Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Chase talk outside the town square. Aiden sees Chase's phone where he recorded Aiden and Hope dancing and he thinks back to it.

Ciara asks Hope why she's in such a hurry to go on vacation. Hope tells her that they can go to Mount Rushmore like they always talked about. Hope insists they will have a great time and the plane leaves in a few hours. Ciara replies that she's not going.

Abigail questions Clyde being Ben's father and Jordan being Ben's sister. She doesn't understand why they kept it a secret. Ben explains that they didn't want their father to find them but now he has.

Clyde says he's made a lot of mistakes but they broke his heart when they ran off and he won't have that again. Jordan argues that he's only there because they took his money. Clyde says he was going to use that money to build them a new life but they ruined it.

Rafe points out that this lasts six months and then Stefano will be angry and coming after her. Rafe says it doesn't make sense and asks why she did this. Kate tells Rafe that she did it for him and she's going to pay Stefano back for what he did to him. Rafe questions Kate putting her life on the line to get back at Stefano because of him.

Will comes home. Sonny asks about his meeting. Will informs Sonny that he has decided to write the article on EJ and Sami.

EJ says he's going upstairs but Sami stops him and says she thinks they should talk.

Ben explains to Abigail how he and Jordan ran away from their dad eight years ago and have been hiding ever since. Abigail questions if Ben is not his real name then. He admits his name is Oliver and he went by Ollie. Abigail can't believe he went through all of that. Ben says it was worth it to get away from him. Abigail realizes that's why he didn't want his picture taken before. She asks how Clyde tracked them down. Ben doesn't know but wants to find out.

Kate tells Rafe that she hates Stefano. Rafe questions her revenge being because of what he did to him. Kate says that is one of the reasons. Kate talks about not being aware of what Stefano was capable of. Kate admits knowing for a while that Bernardi wasn't there to slit Rafe's throat. Kate says it made her realize that it was all her fault because if they weren't together, none of this would have happened. Kate adds that she promised herself that she would get revenge for them.

Sonny questions why Will agreed to write the story when Sami will go nuts. Will explains that the magazine will run the story regardless of who writes it but he has insider perspective. Will explains that the article will be about Sami taking over DiMera Enterprises and EJ's tax evasion charges. Will adds that if someone else wrote the article, they would dig around and make things ugly. Will says he can control it this way.

Sami tells EJ that she's been doing a lot of thinking since Caroline left, starting with the terrible things they have done to one another. Sami talks about their lies over Sydney and how she swore to never forgive him then and then realizing she couldn't live without him. Sami talks about EJ proving himself and sacrificing everything for her when she shot Bernardi. Sami talks about how great EJ has been with Will and Allie. She mentions EJ creating a life for them. EJ says they have come this far but Sami says it's different this time. Sami tells EJ that she gave him her heart and he promised she could trust him with it. Sami asks what happened. EJ responds that he doesn't know. Sami states that she loved him so much. EJ replies that he loved her and still does. EJ wishes he could take back the mistake and the hurt it's caused her. EJ asks her for one chance and promises he won't have to ask for another. EJ wants to earn her love and trust. EJ asks her to let him know that there is hope for their future together.

Aiden questions Chase recording him dancing with Hope. Chase says he thought it would be cool and asks if he's mad. Aiden says he's not. Chase asks if he liked dancing with Hope. Aiden says he did. Chase says he could tell. Aiden tells him that it was just a dance. Chase thinks he's mad. Aiden assures him that he's not. Aiden hugs him and they head to Chase's judo class.

Hope asks Ciara about not wanting to go on vacation. Ciara says she doesn't want to go to South Dakota because it's boring. Hope points out that she's never been there. Ciara would rather go to New Orleans where their last family vacation was. Hope knows it's hard on her not having Bo around and brings up how long it's been. Hope understands she misses him and says she does too as they hug.

Jordan argues that Clyde wasn't trying to build a life for them as he made their lives hell. Jordan says they didn't want to live on the run but he gave them no choice. Clyde blames her mom for filling her head with these ideas. Jordan says if they stayed, they'd end up like him so they wanted better. Clyde questions leaving him for a miserable life on the run. Jordan says she had to leave and he's crazy if he thinks he will make her feel guilty. Jordan says they have made a good life here and won't let him destroy it.

Abigail brings up Paige recognizing Ben from Miami. Ben admits it was him and he hated having to lie. Ben apologizes for not telling her sooner. Abigail says she can't hold it against him as she kept her secret with EJ. Sonny and Will arrive with Arianna. Ben tells Abigail that he's going to get going as he has something to do. Ben asks her to keep it between them as he wants to tell people himself. Ben asks Sonny if he can leave early. Sonny tells him it's not a problem so Ben exits.

