Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/31/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/31/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel realizes Kristen wants Brady there and he's the bait. Kristen admits that she wants to see Brady and she's going to see him because Daniel will bring him to her tonight. Daniel says he won't lift a finger to get Brady to her. Kristen tells him that he doesn't have to do anything as it's already happening. Kristen says she's going to use Daniel's phone to text Brady to get him there. Daniel questions her thinking it will work. She says she knows it will. Daniel tells her to go for it.

Rafe goes to the club and asks Ben if he's talked to Jordan today because he's looking to catch up while he has the feeling she's avoiding him.

Clyde shows up in Jordan's office at the hospital and says he thinks she's been avoiding him.

Kate goes to see Arianna but Will tells her she's asleep. Will wants to catch up and asks Kate how she and Sami plotted their revenge against EJ and Stefano.

EJ asks Victor what he's proposing. Victor says it's a little consulting job. Victor asks if he's curious as to what companies he wants him to consult on.

Sami greets Abigail at the door and tells her EJ isn't there. Abigail informs her that she came for her. Sami says she has nothing to say to her. Abigail says she will do all the talking. Sami mocks Abigail losing her job and says she will be expecting her letter of resignation tomorrow morning. Abigail asks if she's proud of herself. Sami points out letting her resign instead of firing her. Abigail asks if she thinks she's scared of her. Sami says she does and wants her gone but Abigail stats that she's not done with her yet.

Kate brings up Nick taking photos of EJ and Abigail at the cabin and arranged for them to be sent to Sami if anything happened to him. Will questions Sami reaching out to Kate for help. Kate says they share a common enemy. Will questions EJ and Stefano not seeing this coming. Kate says they were too busy trying to take each other down while they stroked their egos. Will points out Kate and Stefano not even being together. Kate says when the stakes are high enough, she can convince anyone of anything.

Ben tells Rafe that Jordan is not avoiding him but has just been working crazy hours. Ben mentions Jordan wanting to talk to him about a few things and assures that she cares about him. Rafe says he cares about her too and wants to talk to her about everything.

Clyde comments on everyone at the hospital loving Jordan. Jordan questions him talking to people there. Clyde mentions asking for his daughter in order to find her.

EJ thinks this is just an excuse for Victor to gloat. EJ tells him to enjoy it while he can because he and Sami will resolve their differences. EJ tells him that he will be back running DiMera Enterprises very soon. Victor tells EJ of his companies that he wants him to consult on, called Phoenix Limited and Stefano & Elvis Holdings.

Abigail asks Sami if she's thought about why EJ chose her. Sami argues that EJ chose her while Abigail was just a distraction. Abigail mocks Sami sleeping alone. Sami calls it a mistake that meant nothing. Abigail says that's not what he told her. Sami tells her that men will say anything to get laid. Sami says EJ wasn't getting any from her so Abigail was nearby. Abigail argues that she knows that's not true and accuses her of being furious and scared.

Daniel brings up John being in the hospital and Brady being a wreck over it so he questions Brady hopping on a plane over one text. Daniel tells her to go ahead and send the text. She questions if it's all he's got. Kristen knows Daniel is afraid the text will work. Daniel says neither of them really know so there's only one way to find out. Daniel tells her to go ahead and do it. Kristen throws the phone away in frustration. Kristen asks if it's so hard to understand that she just wants to see Brady and make sure he's okay. Kristen just wants reassurance that she didn't completely ruin Brady's life. Kristen asks to know what's going on in his life. Daniel suggests they can strike a deal. Daniel wants her word that going after his children is off the table and he wants to know where this is going. Kristen agrees to it and tells him to ask her anything that he wants to know. Daniel asks if she really thinks he'd fall for that and calls her a freaking lunatic.

Will goes over Kate and Sami scamming the board. Kate says there is now more than enough money for everyone on the board. Kate says she has a meeting to get to so she will be heading out. Will is sorry she didn't get to see Arianna. They hug goodbye and Kate exits. Will goes to his phone where he reveals that he recorded his conversation with Kate.

