Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/8/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/8/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric tells Nicole that he's done and can't go back to the priesthood. Nicole questions why since they cleared him. She asks if he's saying he doesn't want to be a priest anymore. Eric responds that he can't. Nicole continues to ask why not since that's what he wanted. Eric shouts that it doesn't matter what he wants because it's not a choice he can make. Eric declares that his vocation is gone and it's over.

Paige tries to explain but Eve continues her excitement at Paige getting involved and hugs her. Eve talks about Paige getting JJ to talk Jennifer in to backing off. Paige cuts her off and says she never said she would go to JJ about this. Eve questions what Paige is talking about then.

JJ tells Jennifer that there's never going to be any other girl but Paige as he's in love with her. JJ tries to tell her to forget it but Jennifer says they really need to talk about that.

Theresa runs in to Marlena at the club. Theresa tries to leave but Marlena wants to get some things clear about what happened to John.

Brady meets Aiden outside the Pub. Aiden asks if there's any news on John. Brady says there's not but that's not what he wanted to talk about. Brady brings up first meeting Aiden and wanting to punch him. Aiden asks if he's going to try again.

Daniel dreams about being lied to in the past by Kate, Nicole, and Eve. Daniel wakes up and Kristen asks about his bad dream. Daniel tells her that in a way, it was all about her. Kristen questions him dreaming about her and jokes that she's flattered. Daniel tells her she'll be in a bright orange jumpsuit as she tightens tying her up. Kristen says they will be stuck in this room until her men find them so they should try to have a civil conversation but Daniel says no. Kristen tells him that she'll use her imagination about his dream then. Daniel admits his dream was about all the lies from women and how she's the latest in a long line. Kristen asks where Jennifer is in that line.

JJ tells Jennifer to save telling him that he's too young to be in love. Jennifer says she just wanted to say that she's really happy for him which surprises him. Jennifer hugs him and promises that she won't be the one standing in his way.

Paige tells Eve that she meant she could help with the money. Paige says it will be a problem until the lawsuit is settled. Paige wants to do her part. Eve reminds her that she's starting Stamford in two weeks. Paige replies that's what she means and says she's not going. Eve questions her. Paige declares that she's going to stay in Salem but Eve shouts over her dead body.

Eric states that a vocation is a calling from God and right now he's not in a state of grace and can't receive a calling anymore. Nicole doesn't understand since the Cardinal said he could go back. Eric points out that if he went back, it would be a lie. Nicole continues to question him. Eric feels he would be a hypocrite because of what he feels inside. Eric declares that he feels the way he does because of her. Eric blames her and hates her. Nicole questions him hating her. She understands him being mad but questions hate. Nicole stops him from leaving and argues that it doesn't make sense since he got his job back but is still mad at her for taking it from him. Eric says it's about who he has become. Nicole asks if she made him that way. Nicole questions when he got so mean and cries about him blaming her for everything. She shouts that's not the way it works.

Brady apologizes to Aiden for how he was when they met. Aiden tells him it's water under the bridge. Brady says he put his father in the hospital and could've done the same to anyone so he's sorry. Aiden tells him to forget it as they all make mistakes. Brady says he's just trying to undo as many as he can.

Theresa tells Marlena that she's told Brady and the police all that she knows. Marlena feels there's more. Marlena asks what is still eating at Brady but Theresa insists that there's nothing else. Marlena hopes that's true. Marlena gets a call so Theresa exits. Marlena answers the call from Brady and says she will be right there.

Eve tells Paige that she is going to Stamford. Paige says she will later but Eve argues against it. Paige explains that she can take classes in Salem to save them a ton of money. Eve tells her that it's not an issue. Paige complains about the lawsuit and lawyers getting expensive. Paige asks her to let her help so they'll have another year together. Eve points out that she won't have to leave JJ and accuses JJ of talking her in to it.

JJ admits he didn't see Jennifer's reaction coming. Jennifer is thrilled that he's in love. JJ brings up Paige. Jennifer says she's crazy about Paige even if Eve is not her favorite person. Jennifer knows you don't choose who you fall in love with. Jennifer tells JJ to just be happy with Paige. JJ calls her the best mother and person. JJ is sad about what he did to Jennifer and Daniel. JJ wishes he could be like she is now and that he hadn't ruined it for them.

