Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/6/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/6/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami enters the living room, assuming Rafe isn't there on police business and mentions it not being for EJ. Rafe says he needs to ask her something. Sami doesn't want them to be interrupted and says she has one thing to say first.

Jordan tells Kate that she won't let her get to her anymore. Kate agrees. Jordan asks if she's happy now and accuses her of being after her since she first came to Salem. Jordan thought she had finally found somebody but then stops and says she won't give Kate the satisfaction.

Abigail and Ben kiss until Clyde appears and interrupts. Ben questions what he wants.

Nicole tells Eric that she's only there to help him. She says she will say her piece and he will be a priest again then he'll be rid of her. Eric doesn't want to speculate on how it will go. Nicole comments that he looks like he didn't sleep. Eric blames jet lag but Nicole knows it's more than that. She notes that he's been tense ever since he found out about going to the Vatican. Nicole wonders where the Cardinal is.

Clyde asks Ben to introduce him to Abigail. Ben tells him to get out. Abigail introduces herself. Clyde says he's very pleased to meet her.

EJ tells Victor that Kate and Sami didn't realize the value of the companies they bought. EJ says he has inside information to make them profit. Victor questions EJ being willing to share. EJ admits he wants something in return.

Rafe tells Sami to say what she has to say. Sami says she knows she broke his heart and admits she was wrong. Sami says Rafe tried to warn her about EJ but she didn't want to listen as she was so sure that she knew what she was doing but was wrong. Rafe passes on saying he told her. Sami tells Rafe that he was right about everything and talks about being so sure she could trust EJ as the man for her when the proof was right in front of her that he wasnt'.

Eric tells Nicole that he doesn't need her comfort and talks about not feeling in control of his own life. The Cardinal enters asking about raised voices. Eric assures him that everything is fine.

Victor tells EJ that he doesn't give hand outs to competitors. EJ calls it a simple exchange of information. They bring up past dealings. EJ wants contact information on some men who used to work for him. Victor asks if it's all to get back at Kate and Sami. EJ says his motives aren't his business and asks if they have a deal. Victor admits he may be interested.

Abigail tells Clyde that it's nice to meet him. Clyde says he came to make up for some of the issues between them. Clyde asks Abigail about working at the hospital. Ben tries to leave with her but Clyde warns him to stick around.

Kate tells Jordan about becoming CEO of DiMera Enterprises and being devoted to her family so she wouldn't waste a moment trying to hurt someone as insignificant as her. Jordan still believes that she would.

Sami brings up to Rafe how they met in witness protection. Sami doesn't think she'd be here or with Sydney if not for Rafe. Sami says she will never be able to repay him for what he's done. Rafe doesn't want anything from her. Sami brings up them raising and losing Grace together. Sami talks about Rafe keeping her together during the most difficult thing she ever survived. Sami says Rafe would've remained a good stepfather and friend forever if she didn't mess it up. Sami talks about Rafe getting with Kate and then Jordan. Sami brings up now that she's free so she understands what Rafe may think but says she's totally not there yet as she still has so many unresolved feelings. Sami assumes that's why Rafe is there. Rafe then asks if she's lost her mind.

The Cardinal meets with Eric and Nicole to get started.

Ben gets in Clyde's face. Abigail tries to calm him down. Clyde says he told Ben to stay so that he could be the one to leave. Clyde tells Abigail that it was a pleasure and hopes to see her again. Clyde offers to take them out to dinner. Ben reminds him that he was leaving. Clyde walks off. Ben apologizes. Abigail tells Ben that Clyde seemed to be trying but Ben shouts that she doesn't know him at all.

Kate doesn't think she can say anything to make a difference to Jordan. Jordan calls every word she says a lie and doesn't know how she managed to get Rafe to believe in her. Kate asks if Jordan believes it was Rafe's fault that they slept together. Kate says she feels sorry for Jordan and asks if she keeps reinventing herself because she can't satisfy anyone like Rafe. Jordan goes to hit Kate but stops. Kate tells her to go ahead if it will make her feel better so Jordan slaps Kate.

