Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ talks to Ben at the club about him being Jordan's brother and Paige seeing him in Miami. Ben says he hated lying but had to protect his sister. JJ asks if he told Abigail or if he was lying to her too.

Abigail tells Jordan not to listen to Sami as she is just upset with her. Sami says she has a problem with cheaters and asks Abigail why that is. Abigail gets that she's angry and tells her to be angry at her not Jordan. Sami says she's just trying to give Jordan a heads up. Jordan doesn't believe her. Sami apologizes for it coming out that way but says it's true as she overheard Kate and Rafe talking about it.

Kate thinks keeping quiet is the best thing in the long run but Rafe feels it's not fair to anyone. Kate argues that it was one time and didn't continue so it was a mistake not an affair. Rafe feels it was a really bad thing that he did to Jordan. Kate tells him to be extra nice to her and make sure it never happens again. Rafe compares it to EJ's affair. Kate tells him not to compare himself to EJ. Rafe says he knows he's not like EJ so that's why he can't sit on this and pretend nothing happened.

Kristen's guard approaches the storage door with his gun but walks away as Daniel holds Kristen's mouth shut. He has her gagged while he checks the door. Daniel warns her as he removes it. Kristen tells him that he will get caught. Daniel tells her that she'll be the one who's sorry.

Theresa goes to see Brady. Brady tells her that stopping by is not a good idea. Theresa says she has a reason. Brady says he has to get to a meeting. Theresa gives him the papers for their annulment.

Eric sits on the plane to Rome where the woman next to him happens to be named Kristen. She leaves her seat as Eric looks out the window. As Eric turns back, Nicole takes the seat. Eric is surprised and questions her since he made sure the bishop put her on a later flight. Nicole tells him that things changed.

Jordan questions Sami hearing Kate and Rafe. Sami knows it's hard and explains what she heard. Jordan says she has to go and walks away. Abigail follows asking if she's okay. Jordan says she just has to get out and exits. Abigail goes back to Sami and questions what is wrong with her. Abigail tells Sami that her hurting has turned her into a monster.

Kate tells Rafe that EJ got caught and got what he deserved. Rafe asks if she thinks it couldn't happen here. Kate says no one has pictures of them and only they know what happened and that it won't happen again. Kate adds that Jordan will be crushed if he tells her so she asks why he would want to do that. Kate gets a text from Sami, informing her that Jordan knows everything. Kate tells Rafe it's nothing but she should get going if Jordan is meeting him. They agree that it wouldn't be good if Jordan saw them talking. Kate tells Rafe to think about it hard before doing anything. Kate heads to the back to see Allie.

Abigail tells Sami that Jordan never did anything to her. Sami says she should've minded her own business and blames Abigail. Abigail tells her that she could've just destroyed their relationship. Sami says people who cheat do that. Abigail tells Sami that she's a flat out bitch. Sami calls that better than a lying slut. Sami brings up how proud her grandparents must be of her.

Jordan goes to the Pub and sees Rafe sitting inside. She enters and Rafe greets her. They sit together. Kate remains nearby. Rafe asks if Jordan is okay after seeing Clyde. Rafe asks if there's a problem he can help with. Jordan then asks Rafe if he had sex with Kate again after they were together.

Ben tells JJ that the story had to be the same for everyone to make it work. Ben explains that he was a minor when Jordan got him out of state. Ben says they will deal with Clyde as they aren't running again. JJ tells him to let him know if he needs anything. JJ says they are good as long as Abigail doesn't get hurt. Abigail arrives and asks what's up. JJ tells her that Ben just told him everything. Abigail thinks it's about her so she tells JJ that she resigned from the hospital which surprises him and he questions why.

Nicole tells Eric that her flight was cancelled so she had to get on this one. Nicole complains and Eric brings up the other woman. Nicole says she asked to switch seats. Eric tells her to trade back. Nicole tells him that he will have to deal with her in Rome so he might as well now.

