Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige has Eve help her pick an outfit. She notes being in a good mood as she is seeing JJ. Eve has something to tell her first about Daniel.

Daniel sits with JJ at the Horton house. JJ thanks Daniel for the guitar he got him for graduation. JJ tells Daniel not to worry about running into Jennifer as she's gone for a couple hours. Daniel asks how it's going. JJ says it sucks since Jennifer and Eve hate each other and he doesn't know what to do about it.

Aiden and Jennifer talk at the club about the lawsuit. Aiden gets a call and steps away. Nicole then enters and greets Jennifer. Nicole hopes they can talk now that things have settled down but Jennifer replies that she doesn't have time for her.

Eric thinks about Nicole while waiting on the Bishop. The bishop arrives and asks if he's alright as he looks upset. Eric asks if something has happened in his case. He replies that things have taken an interesting turn.

Brady sits at John's side and tells him that if he opens his eyes, he will tell him that he was right about everything. Brady just wants to hear his voice again. Brady pleads for John to open his eyes. Maggie enters and tells Brady that she and Victor came back as soon as they heard about John. Brady tells her that he did this to his own dad and now he may never wake up.

Theresa calls Anne from the hospital waiting room and thinks back to knocking out John. She leaves a message for Anne to call her as soon as she gets the message as she needs her help. Victor then enters. Theresa says she was just on her way out but Victor says she's not going anywhere. Victor tells her that she crossed the wrong man and he knows what she's done and won't let her get away with it.

Paige questions Eve wanting to talk about Daniel. Eve brings up Paige never telling her that Daniel was Jennifer's ex. Eve talks about getting to know Daniel and how Jennifer walked in on them at the Pub. Eve says Jennifer totally misread the situation and flew off the handle. Paige questions what she's trying to do.

JJ tells Daniel about Eve adding more pressure and Jennifer being protective.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she knows she and Daniel broke up. Jennifer tells her that she's meeting with Aiden. Nicole asks what happened. Jennifer tells Nicole that she's being sued by someone demanding profit from Jack's book. Jennifer says that's not all that is going on. Nicole says she just wanted to tell her how sorry she was about Daniel. Jennifer questions if she really is.

Maggie tells Brady that she knows he would never purposely hurt John. Brady talks about not remembering anything. Brady tells Maggie that she was right all along and he's sorry that he lost control. Brady says now that he let things get so out of hand, his father might die.

Theresa says she doesn't know what Victor is talking about. Victor warns her not to lie to him. Victor brings up her tricking Brady into marriage and how that caused the fight with Brady and John. Theresa suggests he take a nap and tries to leave but Victor calls her an evil tramp. Victor warns her that she's on his radar now and he won't rest until she's totally destroyed.

Paige brings up Eve swearing off men six months ago after her last rotten relationship. Eve says she and Daniel were just friends. Paige argues that Eve never wants to be just friends with men. Eve questions Paige's opinion of her. Paige says she has to put up with it every time. Eve says she just wants Paige to wait for the right guy. Paige wants the same for her. Eve agrees that she should take her own advice but she's not good at being alone. Paige apologizes. Eve tells her to go have fun on her date. Paige tells her that she loves her and they hug.

Daniel tells JJ that Jennifer knows his love and support so he should concentrate on Paige. JJ isn't sure about Eve dragging them into this. Daniel says Eve loves Paige so he hopes she knows to keep her out of it. JJ brings up Daniel spending time with Eve. Daniel says he no longer has to see her. JJ is glad and asks about Daniel and Jennifer.

Nicole repeats that she's sorry about Jennifer and Daniel since they broke up because of what she did to Eric and she truly regrets it. Jennifer says she doesn't have time and wants her to leave her alone. Nicole says she's just trying to take responsibility for her actions.

Eric asks if the church has made a decision. The bishop says he can't say yet. The bishop brings up Eric's evidence against Kristen. He adds that he is in Eric's corner and doesn't doubt his innocence but the case has received considerable publicity. He tells Eric that a rather drastic step must be taken.

