Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/5/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/5/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eric has a dream about being in bed with Nicole and then wakes up.

Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor asks what he can do for him as he sounded upset on the phone. Sonny says he needs a favor. Sonny mentions appreciating Victor helping Will get to the magazine but now he wants Victor to call the editor and get her to back off of the article on Sami and EJ. Victor replies that he just can't do that.

EJ goes to see Will. Will thanks him for coming. EJ admits that he's the last person he thought would want to see him. Will says he's gone over things in his head and is trying to figure out what went wrong with EJ and Sami. Will says he's heard Sami's side but thinks it's only fair that he hears his side as well.

Rafe goes to the club and asks Ben if he's seen Jordan. Ben tells him that he saw her last night and she was a mess but wouldn't talk about what was wrong. Ben asks Rafe if he caught up with her yesterday. Rafe says he did. Ben asks what the hell is going on.

Jordan finishes jogging through the town square and stops to think back to Rafe admitting the truth. She wonders why and then spots Clyde in the distance so she runs the other way. Clyde sees Abigail sitting down and starts to approach but Adrienne joins Abigail and says she can't imagine how Sami can live with herself.

Sami talks on the phone at home with Mr. Shin. Kate enters the room. Sami tells him that EJ and Stefano are very impressed and adds that they will talk after the meeting as she hangs up. Kate says it sounds like the board is pleased. Sami talks about continuing to liquidate Stefano and EJ's assets. Kate asks what she's planning now. Sami shows her a folder. Kate asks if she's seriously prepared to cross this line. Kate says it's one thing to go after Stefano's businesses but a whole different thing to humiliate him personally. Kate says Stefano has no choice but to accept what they are doing right now because they are bringing in record profits. Kate tells Sami to stick to destroying EJ. Sami asks if she wants more time to keep Jordan away from Rafe. Kate says Sami already took care of that for her. Sami tells her that she's welcome.

Jordan goes home and looks at her phone. She thinks back to being in bed with Rafe and saying I love you. Jordan wonders if it was all a lie.

Kate tells Sami about defending Rafe and trying to take the blame but Jordan didn't believe her. Sami tells Kate that now she will have to face reality that Rafe is going to be single but Kate will still have a better chance at getting Stefano back than a happy future with Rafe.

Rafe tells Ben that it's not his place to tell him what's going on with Jordan. Ben asks if he gave her a hard time about their past. Rafe says no. Ben says it must be what Sami did then as she said something to Jordan that really upset her. Rafe realizes that Sami told Jordan and decides he has to go find Sami.

Eric has another dream about Nicole showing up at his room in a dress. He is then woken up by a knock at the door and gets out of bed. Eric answers the door and is greeted by a priest. He mentions wanting to make sure Eric was ready. Eric asks about Nicole. He tells him that she is resting and asks if he wants to see her but Eric says no.

Clyde listens in as Adrienne and Abigail talk about Abigail losing her job. Abigail says she has to face the consequences of her actions. She mentions sleeping with EJ which Clyde hears and then walks away. Adrienne asks Abigail what she's going to do now. Abigail doesn't know but won't let Sami have the satisfaction of her feeling sorry for herself. Abigail declares that she will move forward to something great.

Sonny questions Victor being unable to help when he got him the job. Victor says Will would be working for whichever editor hired him and he doesn't want to hinder creativity. Victor mentions Will writing a cover story. Sonny realizes that the expose was Victor's idea and he wanted Will to write the story on Sami and EJ.

EJ tells Will that things spiraled out of control but he never once stopped loving Sami. Will says he knows since EJ signed over to her. EJ admires what Sami did with the business. EJ adds that he thinks what Sami is doing is not in the best interest of the children. EJ says he's tried talking to her but he wants Will to talk to her.

Rafe goes to see Jordan at the hospital.