EJ continues pushing Victor to exchange information. EJ wants the contact information and 10% of the gross profit which he calls a consulting fee. Victor isn't surprised as EJ talks about getting their hands dirty. Victor says EJ's luck ran out when he married Sami.

Rafe tells Sami that she's seeing what she wants to see. Sami brings up that Rafe used to call her the love of his life and asks if those were empty words. Rafe calls it a lifetime ago and says he walked away from her with his eyes open. Sami argues that he was pathetically lonely which could be the only reason to sleep with Kate. Rafe mocks her. Sami argues with him. Sami tells him that if he wanted easy and uncomplicated then he got it with Jordan. Sami questions Rafe comparing what he had with Jordan to what they had. Rafe tells her not to when she threw away what they had every time EJ walked by. Sami accuses Rafe of having unresolved feelings for her. Rafe argues that she's not the center of his universe but the center of her own. Sami complains about trying to get him to be honest about his feelings and questions what he came for. Rafe asks if Kate told her that they slept together. Sami questions that being why he came and says she didn't tell her anything. Sami explains that she overheard Rafe and Kate talking about it. Rafe questions her telling Jordan. Sami claims Jordan got in her face for no reason. Sami adds that Jordan had a right to know. Rafe calls it all nonsense. Rafe calls her unbelievable. Rafe says she just wanted Jordan out of the way because now that EJ's out, she wants him back.

Jordan tells Kate that the slap was just the tip of her anger. Kate tells her to go ahead and vent since she's keeping secrets from everyone. Kate tells her to express her anger but she will break up her thing with Rafe on her own. Kate says what Jordan is hiding is so significant that she knows she's not good enough for him.

Ben apologizes for going off on Abigail and says he just wishes Clyde would go back to where he came from because they don't want him there. Abigail asks him about not believing Clyde wanting to make things right. Ben says he learned the hard way to never believe a word he says.

The Cardinal questions why Nicole destroyed the evidence. Nicole cries that she shouldn't have and how it was wrong and she wouldn't do it again. Nicole adds that she knows it was a sin. He calls it a difficult and unusual case with the lack of evidence and no statement from Kristen. He says Eric has been through a great deal. He says the decision would be so much easier with concrete evidence. Nicole questions what he's saying. She talks about regretting destroying the records. She begs him not to punish Eric for something she did when he did nothing wrong. She tells him to punish her instead. Nicole talks about Eric being in misery for months and how he just wants to be a priest again. Eric argues that Nicole just wants to control everything but this matter is beyond her control. Eric says it's not her place. Nicole says she's doing it for him. Eric wants her to keep quiet. The Cardinal tells Eric to take his own advice as he wants both of them to listen.

Ben didn't want Abigail to know anything about Clyde, much less to meet him. Abigail knows Ben has good reason to feel this way. Ben gets a text from Jordan, wanting to see him so he assumes maybe she will finally tell him what's going on with her. Abigail agrees to leave when she gets there so they can talk. Ben thanks her for being understanding. Abigail says it's the least she can do after he didn't walk away when he found out about EJ. Ben talks about both of their worlds going crazy.

Clyde meets with his contact Jeremiah from where he lives, outside the Pub and receives a stack of cash. Clyde asks how Jesse is doing.

Abigail tells Ben that hers has been a little crazier. Ben wishes they had some non crazy time because being with her is as good as it gets. Ben and Abigail kiss until Jordan arrives. Jordan asks Abigail if she told Ben what they found out. Abigail says she wanted to leave it to her and then walks away. Ben asks what she's talking about and what he doesn't know and if it's about her and Rafe.