EJ tells Sami that he loves her and he knows she still loves him. EJ holds her hand as she holds back tears. EJ asks for one more chance and promises it will be the only one he ever asks for. Johnny runs in to interrupt them. EJ tells him that they were in an important conversation but Johnny wants Abigail to help bake cupcakes again. EJ tries to change the subject but Johnny continues praising Abigail until EJ stops him while Sami watches on.

Hope books a trip to New Orleans. Ciara wants to take pictures so Bo can see. Ciara wonders if Bo will be sad that they are going without him. Hope thinks he will be really happy as it's one of his favorite places. Aiden and Chase walk by. Ciara runs up and informs them that they are going on vacation today.

Rafe tells Kate that she shouldn't be taking this kind of risk. Kate continues to blame herself and says she knows how to handle Stefano. Kate tells Rafe that clearing things up with Jordan should be his only concern. Rafe feels it's a lot more complicated now because he was hoping he could say cheating with Kate didn't mean anything to either of them but it appears that's not the case.

Clyde tells Jordan that he doesn't want to ruin anything and he's glad they have the lives they do. He adds that he's proud of her working at the hospital. Jordan tells him to go home and leave them alone then. Clyde feels he's already lost too much time with them. Ben arrives and questions what's going on.

Abigail approaches Will and Sonny. Sonny apologizes for not calling. Will felt she wouldn't want to talk about it. Will asks how she's doing. Abigail is surprised and says she's so sorry as she wouldn't blame them if they hated her because what she did to Sami is unforgivable. Will says he and Sami have done things unforgivable too. Sonny brings up Sami coming to her house. Abigail says she doesn't blame her. Will and Sonny worry about what else Sami will do. Abigail doesn't think Sami can make her feel any worse. Sonny asks Abigail about Ben. She says he's been really cool about everything. Will questions Sami telling Ben. Will decides he will be right back and rushes out.

EJ sends Johnny to go get ready to go to the Pub. EJ goes back to Sami and asks her to look at him. Sami says she has a lot of work to do. Sami feels that she was about to make the biggest mistake of her life until Johnny came in and reminded her what kind of man EJ really is. EJ argues that she loves him as he can see and feel it. Sami calls it the most passionate hatred she has ever felt for anyone. Sami says she can't tell him the pleasure it will bring to destroy him, Stefano, and Abigal.

Aiden didn't know they had vacation plans. Hope calls it spur of the moment. Ciara tells them about going to New Orleans. Ciara and Chase joke about having money. Ciara asks if they have ever been to New Orleans. Aiden says they haven't. Chase is excited about the idea so Ciara suggests they come with them but Aiden and Hope both say no.

Kate tells Rafe that he's wrong. Rafe questions them sleeping together meaning nothing. Kate admits it meant something as she cares about him but as a friend. Rafe says he cares about her too. Rafe feels what she's done goes far beyond caring. Kate argues that she did it for him but also for herself out of guilt and spite against Stefano. Kate reminds Rafe that she broke up their affair first as it was getting too serious and she didn't want to be distracted by a relationship. Kate adds that she hasn't changed her mind on that. Kate says they both know it meant nothing but she still thinks telling Jordan would be a mistake.

Clyde asks Ben if he thinks he can take him on. Ben says he can and asks if he was threatening Jordan. Clyde says he was just telling her how proud he is of them. Clyde gets a call and says this could take a while but they'll have plenty of time to work out their issues as he's not going anywhere. Clyde says they are too important to him as he walks away. Ben checks on Jordan as she sits down.

EJ stops Sami from working and says he realizes he's hurt her very badly but she's going to have to face it head on as an adult. Sami questions EJ lecturing her about behaving like an adult when he was running around like a horny teenager. The doorbell rings so Sami goes to answer it. Will arrives and tells Sami that they need to talk. Sami calls it perfect timing as EJ was just heading out with Johnny. EJ tells Sami that they are not finished as he exits. Will questions them living under the same roof. Sami says twisting the knife can be fun. Will thinks it's tearing her apart. Sami questions if he came to talk her in to taking EJ back. Will says she can do whatever she wants with EJ but he wants her to back off Abigail.

Chase asks Aiden why they can't go to New Orleans. Aiden says they can't just pickup and leave as he has work. Aiden says he hopes they have a great vacation and will see them when they get back. Aiden takes Chase on to judo class. Ciara tells Hope that she and Aiden were acting really weird. Hope calls it an awkward position. Hope tells her to check with her first before inviting anyone like that. Hope starts to leave and realizes she forgot her purse. She turns around and runs into Aiden, who picked it up for her.