Sami tells Kate that it's clear that she has a pathetic hope for a future with Rafe that isn't going to happen. Sami argues that Rafe only slept with Kate in the first place to get back at her for choosing EJ which is a big mistake. Sami says she was the love of Rafe's life and then he found comfort in Kate and then a crutch in Jordan. Kate questions Sami thinking Rafe is still in love with her. Sami asks if it's that hard to believe. Kate laughs at her and calls her the most delusional woman on Earth.

Rafe asks Jordan not to throw away what they have. Jordan questions what that is. Jordan says Rafe insisted on knowing about her past because he cared and wanted no more lies or secrets. Jordan adds that she was ready to share all with him. Rafe apologizes. Jordan thought she knew everything there was to know with he and Kate as he promised she meant nothing to him. Rafe wants to explain but Jordan shouts that there's nothing left to explain.

Victor tells Sonny that he had nothing to do with Will writing the story. Sonny argues that Victor knew the editor would give the story to Will. Victor praises Will's work and calls it a perfect opportunity for a young writer. Sonny says the problem is that Will wants to do the piece so Victor asks why he's standing in his way.

EJ realizes Will is in an awkward position but he's concerned for Sami and needs someone to listen to him. EJ says Sami and Kate are playing a dangerous game and Stefano will lose his patience. EJ says it will be his job to protect Sami and their family. Will questions them still being family. EJ says their children are an unbreakable bond and he considers Will, Allie, and Arianna part of the family too. EJ feels they've been through worse so he's never giving up.

Adrienne goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront Sami. Sami says she's happy she stopped by. Adrienne says she might not be when she hears what she has to say. Adrienne declares that she won't stand idly by. Sami says she will make Abigail suffer for betraying her and calls her a slut. Sami tells her to let Abigail know that she's just getting warmed up.

Eric gets dressed in his suit and looks in the mirror where he imagines being in his priest collar and then imagines Nicole joining him. Eric says this has to stop.

Rafe tells Jordan that there's a lot to explain and he's not going to make excuses. Jordan understands he was hurting because of Gabi but he shut her out and went to Kate. Rafe argues that he wasn't thinking at all. Jordan feels Rafe felt he couldn't come to her while he was hurting. Rafe didn't want to let her down like he did Gabi. Jordan says he let her down now. Jordan tells him not to say what happened with Kate didn't mean anything because it meant a hell of a lot.

Sonny talks about Will first writing the story to not want to hurt anyone but now he wants to teach Sami a lesson. Sonny doesn't like how Will is involved in this as it's not good for his family. Sonny worries that Sami will feel this is the ultimate betrayal. Victor tells Sonny that he came to him to help Will. Sonny says he's grateful. Victor says now Sonny wants him to interfere again. Victor warns Sonny about Will finding out how he got the job or that Sonny was interfering in him doing this piece. Victor tells Sonny to trust Will's judgment and back off or he'll be sorry.

EJ asks Will to think about what he said and thanks him for hearing him out as it's the most he could have asked for. EJ exits. Will goes to his phone where he recorded their conversation.

Adrienne brings up Sami's past with Austin. Sami says that's when she was a kid. Adrienne asks for her excuse for the last two decades. Sami says Abigail destroyed her children's family. Adrienne points out that EJ had a hand in it and maybe the children are better off without him. Adrienne says Sami upset Sonny by attacking Abigail. Sami questions her attacking her now. Sami tells Adrienne to give her one minute and then she'll hear whatever she has to say. Adrienne agrees and sits down. Sami brings up Adrienne being friends with Kayla and says that's the kind of friendship that she thought she was developing with Abigail. Sami brings up Abigail thinking she was pregnant with EJ's child and how she held her hand through it. Sami brings up Justin working with EJ to push Stefano out of the company. She reveals that EJ had Justin followed to make sure he was loyal. Sami talks about a fight Justin and Adrienne had back then and how Kayla was lonely after leaving Steve. Sami says she's sure they didn't want to hurt her but she has the proof and hands over an envelope.

