Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/22/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/22/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ returns home looking for Sami. He goes to enter the living room but it's locked. He asks for Sami to please let him in and talk to him. EJ tells her that he only cares about them. He asks for a chance and says he can't justify what he did. EJ asks to please be let in. The door is then opened by Kate which shocks EJ.

Sami goes to the hospital looking for Marlena. The nurse tells her that she cancelled all her appointments for today as she's in the room with John all day.

Roman talks to Marlena at John's side. Roman doesn't understand Brady doing this to John. Marlena regrets not being there. Sami then enters the room.

Paige meets JJ in the park. Paige asks how Abigail is after fighting with Eve. JJ says she has a lot going on but she'll be okay. JJ asks if they are going to be okay.

Jennifer walks by the Pub and looks through the window to see Eve and Daniel laughing together which shocks her. Jennifer enters the Pub and says she should've known this was going to happen. Eve asks if something is wrong. Daniel questions them knowing each other then remembers JJ and Paige. Jennifer responds that she's known Eve far too long and far too well.

Nicole argues that she loved Eric. Eric says it wasn't love. Nicole tries to slap him but Eric catches her arm and they end up face to face until Eric pulls away. Eric gets a call from the Bishop. He informs Eric that he has news about his case and asks if it's a bad time.

Daniel gets a call and steps aside to take it. Eve invites Jennifer to join them. Jennifer yells at her to stop it and not to pretend like she doesn't know what she's doing. Eve says she was just having a cup of coffee. Jennifer says Daniel is someone she was very close to. Jennifer is sure Theresa told her the whole story. Eve decides she will leave and Daniel will want to know why she's so upset. They argue as Eve exits. Daniel returns and asks Jennifer if everything is okay.

EJ enters asking where Sami is. Kate tells him that she's not here. EJ questions what Kate is doing in his living room. Kate responds that it's her home. EJ doesn't believe it. Kate tells him to check the paperwork as the house is owned by DiMera Enterprises. EJ just wants to know where Sami is. EJ then notices Stefano's portrait has been replaced by a new portrait of Kate and Sami. EJ demands to know where Sami is.

Sami asks what happened. Marlena says there was a fight. Roman says all they know is that someone hit John with a fireplace poker. Roman gets a call from the station. Roman makes sure Sami is alright then exits. Sami asks Marlena what the doctors have said. Marlena tells her that John is in a coma and they don't think he will wake up. Sami asks who fought and if she knows who did this to him. Marlena responds that Brady did it.

Jennifer questions Daniel being concerned about Eve. Daniel asks if she's upset with something about JJ and Paige. Jennifer tells him to forget it and storms out, leaving Daniel confused as to why she's mad. Daniel follows out.

JJ tells Paige that he wanted to tell her about Theresa but the blowup with their moms felt more important. JJ explains that he did what he thought he had to do. JJ feels he had no choice and swears he wasn't hiding this from her on purpose. JJ says the big secret is out that he's not perfect which she agrees with.

Eric tells the Bishop that he wants to hear about the case. He invites him to come by so he can bring him up to date. Eric thanks him and hangs up. Eric tells Nicole that he has to go. Nicole stops him as she found the story on Brady and John.

Marlena explains what they know about Brady knocking out John. They talk about Marlena and John not speaking. Marlena says they have history and she doesn't run out on someone she loves when there's a crisis.

Kate tells EJ that barking at Sami is not the way to go. EJ makes a call to find out where Sami is. EJ leaves a message that he's home and looking for her. EJ tells Kate to get out. Kate asks if he thinks it's a joke. EJ says he and Stefano will take this back. Kate argues that he can't for at least six months. Kate points out that everyone will flee if they find out he was duped by them and it will leave him bankrupt. EJ plans to go shower. Kate remarks on that starting this mess. EJ wants Kate gone when he gets back. Kate says she's going to get a lawyer for a restraining order against him. Kate tells EJ to pack his bags as he's done.

Sami encourages Marlena that John has gotten through much worse so he will wake up. Sami then exits.

