Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/1/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/1/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben approaches Abigail at the club. Abigail tells him that she's writing her resignation letter. Ben hates that. Abigail is surprised he's talking to her as she thought he may avoid her after what Kate said. Ben thinks Kate was calling him a loser but Abigail encourages him.

JJ and Paige go to the lake. JJ repeats that he's in love with her and they kiss.

Maggie comes home to find Eve in the living room. Eve mentions Victor being there earlier and not being very inviting. Maggie questions why she's there. Eve tells her that there's a crisis and she's hoping she can fix it.

Kate and Sami talk at the Pub about the board and how Stefano and EJ are going to have a cow. They joke about them. Sami says they haven't seen nothing yet. Kate mentions running into Abigail with Ben and she got so much pleasure from twisting the knife.

Jordan thinks Clyde is just trying to rattle her but Clyde informs her that he has proof stashed away. Jordan thinks he's lying. Clyde asks if she wants to see it. Rafe enters. Clyde asks to be introduced. Jordan introduces Rafe to her stepfather Clyde. Clyde tells him it's a pleasure to meet the man who stole his little girl's heart.

Kristen returns to the room to find Daniel no longer tied up. Daniel then grabs her from behind and covers her mouth. Daniel tells her not to move.

Ben thanks Abigail and assures her that he's not a loser and is okay with who he is. Abigail asks if heard something similar from his father.

Rafe tells Clyde that it's nice to meet him as he didn't know he was in town. Clyde says he's been there a couple of days and calls Jordan, Tammy Sue. Clyde informs Rafe that it's her given name so it's hard to get used to calling her Jordan.

Maggie questions Eve thinking she can help with her crisis. Eve says she's been forced into a lawsuit with Jennifer. Maggie says she knows all about it. Eve tells her that Jennifer won't win so it could get quite ugly and expensive. Maggie asks why she's telling her all of this. Eve says Jennifer won't listen to reason for her so she's hoping Maggie can talk sense in to her.

JJ and Paige continue kissing until JJ stops and decides it's not the best place. JJ mentions having to text Daniel because he forgot before as he has a medical conference in St. Louis. JJ mentions Daniel getting to take a break from the hospital and relax a little.

Daniel tells Kristen to settle down as she struggles. Kristen breaks free and tries to run but Daniel catches her and chokes her out. Daniel lays her on the bed then checks the door. Daniel picks Kristen up and carries her out of the room where her guard calls out for her.

Ben tells Abigail that his dad has done some uncool things. Abigail is sorry. Ben tells her that it's okay as Jordan has helped him learn to ignore Clyde. Abigail suggests maybe he didn't mean the things he's said. Ben goes back to work.

Kate and Sami poke fun at Stefano and EJ. Sami tells her about giving away EJ's first racecar to a children's museum. Sami says all their power and possessions are a memory now. Sami mentions having to tend to hospital board meeting. Kate tells Sami that she will need a favor in return. Kate brings up Jordan but Sami stops her and says she's not on her radar.

Jordan tells Rafe that she can explain later. Clyde tells her to talk now as he will leave. Clyde talks about not having a lot of time together but having to catch up. Clyde tells Rafe that he will see him soon. Rafe asks how long he's staying in Salem. Clyde says he's starting to like it since his family moved there but he shouldn't get ahead of himself. Clyde exits. Rafe asks Jordan about the name Tammy Sue.

Ben returns to Abigail as she finishes her resignation letter and lets him read it. Ben asks why she can't just say she quit and if she really has to go in to detail. Abigail explains that it's the language she has to use according to Sami. Ben says he's sorry about it all. Abigail thanks him and exits to go turn it in as Clyde appears.

Kate questions Sami being dismissive about Jordan. Sami says they are frying bigger fish. Kate says it's just a small favor if she cares about Rafe. Sami says they both know Jordan is not best for Rafe. Sami asks Kate if she realizes that she doesn't have a long term relationship with Rafe in the future. Kate says they just have a good time together. Sami asks who she thinks she's talking to.