Eric prays for help to remove the lust for Nicole from his thoughts. The priest returns and informs Eric that it's time.

Ben and Abigail sit outside the town square. Ben informs her that he got her some job leads. She is surprised and says it's so sweet of him. She looks over the list while Ben brings up working at the club again. Abigail thanks Ben for the list. Ben knows she didn't need his help but he wanted to show her how many options she had. Ben praises her and says no matter what she does, she will be brilliant at it as they kiss.

Will works on his computer as Sonny returns home. They talk about Arianna. Sonny asks how the article is going. Will says it's slower as he asked EJ to come by and he said some things which made him question whether this is the right thing to do. Will says he doesn't want to hurt Sami but she's out of control. Will adds that maybe writing the expose isn't the best way and maybe she needs a voice of reason.

Adrienne doesn't believe Sami. Sami informs her that she found the proof in Stefano's safe while cleaning the house and they have a lot of information on a lot of people. Sami says her instinct was to burn the photos. Adrienne continues to accuse her of lying. Sami goes to put them away but Adrienne grabs the envelope and opens it. Adrienne sees inside that it's just Sami's wedding photos. Sami teases her that for a moment, she believed and now knows how Sami felt. Sami says it was a little taste of what it's like except for her it will never go away. Sami hopes Adrienne now understands why she is doing what she's doing. Sami warns her that if she can't understand then she should stay out of her way. Sami encourages her to show some compassion and think about Abigail's behavior. Adrienne declares she should've known it was a mistake to come. Sami agrees as Adrienne storms out.

Rafe knows he hurt Jordan and tells her how terrible he feels. Rafe wanted to be the one to tell her the truth and he was going to yesterday. Jordan asks if it was before or after he said he loved her. Rafe insists that he loves her with all of his heart. Jordan wishes she could believe it but says Sami was right all along that she was fooling herself. Jordan says she helped him get back on his feet and he was grateful until he didn't need her anymore. Rafe tries to stop her but she exits.

Kate meets EJ at the club and tells her about her and Sami's latest moves. EJ complains about needing his funds. Kate tells EJ that he no longer has a job, a home, or a family. EJ responds that she hasn't given him much choice.

Sonny suggests Will call the editor and say he no longer wants to do it. Will gets a call from Adrienne. She wants him to hear from her before Sami gets him involved. She tells him about Sami's mission to make Abigail pay. Will says he knows and asks what Sami did now. Adrienne informs Will that Sami forced Abigail to resign from the hospital or she would've made Kayla fire her.

Eric prays and says today he receives his news as Nicole then arrives.

Abigail asks Ben how he always knows how to make her feel better. Ben calls it a gift. She thanks him for the giftbox he made her and they continue kissing until Clyde appears.

Kate exits the club and runs into Jordan. Jordan asks if Kate thinks she won Rafe back. Kate says she was telling the truth that it was all her fault. Jordan calls every word of hers a lie.

Victor finds EJ in his living room. EJ brings up the idea he had of them working together. Victor questions him saying that and asks if he really bought his offer. EJ says he knows he called him to gloat. EJ tells Victor that he still stands to lose money if the companies he bought don't produce and he knows how to make them produce. EJ is willing to share his expertise with Victor if he's willing to do his part.

Will can't believe Sami would do that. Adrienne tells Will about Sami's lie about Justin and Kayla. Will says he's so sorry. Adrienne tells him that he has nothing to be sorry about as it's Sami who is a one woman destruction machine that is hellbent on destroying Abigail and anyone who defends her. Adrienne declares that Sami needs to be stopped. Will agrees and asks if she wants to talk to Sonny but she says she will call him later. Will thanks her and they hang up. Will tells Sonny that he's now made up his mind that he is definitely writing the article.

Harold informs Sami that Rafe is there to see her. Sami is happy and checks herself in the mirror, saying she knew he would come. Sami enters the living room with a smile and greets Rafe.

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