Daniel tells Kristen that Jennifer didn't lie to him but was too truthful. They hear Kristen's guards outside the door so Kristen tries to scream but Daniel covers her mouth. The guards talk about how Daniel's car is still there so they continue searching. Kristen warns him that she won't be able to hold them back when they are found. Kristen tells Daniel that he might can get out on his own but not with her so she tells him to go on. Daniel brings up what she did to him and then what she did to Eric and Brady. Daniel tells her that she made a mistake and now she's going to pay for all she has done. Kristen questions how and calls him an amateur that will make a mistake. Daniel covers her mouth back up.

Jennifer tells JJ that it wasn't going to work out for her and Daniel regardless of JJ. JJ still feels that he screwed up time when they could've been happy. JJ apologizes. Jennifer praises JJ growing up to a man that Jack would be proud of. She adds that Paige is a lucky girl as they hug.

Eve questions when JJ put this idea into Paige's head. Eve says she knew she shouldn't have trusted him. Paige insists it's her idea and JJ doesn't even know yet. Eve doesn't believe her so Paige questions if she thinks she's lying. Eve wants to talk but has a doctor's appointment. Paige says there is nothing to talk about which Eve questions. Eve tells Paige that she earned Stamford and she doesn't want to screw that up. Eve tells Paige that her life is just beginning and nothing is going to stand in her way. Eve kisses her goodbye and exits. Paige remarks about how Eve feels.

Nicole argues that she never has or will deny that she made a very big mistake in lying to Eric. Nicole questions him losing his calling being her fault. Eric states that she changed him. Nicole questions his vocation. Nicole argues that maybe he wasn't supposed to have it if it was so easy to lose. Nicole brings up Eric accusing her of rape then finding out it was Kristen and how they got through it because she forgave him. Nicole asks how she can possibly be more forgiving than him. Eric asks if she doesn't think he's thought about that and calls it the worst thing ever.

Daniel has Kristen gagged and moves her onto the back of a delivery truck in the loading dock. Daniel warns her about trying to scream. Daniel removes the gag and mocks her being a felon on the run. Kristen questions Daniel's plan being to hop on a random delivery truck. Daniel says the truck will make a lot of stops so her guys won't figure out where they went. Kristen says if they make it to Salem, he's forgetting about Stefano.

Theresa meets with Anne at the hospital. Anne informs her about Abigail's resignation and how she thinks there's more to it. Theresa doesn't care. Anne questions what's wrong with her as she thought she would love this. Anne asks if something is going on with John.

Brady talks with Kayla in her office. Marlena enters. Brady thanks her for coming. Kayla has Marlena sit down. Kayla explains that she was just telling Brady that she has consulted with others on John's situation and they think some decisions need to be made. Brady tells Kayla to just tell her. Kayla announces that the idea is to move John to the chronic care wing and then make some plans. Kayla asks if John belongs in a hospital like this or a long term care facility. Brady thinks Kayla is giving up on John.

Eve shows up at the Horton house. JJ tells her that Jennifer is out but Eve says she's here to see him and it's not about the lawsuit but about Paige. Eve walks in. JJ asks if she's okay. Eve says she's there to make sure she is. Eve says this is his chance to prove he cares about Paige.

Daniel mocks the DiMeras to Kristen and says he's not scared. She tells him that he should be. Daniel jokes about her calling him an amateur when she's the one tied up. Kristen warns him about being overconfident. He calls her a sociopathic bitch. She accuses him of having woman issues and asks what Jennifer did to him. Daniel gets in her face and tells her to shut up. He says it's not about Jennifer but about Kristen paying for what she did. Kristen says she has paid for what she did to Brady. Daniel says they are finally going to talk about Eric and what she did to him.

Eric says he has to live with the question in his soul. Eric adds that he should be able to forgive Nicole and get rid of his rage but he can't. Eric says he can't get rid of that feeling inside and asks if she can understand why he can't be that priest anymore. Eric states that he's not that man anymore so he can't be that priest.

Paige sits at home looking sad.

Eve tells JJ about Paige putting off Stamford for a year which shocks JJ. JJ questions if it's for real. She questions him not knowing about it. JJ asks what she said. Eve says she told Paige that she doesn't have to do it and if JJ cares about her then he will tell her the same thing. Eve says it would be nice if they could all get along because she doesn't want a reason not to be his friend. JJ questions her ending things with a threat. Eve says she was just stating a fact that she won't let anyone stand in her daughter's way. Eve then exits. JJ pulls out his phone.

