Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/28/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/28/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Eric talk at the hospital about no change with John. Daniel asks about any change in Eric going back to the priesthood. Eric says no but then says he can't talk about it as Nicole enters.

JJ sits at home reading the newspaper about the lawsuit between Eve and Jennifer. Jennifer comes in and apologizes that it's come to this. JJ thinks back to Paige stopping him while they were kissing on the couch. JJ tells her the news is not what's bothering him.

Paige sits at the club and thinks back to storming off from JJ. Eve enters and picks up the newspaper then sees Paige. Eve goes to approach but gets a call from her doctor. She asks if he got the test results.

Theresa finds Anne at the hospital and pulls her aside. Anne tells her that there's no change in John. Theresa worries if he could wake up. Anne says it would be a miracle. Theresa asks if he may never wake up then. Theresa is relieved which surprises Anne.

Roman goes to John's room where Marlena is at his side and tells her that he wishes he could bring him back for her.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady tells Victor that he did something terrible and doesn't want lawyers. The doorbell rings and Abe arrives. Brady asks if he's under arrest.

Nicole apologizes if she's interrupting. Eric says no as he was just leaving. Eric thanks Daniel for everything and tells him to have a great trip as he then exits. Nicole comments on Eric leaving because of her. Nicole asks if there's any news on John. Daniel tells her that he's the same. Nicole talks about hoping for better news for Brady. Daniel doesn't want to talk about it with her. Nicole asks about his trip. Daniel says it's not her business but he will be gone for awhile. She questions him leaving while John is in the ICU. Daniel says she always needs answers but he doesn't want to talk to her now or ever.

Eve tells the doctor that she should be able to work out paying for the surgery and hangs up. She approaches Paige and notes that she looks to be in a hurry to leave. Eve assumes Paige is unhappy about the lawsuit. Paige says she has to get going. Eve says she does too but has something to take care of. They agree to see each other at home later. Paige exits and Eve sits down.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's there if he wants to talk. JJ thanks her. JJ tells her that he has to go to his last day of community service. Jennifer jokes with him and hugs him. JJ tells her not to be proud of him.

Anne questions Theresa. Theresa thinks it would be hypocritical of her to want John back when he was so vicious to her. Theresa gets upset and storms off.

Abe tells Brady that the evidence at the crime scene didn't add up to anything and the witnesses didn't lead to any murder attempt so the DA has decided not to press charges. Victor thanks him. Abe tells Brady that he dodged a bullet this time so he should think long and hard about what lead to all of this. Abe exits. Brady admits he should've woken up months ago. Victor feels all is well that ends well. Brady continues to worry about John and it all being his fault.

Nicole says she knows she can't change how Daniel feels but she tried to make amends with Eric. Daniel calls it too little too late and asks if she has any idea how bad she hurt Eric. Nicole asks if she can never defend herself. Nicole reminds him that it was Kristen who got him kicked out of the priesthood and she tried for months to help. Nicole admits she screwed up but never meant to hurt him. Daniel feels Nicole hurt Eric more than Kristen. Daniel calls her Eric's Judas. Daniel declares that maybe forgiving her was his mistake.

Eric joins Marlena and Roman. Marlena tells him there's no change. Eric informs them that he's there to say goodbye as he's going to Rome for a meeting with the Vatican. Eric adds that there's no guarantees. Marlena believes he belongs in the priesthood. Marlena asks if Eric could give John a blessing for her so he does.

Jennifer asks JJ what is bothering him but he doesn't want to talk about it. Jennifer compares him to Jack. She hates that he's not proud of himself. Jennifer feels they are stronger and closer than ever. Jennifer talks about JJ beating the odds and says she loves him more than anything and doesn't know what she would do without him. She jokes with him as they hug. JJ thanks her for thinking the best of him.

Theresa walks through the town square and gets a call from Eve. Eve brings up the newspaper. Theresa mocks her being thrilled for her annulment. Eve explains that she meant her lawsuit being in the paper. Theresa isn't surprised she called to talk about herself. Eve asks for a favor but Theresa says no. Theresa brings up Brady possibly going to prison. Eve thinks she only cares about herself. Theresa hangs up on her.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and says he just heard the good news from Abe. Victor tells him that Brady refuses to see the bright side. Daniel mentions that there is hope for John. Victor gets a call and steps out. Daniel asks Brady if he wants him to stay in town. Brady says it won't make any difference in John's recovery. Daniel assures him that Kayla will be on top of it. Brady says he has to start cleaning up his own messes. Daniel adds that a great deal of this mess is Kristen's fault. Brady feels he was to blame too as he was there to make it worse and now there's things he can't do anything about but there may be a couple of things that he can.

Eric exits John's room and runs into Nicole. Nicole starts to walk off but he asks her not to go.

Roman offers to take Marlena home but she says she can't leave. Roman understands she still loves John.

JJ works his community service until Paige arrives.

Daniel exits the Kiriakis Mansion as Eve arrives. Eve wants to tell him again that she's sorry for the total misunderstanding. Daniel says he read about the lawsuit in the paper and it's a pretty big deal. Eve wants to explain but Daniel says he won't be around and walks off.

Brady finishes a call saying he'll meet there and is on his way. Brady tells Victor that he's going to meet Theresa. Brady says he's going to try and handle this like a man. Victor says he's worried about Theresa and warns him about her holding him up for money. Victor hopes and prays Brady doesn't make the same mistake that he made with money hungry women.

Eric asks Nicole if she spoke to the bishop. Nicole says she did about him going to Rome. Eric asks what she decided about going to testify on his behalf. Nicole agreed to think about it overnight but says there's really nothing to think about, of course she's going as she would do anything to help him. Eric thanks her. Eric decides he should get going and exits.

