Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/30/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/30/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel's phone rings with a call from Brady. Kristen answers and Brady asks Daniel if he's there. Kristen listens as Brady asks if Daniel is there. Brady then asks who it is.

Kate joins Victor at Chez Rouge.

Jennifer goes to the hospital looking for Kayla and a nurse informs her that she went to the Pub.

Sami tells Kayla about running DiMera Enterprises now. Sami mentions putting a freeze on the $20 million donation to the hospital and asks if she wants to be responsible for that all going away. Kayla questions what has happened to her. Sami tells her that she chooses Abigail gets fired or the hospital doesn't get the donation.

Abigail tells EJ that she has nothing to say to him. EJ wants her to understand something. EJ thinks it's important that they are honest with themselves and others about what happened. EJ says this idea that what they did was horrible was nothing like that.

Brother Timothy checks on Eric and asks if he's still trying to deal with his love for Nicole. Eric responds that what he feels for Nicole is in no way love.

Nicole runs in to Maggie in the town square. Nicole and Maggie ended up both buying Brady coffee. Nicole complains that she's not needed then and asks if Maggie is going to compare her to Kristen or Theresa.

Brady tries to get through to Daniel and asks if she should call back. Daniel tries to scream. Kristen instructs her guard to do something so he hits Daniel. Brady finds this weird as he was hung up on. Kristen tells Daniel that she didn't want to do that to him but he didn't cooperate. Daniel tells her that she's made a huge mistake.

Kayla tells Sami that Abigail is her niece. Sami says she's her niece too. Kayla feels Sami is being vindictive. Sami tells her it's not a debate but a choice either the hospital gets the donation and Abigail never works there again or Abigail stays and she will find another hospital to donate too. Sami then suggests she could go to Anne with it instead.

Abigail tells EJ that what they did was wrong. EJ agrees that there was lack of judgment but says it happened for a lot of reasons. Abigail gets that she was half the problem. EJ feels they connected and talked. EJ talks about what he was going through with Sami. EJ says he hates seeing how sad Abigail is and he wishes things ended differently between them. Abigail asks if he's saying that he wants them to be together again.

Brady wonders if he should call Daniel back.

Kristen sends her guard away. Daniel tells her that Brady will start wondering about the dropped call since she just had to answer. Daniel says Brady will be curious now and want to talk to him. Daniel adds that he won't quit and the phone rings. Daniel laughs. Kristen tells him that it's a text from Brady wanting to make sure he's okay. Kristen texts back that Daniel is in a meeting and he picked up by mistake. Kristen asks Daniel if it was still a big mistake. Brady texts back to thank him and says he will see him when he gets back. Kristen declares it was too easy. Kristen says she likes that they're good friends and it will come in handy. Daniel tells her that she won't get anything from him about Brady. Kristen says she has some work to do.

Eric complains to Brother Timothy about working so hard to make his case and prove his innocence. He complains about having to go to the Vatican with Nicole and be in the same room with her as well as rely on her. Eric says it's the only chance he has. Timothy tells him to take it but Eric says no.

Nicole and Maggie go to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady. Maggie explains that they both had the same idea to make Brady feel better. Brady thanks them. Brady goes to make some calls. Nicole thanks Maggie for asking her to come along. Nicole thinks Brady kind of appreciated it. Nicole decides the mission is accomplished and goes to leave but Maggie stops her and says she had another reason for wanting her there.

Kate thanks Victor for playing his part even though he didn't know. Victor realizes he fired her which gave Stefano enough to trust her. Victor tells her to stop gloating. Kate says she came to show him her gratitude and she will be very grateful.

EJ tells Abigail that he's not suggesting any kind of return. Abigail tells him it would never happen. EJ explains that he just hates to see her punishing herself as they didn't set out to hurt anybody. Abigail questions him trying to make her feel better. EJ tells her not to think less of herself because of this. EJ calls her an extraordinary woman who is confident and breathtakingly beautiful. EJ tells her not to forget that she has integrity. EJ adds that this will pass. Abigail hopes he can get past it too and move on with Sami if that's what he wants. EJ states that it is. EJ says it's been very difficult but he won't give up hope. Abigail walks off but stops. She thanks him for what he said and then exits.

