Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/23/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/23/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ben and Jordan talk at the club about meeting Clyde. Jordan talks about not telling Rafe yet because he was busy. Jordan doesn't want to tell Rafe until they know what Clyde wants. Ben says they will find out today.

Jennifer says she knows she promised it wouldn't affect JJ and Paige, but they're going to court and it's going to get very ugly. JJ asks if they can make it work. Abigail walks in and wants to know what's going on now as she feels she made things worse. Jennifer tells her that she's not responsible. JJ asks where she's been and Jennifer asks how things went. Abigail says she's not sure.

Kate meets with Clyde at the Pub. Clyde tells her that he caught up with his children and he doesn't know who's happier. Clyde tells her that he owes it all to her. Kate goes to leave but Clyde stops her and asks about Rafe.

EJ is with Johnny in the town square. Johnny spots Rafe and runs up to hug him.

Caroline asks if all Sami has is anger. Sami asks how she's supposed to feel. Caroline points out that EJ is the man Sami loved and deep down may be the man she still loves. Sami questions whose side she's on. Caroline says she's on hers. Sami runs down EJ. Caroline tells her to be truthful. Sami wishes EJ was dead and she hopes he suffers for the rest of his miserable life. Caroline argues that Sami loves him but Sami repeats that she hates him. Caroline says that he could only hurt her that much if she loved him. Sami denies it and breaks down crying as Caroline hugs her. Sami cries that EJ ripped her heart out of her body. Sami repeats that she hates him and then cries out asking why she can't stop loving him.

Kayla talks with Hope at the hospital. Kayla notes that Hope looks tired and compliments her on the gala. Kayla asks if she got to enjoy herself. Hope thinks back to the dance with Aiden but tells Kayla that she was rushing the whole night. Aiden then arrives.

Johnny tells Rafe about going to camp. EJ tells Johnny to get ready to go as he approaches Rafe. EJ offers Rafe a free shot to let him have it.

Sami tells Caroline that she thought EJ was going to love her forever and that nothing else could go wrong. Sami says she never suspected what would happen. She cries about getting the picture of EJ and Abigail and how she felt her heart breaking. Caroline encourages her to get past this. Sami says she kept looking at the photo until her heart stopped. Sami says this is the first time she's cried since the nightmare started. Sami feels she's surviving. Sami talks about seeing how relieved EJ was thinking he got away with it. She talks about pretending to believe that EJ still loved her. Caroline thinks she should've just kicked him out but Sami declares that she will not let him go until she makes him pay. Sami vows to break him and destroy him. She looks over at a photo of her and EJ with the kids. Sami says they finally were a family but EJ broke them. Caroline hugs her as she cries.

Kayla talks with Aiden and Hope about the gala and tells them that they make a great team. Hope says she has to get to the station but Aiden asks if she has a minute to talk about the gala. Kayla offers to leave but they insist that she stay.

Abigail says there is nothing to tell. Abigail asks what got worse with the lawsuit. Jennifer admits that she met with Eve and it's clear they can't settle anything. Jennifer tells them about Eve hitting on Daniel to get to her. JJ asks if she's sure and says that's wrong. Abigail asks what Daniel did. Jennifer tells her that he has no idea what's going on. Abigail feels it's so out of bounds. Abigail tells Jennifer that she has to stop Eve.

Kate tells Clyde that Rafe is dating Jordan. Clyde points out that before that, Rafe dated Kate. Kate asks how he knew that. Clyde says he researched like she did. Kate says Jordan gave her reason to wonder. Clyde brings up Kate showing up and how they are similar. Clyde feels they are on the same page when it comes to Rafe not belonging with Jordan.

Rafe tells EJ that he heard about his affair but it's none of his business. Rafe admits he's glad that Sami kicked him to the curb. EJ tells Rafe that he's not going anywhere as he's staying in town with Sami and his children and will never leave.

