Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben gets up and punches Rafe in the face. Jordan and Abigail try to break up the fight. Ben attacks Rafe while yelling that he swore he would never hurt her.

Paige and Eve sit at the club. Paige tells Eve about running in to the waiter from Miami, Ben, and how he lied at first about who he was. She doesn't know why he would lie. Eve tells her that's what men do.

Jennifer and JJ talk at home about the lawsuit. Jennifer says if they are lucky, the whole lawsuit could go away.

Kate doesn't believe Sami and asks if she is having second thoughts about EJ while EJ listens in from the door. Sami says she was just thinking about what Kate said and talks about how she was the one pushing him away while EJ tried to make things right. Sami asks what if she pushed EJ in to Abigail's arms. Sami wonders if she made this huge mistake and is about to make a bigger one by letting him go.

Nicole wonders what is taking so long and says the Cardinal has to have told Eric by now.

Eric tells the Cardinal that he has no idea how much it means to him to know that he and the church believe in him. Eric says he can't express his gratitude. He tells Eric that he hasn't answered his question and asks if he wishes to be a priest again.

Jordan checks on Rafe while Abigail holds Ben back. Ben questions why she is checking on him and calls Rafe an animal for treating her that way. Jordan tells Ben that he's done enough damage. Jordan asks Rafe why he didn't defend himself. Rafe responds that he was right that he had it coming.

Sami talks about EJ sacrificing everything for him and praises him as a good father. EJ smirks as he listens in. Kate asks Sami if she's saying she would forgive EJ if he walked in right now. Sami says maybe.

Eric says he has no idea how much he wants to be a priest again more than anything and he hopes he believes him. The Cardinal hears it in his voice but also hears something else. Eric says being a priest isn't a job but a calling from God. Eric says he could feel the calling so strongly when he completed the holy orders. He asks Eric if his feelings have changed and if he no longer believes God is calling him to the priesthood.

Paige doesn't want Eve coming down on JJ. Eve says she wasn't but wouldn't be surprised if JJ didn't learn tricks from Jack. Eve says Jack was a born con man and swindled millions from her. Eve says that's why they deserve the royalty money from the book because Jack owes her. Paige tells her that JJ would never do anything like that to her. Eve says she hopes not because she doesn't want to see her heartbroken.

Jennifer tells JJ that Aiden says they have a 50/50 chance. Jennifer just wants to put all of this behind them.

Rafe tells Ben that if some guy treated his sister like he did, he would've done the same thing. Ben tells Rafe to get out and leave them alone. Rafe replies that he still loves Jordan and never stopped so he hopes she can one day forgive him. Ben questions if he's kidding. Abigail holds Ben back. Jordan wants to go get Rafe's cuts cleaned up. Ben doesn't want her going with him. Jordan says she can handle it and asks Abigail to calm Ben down. Jordan walks off with Rafe.

EJ's phone rings so he sneaks out the front door to answer it. Kate tells Sami to stop looking at the picture. Sami says she hasn't thought about anything but revenge. Sami feels she's not doing the right thing. Kate suggests she take another look at the picture of EJ and Abigail or to think about the shower incident again. Sami blames herself for pushing EJ away. Kate tells her that people who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Kate says if she's pathetic enough to feel it's her fault then she deserves a man like EJ.

Paige says Eve has been in a bad mood all morning. Eve thought she covered it up. Eve informs her that she found the judge is going to rule today. Paige understands she must be nervous. Eve says it's not her as Jennifer is going to fail and she's sure the case will move forward.

EJ talks on the phone about a shipment and says he will have to talk with Victor first.

Kate tells Sami that she doesn't like her and never will but does respect her as she reminds her of herself. Kate knows she would never let a man walk all over her. Sami suggests she was walking all over EJ. Sami says they were happy before all of this. Kate brings up EJ kidnapping Sydney years ago and asks if she drove him to do that too. Kate tells Sami if she forgives him one more time then it will be interesting to see what new way he breaks her heart.

Eric recalls being in South Africa and questioning his faith until a selfless brave act from a priest inspired him to go to mass, where he took comfort in God's words and received the sacraments. Eric says he never doubted God again or his love and still doesn't. Eric gets up and says it's too hard to talk about. The Cardinal says it's time to as he has a very important decision to make. Eric admits it's about Nicole. Eric says that he hates her. He knows he should forgive but he can't find a way and at the same time, he wants her and he's consumed by how much.