Sami tells Kayla that it's yes or no. Kayla asks her to let Abigail resign on her own. Sami agrees if she writes a letter on why. Sami wants Abigail to acknowledge her guilt and being disqualified from ever working at the hospital again. Kayla remarks that Sami has really turned into a DiMera. Sami wants a signed copy of the letter. Kayla asks if that's it. Sami tells her to be proud that she saved the hospital $20 million. Kayla asks her not to call her Aunt Kayla because she's ashamed that they are even related. Kayla then storms out and Jennifer arrives. Jennifer hoped to find her before Sami let her know but Kayla says she already knows. Kayla informs Jennifer that she now has to go to the hospital and fire Abigail.

Victor tells Kate that she's put a lot of work in to this. Kate tells him that he has no idea and shows him papers to sign. Kate says all he has to do is sign and wire the funds and it will be official. Victor comments that Stefano is going to go through the roof. Kate hands him a pen to sign.

Kayla tells Jennifer about Sami's ultimatum. Jennifer is sorry. Kayla tells her that she has nothing to be sorry about as Sami has gone completely crazy. Jennifer wants to go after Sami but Kayla stops her and tells her that will just make things worse. Kayla assures her that Sami is never changing her mind. Kayla asks Jennifer to go to the hospital with her but Jennifer has a meeting at the club. Kayla says they will talk soon and walks off. Jennifer then goes on in to the Pub anyways and confronts Sami, calling her a monster.

Maggie starts to bring up what Nicole did to Daniel, Jennifer, and Eric but stops. Nicole tells her to go ahead like everyone else. Maggie says Nicole is here for Brady and that's her focus too right now. Maggie admits Brady needs friends that are willing to go the extra mile like her. Maggie tells Nicole that she's a friend and that's why she's welcome. Nicole thanks her. Maggie tells her not to screw it up.

Brother Timothy asks if Nicole has that much power over Eric. Eric doesn't want to be near her. Timothy tells him that she will have to be right next to him in explaining his case to the cardinal or else he'll have no chance of ever returning to the priesthood. Timothy tells him that Daniel can't help and without Nicole, he asks if he expects Kristen to suddenly reappear.

Daniel asks if Kristen is going to text everyone he knows. Kristen says the people at the meeting have to know something. Kristen talks about texting Maggie and Jennifer. Daniel claims that Jennifer is expecting a call but Kristen says she will have to settle for a text. Daniel points out that they were friends. Kristen says she doesn't want her to worry so she starts texting her.

Kayla brings Abigail in to her office and says she just saw Sami. Abigail tells her that she's totally embarrassed. Kayla points out EJ being half to blame. Abigail says she can only move forward. Kayla tells her that Sami wants to hurt her. Abigail asks what she's done now.

Sami tells Jennifer that if she's the monster, what does that make Abigail. Jennifer tells her to concentrate on EJ. Sami says he will definitely get his but why should she back off of Abigail. Sami brings up Jennifer jumping into bed with Daniel right after Jack. Sami brings up Abigail losing her job. Sami suggests Abigail can join an escort agency. Jennifer tells her that she can't change how she feels about her daughter and wonders if Marlena can say the same about her as Sami walks out.

Kate goes to the club and tells EJ that there is no more harassing the board members as she and Sami run the company for the next six months and don't need his help. EJ questions why she got involved. Kate tells him to butt out. Kate says he and Stefano were the train wreck and now they are cleaning up the mess. Kate says they are just spectators after what he did to Abigail and what Stefano did to Rafe.

Nicole talks to Brady about knowing he's beating himself up but encourages that he can change. Nicole says he's on his way. Brady points out that doesn't help John. Nicole knows in her heart that he's not responsible for what happened to John. Nicole insists that John will wake up and tell him what really happened. She tells him to concentrate on making things different, new, and good as he can't change the past.