Daniel follows Jennifer home and says he doesn't deserve whatever this is. Daniel feels she owes him an explanation. Jennifer questions that. Daniel thought they were friends. Jennifer accuses him of disrespecting her by hanging out with Eve. Daniel is lost. Jennifer asks how he thought it would make her feel to see them together. Daniel asks if it's about Eve and Theresa being sisters as he just found out. Daniel feels they don't seem the same at all. Jennifer laughs in his face. Daniel asks why she's acting like this is some big betrayal. Jennifer explains Eve's lawsuit against her and how she wants every last cent. Jennifer says she has had issues with Eve since she was 17 years old.

Eric wonders why no one called him and rushes out while Nicole says she hopes everything is okay. Nicole then calls Brady and leaves a message to call her when he gets it. Nicole goes to leave and stops to think back to getting close with Eric before leaving.

Sami returns home on the phone. She finishes the call as EJ walks in. Sami mocks him about Abigail. EJ informs her that he was released on bail with a few restrictions. Sami warns him to be careful because the Salem PD is desperate for another reason to put him away. Sami tells him to get out as she is working. Sami tells him that he did the maid of honor so she's hoping he does some hard time now. EJ feels something else is bothering besides him. EJ wants to know what it is. Sami claims she's fine. EJ sits with her and asks if it's the children. Sami questions him being worried about them now. Sami says the only thing wrong is that he's in her house instead of in jail. Sami tells him to get out because she's working. EJ asks her not to hide behind her work. Sami mocks him and says she loves every minute of her work as she has big plans. EJ says all he cares about is them and that's all he thinks about.

Paige tells JJ that she doesn't know as every time she thinks she knows him, she finds out something and doesn't know what to think. JJ swears that's all behind him and he wants to be upfront with her. JJ is scared to be definite only to have something come up later to make her think he lied. JJ says she knows him. Paige questions if she does. Paige brings up their families fighting and says she doesn't know if she can really trust him. JJ insists that she can. Paige says she has to get to community service. JJ thinks this is really important for them. Paige says she needs time to think and then walks off. Eve appears and asks JJ if that was about her.

Jennifer tells Daniel about Eve going after Frankie and then Jack. Daniel questions them being high school rivals. Jennifer talks about Eve marrying Jack to come up with her claim of royalties. Jennifer says now Eve is making it a mission to go after every man she's ever been near. Daniel mocks that as making him feel real special. Daniel questions why Jennifer didn't just tell him about what was going on.

Marlena fills Eric in on what happened with Brady and John. Eric admits he was afraid something like this would happen.

Daniel explains to Jennifer that Eve was his patient until she came to him about Theresa. Jennifer questions their relationship. Daniel thinks Jennifer thinks he has no sense. Daniel feels she thinks he's an idiot for not magically knowing what's wrong. Daniel tells Jennifer to think about this when she wonders why they are on a break. Daniel says he loves her but they have hit a wall and he then exits.

Eve tells JJ that she knew her fight with Abigail would cause problems with he and Paige. JJ thinks they can separate the two. Eve says she can tell Paige that she doesn't hold a grudge against Abigail. Eve insists that she doesn't want to fight and she doesn't want the conflict to spill over to them. Eve adds that she wants this to be the best summer for Paige. Eve asks if JJ can trust her enough to help with that. Eve offers her hand as Paige returns.

Sami tells EJ that there is no them. EJ argues there always will be and calls her a bad liar. Sami points out that he didn't see this coming. EJ admits he didn't. Sami says she owns his life. EJ says that's how he always wanted it. EJ asks if she's going to sell the company out from under him. Sami talks about knowing him for years and the games he plays. EJ says he doesn't need anything else. EJ brings up giving away everything without a thought to save her because he loves her. EJ tells Sami that she can have the house and the company. EJ repeats that the only thing he cares about is her. Sami asks if he means that. EJ says that he does. EJ adds that he made a huge mistake and he hates himself for it but he just wants the chance to make it right. EJ wants to spend the rest of his life making it right for them. Sami asks if he doesn't care that she sent him to jail and stole his company. EJ says he doesn't. Sami says it's what she wanted to hear him say. EJ insists that he means it. Sami gets up and says now she knows that when she destroys him, she'll be breaking his heart too. EJ understands she wants to punish him. Sami says Abigail will be punished while EJ gets annihilated. EJ asks about the children and destroying their family. Sami tells him he can't talk to her about family because he threw it away when he put his hands on Abigail. Caroline then suddenly interrupts and yells for her to stop it.

