Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/12/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/12/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami is on the phone at home talking about how quickly they got something done that she is looking at. She puts it away as Johnny runs in, saying he and Allie had a great idea. Johnny wants to go ride a roller coaster and begs to go with Sami and EJ. EJ then walks in with a smile.

Sonny goes over Will's article on Sami and EJ. Sonny calls it terrific, concise, and amazing as he then kisses Will.

Hope goes over a case file and wonders if EJ's accountants could be this arrogant. She then picks up a flyer for the gala and think back to dancing with Aiden then to hearing about Aiden's plans with Jennifer. Hope tries to focus on going back to work.

Jennifer goes to the hospital on the phone with Abigail, telling her not to put too much pressure on herself. Abigail complains about not getting any interviews as she walks through the town square. They finish talking and hang up. Jennifer goes to Maxine and asks what's wrong. Maxine tells her that she's worried about Daniel.

Daniel tells Kristen that he didn't just pick the first truck he saw. Daniel says when the door opens, she will see familiar turf. Daniel reveals to her that their first stop is the Salem Inn, five doors down from the police department.

Marlena walks through the park looking at her phone. A man jogs by and almost runs into her. Eric approaches and mentions seeing her leaving the hospital. She asks how Rome went. Eric tells her the cardinal was gracious and believed him. Marlena praises him and calls it good news as she hugs him, believing he's back to being a priest.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Brady that she just got back from Rome. Brady asks how it went and what they said at the Vatican. Nicole tells him it was a disaster which Brady takes as Kristen winning again.

Daniel tells Kristen that they will be in Salem any minute now and there will be people happy to see her. Kristen suggests they make a deal.

Sonny and Will continue kissing on the couch. Will reminds him that his editor Zoe will be there soon. Will brings up that Sonny never felt this way about anything he's written. Will hopes Sonny meant it and isn't just supporting him because they are married. Sonny jokes with him but Will says he's serious and asks if what he wrote is okay.

EJ tells Johnny that Sami is busy running her company. Sami says she always has time for her kids and plays with Johnny.

Marlena notes that Eric doesn't seem very happy. Eric tells her that the Cardinal made it clear that he can go back to being a priest but he can't as the vocation and calling is no longer in his heart. Marlena asks if he's about to tell her that he's in love with Nicole.

Brady questions the church not believing Eric. Nicole explains that the Cardinal did believe and Eric was cleared to be a priest again. Brady doesn't understand why it was a disaster then. Brady asks what's wrong. Nicole cries that it's all so wrong as she hugs him.

Maxine tells Jennifer that she got calls from doctors who said that Daniel didn't show up to the conferences. Maxine notes the texts she got and she checked with Chloe, who said Parker just got a text. Jennifer says there's no way he would text Parker. Maxine feels Jennifer is now worried about him too.

Daniel turns down Kristen's deal. Kristen promises she won't offer him money. Kristen asks if bringing her to justice only makes things worse because she will lawyer up and then it will be Eric's word against hers. Daniel wants to take his chances. Kristen brings up Brady going through a tough time and asks what he's going to do when he sees her. Daniel thinks she's afraid. Kristen says Brady will just sink deeper. Daniel brings up that Kristen wanted to make contact with Brady. Kristen says she did not want it like this and promises to back off. Kristen thinks it's better for Brady's sake if he just lets her go. Daniel says she sounds pathetic. Daniel questions her plan as she yells at him. Daniel says he's going to turn her over to the police and it's his mission to make her pay for all the lives that she is wrecked. Kristen says Daniel disgusts her and argues that he doesn't care about Eric or Brady. Daniel yells at her to shut up. Kristen questions what he did to piss off Jennifer. Kristen argues that he is no better than her because he blew love to Hell like she did.

Jennifer suggests Maxine call Maggie because she doesn't belong in this. Maxine agrees to call Maggie. Jennifer walks away, wondering if she should just call Daniel. Jennifer then gets a call from Hope. Hope tells her that she just got back from New Orleans and is buried in paperwork. Jennifer wants to talk to her about something going on but not over the phone. Hope tells her that she'll be waiting for her.