Kristen texts Jennifer as Daniel asking for gift ideas for Abigail and JJ but she stops and checks his messages to find that he hasn't been texting Jennifer. Kristen realizes they broke up and that he was hoping she would text her so it would alert her. Kristen then asks why they broke up when they were happy. Daniel tells her to go to Hell. Kristen thinks he needs an attitude adjustment. Kristen comments on Daniel seeing his kids again.

Nicole goes to the park on the phone, talking about having the tickets and her passport. Nicole says she'll be there and hangs up then thinks back to her last fight with Eric. Nicole tells herself that she shouldn't expect much of a thank you.

Eric assures Timothy that Kristen will never return to Salem and that's a blessing. Timothy points out that her testimony could clear his name. Eric calls her evil from what she's done to Brady and Marlena. Eric has faith that God would never allow Kristen to strike him again.

Daniel warns Kristen to leave his children alone. She tells him to get over himself as she wouldn't threaten Parker or Melanie. Kristen says she would never threaten a child. Daniel remembers Kristen wanting a child of her own. Daniel calls it really strange that she has such compassion and love for children and can be so kind to Jennifer but turns around and hurts Eric. Kristen stops him and says today is about Brady.

Kayla tells Abigail that she hates this but Sami is now on the hospital board and she's decided to zero in on the hospital policy. She shows it to Abigail. Abigail realizes Sami wants her fired.

Eric tells Timothy that he can't produce Dr. Chyka or Kristen so he has to rely on Nicole. Eric mentions praying for guidance and strength. Eric wants a sign from God. Timothy assures him that God has heard his prayers and a sign will come.

Abigail asks if that's it and she's gone. Kayla apologizes and tells her that if she doesn't resign then Sami will go to Anne with the information. Abigail realizes that will make Jennifer's life worse. Abigail says she will write the letter and say it was for personal reasons but Kayla adds that Sami wants her to be specific and that she's never allowed to work there again. Kayla tells her that she's so sorry. Abigail says she will turn in the letter first thing tomorrow but has something to take care of first as she storms out.

EJ gets a call from Victor and asks what he wants as he's busy. Victor tells him that he heard he was sitting on his ass but he can change all that. Victor says he's a potential ally and tells him to meet him at his home then hangs up.

Kristen tells Daniel that she's been out of touch so she doesn't know enough about Brady. She brings up Daniel operating on John but Daniel refuses to talk about patients. Kristen asks about Theresa. Daniel refuses to help her on a sick fantasy of getting back with Brady. Kristen knows she can't show her face in Salem so she waited until he left town so they could talk about Brady. Kristen feels it's only natural to want to know how Brady is doing and to want to help him. Kristen says she's on the outside looking in while Daniel is his friend and knows what's happening with him. She tells him that she does care about Brady more than anyone knows.

EJ goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and meets with Victor. EJ asks to know why he's there. Victor tells him that he's been following his situation and either he can revel in it or sympathize. Victor prefers a deal. EJ questions him. Victor thought he wanted to get back in the game. EJ responds that he's not interested in anything he has to offer and asks him not to call him again. Victor asks if he can afford not to listen to what he has to say.

Jennifer goes home and calls Abigail, leaving a message asking where she is.

Abigail goes to the DiMera Mansion. Sami greets her at the door and tells her EJ isn't there. Abigail informs her that she came for her.

Brother Timothy tells Eric that God will give him a sign but it may not be the one he is looking for.

Brady walks through the town square on the phone about work. Brady tells him that John would want him to reach out at any time. Brady hangs up and thinks back to walking through the town square with Kristen. Nicole approaches and asks what's wrong. Brady tells her it's nothing then admits he had a memory of Kristen.

Daniel doesn't think Kristen wants to be filled in on Brady but that she somehow thinks she will see Brady face to face. Daniel realizes she wants Brady there and he's the bait. Kristen admits that she wants to see Brady and says she's going to because Daniel will bring him to her.

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