Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Jennifer sit at the Pub where Aiden fills her in on everything with the lawsuit. Jennifer prepares to leave when Aiden suddenly asks her out on a date.

Hope returns from New Orleans and goes to see Kayla. Hope tells her about she and Ciara having a great time. Kayla tells her that she just missed Marlena and there's no change in John. Kayla adds that Brady and Marlena want to make sure he has every chance possible. Hope warns her not to let them be in denial for too long.

Marlena looks in the mirror at home and at her perfume.

Paige reveals that she already notified Stamford that she's staying in Salem. JJ argues that she can't but Paige says it's only a year and she's staying. Paige tells JJ that he's not talking her out of it as it's done. She tells him to go ahead and say what he has to say. JJ then hugs her and calls it the best news he's ever heard.

Theresa walks by and sees Eve talking to Brady. Eve tells Brady that she would like to make a new friend. Theresa approaches and questions what is going on.

Kristen says it's not over as she still loves Brady and she knows that he still loves her. Daniel tells her that Brady is so done with her that it's pathetic as it's history. Kristen yells at him not to say that as it's not over and she repeats that he loves her.

Brady asks Theresa what's wrong. Eve tells her not to be upset as she and Brady were just talking about the trouble Brady is going through. Brady tells Eve that he's swamped and then asks Theresa if they can meet up privately later which she gladly agrees to.

Kristen finishes yelling at Daniel. Daniel notes she's now exhausted. Daniel checks on her and gets a first aid kit for cuts on her. Daniel decides to untie her and warns her about trying anything stupid. Kristen then asks Daniel what his wife's name was as Jennifer told her a little about her. Daniel calls it a long story. Kristen compares it to her losing Brady but he's still alive. Daniel questions her thinking Brady will just forgive her and let her back in to his life. Kristen says they have a bond and that Brady saved her. She talks about coming back to Salem to make John and Marlena pay. She talks about coming to realize that she could use Brady to get what she wanted but never expected to fall in love. Kristen talked about how hard it got. She calls Brady such a good man and talks about how happy she was with him. Kristen says Brady made her realize who she could be or who she used to be.

Theresa suggests her place but Brady decides on his place. Brady tells her that he will text her. Eve reminds Brady that she's a real good listener as Brady exits. Theresa brings up donating blood for Eve's surgery. Theresa warns her to stay away from Brady. Eve remarks that she doesn't know him yet but he doesn't need Theresa in his life. Theresa brings up Brady not mentioning the annulment so maybe he changed his mind. Eve tells her that she needs a reality check and walks off with her.

JJ tells Paige that Eve is going to be really upset. Paige says she will handle it and suggests they go celebrate. JJ agrees and they go to leave together as Adrienne arrives at the door.

Hope tells Kayla that she's been praying for good news about John. Kayla worries that John might not bounce back this time. Kayla asks about Hope's trip with Ciara. Hope talks about Ciara having fun but every place they went reminded her of Bo. Kayla encourages her. Hope is glad they took the trip. Kayla asks if Hope is feeling more relaxed and then asks how things are going with Aiden.

Jennifer questions Aiden asking her out. Aiden apologizes and claims it was just a joke. Aiden assures her that he wasn't making a move on her but he did mean that he wanted to go out as he has tickets to a new play. Aiden invites Jennifer to the play to take her mind off of things. Aiden tries another joke but Jennifer doesn't get it. Jennifer agrees to call Abigail and tells Aiden that she is so on to him. She talks about Aiden not wanting Giselle and other women having their eyes on him. Aiden tells her that she's wrong. Jennifer agrees to text him and then exits.

Hope questions Kayla bringing up Aiden. Kayla got the impression that she had feelings for him and then took off to New Orleans. Hope questions Kayla thinking she went to get away from him. Hope assures that she does not have feelings for anyone. Hope adds that she still loves Bo. Kayla is worried about her. Hope blames being tired on why Kayla misunderstood. Hope says she has to get to the station and exits.

JJ greets Adrienne. She tells them it's nice to see them. JJ says Jennifer isn't home but will be soon. Adrienne offers to wait. Paige decides to go and they kiss goodbye. Paige exits. Adrienne asks JJ how Abigail is doing as Sami has been awful. JJ says she's holding up. Adrienne comments on them having it so tough lately with Sami, the lawsuit and Eve. Adrienne talks about Eve messing with Jack's legacy. JJ calls her a piece of work. Adrienne questions if dating Eve's daughter is such a good idea.

Eve and Theresa go to the club. Theresa mocks her. Eve tells Theresa that she's about to make a big mistake. Eve warns Theresa not to plan a future with Brady. Theresa argues that Eve doesn't know him or what they have. Eve says Brady is falling apart and Theresa just reminds him of what happened to John. Eve tells her that he won't want to be near her unless John wakes up. Eve questions if Brady actually hit John.

Brady goes home and tells Maggie about he and Marlena convincing Kayla to keep John at the hospital for now. Brady says he's not giving up hope. Brady wants to consult with Daniel when he gets back and asks when he's coming home. Maggie says she hasn't heard from him since yesterday and assumes he's busy.

Kristen tells Daniel that the way Jennifer made him feel was how Brady made her feel. Daniel cuts her off when it comes to talking about Jennifer. Daniel declares it's over between he and Jennifer just like Kristen and Brady. Kristen tells him he's dead wrong. Kristen says Daniel may have given up but she hasn't. Kristen declares that she loves Brady and as long as she does, it will never be over.

Marlena looks in the mirror and thinks back to a past time with John in bed.