Roman tells Marlena that she has never stopped loving John. Roman tells her to call if she wants to go home but she says she can't leave. Roman decides to give her some time alone then and exits.

JJ tells Paige that he really wanted to call or text but he had no clue what to say. He wants her to know that he didn't mean to push her. JJ says he's not pressuring her and he wouldn't do that. JJ adds that he would never try to do something she's not ready for. JJ asks if she can ever forgive him.

Victor answers the door as Eve arrives. Victor turns and asks if anyone ordered a hooker. Eve comments that he hasn't changed a bit. Victor questions what she wants. Eve is looking for Theresa. Victor says he sent her away and remarks about them both looking for money. Victor suggests she leave Salem but Eve tells him that she's back and is going to get what's hers.

Theresa and Brady meet in the park. She hugs him and says she was so worried. Brady tells her that Abe said there wasn't enough evidence for charges. Brady thanks her for her support. Theresa says he would never try to hurt John. Brady blames it on not being sober and not remembering. Theresa insists that John attacked him which Brady has a hard time believing. Brady doesn't want to talk about it. Theresa tells him that she gets it but life moves on so maybe now they can think about what comes next. Brady agrees that they need to talk about their marriage and annulment. Theresa tells him not to stress out about it. Brady just wants the papers drawn up and says he will have them sent to her. Theresa stops Brady so he asks if she has a problem with it.

Paige tells JJ that she won't forgive him because he did nothing wrong and she just overreacted. JJ apologizes. JJ's boss interrupts and allows JJ to be done with community service. He praises him for proving him wrong and doing a good job. JJ hands over his vest. JJ and Paige walk off together.

Eric prays at the church. He thinks back to his last argument with Nicole where they got close after she tried to slap him. Brother Timothy enters. Eric thanks him for seeing him.

Theresa tells Brady that they both know it was a mistake but she doesn't want him to feel pressured to do this right away. Brady is sorry that he dragged her in to this. Theresa asks if they are still friends. Brady says they will be but right now he needs to fly solo to get his head straight. Brady says he'll be in touch and exits. Theresa sits down and calls it just a temporary setback. She worries about why she feels so bad.

Eve goes to Theresa's. Theresa wants her to go away but Eve says she feels awful. Theresa questions what she wants her to do. Anne then arrives and tells Theresa that she's way out of line. Anne says she dropped everything to come back to Salem to calm her down only for Theresa to walk out on her. Theresa introduces Anne to Eve. Anne tells her it won't get rid of her. Theresa says she wants to get rid of Eve so Eve exits but stays outside to listen through the door. Theresa apologizes to Anne and says she needed to talk to Brady. Anne notes her crying. Theresa tells her about the annulment. Theresa says she hadn't given up as she meant her wedding vows. Theresa thinks Brady just needs space and she can be patient. Anne questions her and asks why she was so desperate if John was going to wake up and why she was over the moon when she found out that he won't.

Marlena stops herself from falling asleep and then rushes to John, calling his name.

Eric tells Brother Timothy about his trip and Nicole going too. He notes that her testimony could help but points out that it could be strange after all that has happened. Eric explains that he's been praying for help in getting past his feelings for Nicole. Eric says sometimes he feels as angry with Nicole as he is with Kristen. Eric asks if it's normal to have such anger towards someone. Timothy asks if he's sure it's anger he feels.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Brady that she wants to help if they are still friends. Brady says they are as he's in no position to be picky. They hug. Brady asks what's wrong. Nicole tells him that she just can't believe someone still wants to be her friend.

JJ and Paige walk to the park. JJ talks about community service being how he met her. JJ says he's glad that she's cool about last night. JJ tells her it would've killed him if she didn't forgive him because he wants to be with her.

Victor goes to see Jennifer and tells her about Eve showing up. Victor tells her that she's got anything she needs as far as money or lawyers. Jennifer tells him to let her handle it. Victor isn't sure but Jennifer says she'll keep him in mind. Victor brings up Daniel being off to a medical conference. She questions him changing the subject and points out that Daniel asked for space. Victor calls that a big mistake. Jennifer explains that Daniel made it clear that he doesn't want her in his life so she doesn't know what else to do. Victor suggests doing something but Jennifer feels her only choice is to make peace and let Daniel go.

Daniel arrives at his hotel on the phone with Parker. Daniel talks about plans to video chat and then hangs up as he heads inside. Daniel walks in and is then knocked out from behind by a man waiting inside.

JJ tells Paige that he's in love with her. Paige responds that she loves him and they kiss.

Victor tells Jennifer that she and Daniel are both fools. Jennifer says they both tried. Victor tells her to try again and warns her that if she doesn't soon then she will be very sorry.

Daniel lies on the floor unconscious.

Eric tells Brother Timothy that he keeps telling himself that he cannot forgive Nicole but he still has such strong feelings for her. Timothy asks if he's still in love with her.

Theresa apologizes to Anne for being rude. Anne points out her dodging the question. Anne's phone rings and she has to go. She tells Theresa that she is not dropping this. Theresa suggests getting facials sometime but Anne tells her to get real as she exits. Eve comes back in and reveals that she heard her entire conversation. Eve points out that she didn't answer Anne's question. Theresa wants her to leave her alone. Eve questions what changed her mind from wanting to leave Salem and if it's John never waking up. Eve asks why she was so afraid last night that John would wake up.

Brady tells Nicole that he's done with liquor, drugs, lying, hurting people, and the mistakes he's made with women like Kristen and Theresa. Brady declares that it's all over.

Marlena checks on John as Roman enters and asks if something is wrong. Marlena says she dozed off and woke up in a panic. Roman understands it's all scary. Marlena tells Roman that she has a feeling of dread like something terrible is about to happen.

The man who knocked out Daniel opens the door as Kristen makes her return, walking in and standing over Daniel.

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