Nicole talks to the statue in the garden and says she was an idiot to try and compete with the church by telling herself that she could make Eric happier than being a priest. She says it's obvious that he loves his vocation and she should've never kept him from it because it's what he was meant to do and be.

Eric says his heart should be filled with joy to be a priest again but asks how he can devote himself to his vocation when he has all these feelings for Nicole from hatred to lust. Eric says he prayed for what he should do. The Cardinal tells Eric that he thinks he's already been given the sign.

JJ goes to see Paige and they talk about the hearing. JJ says he supports his mom but still feels really bad that all of this is happening because he knows Eve was really counting on the money. JJ adds that he will really miss her when she goes to Stamford but if that makes her happy then it's all he cares about. Paige thanks him and says if he wants to make her happy, he only has to promise that he won't ever lie to her about anything.

Aiden speaks at the hearing, arguing against Eve's lawsuit. Aiden asks the court to dismiss the lawsuit. The Judge says she has already come to a decision and doesn't need to hear anymore.

Jordan wipes Rafe's cuts at the Pub. Rafe asks her to sit down so he can explain. Jordan tells him to go ahead. Rafe says he was out of his mind when Gabi went to prison and felt like he failed her like he failed their sister Arianna. Jordan questions him making excuses. Rafe says he's just trying to let her know what was going on in his mind. Jordan says he slept with the woman who hates her. Rafe says she doesn't hate her but Jordan insists. Rafe felt he couldn't do anything to help Gabi or Arianna because they both kept him in the dark about what was going on in their lives like Jordan with her past. She questions if he's saying it's her fault. Rafe says no and that he was disgusted with himself so he got drunk. Rafe states that he felt Jordan deserved someone better than him.

Ben tells Abigail about Jordan giving up her life to protect him and not getting close to anyone to make sure no one found out the truth. Ben talks about Rafe coming along and how he knew how hard it would be for Jordan to trust someone. Ben questions Kate sleeping with Rafe and what kind of person does something like that. Abigail replies that it's exactly what she did to Sami.

EJ walks into the living room and greets Sami and Kate. Kate comments that he looks cheerful for a man who lost everything. EJ says things are looking up. Kate asks how. EJ asks for a moment alone with Sami so Kate exits. EJ sits with Sami and says he knows things have been ghastly. Sami pulls away from him.

The Cardinal tells Eric that he's made a very important decision today and he believes it's the right one. He says he will be praying for him as Eric exits.

JJ tells Paige that he would never lie to her and talks about trying to be honest about the stuff with Theresa. Paige tells him it's not that. JJ asks if it's because he said he loved her and insists that he means that. Paige says she does too but she wants them to always be honest with each other is all. JJ gets a text reminder to register for his classes today. Paige offers her computer but JJ says his login information is at his house. JJ decides he could do it later but Paige tells him not to wait or the classes could get filled up. JJ agrees, kisses her and exits.

The Judge decides not to grant the summary judgment and will allow the case to continue to court. She warns that she almost didn't as she does feel the case is weak and is not sure it will hold up in court. She dismisses the court. Aiden apologizes to Jennifer. Jennifer thanks him for trying. Aiden says he will be in touch. Eve approaches Jennifer. Jennifer tells her that she's not interested in a settlement. Eve brings up their children. Jennifer says she wasn't interested in the children before so she doesn't trust that she will do something underhanded again. Eve warns her that JJ will hate her for dragging Paige through this. Eve then exits.

Ben tells Abigail that he didn't mean that. Abigail tells him it's okay. Abigail says he's right that what Kate did was hateful but so is what she did to Sami. Ben says Abigail is owning up to it while Kate was acting like she was better than them. Ben adds that Kate has no right to judge Abigail. Ben tells Abigail not to think she is anything like her. Abigail tells Ben that he was so angry when he was beating up Rafe that it scared her.

Jordan questions Rafe not thinking he was good enough for her so he slept with someone else. Rafe knows it doesn't make any sense and says all he knows for sure is that falling in love with her is the best thing to happen to him in a long time. Jordan has a hard time trusting men and says Rafe is the first one that she ever truly loved. Rafe responds that he loves her too. Rafe says what they had was so important to him and he was an idiot for risking it. Jordan tells him that he didn't risk it, he destroyed it.

Sami yells at EJ to stay away from her and throws a glass at him. EJ doesn't understand. Sami doesn't want him to touch her again and threatens to go to the police for a restraining order. Sami talks about the board being happy with the money they make. Kate comes in and tells Sami that the children are home and Sydney is asking for her. Sami thanks her and walks out. EJ then questions what Kate said to Sami.