Eve tells Paige that she knows she's been a hypocrite but she just doesn't want her to get hurt. Eve tells her to be careful and they hug.

Daniel tells JJ that he will always care about Jennifer and that's all he will say about it. Daniel adds that he cares about JJ and Abigail too but this is between he and Jennifer. JJ wishes there was a way to fix it because they were happy a couple months ago and everything felt right for the first time since Jack died. Daniel apologizes. JJ brings up Abigail's mess and how Paige is leaving for Stamford soon so everything is falling apart. Daniel understands and tells JJ that the bad times don't last. Daniel encourages him to cherish the good times and enjoy his time with Paige. Daniel tells JJ that the future will work itself out.

Nicole tells Jennifer that Daniel is a good man who is loyal to a fault so she assumes Jennifer is the one who screwed everything up. Nicole brings up Jennifer judging her and not giving her time when Jennifer messed up as bad as she did. Jennifer argues that she could never cause the same amount of pain that Nicole did. Nicole brings up seeing Daniel earlier and how he seemed destroyed. Aiden returns and quiets their argument. Nicole declares that her first instinct was right that Jennifer is not good enough for Daniel. Nicole then exits.

The bishop tells Eric that it may be extreme. Eric admits it's not what he was expecting. He tells Eric that if he does what is asked then there's a good chance it will work out in his favor. Eric wants to speak with Brother Timothy first.

Maggie asks if Brady's been to a meeting. He tells her he's been to more than one as this has been quite a wake up call for him. Brady says he hasn't been tempted since this whole thing happened. Maggie tells him that he now has a sincere desire to change which is the first step. Maggie tells Brady that she's proud of him. Brady questions how she can say that after how he talked to her. Maggie blames the booze and cocaine. Brady says John could die and he has to live with it for the rest of his life.

Theresa argues that she was the one at Brady's side to protect him. Victor doesn't want to hear it. Victor tells her that she won't get any of Brady's money. Brady then walks in with Maggie and questions what's going on. Brady asks to speak to Theresa alone and is pretty sure she knows what it's about.

Abe talks to Maggie and Victor. They mention coming back after hearing about John and talking with Brady. Abe mentions having questions for Brady. Daniel arrives and greets Maggie and Victor. Daniel tells them that there is no change with John. Daniel offers to talk to them about it since he's off duty. Victor decides to stick around while Maggie exits with Daniel. Victor questions if Abe is there to arrest Brady.

Nicole meets with the bishop and says she already told all that she knows. He says she's been most helpful. Nicole asks if there's a decision made yet. He says it hasn't been determined. Nicole brings up Kristen being on the run. The bishop says that can't be proven nor can Eric's statement. Nicole gets upset and blames herself. Nicole adds that Eric made it clear that he hates her and will never forgive her for what she did.

Paige goes to see JJ. JJ mentions Daniel being there earlier and how they talked. JJ brings up Eve hitting on Daniel and how he wonders if it was to get at Jennifer. Paige tells him that Eve didn't know about Daniel being with Jennifer. Paige insists that Eve wasn't trying to upset Jennifer. JJ brings up how nobody's home and they kiss.

Aiden tells Jennifer that he's asking to have the case dismissed and it could happen next week. Jennifer just wants it over with. She appreciates all the work he has put it in to this as she knows it's taken up his time. Aiden says it's good for him to stay busy right now.

Daniel takes Maggie home and she complains about letting Brady get to her instead of being there for him. Maggie says Brady is sober now and going to meetings. Daniel thinks he has a shot with her support. Daniel mentions leaving town tomorrow. Maggie asks where he's going.