Jordan tells Rafe that she was going to tell him about Clyde but it never seemed like the right time. Rafe knows she's been trying so now he's here listening. Rafe gets a call from the station and answers. Rafe says he'll be there in ten. Jordan tells Rafe that it's fine. Rafe asks if they can meet at the Pub in an hour. Jordan agrees. Rafe promises everything will be okay. Rafe tells her he loves her and she says the same as they kiss goodbye. Rafe then exits while Jordan holds back tears.

JJ finishes texting Daniel. Paige talks about Daniel being a great guy and Eve coming on strong to him. JJ talks about Daniel not letting stuff get to him. JJ regrets how he initially treated Daniel but everything changed. Paige asks what he was texting about then apologizes if it's not her business. JJ says he just wanted to thank him for giving him advice about her.

Maggie questions Eve wanting her to talk some sense into Jennifer. Eve tells her that JJ is worried about the lawsuit and she doesn't blame him. Eve talks about their name being dragged through the mud but it could be avoided. Maggie talks about Jennifer believing Eve is hurting Jack's cause. Maggie tells her that Jennifer knew exactly where Jack wanted the proceeds of the book to go. Eve says they would still be talking in a civil fashion if not for Daniel.

Daniel carries Kristen into a storage closet and places her on the floor. He shuts the door and stops for a breather then realizes that he forgot his phone.

Daniel's phone rings with the text from JJ as Kristen's guard wakes up and another enters questioning where Daniel and Kristen are.

Sami questions Kate going after Stefano for what he did to Rafe and says there's no way she would do that unless she was deeply in love with Rafe. Kate tells Sami that she's not adverse to using her feelings to get what she wants. Sami admits she'd go to bed with the devil to get back at EJ. Sami remarks that she's only had to team up with one of the devil's ex girlfriends to get what she wants, so far at least. Sami then leaves the Pub.

Jordan runs into Abigail at the hospital and drops her papers. Abigail asks if she's okay as she seems distracted. Abigail asks if it's because her stepdad is in town.

Clyde goes to the club and comments to Ben about Abigail having to leave so soon. Ben tells him that he is nothing like him.

JJ talks about Daniel advising him to just focus on them instead of their moms hating each other.

Maggie questions Eve about what Daniel has to do with her problems with Jennifer. Eve talks about their breakup and mocks Jennifer. Maggie asks what her point is. Eve talks about Daniel showing interest in her which made Jennifer jealous and possessive. Eve says it's not surprising and jokes about how men can be around her. Maggie then reveals that Daniel is her son which shocks Eve.

Daniel checks the door. Kristen wakes up and attacks him from behind.

Abigail tells Jordan that Ben told her about Clyde. Jordan says they weren't expecting him and mentions Rafe meeting him. Abigail figures they didn't have a great relationship. Jordan says it was anything but and now she has to try to explain it all to Rafe. Jordan doesn't want anything to get in the way of she and Rafe. Abigail says anyone can see how much they love each other. Jordan sees Abigail's letter and questions her resigning and what happened. Abigail tells her that she had an affair with a board member so now she's out of a job.

Clyde tells Ben that he's not like him at all because he never ran from anything. Ben argues that no self-respecting man would want his life. Clyde reminds him that he's his father and he's in charge of their family now. Clyde says Jordan has accepted the way things are and tells Ben to fall in line behind her.

JJ explains to Paige how Daniel advised him to enjoy the moments one day at a time before Paige leaves for college. JJ doesn't want to think about Paige leaving in less than a month. Paige tells him that she will be back for holidays and he can come see her. JJ talks about them not being able to hang out when they want. Paige decides they should go. JJ asks if something is wrong but Paige says she just needs to go and hurries off.