Sonny joins Rafe at the club and asks how it's going. Sonny asks about Rafe seeing Gabi because he has pictures of Arianna to send with him. Rafe agrees to and decides to get going. Ben tells Rafe that Jordan might be at the hospital. Rafe thanks him and exits.

Clyde asks Jordan about Rafe. Jordan says they might as well get this over with. Clyde asks if he's finally going to get the apology. Jordan says no and hands him a paper.

Sami questions being scared of Abigail. Sami says EJ was just sleeping alone for months until Abigail showed up. Abigail argues that Sami attacks her because she's afraid of facing the truth. Sami says her mom is a psychiatrist while Abigail sounds silly. Sami says EJ just felt sorry for her. Abigail tells Sami that she and EJ slept together three times because he kept coming back for more. Abigail says EJ and Sami was all about the sex while what she and EJ shared was so much more.

EJ tells Victor that he doesn't own that company but Victor reveals that Kate sold it to him. Victor shows him the paperwork which shocks EJ. EJ tells Victor that he won't get away with this but Victor says he already has and asks if he's still interested in the consulting job.

Sami laughs Abigail off and doesn't want to listen to her. Abigail says she listened to everything from her. Abigail mocks Sami for trying to impress EJ with the art lessons. Abigail argues that Sami and EJ only had sex while she cared about nothing else. Abigail shows Sami art to see if she knows any of it. Abigail mentions knowing EJ's favorite artist. Abigail tells Sami that she and EJ shared a love of art and literature. Sami tells her to stop acting like she still loves him. Abigail says she never loved EJ but Sami did and still does.

EJ yells at Victor that it won't stand but Victor says it will. Victor tells him that Sami and Kate are just getting started. EJ warns Victor that he won't take advantage of this situation. Victor says he's happy to just watch the ladies do their thing. Victor says he's been married to some vindictive women but EJ takes the cake. Victor laughs and congratulates EJ on his wedding as EJ exits.

Sami tells Abigail that it's fascinating listening to her talk about destroying her and her children's lives. Abigail says payback is as big a bitch as her. Abigail says she felt bad until Sami acted like she killed someone. Abigail says Sami went too far. Abigail warns Sami that she will teach her a lesson on vindictiveness if she comes after her or her family again and threatens to hurt her worse than she could ever do. Abigail then exits.

Sonny sends Ben to work in the back. Kate arrives and asks Sonny for a table to meet with an investor. Sonny agrees and asks how everything is going. Kate says it's really good and mentions talking to Will. Kate talks about Will having all kinds of questions and she didn't think he'd be so interested in the details. Kate goes to her meeting. Ben returns to Sonny. Sonny asks Ben to watch the place as he has to go check on something.

Jordan tells Clyde that the paper is a check of everything she had to pay him back. Jordan tells him to take the money and go. She adds that she will send more but he has to leave.

Daniel questions what Kristen has been using to record him. Daniel says it's obviously what she's been doing to edit his voice. Kristen's guard comments that he's smarter than she said. Kristen says she doesn't want to do it the hard way as she was trying to be nice. Kristen admits she's been recording him. She says she has cutting edge software to get Brady there but it just needs words. Kristen tells Daniel that she's going to get his words one way or another so he may as well start speaking. Daniel says no. Kristen sends her guard to teach him the error of his ways so he begins choking Daniel.

Will uses his computer at home as Sonny walks in. Will thought he would be at the club all afternoon. Sonny says Ben is covering for him. Will is glad as they kiss.

Abigail goes to the club and greets Ben. Ben asks what's wrong. She informs him that she is leaving her job at the hospital. Ben asks why. Abigail calls it philosophical differences with a board member.

Sami sits going through papers and sees her wedding pictures. She thinks back to being in bed with EJ and then puts the photos away but continues thinking back to EJ and saying she loved him. Sami declares that will be the very last time EJ touches her.

