Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/29/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/29/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ goes to see Sonny and Will. Sonny asks what if EJ can't get what he wants. EJ gets why he's upset. Sonny tells him that he broke Sami's heart and used Abigail to do it. Sonny questions what EJ wants and why he thinks they want to hear it.

Will and Abigail sit at the club. Will apologizes to her. Abigail feels Sami has every right to be furious and she hopes it didn't become a thing between them. Will thinks back to his big fight with Sami and claims that they are fine.

Anne goes to the Pub to meet with Sami. Anne says she's here to serve her.

Theresa questions Eve spying on her. Eve asks why she's terrified of John waking up and asks what really happened to him.

Marlena tells Roman that she has a feeling of dread like something terrible is about to happen. Brady walks in and suggests maybe she knew he was coming.

Daniel wakes up tied up and gagged as he sees Kristen in front of him.

Anne tells Sami that she's happy to help in any way she can as she knows it's a very difficult time for her family. Sami questions how the hospital heard. Anne talks about what happened to John but Sami says that's not what she called her for. Sami tells her about taking over DiMera Enterprises and she wants to be brought up to speed on hospital regulations.

Brady asks how John is. Marlena tells him that there's no change. Brady says he did this. Roman points out it was self defense. Brady feels that doesn't help. Marlena questions Brady if Theresa was right.

Theresa tells Eve that it's a police matter. Eve threatens to call Abe. Theresa argues that she doesn't know anything. Eve continues to question Theresa being jumpy at the thought of John waking up and talking. Eve goes to leave but Theresa stops her and asks if she can keep a secret.

Daniel struggles with being tied up. Kristen tells Daniel that he needs to listen to her very carefully and asks if he can do that.

Anne tells Sami about her hard work. Sami wants to know about employee misconduct and the consequences.

Will asks Abigail how her and EJ started. She says she doesn't know but it just did. She didn't realize how drawn to him she was. She talks about EJ and Sami having trouble and it was that for him as much as anything. He asks if he came after her. Abigail says it was very mutual and they knew it was wrong but didn't stop themselves. Will recalls asking if she loved the guy before he knew it was EJ. Abigail insists that she is not in love with EJ and never was.

EJ asks where Will is. Sonny tells him that he's out. Sonny says he doesn't need to repeat his apology because he doesn't care. EJ realizes none of them trust him at the moment but he doesn't understand why everything he's ever done for them has been erased. EJ says he made one stupid mistake but he's not going anywhere. EJ hopes they will give him another chance because his family means everything to him including Sonny, Will, and Arianna. Sonny argues that if really cared about them, he wouldn't have cheated on Sami. Sonny says he has to go feed Arianna so EJ can show himself out.

Theresa tells Eve that she's not a monster so she wouldn't wish John dead. Eve asks why she does. Theresa argues that she doesn't. Theresa says her statement to the police was in Brady's best interest. She doesn't want the cops to file charges as it won't bring John back. Eve then accuses her of lying.

Brady still doesn't remember anything about that night. Roman gets a call and steps out. Marlena decides to leave Brady alone with John but Brady stops her and asks how she's doing. Marlena says she can't talk to him about this. Brady asks if she hates him because of this. Brady says he doesn't blame her because he does too.

Kristen tells Daniel that they don't have a lot of time but he'll be okay as she just wants to chat. She wants him to be civil, calm, and quiet. She removes the gag and Daniel begins screaming for help until Kristen slaps him.

Sami asks Anne for the specific hospital clauses and asks her to send her to them so she e-mails her. Anne mentions having plans for reorganizing the hospital staff. Sami says she will review her plans when she has time but now has another meeting. Anne looks forward to working with her and they shake hands. Sami tells her to keep this between them. Anne thanks her and exits. Sami then looks over the hospital regulations.

Eve says Theresa isn't lying for Brady. Theresa says she really cares about him. Eve questions her ready to leave Salem and says this isn't about anyone but her. Theresa argues that she doesn't know her. Eve says it's just about Theresa having to save herself.

Marlena says she doesn't hate Brady but just wishes things were different. Brady says he does too and he keeps trying to replay that night. Brady talks about it may be the last night he hears his dad's voice and he can't remember anything. Brady says the last thing he remembers is taking a drink and now John's like this. Brady says he did this to the one guy who loves him more than anyone. Brady talks about feeling so dead inside after Kristen.

Kristen sends her thug out of the room. She tells Daniel that she really wants this to work. Daniel screams for help. She tells him to shut up. She mocks his screaming and informs him that the room is soundproof. Daniel argues that she can't keep him because people are expecting him. Kristen says they'll have to wait because Daniel is not leaving the room until or if she wants him to.

Kayla meets with Sami and tells her that John's condition is still the same. Sami is distracted by her work. Sami thanks Kayla and then says she asked her to talk about niece. Kayla says Theresa was just a witness and asks why she's worried about her. Sami explains that she meant her other niece, Abigail.

Abigail apologizes to Will for snapping at him. She says she has asked herself over and over how she let this happen and insists that it wasn't love. Abigail says they obviously hurt Sami and she has every right to be angry. Will doesn't think it justifies what Sami is doing. Abigail doesn't like it but understands she did a horrible thing to Sami. Will feels Sami needs to dial it back. Abigail thinks that she will.

Kayla asks if something is wrong with Abigail. Sami calls it a loaded question. Kayla says she hasn't seen her since the wedding and asks if something happened. Kayla adds that she's so sorry about EJ's arrest. Sami says it was exactly how she planned it. Sami informs Kayla that she gave the evidence to the police to have EJ arrested. Kayla thought EJ was the love of her life. Sami reveals that EJ had sex with Abigail.