Rafe tells Kate that he would be a hypocrite for making Jordan tell the the truth and then lying to her. Kate feels it's not the same thing as it will hurt Jordan. Kate says they are the only two that know about it. Rafe says he's telling Jordan everything. Kate wishes him luck with that. Rafe thanks her and exits.

Abigail is afraid she made a horrible situation worse. Sonny tells her that she made a mistake but didn't set out to hurt anyone. Sonny brings up Abigail having a tough couple of years. Abigail stops him and says she's not the victim as EJ didn't pressure her in to anything. Abigail feels she has to take responsibility. Sonny says she is and should dial back her guilt. Abigail says it's not the first time she's gone after someone else's guy. Sonny jokes with her.

Sami realizes Abigail is Will's cousin but says she destroyed her marriage and her family. Will jokes that they implode every six months without anybody. Sami says he acts like she's an innocent bystander. Will says they put her in the middle of this mess. Will says it all goes back to Sami, Gabi, and Kate drowning Nick in the river since EJ originally went to the cabin to stop Abigail from talking to Hope. Will says if they weren't trying to hide the truth then Abigail never would've been in that situation. Sami points out that it happened more than once. Sami explains to Will how she almost walked in on them in the shower so she doesn't have sympathy for Abigail. Sami tells Will that Abigail hasn't seen anything yet because she has every intention of destroying her life. Will questions how Sami can say that and how many times Sami has done what Abigail did only so much worse.

Hope thanks Aiden for her purse. Aiden tells her to have a nice trip. Hope walks off with Ciara. Chase asks Aiden if they can go back to mom's beach house this summer. Aiden says they don't have time and repeats no.

Jordan says she should've been more careful as now Clyde will never leave them alone. Ben says he can't do anything to them. Ben suggests going to the police or Rafe but Jordan says they can't help as Clyde has everything on them when they have nothing on him.

Clyde talks on the phone outside the town square, saying if he hasn't paid yet then they know what to do.

EJ brings Johnny to the Pub. Johnny asks if Sami is mad at him because she seemed mad when he talked about Abigail. Kate approaches and assures Johnny that Sami just has so much work responsibility in their new company.

Sami questions if Will is saying she deserved this as that is what it sounds like. Will argues that she's not listening. Sami thinks he thinks she brought this on herself. Will says he never said that. Sami feels he made it sound like this was her karma for being a terrible person. Sami says she's the one who is suffering here not Abigail. Will feels bad and says Abigail does too. Sami doesn't believe that. Will shouts that it's over and Abigail regrets it but Sami won't accomplish anything by continuing to punish her while she will only hurt herself. Sami says he sounds like Eric. Will thinks it's hypocritical but Sami argues that she's paid for her mistakes. Sami questions if Abigail should just go back to her perfect life. Sami then questions Will feeling sorry for Abigail when she pretended to be her friend. Sami complains about Abigail pretending to be friends with her kids and planning to destroy her family. Sami calls Abigail a slut. Will shouts at her to stop calling her that. Sami argues that's what she is. Will brings up Sami having sex with EJ while she was married with Rafe which makes her an even bigger slut! Sami then slaps Will.

Hope and Ciara walk out of the town square, excited about their trip.

Aiden apologizes to Chase for snapping at him and says they will go on vacation soon. Chase complains that he misses the beach house. Aiden states that he doesn't as they walk off.

Ben tells Jordan that they can't give up. Jordan says they know Clyde won't give up. Rafe approaches, hoping they can have their talk. Ben tells Rafe that it's not a good time as they are dealing with a crisis and he needs Jordan's help. Ben thanks Rafe for understanding. Jordan says she will call him as she and Ben walk off, leaving Rafe confused.

Johnny tells Kate that Abigail is the best at baking cupcakes. Kate decides to take Johnny home and EJ follows out.

Sami apologizes but Will says the truth hurts. Sami knows how he feels about what happened with her and EJ. Sami says her being unfaithful to Rafe was horrible but it was different circumstances. Will argues that it's because she was the cheater and not the other way around. Sami calls it unfair. Will says it's not fair for her to punish Abigail for doing the same thing she did. Will warns Sami to back the hell off. Sami mocks him being so worried for Abigail and not caring about what she's going through. Sami talks about Johnny talking about having so much fun with Abigail and EJ. Sami is sorry that he doesn't prove but says she has every intention of destroying Abigail's life as thoroughly as she destroyed hers. Will reminds her that he warned her and then exits.

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