Kristen brings up Daniel's temper and questions what happened with Jennifer to change him so much. She imagines Daniel was a jerk to screw things up. Daniel says Kristen screws up and has outdone herself this time. Kristen says he has no idea what her intentions with Brady were. Kristen tells Daniel that he is not protecting Brady because she's the one that can save him.

Theresa tells Brady that she found the forms online and it's not that complicated as he just has to sign so it will be like it never happened. Theresa asks Brady what's the matter and asks if it's exactly what he wanted.

Abigail sits with JJ and informs him about her leaving the hospital because of Sami. She mentions waiting for a text from Jordan in the middle of a crisis. JJ questions her taking care of others while this is going on. Abigail insists that she's fine. JJ is sorry for what she's going through but says she's taking it really well. Abigail feels she deserves some of this as she brought it on herself. JJ calls her really strong and says he's really proud of her. She thanks him and they hug. JJ walks away and Ben sits with Abigail. She tells him that she's trying to get a hold of Jordan. Ben says he will be right back and walks away. Abigail hopes for Jordan to text her back so she knows she's okay.

Kate listens in as Rafe wants to go somewhere else to talk about it. Jordan questions if it's true. Rafe admits it's true and asks if they can go somewhere so he can explain. Jordan doesn't want details. Jordan questions Rafe saying he loves her and sleeping with someone else.

Daniel questions Kristen thinking she can save Brady. Kristen blames their wedding being interrupted. Kristen says none of this would've happened. Daniel tells her that she caused it all. Kristen says she can fix it as she knows how to help him. Daniel says Brady has his friends and family. Kristen argues that she knows him better than anybody as they are still connected. Kristen wants to speak with him just for a minute so she can help him.

Brady tells Theresa that it is what he wanted but he's just surprised. Theresa knows he's worried about John and says this wasn't hard to handle. Brady thanks her but says he's surprised at how quick a big mistake can be erased. Brady wishes everything in life was that way. Brady gets a call and steps out to take it. Theresa looks over at the fireplace poker.

JJ goes to the hospital and a nurse informs him that Jennifer left. JJ then spots Sami and approaches her. JJ tells her that what she is doing is out of control. Sami asks if Abigail sent him to fight her battles for her.

Jordan says she can't believe she fell for him. Rafe tries to explain. Jordan says she trusted him and how big of a deal that was for her. Jordan continues questioning him. Kate interrupts and tells Jordan that it was all her fault. Rafe says it's not a good time. Kate tries to say she pushed everything. Kate talks about Rafe drinking after Gabi went to prison and how she took advantage. Jordan tells her to stop as Kate continues. Jordan gets up and storms out. Rafe goes after her while Kate says she tried to help.

JJ tells Sami that Abigail didn't send him but they might as well have a talk. Sami says everyone wants to give Abigail a free pass but she won't. JJ asks if she doesn't care who gets hurt. JJ brings up Will and how he feels about Sami going after her. JJ thinks Will is going to be embarrassed by what Sami is doing to Abigail. Sami agrees and asks JJ if he's kind of embarrassed that Abigail slept with EJ.

Abigail tells Ben about looking for a new job but not having a reference from the hospital. Ben mentions the club being a possibility and kisses her.

Theresa stares at the fireplace poker and thinks back to knocking out John. Brady comes back in. She asks why he's looking at her like that. Brady says he can't believe he didn't think about what happened that night before and how she said she'd go to prison for what happened that night. Brady asks if he's right.

Daniel tells Kristen that it's unlikely that seeing her will heal Brady. Kristen asks what he's trying to say. Daniel tells her that he's going to bring her to Salem and a few people will come see her behind bars. Kristen says she doesn't do jail. Daniel tells her it will be a whole different experience for her as she will answer for drugging and raping Eric. Kristen says Eric's name could've been cleared months ago but he'll still hang it on her. Kristen argues that Nicole played God with Eric's life just as much as she did.