Eric tells Marlena that he's not in love with Nicole. Marlena says that's good and asks him what's next. Eric responds that he plans to leave Salem. Eric says he has an opportunity in Colorado or suggests Africa. Marlena wants him to stay but Eric doesn't want to be seen as the priest who slept with Kristen. Marlena thinks that won't happen as people know who Kristen is and they realize that she destroys every life she touches. Marlena doesn't want Kristen destroying Eric's.

Nicole tells Brady that Eric wants to be a priest but lost his calling. Brady argues that it's not her fault. Nicole blames herself. Brady tells her that she screwed up but did everything she could to make it right. Nicole feels it wasn't enough. Nicole asks about John. Brady tells her that he's in a deep coma and he may never wake up. Brady says John just wanted to make things right for them and now there's no chance of that.

Sonny assures Will that his article reads like a best-seller. Will thanks him. Sonny says it must have been hard to detail personal things. Will feels something isn't right. Sonny tells him that this is going to hurt Sami. Will says it won't be as much as she hurt everybody else.

Johnny shows Sami a picture from the last time they went to the roller coaster and points out Sami and EJ kissing.

Jennifer goes to the station to see Hope. Hope asks what's going on. Jennifer tells her that Sami is out for Abigail's blood. Hope doesn't know what's going on. Jennifer then reveals that Abigail had an affair with EJ.

Sami promises Johnny that she will do everything she can to make sure they all ride the roller coaster. Johnny thanks her and runs off to tell Allie and Sydney. EJ comments that he hasn't seen Johnny that excited in a long time. EJ worries that the children are picking up on the tension between them. Sami warns him about using their children to get to her.

Will says that every word he wrote was true and he protected Abigail by not mentioning her name. Will says he's about to sign the contract for the article to run next week. There's a knock at the door and Abigail arrives.

Eric tells Marlena that Kristen is gone forever so he won't let her ruin his future. She questions why he would leave. Eric brings up questioning if he loved Nicole. Eric says he refused the priesthood. Eric says he lost his calling because it made him realize that he hates Nicole.

Nicole tells Brady not to punish himself. Brady feels there is no forgiveness for what he did. Brady declares that John was just trying to save him from Kristen. Brady says he was wrong and now understands John did what he did because he loves him. Brady says she can't make it up to Eric while he can't make it up to John. Nicole suggests they go for a walk. Brady thanks her but wants to go to the hospital to see John. Nicole offers to go but Brady would prefer if it was just he and John. Brady exits.

Jennifer tells Hope about Sami getting Abigail fired and wondering what is next. Hope offers to try and talk to Sami. Jennifer wishes Bo was there because Sami used to listen to him. Jennifer apologizes for bringing Bo up. Hope tells her not to be sorry and she's concentrating on John now. Hope worries about Brady being out of control and off the wagon. Jennifer blames Kristen. Hope wonders if it could get any worse.

Daniel tells Kristen that Jennifer told him things he didn't like. She questions him dumping her. Daniel explains that Jennifer didn't trust him to do the right thing. Daniel tells her that she will face everyone that she hurt. Kristen begs him not to do this and promises not to contact Brady. Daniel tells her that she will look Brady in the eye. Kristen cries that she can't do this.

Abigail says she was just close by and realized she hadn't been a good godmother to Arianna. Will suggests Sonny take Arianna out for a walk as he has a lot of work to do. Sonny invites Abigail to come with them and she agrees. Sonny goes to get Arianna. Abigail asks about what Will is writing and if she can take a peek.

EJ swears he had nothing to do with Johnny coming in. Sami reveals that she sold Stefano's painting. EJ can't believe it and says it's worth much more than 5 million. Sami says she sold it for $500,000. EJ calls it part of their children's inheritance. Sami says she will invest the money wisely. EJ wants to continue their conversation about the trip to the theme park. Sami says he dreamed it up. EJ brings up her reaction to Johnny's photo. Sami calls it a nice day for their family. EJ agrees but Sami says it was before he took a ride on Abigail. EJ says he overheard her conversation with Kate where she was close to giving him a second chance until Kate got her to revert to irrational. EJ tells her that they have faced worse than this. EJ says she knows they love one another so all she has to do is say yes.

Hope isn't sure she can get through to Sami but promises to try. Jennifer says it's not a very fun time and brings up the lawsuit. Jennifer mentions Aiden. Hope asks about her liking him. Jennifer says Aiden is great and talks about how he saved JJ and now the lawsuit. Hope questions her going out with him tonight.