Eve comes home. Paige asks how it went. Eve tells her that the judge shot down Jennifer's stunt but also said their case isn't air-tight. Paige worries that they might not when as she knows how much Eve is counting on that money. Paige thinks she has a way to help.

JJ comes home. Jennifer tells him that the judge denied their request to dismiss but it looks like they have a really good chance at winning when it goes to trial. JJ says that's great. Jennifer apologizes for this putting him in an awkward position. She suggests maybe things will get easier when Paige goes off to college. JJ asks what that means. Jennifer thinks the distance will do them both some good.

Abigail repeats that she couldn't believe what she was seeing when Ben beat up Rafe. Ben talks about growing up around men treating women like that. Abigail asks if that's why he can't stand Clyde. Ben mentions Clyde saying he inherited his mother's temper and talks about her always being scared of what would set Clyde off. Ben talks about Clyde hitting Jordan. Abigail can't believe he's capable of that. Ben says it drives him nuts that Clyde is so good at hiding his temper around others. Ben swore to never be like him but now says they might not be so different after all.

Rafe asks Jordan not to do this. Jordan says she should've seen this coming as she knew how Kate felt about him and that she wanted him back. Jordan says Sami was just doing Kate's dirty work. Rafe insists that Kate didn't want anyone to know. Jordan questions how naive he is and if he really thinks Kate never told Sami. Jordan says it all makes sense now and how Sami stared her down every time she saw her. Jordan feels Kate must have turned Sami against her. Jordan declares that Kate planned everything as she was out to destroy them and she did.

EJ tells Kate that he heard Sami about to forgive him. Kate says she doesn't know what he thinks he heard but she will never forgive him. EJ says he heard Sami say if he walked through the door. Kate says he didn't and lost his timing so he no longer has Sami. Kate tells EJ to leave with a little dignity. EJ threatens to make her very sorry as he walks out.

Nicole catches up with Eric in the garden and asks what happened and if he's back in. She questions him having a suitcase and asks if they are sending him somewhere else. Eric replies that he's going home. She asks if he'll be back at St. Luke's. Eric turns and reveals he's not going back to the priesthood.

Eve excitedly says Paige did it and assumes she talked JJ in to getting Jennifer to back down so they get what is rightfully theirs. Paige tries to explain but Eve continues her excitement at Paige getting involved and hugs her.

Jennifer tells JJ that Paige is a great girl but he's 18 years old and there's so many other girls. JJ shuts her down, saying there's never going to be any other girl but Paige as he's in love with her.

Abigail tells Ben that he's nothing like Clyde. Ben brings up what he did to Rafe and being out of control. Abigail understands he was trying to protect Jordan even if he went too far. Abigail says Clyde enjoys hurting women while Ben is the opposite of him. Ben thanks her and they kiss. Ben says he needs to get back to work and can't believe he was hoping they would have some time in their lives that weren't crazy then he kept the crazy going. Ben assures her that he won't do anything like that again. Abigail says they can fit in some non-crazy time.

Rafe tells Jordan that Kate knows how he feels about her and no matter what she does, she's always been honest with him. Rafe says what happened is not on Kate but on him. Jordan questions him still defending her and says maybe they do belong together. Rafe says it wouldn't work because he loves Jordan. Rafe wishes he could get her to understand and believe that. Jordan responds that she believes she should've left the town when she had the chance and never looked back. Rafe tries to stop her from leaving but she storms out of the Pub.

Sami comes back in and notes that EJ is gone. Kate hopes it was something she said. Sami says it was probably something she said. Sami tells her that she made it clear that nothing has changed and that she's never going to forgive him. Kate says it's good that she came to her senses and she'll have to stay strong to get what they want. Sami asks where it leaves them after they've gotten revenge. Kate says they'll be deliriously happy and filthy rich and promises that Sami will like it. Kate exits.

EJ meets with a man and says Victor speaks highly of him, so he's glad to have him on his team. He asks EJ about his idea. EJ says they will raise the profits and declares they are the only game in town. EJ sends the man to get to work.

Nicole questions if the Cardinal wouldn't reinstate him and wants to go talk to him. Eric stops her and says she doesn't understand. Eric says she cleared his name and the Cardinal believes he's innocent. Nicole questions why he's not a priest again then. Eric declares it's over, he's done and he's not going back to the priesthood.

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