Eve thinks Theresa doesn't want to talk about that anymore. Eve talks about her surgery having unforeseen roadblocks. Theresa laughs at the idea of her helping pay for it. Eve says they have a rare blood type so what she needs is her donating blood. Theresa argues that she's not the only one with it. Eve asks her for her blood for her silence about John.

Brady tells Marlena that this isn't about Kristen but because he was drunk so this is on him. Brady argues that John just wanted him to face who he is and get better. Brady hopes John can hear him and tells him that he was right.

Kristen tells Daniel that she always liked him and she's sorry about the circumstances. Daniel asks what she wants and calls her a crazy bitch.

Kayla tells Sami that's not possible because it's not Abigail. Sami says she didn't think so either. Sami brings up Abigail and Austin. Kayla questions why Sami would think this. Sami is surprised Jennifer didn't talk to her about it. Sami offers to show Kayla the pictures. Kayla can't believe it. Sami then shows the photo of Abigail and EJ kissing.

Abigail tells Will that Sami can't say anything worse than she already has or make her feel worse than she already does. Will worries about Sami saying she's going to destroy her and being out for blood. Abigail asks what Will thinks. Will doesn't know but warns her to watch her back. Will tells her not to count on Sami letting this go because she's been known to hold a grudge for a long time.

Sami tells Kayla that they aren't denying it and it's all true. Kayla thanks her for telling her and says she will go talk to Abigail and Jennifer. Kayla can't imagine how Jennifer feels. Kayla says it's terrible for a lot of people. Sami suggests Kayla talk to her to spare her further embarrassment and to deliver the news that Abigail is losing her job at the hospital.

Eve tells Theresa to get her blood taken. Theresa argues that it just helps her. Eve says it keeps her silent. Eve says it won't be a big deal and will mean a whole new life for her. Eve wants her to go as she walks out.

Marlena tells Brady that they've all made their mistakes with John and she knows deep down that he was trying to help but she couldn't forgive him. Marlena says now they just have to tell him and hope he comes back to them. Brady tells her to talk to him. Marlena says both of them might be enough because she knows he's in there, fighting his way back. Brady is thankful that Daniel gave him a fighting chance.

Daniel questions Kristen wanting to chat and asks why she followed him. He asks what's going on in her twisted mind. Kristen says it will all be clear soon enough and questions the name calling when they used to be friends. Daniel says they were never friends. Daniel brings up Eric and how Kristen destroyed his life. Daniel talks about Eric losing his vocation and Brady never being the same because she destroyed him. Daniel says she already knew that. Kristen asks how Brady is. Daniel questions her not knowing. Kristen knows he had some problems and his fight with John and Brady marrying a horrific gold digger. Daniel says she started it all. Kristen demands he fill in the blanks because she wants to help Brady. Daniel refuses to tell her anything. Kristen brings her thug back in and warns Daniel to rethink that.

Brady thanks Marlena for letting him be there. Marlena says it's what John would've wanted so it's what she wants too. Brady exits. Marlena holds John's hand as Roman walks back in. Brady walks on to Theresa. Theresa says she thought she'd check on him and mentions donating blood to Eve. Brady says he will get the annulment details to her soon so he'll be in touch. She tells him to take care as he exits. Marlena comes out of John's room and sees Theresa.

Kayla tells Sami that she's sorry but she's not going to fire Abigail and couldn't if she wanted to. Sami tells her that she can. Sami brings up Abigail being assigned to fundraising under hospital development where Kayla is the head of so she's the right person to fire her. Kayla says she feels for her but she's not going to help her get revenge. Sami tells her that's exactly what she's going to do.

Will comes home as Sonny put Arianna down for her nap. Sonny asks about Abigail. Will says she's hanging in and is surprisingly together. Sonny informs him that EJ stopped by but he sent him away and he got the message. Sonny tells him that they will be okay and kisses him.

EJ sits at the town square on the phone. EJ states that he and Stefano have complete faith in what Sami and Kate are doing and they have their eye on the company. EJ hangs up and spots Abigail walking by. She stops when she sees him. Abigail then turns and goes the other way.

Kayla argues that Abigail made a stupid mistake but is a good employee. Sami goes to the hospital regulations and says that Abigail acted immorally and put the hospital reputation at risk which is means for termination with cause. Sami tells Kayla that Abigail had sex with a member of the board and threatens to take it to court. Kayla argues that it won't make her feel better and she will just ruin lives. Sami says they did that without her help. Kayla refuses to do it. Sami brings up the hospital's private contributions and how DiMera Enterprises donation will be at risk. Kayla can't believe Sami would do that. Sami says if Abigail isn't dismissed and never allowed to work there again then she won't see any of the donation.

Will tells Sonny that he's going to call his editor and he's going to write the story. Sonny asks if he's sure. Will says Sami made the decision for him when she said she's going to destroy Abigail's life. Will says he's going to neutralize Sami and the whole world needs to know about it.

EJ follows Abigail out of the town square and says he needs to speak to her.

Theresa walks away as Marlena approaches. Eve then catches Marlena and says she hasn't changed a bit since she last saw her. Marlena asks who she is. Eve informs her of being Shane's daughter. Marlena realizes she's Theresa's half-sister. Marlena asks if Theresa is glad to have her as support. Marlena then asks if Theresa remembered any details on the terrible moment with John. Eve says she hasn't but is praying for John's recovery.

Brady returns home and looks at the fireplace pokers. He thinks back to Theresa's story.

Daniel tells Kristen that with all the damage she's inflicted on his friend, he won't help her as she can only make it worse. Daniel calls her an insane, crazy bitch. Kristen's thug punches him and puts the gag back on as Kristen says he needs to be quiet for awhile. Daniel's phone rings with a call from Brady. Kristen answers and Brady asks Daniel if he's there.

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