Eric tells Nicole that they don't have to spend time together. Nicole calls it work and says they can over everything. Eric asks if she wants to go over stories or lies. Nicole says she just wanted to make sure they are prepared for any questions. Eric doesn't feel it's necessary. Nicole questions him being so cold to her and what else she can do to undo the damage. Nicole asks if she's that disgusting that he can't sit next to her on an airplane. Eric says yes because he doesn't feel comfortable being in the same room as her. Eric adds that what Nicole did in betraying him may be even worse than what Kristen did.

Daniel tells Kristen that this isn't about Nicole. Kristen brings up Nicole tampering with the evidence and Daniel buying her lies. Kristen says they all have a lot to answer for.

Theresa says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Brady brings up her telling the cops that he hit John in self-defense and how Theresa could go to prison if they find out that's not the truth. Brady says it's a big deal that she protected him. Theresa says she didn't lie. Brady asks if it was the truth. Theresa insists that it wasn't his fault and tells him to stop punishing himself. Brady agrees not to bring it up again. Brady says he has to go. Theresa knows he needs space and says that's why she had the annulment done up so fast. Brady admits it helped. Theresa asks if they can eventually be friends again.

JJ tells Sami that he won't judge Abigail. Sami mocks the idea and brings up Abigail losing her job. JJ tells Sami that she should be going after EJ. Sami tells JJ to ask Abigail what really happened and brings up the details. JJ doesn't want to hear it. Sami says he'll always think she was innocent. JJ calls her a hypocrite and questions Sami never making mistakes or breaking a rule. Sami brings up JJ dealing drugs and getting off easy. Sami calls them pampered little brats that get away with whatever they want. Sami tells him that she will see to it that Abigail pays because she deserves everything she's done and what she's going to do.

Abigail and Ben joke about her working with him. Ben brings her the gift box he made for her. Abigail is surprised, not knowing that he did art work. Ben talks about Jordan always looking out for him. Abigail hopes now he can look out for Jordan.

Rafe follows Jordan out of the town square and asks her to listen to him and hear him out.

JJ warns Sami that she will be really sorry if she messes with Abigail again. JJ exits. Sami mocks him and says she's just getting started as Kate texts her that it was perfect timing and she owes her one. Sami says she will collect.

Ben asks Abigail what's wrong with Jordan. Abigail tells him about their exchange with Sami earlier and how Sami went off on Jordan and said nasty things. Abigail tells Ben that Jordan might need her. Ben asks where she is now. Abigail says she's supposed to be with Rafe but she isn't sure as she's not texting back. Ben decides to call her and thanks Abigail as he steps away.

Rafe tells Jordan that he hates that he hurt her so much. Jordan asks if Kate was telling the truth that he was drunk. Rafe says he was but he's not going to blame Kate. Jordan mocks her covering for him. Rafe says to forget about Kate as this is about them. Jordan says it's not anymore. Jordan tells him that if he cares about her then he should leave her alone as she walks off.

Nicole understands Eric is mad and hates her but says he has no right to compare her to Kristen. Nicole asks what is wrong with him. Nicole says all she wants to do is help him and he needs that to be a priest again but he's doing everything he can to make her not want to help him. She asks what's going on in his head as she gets up. Eric continues staring out the window and wonders what is going on.

Brady tells Theresa that he can't look at her and see what he did that night. Brady says his dad could die because of what he did so no matter how much he wants to be friends with her, he can't get that image out of his head. Brady adds that he likes her and she doesn't deserve the town being so rough on her. Brady tells her to be good to herself as she exits. Theresa walks away with tears in her eyes. Brady pulls out his phone and looks at a picture of John, telling him to come back to them so this nightmare can finally be over.

Daniel keeps Kristen tied up. She questions what he's going to do as he'll be caught and can't get past. She tells him to leave her behind, and she'll make sure he gets out safely. Daniel calls her crazy and he loves how she thinks she's in charge. Kristen says she is as he's trapped. Daniel argues that she's trapped. Kristen tells him that he will never take her back to Salem. Daniel says they will see.

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