Brady tells Theresa that they should be looking into an annulment. Theresa agrees. Brady says marriage shouldn't start with the groom not remembering anything. Theresa claims that she was so high that she barely remembers. Theresa claims she wasn't trying to trap him. Brady says he didn't think that and adds that she's been great through this whole thing but he thinks they should go their separate ways. Theresa questions not even hanging out as friends anymore. Brady hopes that she understands. Theresa guesses she does and sits down upset. Brady tells her that it wouldn't be the same dynamic as he has to stay sober. Theresa cries that she really cares about him and she's so sorry for what happened to John. Brady says he is too. Theresa says he doesn't deserve to go to prison. Brady says it's up to the police and he'll take responsibility. Brady prays that John wakes up and tells him what happened. Theresa claims she hopes so too.

Eric goes to the Pub. Caroline asks if there's a chance of him becoming a priest again. Eric says he would have to jump a major hurdle. Caroline asks if she can help. Eric says unfortunately only one person can help here.

Nicole asks the bishop why she is there. He assumes she still wants to make things right for Eric. Nicole says she told all she knows already and swears that she doesn't have any other documents so there's nothing else she can do. He tells her that she can serve as a witness. Nicole says she already did. He tells her that this would be quite a different situation.

JJ and Paige continue kissing on the couch. They stop and JJ takes his shirt off, assuring Paige that no one will be there for a couple hours. They continue kissing and JJ starts undressing Paige. Paige thinks back to Eve telling her not to do anything that she doesn't want to do. JJ continues kissing her until she tells him to stop.

Daniel tells Maggie that he has a medical conference in St. Louis and he wants to take Parker to go see Melanie. Maggie asks who will take care of John. Daniel says he doesn't need a surgeon anymore. Daniel offers to stick around for moral support and cancel his plans. Maggie says it's fine as she's sure he can use time away after everything with Jennifer. Daniel tells her that situation has gotten worse. Daniel explains to her that he hurt Jennifer without meaning to because she saw him with Eve. Maggie laughs about Daniel meeting Eve. Daniel says he's walking away. Maggie thinks it's a good move. Daniel says he's taking a sabbatical from women outside of Maggie and Melanie. They hug goodbye and Daniel goes to exit just as Jennifer arrives.

Theresa sits in the town square, thinking of where she can go to get out of Salem. She plans on LA. Eve approaches and questions if Brady knows she's planning a trip to Los Angeles.

Abe tells Victor that he can't discuss Brady's case with him. Victor points out that he can't question Brady without an attorney. Brady joins them and says he doesn't need an attorney. Victor argues that there is no reason not to believe it was self defense. Brady asks if there is new information.

JJ asks Paige what's wrong. Paige complains about him not stopping when she said stop. JJ apologizes and tries to talk her down but she rushes out. JJ turns and looks at a photo of Jack.

Jennifer asks if she's interrupting. Daniel says he was just on his way out and then he exits. Jennifer continues in and hopes Daniel didn't leave on her account. Maggie assures her that he didn't. Jennifer says she just came to tell Maggie that the whole lawsuit will be in the newspaper tomorrow. Maggie assures her that Daniel didn't leave because of her but he's going home to pack and he might not be back for awhile.

Eric tells Caroline that the bishop told him that his case is going to a higher authority.

Nicole questions Eric having to go to the Vatican to plead his case. The bishop says it's the way to get this settled once and for all.

Caroline thinks it's great for Eric to present his case in person to the men with power. She questions why Eric isn't more excited. Eric says he is excited but there's one condition. Caroline asks what it is.

The bishop tells Nicole that Eric will need her to testify on his behalf. He says if she truly wants to make things right, she has to go with him.

Theresa tells Eve that her marriage is over as they decided it was a big mistake and they need space so she's going to visit her parents. Eve questions her planning on leaving for good. Theresa says she doesn't know. Eve warns her about jail time if things don't work out. Eve wants to know what's really wrong. Theresa tells her to leave her alone and storms off. Eve wonders what she's done now.

Abe says there is no new information. Victor questions Abe wanting to talk to Brady. Abe says the final forensics report will be in tomorrow and depending on what it says, Brady could be charged with attempted murder.

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