Aiden sits in the Pub and reads a thank you letter from Father Louis about the gala. He thinks back to dancing with Hope. Jennifer enters and asks where he was just then. Aiden replies that it was nowhere at all.

Anne questions Theresa why she was so happy when she found out John might not wake up. Theresa brings up her annulment papers. Anne questions her settlement but Theresa says there isn't one. Theresa adds that she's just happy it's over. Anne doesn't believe her but Theresa wants her to drop it.

Brady asks Kayla to keep John where he is and not to move him because they aren't ready to give up. Kayla is glad they feel that way and agrees to clear it with the administrator. Brady thanks her and exits. Kayla tells Marlena that this is killing Brady and she knows it's killing her too. Marlena assures her that she has complete faith in her and Daniel but she would like to look over John's files herself. Kayla understands and is glad that she's on his team to fight for him. Kayla goes to get the file. Marlena talks about it being a rough couple of years and how she didn't fight John filing for divorce. Marlena says she lived with that but now she's going to fight.

Daniel tells Kristen about her pulling Eric's life out from under him. Kristen blames Nicole. Daniel calls her despicable. Daniel argues that Nicole screwed up because she loved Eric which Kristen knows nothing about. Kristen yells at him to shut up. Daniel tells her to just admit that she screwed up Eric's life. Kristen admits it and asks if he's happy.

Eric tells Nicole that there is nothing else to say as he has to live with what he's lost. Eric says he now has to live with the hate that he can't get rid of and everything else that comes with it. Eric walks off, leaving Nicole crying.

Aiden talks with Jennifer about the lawsuit and how trials can take a very long time. He asks if she's up to it. Jennifer talks about having to think about her kids. Jennifer then figures that's what Eve wants so she refuses to cave and insists that her children will understand not letting Eve get away. Aiden thinks Jennifer needs support from Daniel. She tells him not to go there as it's over and she will be fine. Aiden assures that she can count on him as her lawyer and friend.

Paige goes to see JJ after getting his text and knows Eve was there. JJ mentions Eve wanting him to talk to her about Stamford. JJ tells Paige that he loves her and she knows that. JJ doesn't know how he got lucky enough to meet her and thinks about what he would've missed out on if he hadn't. JJ brings up her going to California in two weeks and how much he hates it.

Eve goes to the hospital and runs in to Brady. She asks about John. Brady tells her that there's no change. Eve says she's sorry to hear that. Eve offers to listen if he wants to talk. Brady says they barely know each other. Eve encourages talking to a stranger where he can say whatever he wants.

Kristen knows what she did to Eric was horrible and she's had to live with that. Daniel says he has too. Kristen recalls Eric being kind to her so she feels very guilty about it. Kristen adds that it was never about Eric. Kristen says she lost Brady and everything so she was humiliated and wanted to lash out at someone other than Brady. Kristen says she wanted to lash out at Marlena for taking John and Brady from her so she realized that going after her son would completely crush her. Daniel questions that being it. Kristen says except for one thing.

Paige asks JJ if he's saying he doesn't want her to go. JJ says he doesn't but he thinks she has to because it's where she belongs. Paige argues that Eve nor JJ make those decisions for her. Paige reveals that she already notified Stamford that she's staying in Salem.

Theresa walks by and sees Eve talking to Brady. Eve tells Brady that she would like to make a new friend.

Nicole sits on the plane back from Rome as the woman next to her praises Rome and says it's just the best. Nicole disagrees.

Eric sits on the plane back from Rome as well. A woman sits next to him and recognizes him from the news then asks if he's a priest. Eric responds that he's not a priest.

Marlena tells Kayla that this all goes back to Kristen on why John is here as she set these horrible events in motion. Kayla gets a call and has to go. Kayla tells her to take her time and leave the files on her desk. Kayla exits. Marlena thinks back to an argument with Kristen and calls her a bitch. Marlena hopes that Kristen is burning in Hell right now.

Kristen tells Daniel that he has no idea how close she came to getting revenge on Marlena as she was going to show the sex tape to everybody at the school opening which would completely destroy Marlena until Brady gave her hope that they could be together so she backed off. She didn't want to hurt Eric and didn't have to so she tried to repair the damage and make it go away so she and Brady could be together in love. Daniel points out that it didn't work out that way. Kristen says they don't know because it's not over as she still loves Brady and she knows that he still loves her.

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