being in custody thanks to Daniel. Nicole praises Daniel as good and selfless. Sami brings up that Nicole lied to him too. Sami gets a call and says she'll be home in a minute. Eric asks if it's the children. Sami rushes off. Nicole stops Eric. Nicole says Sami blames her for everything and asks if he does too.

Anne finds Theresa in the park and calls her a liar. Theresa says she was coming back. Anne says she saw her talking to Brady so things aren't over. Theresa insists that it's history and probably a good thing.

Brady goes home and Marlena catches him at the door, saying she's been trying to reach him. Brady asks if it's John but Marlena says there's no change. Brady asks what's going on then and notes she's scaring him as she is shaking. Brady asks again what is going on.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he loves her and appreciates her but it doesn't change anything because of what she thinks of him. Daniel says no matter what he does, she will always think he is not capable. The doctor returns with x-ray results. Daniel tells Jennifer to go so she does.

Eric tells Nicole that he's going to check on Daniel and hopes to locate Brady. Nicole wants an answer. Eric asks why it matters what he thinks. Nicole demands an answer. Eric wishes they caught Kristen months ago as he still would've cared about Nicole and loved her.

Sami goes home and sits on the stairs, saying that the kids know something is wrong. EJ then walks in.

Kristen tells Hope that she will need her one phone call. Kristen asks Hope if she has spoken to Brady and if he knows she's there. Hope ignores her and exits.

Marlena tells Brady that there is no easy way to tell him this but Kristen's back.

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