Sami claims she was trying to let Rafe down easy. Rafe tells her that there is no hope for them. Sami complains about his ego and says she felt sorry for him. Rafe says he can't deal with her. Sami tells him to do his job and put EJ in prison where he belongs. Sami shouts that Rafe is leaving. Rafe stops and says as much as he hated EJ and knew she was making a huge mistake, he really hoped she would be happy. Rafe says it's kind of sad that she doesn't want the same thing for him. Sami yells back that she does just not with Jordan and that she knows Kate won't make him happy. Rafe exits. Sami mutters to herself that she made him happy as she sits down and looks at a photo of her and EJ. Sami remarks that she made him happy too.

EJ tells Victor that he didn't come to talk about Sami and asks if they have a deal or not. Victor says he'll have to look for the contact information but they shake hands. EJ thanks him. Victor says they've always been on the opposite ends of everything but his grand nephew is married to his stepson which technically makes him family. Victor warns EJ about the guys he's asking about and says he's playing with fire. EJ says he can handle it. Victor questions how handling Kate and Sami is working for him. Victor warns EJ that he may think he lost everything but he has a great deal more to lose.

Kate comes home to the living room and tells Sami that she saw Rafe tearing out of there like he was furious so she asks what's going on. Sami explains that he laid in to her about telling Jordan but he'll get over it. Kate gets a call and steps out.

Ben asks Jordan if she told Rafe about Clyde and if that's what is making trouble for them. Jordan says she didn't get a chance to. Ben then asks if it's because of what Sami said. Ben complains that Sami doesn't quit as she got Abigail fired. Jordan explains that what Sami said was true as Rafe admitted it. Ben questions what he did. Jordan wants Ben to promise not to lose it.

Clyde's contact Jeremiah tells him that after the explosion, Jesse had burns over all his body. He adds that Jesse and Beth Ann have three kids. Clyde questions them still being together. Clyde gives him the stack of money and tells him to see to it that she gets it. Clyde tells him that he may have to get used to it here.

The Cardinal says he has to do what he believes is right. He talks about reading all the information and listening to Nicole today so he is now ready to pronounce judgment. Nicole asks what he's decided. He responds that he needs to speak to Eric alone. Nicole exits. He apologizes for the process being so difficult and asks Eric if he has any more questions.

Abigail walks through the town square and sees Rafe. She starts to walk away but Rafe spots her and asks if she's seen Jordan. Rafe mentions T telling him that she was headed this way. Abigail claims not to know and suggests the club. Rafe says he was just there where he talked to T. Rafe walks on but Abigail stops him and admits that she just left her with Ben. Rafe questions her lying to him. Abigail admits that she did and thinks he should give them time alone.

Ben asks Jordan what Sami said. Jordan informs him that Rafe had sex with Kate. Ben asks if it was a long time ago but Jordan reveals to him that it happened again a few weeks ago.

Abigail tells Rafe that Ben can do more for Jordan than he can right now. Rafe responds that he doesn't care what she thinks as too many people have been trying to come between them and he's had it. Rafe goes after as Abigail tries to stop him. Rafe walks out of the town square to Jordan and Ben at the bench. Abigail follows trying to stop him. Ben gets up and punches Rafe in the face. Jordan and Abigail try to break up the fight.

Sami sits with the photo of her and EJ, questioning how he could do this to them when they were so good together. She think back to fighting with EJ at the time when he cheated on her. Kate comes back in and asks what she's doing. Sami claims she just realized that she needed to get the picture replaced. Kate questions what is going on in her head. EJ walks in to the mansion. Kate doesn't believe Sami and asks if she is having second thoughts about EJ while EJ listens in from the door.

Nicole walks to the garden, wondering what the Cardinal decided and what is going on in there. She declares that this is it, the last chapter. She says she would pray but has no idea what to ask for.

Eric states that he has asked all of his questions. The Cardinal talks about going over everything and how everyone believes that he is innocent. He declares that he will make arrangements for Eric to return to the priesthood immediately. He then asks Eric if that is what he wants.

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