Eric tells Marlena that he will never forgive Nicole and never wants to see her again. She asks if that's why he is leaving town. Eric asks how he can stay with the hatred eating him alive. She questions if hate is the only thing he's feeling. Nicole then appears in the park.

Daniel says he couldn't care less about Kristen's crying as he's not changing his mind. The truck comes to a stop and Daniel tells her that they are in Salem so she can finally face it. Kristen grabs an object that she had been eyeing and attempts to stab Daniel.

Will tells Abigail that he shouldn't let her look at it until he has another draft. Abigail understands. Will asks about her job hunt but Abigail says everyone wants a reference which she doesn't have. Will suggests Kayla but Abigail says she can't just use family and everyone would want to know why she left the hospital. Will is sorry for everything. Sonny comes out with Arianna. Abigail suggests going to the park. Abigail goes to leave as Zoe arrives for Will.

Sami comments on EJ never giving up. EJ says he will deliver a speech every day if he has to, imploring her to let things go back to the way they were. Sami says she's got it. She grabs her things and EJ questions where she's going. Sami says she never should've let him live there in the first place so she's going to rectify that. Sami tells EJ that she will be back with a police officer and a restraining order.

Brady goes to the hospital and greets Maxine. Maxine tells him that John is getting another MRI so it will be another hour. Brady agrees to wait. Maxine warns him that he can't get sick so he should go home and rest.

Nicole approaches and tells Marlena that she's very sorry about John. Marlena thanks her but says they are having a private conversation. Nicole understands she's not welcome. Eric tells her that there is nothing left to say. Nicole agrees to leave when the man who jogged by earlier comes back and grabs Nicole's purse. Eric chases after him.

Jennifer tells Hope about going out with Aiden and how they agreed not to talk about the lawsuit. She hopes he does not bring up Daniel. Hope questions if she and Daniel have really given up. Jennifer says it's over so she doesn't want to talk about it. Hope calls her a free agent. Jennifer asks if there's some reason that she shouldn't be spending time with Aiden.

Kristen and Daniel struggle until he overpowers her and pins her down. Daniel questions what is wrong with her as she tried to slit his throat. Daniel tells her that he will tie her up and personally hand her over. Daniel stands up when the truck suddenly swerves causing Daniel to fall backwards and boxes fall down onto him.

Eric returns Nicole's purse. She thanks him for chasing the guy when he didn't have to and she appreciates it. The cop that arrived asks them to come to the station to give statements. Marlena walks off with Eric as Nicole watches on.

Abigail and Sonny exit with Arianna. They talk about not wanting anything to go wrong for Will's writing job. Zoe praises Arianna and hopes he has something to offer. Will raises the flash drive and says it's the story she asked for, what really happened between EJ and Sami.

Sami arrives at the station, glad to see Hope and says she needs to talk to her. Hope says she needs to speak with her as she just heard about Abigail. Sami blows it off, calling Abigail a slut and saying Jennifer will spin the story. Sami wants Hope's help with a restraining order to keep EJ 100 yards from her.

Kristen moves the boxes and kicks at Daniel. She stands but Daniel grabs her and pulls her down.

Abigail and Sonny sit at the town square. Abigail talks about putting her and EJ behind her. Sonny asks about her and Ben. Abigail says things are so complicated. Abigail feels maybe it's better that it's all out in the open. Sonny points out that she lost her job though. Abigail says it could be worse as at least only her friends and family know so she can move on.

Will asks Zoe what she thinks. She says it starts with a bang and can't wait to finish it. Will assures her that every word in the article is true. She calls him the right man for the job and says it's definitely cover material as there's a huge appetite for all things DiMera as she welcomes him.

Hope agrees to take care of the restraining order for Sami. Eric, Marlena, and Nicole arrive with the cop having the jogger in custody. Hope asks what's going on as the cop goes to book the man. Sami asks what happened then sees Eric and excitedly asks if he's a priest again. EJ interrupts. Hope warns him to step back. EJ tries to argue as Hope tells Sami that she wil take care of it. A cop comes by and tells Hope that there has been an incident on a truck by the Salem Inn.

Brady wakes up in a sweat.

Hope asks what kind of incident as Daniel walks in with Kristen, shocking Hope, EJ, Sami, Marlena, Eric, Nicole and Jennifer.

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