JJ tells Adrienne that she can have her opinion but she doesn't know Paige. JJ says Jennifer and Abigail get that Paige is terrific and awesome. JJ feels lucky that she even wants to be with him. JJ asks her to give Paige a break. Adrienne comments that JJ sure grew up in a hurry and adds that Jack would be real proud of him. JJ thanks her. Adrienne asks if JJ doesn't think so. He says he'll take her word for it. JJ loved his dad but didn't understand a lot of things about him. She talks about the tragedy of losing him. She offers to talk about him any time he wants. JJ says he might take her up on that but has to go right now. She agrees to wait for Jennifer as JJ hurries out.

Theresa questions Eve bringing that up. Eve agrees not to talk about it as long as Theresa donates blood for her surgery. Theresa warns her about bringing it up. Eve tells her to stay away from Brady and his family and friends. Theresa accuses Eve of wanting to make a move. Eve says they were just talking as she's just a friendly gal.

Brady mentions calling Daniel yesterday but getting a text as he was in a meeting. Maggie is sure Daniel will give his opinion. Brady wants to have some one on one time with him as well. Maggie says Daniel understands addiction. Brady wants to see and talk to him for him. Maggie understands he wants to make amends. Brady says he's on a long list of people that he needs to talk to. Maggie tells him that he will be able to talk to them all. Brady says except John.

Kristen tells Daniel that she was a pretty good person that people liked at one time and she was a social worker. Kristen blames Marlena for destroying it all and she lived in misery for years until one day, Brady gave those feelings all back to her. She says Brady taught her how to love and made her feel innocent again. Kristen declares now she's going to help him. Daniel questions her plan. Kristen says she would've done anything for Brady and still will if given the chance.

Hope goes over files at the station and then runs in to Aiden.

Eve tells Theresa that Brady is a lost cause. Eve warns her to play it smart as Theresa exits. Theresa says he's hers as she walks off.

Kristen tells Daniel it's been fun telling her life story but calls him delusional if he thinks he's taking her back to Salem for justice. Daniel says he knows that's what is happening right now. Kristen points out that it hasn't happened and accuses him of being overconfident. Kristen announces that she's going to see Brady on her own terms while she's never going back to Salem again.

Marlena sits at John's bed side. She holds his hand and tells him that she's there. She asks if he knows she's there. She asks him to squeeze her hand but there is no response. She asks him to move a finger so she knows she's getting through to him but there is no movement.

Aiden mentions Hope being back. Hope says she's buried in paperwork and it's good to see him. Hope brings up the e-mail about the gala. They both say they won't be there to take credit as they already know how the night was. Both say they have to go and they hurry off in opposite directions.

Jennifer goes home and talks with Adrienne. Adrienne mentions talking to JJ and how he is dead set on defending Paige no matter what. Adrienne questions encouraging it.

JJ walks through the town square with Rory and tells him that Paige is sticking around for another year. Rory is happy for him. Rory brings up going to a party with a lot of girls. Rory says there's going to be another one and suggests JJ ditch Paige to come with them. JJ tells him that he's not interested.

Eve comes home and tells Paige that they can sit down and discuss her idea of dropping Stamford for a year. Paige informs her that it's already done and she officially withdrew so she won't be leaving Salem.

Daniel tells Kristen that she talks a really good game. Kristen says when the truck stops and the door opens, there will be a lot of questions. Kristen says they will think that Daniel kidnapped her and she reminds him of how persuasive she can be. Daniel agrees that she could convince people against him but he tells her that she won't get the chance.

Theresa meets Brady at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie greets her and then heads upstairs to give them privacy. Theresa suggests doing something together but she walks in to the living room where Brady has a notary to sign the annulment papers.

Marlena continues asking John to squeeze her hand if he can hear her but still nothing. Marlena holds back tears as she exits the room. John's eyes twitch slightly.

Hope runs into Aiden again. Aiden mentions having dinner reserrvations with Jennifer. Hope questions that. Aiden adds that they are going to see the new play as well. Aiden says he will see her later as he exits.

Rory brings up all the parties JJ used to have. JJ calls it a long time ago and he was a totally different person. Rory argues that it was cool. Rory tells him that happy days are here again in college. Rory tells him he will text him the party plans but JJ doesn't want to go as he's not that guy again. Rory says he knows the real JJ and adds that he'll be back for more.

Jennifer says who JJ dates is up to him and praises Paige as being sweet. Jennifer trusts JJ's judgment and thinks Adrienne should too. Jennifer adds that they can't hold Paige responsible for Eve. Adrienne warns Jennifer not to let her guard down with Eve.

Eve questions Paige giving up the opportunity. Paige says it's okay and it happens a lot. Paige says she just has to make sure to keep her average high at Salem U. Eve argues that her heart was set on Stamford. Paige says she will still be going. Eve thinks Jennifer will drag the lawsuit on. Paige says Eve that she will be there to help her deal. Paige points out that Eve wouldn't leave her if she was going through something like that. Paige gets a call and steps out. Eve declares that JJ is done with Paige.

Brady and Theresa finish with the notary. Theresa decides it wasn't that hard and that was it. Brady hopes she agrees this was the best way to do it. Theresa says she does. Theresa gets choked up and says she has to go. She stops and tells Brady that she's not sure when she's going to see him again so she warns him about Eve always having an agenda with men. Brady says he can handle himself but he's not looking to hook up with anybody right now. Brady declares that he's done. Theresa exits.

Daniel tells Kristen that he didn't just pick the first truck he saw. Daniel says when the door opens, she will see familiar turf. Daniel reveals to her that their first stop is the Salem Inn, five doors down from the police department.

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