Sami gets up questioning what she's doing and tells Caroline to stop because she's not weak. Sami says EJ made her a joke. Caroline feels EJ never meant to do this. Sami talks about their problems and how they were working through them as she talks about Abigail being with EJ in the shower. Caroline assures her that EJ and Abigail only embarrassed themselves. Caroline swears that EJ knows he messed up. Sami questions why she feels bad for EJ. Caroline brings up cheating on Shawn in the past and risking everything for one moment. Sami points out that they never split up. Caroline talks about if she would've ruined what they had. Sami questions if Caroline is suggesting she take EJ back and give him another chance.

Aiden says it will only take a second. Hope adds that she has questions for Kayla about John. Kayla gets a call and steps away anyways. Aiden tells Hope that she has some receipts still. Hope goes to her purse but ends up dropping them. Aiden goes to help her and they end up touching hands.

Kate questions Clyde thinking Rafe is bad for Jordan. Clyde talks about being a protective dad and not wanting anyone in the way so he thought maybe Kate could help. Kate doesn't know what she could do. Clyde thinks she could come up with something. Clyde points out that she's already been such a help to him and how Jordan would be just as grateful to know that Kate was the one to help him find her. Kate doesn't want credit for that. Clyde says he's sure they can work something out then. Clyde says he'll be in touch and then exits.

EJ sits with Johnny and apologizes for being busy the last few days. Johnny understands it's work. Johnny goes off playing with his toy as Jennifer then approaches EJ.

Caroline tells Sami that she can't tell her to take EJ back but she doesn't want her to hang on to this hate. Sami feels EJ deserves to pay. Caroline believes Sami is paying by holding on to the hate. Caroline tells Sami to set herself free. Sami cries that she can't see past EJ and what he did. Caroline shows her the picture of Sami and EJ with the kids and reminds her that she has a family to take care of. Caroline tells Sami that she can do this as she's been through worse. Caroline hugs her as Sami tells her she loves her. Caroline says she has to go and tells her to bring the kids to the Pub for dinner. Sami thanks her as Caroline then exits.

Aiden offers to help Hope but she says she has it. Hope apologizes for the mess and gives the receipts to Aiden. Aiden walks off and Kayla comes back, asking if they had a fight. Hope says they are fine. Kayla asks if she's sure. Hope says she is and then exits.

Rafe goes to the Pub and meets with Kate. Rafe thanks her for meeting and brings up Jordan refusing to talk about her past. Rafe tells Kate that Jordan is going to tell him. Kate calls it great news. Rafe says it makes him feel that he needs to be just as straight with Jordan about he and Kate. Rafe says he needs to tell her that they slept together.

Clyde goes to the club and meets with Jordan and Ben. She asks what he wants. Ben points out that he's working so Clyde suggests just he and Jordan will go. Jordan is okay with the park. Clyde tells Ben that he can join them later. Jordan says she will be back as she exits with Clyde. Abigail appears and watches behind Ben.

Allie comes in and talks to Sami. She tells her about Johnny going with EJ. She shows Sami a picture that she took from the wedding. Allie says she took a bunch of pictures on her phone and printed them. Allie calls it her favorite day and declares that now they are an official family as they hug.

Jennifer greets Johnny. EJ tells Jennifer that he never intended to hurt Abigail. She asks what his intentions were when he cheated on Sami and got involved with Abigail. EJ says it was an impulse that he regretted. Jennifer points out that he repeated it several times so he knew exactly what he was doing. Jennifer talks about Abigail being vulnerable and accuses EJ of seducing her because he knew it would be easy and he didn't give a damn about her in the end. Jennifer calls him a disgusting pig.

Kayla follows Hope into the waiting room, asking if she said something wrong or if Aiden got on her nerves. Hope trips over her words and Kayla realizes what's going on.

Aiden goes to see JJ and tells him that his community service status report is due. JJ hands them over and talks about wanting to get his hours done before college. Aiden asks if it has something to do with Paige.