Eve questions Maggie having a son. Maggie says it's a long story that she won't get into with her. Eve jokes that she had no idea she was so wild and remarks about Maggie reuniting with a child that she threw away. Maggie yells at her to shut up. Maggie tells her to get out. Eve thinks they got off on the wrong foot. Eve wants to rewind so she can tell her why she's there. Maggie isn't interested but Eve begs and says it's for Jennifer's sake. Maggie tells her to cut to the chase. Eve tells her that she came because she's hoping they can come to an understanding on money.

Kristen tries to escape but Daniel pulls her back down and covers her. Daniel tells her that it's his game now.

Rafe goes to the Pub and runs in to Kate. Rafe tells her that he's meeting Jordan. Kate asks if they had their serious talk. Rafe tells her about Clyde showing up out of the blue. Kate says it could be nice to have family around but Rafe feels it's anything but nice as she seemed very uncomfortable around him. Kate suggests it may not be the time to tell Jordan about what happened between them then.

Ben questions Clyde what he means by how things are. Clyde shows Ben the check Jordan gave him to make up for what she did to him. Ben says it has to be every cent Jordan has. Ben says Clyde doesn't give a damn about bankrupting him. Clyde says Jordan stole from him so they still owe him.

Jordan tells Abigail that she's so confused and questions Sami's involvement. Abigail informs her that she slept with EJ. She hates that it happened and calls it a huge mistake. Jordan says EJ is just as responsible. Abigail says Sami is getting back at them but it will be okay as she will get another job eventually. Sami then arrives and sees them.

Maggie tells Eve that there is no way they could ever come to an understanding with the main reason being that their conversation reminded her of who Eve really is. Eve argues that she just wants her fair share. Maggie says there's nothing fair about this. Eve tells Maggie that she's only going to be hurting JJ. Maggie tells her to get out. Eve remarks about her giving away her son years ago. Maggie yells at her to get out so Eve exits. Maggie grabs the phone and looks at a photo of Jennifer, JJ, and Abigail.

JJ brings Paige home, apologizing if he said anything wrong. Paige kisses him and tells him to text her later as she heads inside.

Daniel ties Kristen up and gags her, asking how it feels. One of her guards calls out to her from outside so she tries to scream but Daniel covers her mouth.

Ben tells Clyde that he will never give him a penny. Clyde laughs it off and says he broke him before and he will break him again. Clyde then exits.

Kate tells Rafe that they both acknowledge that what happened was a mistake. Kate is sure Rafe and Jordan will eventually be secure in their love. Kate tells him that they are in the early stages of their relationship so she questions taking the risk of destroying the relationship. Rafe says withholding the information is cowardly and he's not going to lie. Rafe declares that he's going to tell Jordan about them and the longer he waits, the worse it will be.

Sami questions Abigail turning in her resignation. Jordan can't believe she is doing this to Abigail. Sami can't believe Jordan is sticking her nose in her business. Jordan says Sami thrives on making people suffer. Jordan questions Sami crossing lines herself and what right she has to judge others. Jordan says Sami doesn't know her but it's clear that she doesn't like her with Rafe. Jordan says she has something deep with Rafe while Sami couldn't pull that off. Sami mocks what Jordan has with Rafe. Abigail tells her to back off because Jordan and Rafe are happy and Rafe loves her. Sami questions if Rafe really loves Jordan and if so, why he's still having sex with Kate.

Maggie goes to the Horton house to see JJ. JJ asks why. Maggie says she's worried about him and asks how he's dealing with the lawsuit. JJ says it's awful but he and Paige are doing okay and not going to let that ruin things for them. JJ adds that he really likes Paige a lot. Maggie asks about them being okay. JJ says they are. Maggie questions why he looks so sad. JJ says he's just a little confused but he will figure it out.

Eve complains to Paige about Maggie. Paige stops her and asks if it can wait because there's something she needs to tell her. Eve asks what it is but the phone rings. Eve says it's business and steps out to answer. Paige tells herself that she's fine but Eve won't be when she hears what she has to say.

Maggie makes a call saying she's mad as Hell and needs to talk about Eve and a lawsuit.

Kristen's guard approaches the storage door with his gun and prepares to open it.

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