Daniel struggles with being choked until Kristen has the guard release. Kristen reminds him about doing it this the hard way and says she doesn't want to because she likes him. Kristen tells Daniel that he won't have the chance to work things out with Jennifer if he doesn't cooperate with her. Kristen says she knows he's protecting Brady because that's the kind of guy he is. Kristen promises that she just wants to see Brady one time and then she will disappear. Kristen asks Daniel if he now has something to say. Daniel remains silent so Kristen takes her purse and exits the room. Her guard removes his jacket and punches Daniel in the stomach three times.

Will and Sonny continue kissing. Sonny is glad he came home early. Will says the day just keeps getting better. Sonny asks about his story. Will says he's half done already. Sonny asks about Kate stopping by earlier. Will says she gave him a ton of great material. Sonny asks if he told her about the story. Will says he just let Kate do all the talking and she'll be fine with that. Sonny asks if Sami and EJ will be fine with it.

Clyde tells Jordan that it's generous of her but he's finally found them and isn't going anywhere. Jordan thought he wanted his money back and now he has it. Clyde talks about what family meant to him. Clyde accuses Jordan of kidnapping Ben and being a felon on the run. Clyde says this is nothing compared to what she owes him unless she wants her new friends to know why she left and what she did.

EJ goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Sami. Harold informs him that Abigail was there and had an animated conversation with Sami. EJ thanks him and then heads into the living room. EJ tells Sami that they need to talk.

Abigail explains to Ben that Kayla had no choice but to ask for her resignation or else she'd be fired for violating the morals clause. Abigail knows what she did was wrong. Ben wonders when Sami will back off. Abigail says now. Ben questions her sounding sure of that. Abigail declare she's just not taking it anymore. Kate approaches and greets Abigail.

EJ tells Sami that he just came from Victor's and how he was gloating. EJ warns Sami to be careful as being in charge of DiMera Enterprises doesn't mean she can run the company in to the ground as the board will turn against her fast. EJ warns that she will destroy their children's inheritance. Sami argues that they don't need the DiMera money or house to be happy. Sami tells EJ that he's the one that ripped the family apart and she thinks it's great that the children see who he really is because he only thinks of himself. Sami adds that the board is thrilled and notes that EJ seemed more upset about losing the company than losing her. Sami argues that the board is thrilled with how much money she is making them except for EJ and Stefano. Sami declares it's too bad the government is cutting food stamps because EJ will need them after she's through with him.

Kristen's guard tries to get Daniel to talk but Daniel fights him off and escapes his ties.

Jordan thinks Clyde is just trying to rattle her but Clyde informs her that he has proof stashed away. Jordan thinks he's lying. Clyde asks if she wants to see it. Rafe enters. Clyde asks to be introduced.

Abigail asks what Kate wants. Kate says she's an old friend saying hello. Abigail calls her a new enemy since she's teaming with Sami. Kate says they have individual agendas. Kate says hers is about putting Stefano in his place and has nothing to do with Abigail. Kate understands why Sami is angry and it will take decades to get over. Kate thinks Sami may be going overboard but she knows EJ was the instigator. Kate comments that Abigail is moving on anyways with Ben, who she calls much more suitable than a man like EJ. Kate then exits.

Will tells Sonny that he's not printing lies as the story is coming out one way or another. Sonny thinks it doesn't have to come from him in the way he wants to tell it. Will feels Sami needs to be taught a lesson and thought Sonny was on his side. Sonny says he is but doesn't want him to get hurt. Will promises that he's not the one who will get hurt and they kiss.

EJ talks about admiring Sami's intelligence and strength. EJ wants to make this right. Sami tells him it's too late. EJ stops her and threatens that if she continues to try to destroy him then she won't leave him any choice. Sami dares him to come after her and tells him to bring it on. Sami pulls away and storms out.

Kristen returns to the room to find Daniel no longer tied up. Daniel then grabs her from behind and covers her mouth.

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