Abigail talks with Ben at the club. Ben tells her that the whole situation with EJ doesn't change how he feels about her at all.

Allie shows Sami a paper crane that EJ helped her make. She gives it to Sami as a wedding present. Sami thanks her then sends her to the kitchen.

EJ tells Jennifer that he knows he shouldn't have done it. Jennifer says she's not buying it. Jennifer talks about coming to see him about Chad and Abigail and how he reeked of guilt then. Jennifer argues that he knew it was no accident then. Jennifer calls him a rotten man and is glad Abigail sees that. She wishes Abigail didn't have to find that out the hard way. EJ says he wishes that too. Jennifer tells him that means nothing to her. Jennifer adds that Sami was out of line in going after Abigail but she would buy a ticket to watch what she does to her.

Abigail asks Ben about his emergency. Ben tells her that it will be okay. She asks if it had to do with the man that Jordan left with.

Jordan and Clyde go to the park. She tells him to say his piece and get out. Clyde understands her tone and claims he did the best he could for them after their mother died. Clyde says he wants a chance to make it up to them now. Jordan calls it surreal. Jordan says she would never let him control them again. He says they are just talking family. Jordan calls it crazy after all he did. Clyde admits he was wrong and asks if she really wants to go down that road again.

Rafe tells Kate that he can't demand the truth from Jordan and not give it back. Rafe adds that it will come out one way or another like Sami and EJ. Rafe feels it will just be worse if she finds out another way. Kate points out that only they know and she's not telling anyone. Rafe says that's what EJ thought too. Rafe tells her that he's made up his mind.

Aiden talks to JJ about Eve's lawsuit. JJ informs him about Eve being Paige's mom. JJ says he wants Jack's will to be honored and also for Eve to be happy. Aiden tells JJ that when a marriage goes south, it changes a person and tells him to never rush into it because it would be the biggest mistake of his life.

Hope is afraid of what Kayla must think about her now. Kayla tells her that Bo has been gone for two years and they don't know how long he will be gone so she has every right to be furious as she is too. Hope feels he's deserted them and it's hard to hold together for Ciara. Hope tells Kayla that it's not like that with Aiden. She says she just thought Aiden was a jerk and is relieved that he's a decent guy. She insists that she didn't betray Bo. Kayla says it would be understandable if Hope had feelings. Hope says she doesn't and then exits.

Aiden tells JJ that he didn't mean to sound so down on marriage. Aiden jokes with JJ and then exits.

Hope and Ciara walk through the town square. Hope tells Ciara that they are going to pack their bags as she's cleared her work schedule and they can leave today.

Ben tells Abigail that she's not the only one who kept a secret as that guy is his father and Jordan is his sister.

Jordan questions Clyde wanting to be a normal family. Jordan suggests he go home. Clyde asks how he can prove he means it. Jordan tells him to go back and never look for them again. Jordan says they finally have good lives so he should just let them be. Clyde tells her that he can't go until he gets what he came for. Jordan asks how they can pay him back for what they put him through. Clyde says he hasn't settled on that but he will. Clyde says he's made a lot of mistakes but they broke his heart when they ran off and he won't have that again.

Rafe asks Kate why she helped Sami take over DiMera Enterprises. Kate says she admires the mission of total destruction of EJ and Stefano. Rafe says it's not for her as Sami wanted revenge while Kate said she got over everything with Stefano. Rafe again asks why. Kate tells him that there's a lot of money on the table. Rafe points out that she has plenty of money and she hates Sami so he asks what's the real reason. Kate asks what this is about. Rafe points out that this lasts six months and then Stefano will be angry and coming after her. Rafe says it doesn't make sense and asks why she did this. Kate tells Rafe that she did it for him and she's going to pay Stefano back for what he did to him.

EJ comes home with Johnny. Johnny heads upstairs while EJ enters the living room. EJ asks about Caroline. Sami says she's fine. EJ says he's going upstairs but Sami stops him.

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