Eric talks about trying to get Brady to rehab. Roman goes to get some coffee for Marlena. Eric tells Marlena not to think about the fight as the most important thing right now is getting John back. Marlena's not sure John would want here there but it's where she needs to be.

Paige asks what Eve is doing there. Eve says she was walking home and ran in to JJ. Eve tells Paige they need to catch up so she'll see her at home. Eve walks off. JJ asks Paige what happened to community service. Paige says she called in late because walking out like that wasn't fair. JJ is glad she came back. Paige asks what Eve was saying. JJ says she was just saying that she didn't want her fighting to affect them. Paige says most of the time she is in charge. Paige decides she should just listen to JJ instead of doubting it. Paige doesn't want to give up on him but she's nervous because everything keeps changing. Paige talks about knowing him through his music and how that hasn't chaned. JJ then kisses her.

Jennifer calls Aiden and says she's sure they are going to court and are not going to settle. Jennifer says they can talk later but right now there's something she needs to do.

Eve catches up with Daniel in the town square and apologizes for before. Eve claims she had no idea that Daniel and Jennifer even knew each other. She calls it a terrible coincidence which Daniel questions.

Nicole goes to the hospital and calls Brady, leaving another message to call her. She sees Roman and asks if Brady is there. Roman tells her that he went to a meeting. Nicole asks if Eric made it. Roman says he's in with Marlena where he's needed. Roman tells Nicole that this is a family matter so she should stay out of it. Roman heads back to John's room, leaving Nicole questioning what happened.

Eve questions Daniel not believing her. Daniel says Jennifer was angry for a reason and he knows about the lawsuit now. Daniel says he knows Jennifer feels betrayed. Eve says there's more than one side to the story. Daniel questions her not knowing that he and Jennifer used to be together. Eve claims it never came up. Daniel stops her and doesn't want to hear it. Eve apologizes. Daniel tells her that he feels used and doesn't like it as he then walks away.

Eric tells Marlena that only God and John know what's going to happen to him now so they can pray for the best. Eric says the hardest thing to accept is that sometimes God's will is not what they want.

EJ warns Harold about the closed door. Caroline says he couldn't stop her as she could hear Sami's yelling. Sami says he did the right thing by letting her in but she doesn't have time to talk as she has to work. Caroline tells Harold to take EJ out. EJ says with all due respect, Caroline was the one person who accepted how much he loved Sami. EJ says he just wants a chance to make things right and then exits. Sami asks Caroline what he said. Caroline asks if she really cares.

Paige goes home where Eve stands alone. Eve asks how things went with JJ. Paige asks if she's okay with them. Eve says of course. Eve asks when has she not wanted her to be happy. Paige thanks her. Eve says she was skeptical of JJ in the beginning but she no longer thinks JJ or Abigail are going to be a problem but they do have one very big problem in Jennifer.

JJ goes home and greets Jennifer. Jennifer tells him that it's all out war. She says she knows she promised it wouldn't affect JJ and Paige but they're going to court and it's going to get very ugly.

Nicole finds Daniel at the hospital. She questions why he didn't tell her the news. Daniel says she could've focused on someone else. Nicole questions his mood. Nicole assumes it's trouble with a woman. Daniel says they are done and walks off. Nicole concludes it's definitely trouble with a woman.

Sami assumes Caroline heard the whole story. Caroline says she heard enough. Sami questions if she came to tell her to be nice to Abigail since she's the real victim. Sami complains about no one in her family having her back despite Abigail sleeping with EJ. Sami tells Caroline she can say I told you so about EJ. Caroline doesn't want to. Sami tells her that she was right all along. She tells her not to worry because EJ is going to pay. Caroline asks if all she has is anger. Sami asks how she's supposed to feel. Caroline points out that EJ is the man Sami loved and deep down may be the man she still loves.

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