Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole dreams about being in bed with Eric until her alarm wakes her up.

Jennifer goes to call Aiden but the doorbell rings and Eve arrives. Jennifer asks what she's doing there. Eve says they need to sit down and discuss but Jennifer shuts the door in her face.

Brady sits at John's hospital bed side. Daniel comes in and greets Brady. Brady hopes for some good news that he didn't destroy his father's life.

Theresa stands at the hospital and thinks back to what she did to John. Hope approaches and startles her. Abe asks if she's okay. Theresa tells about how worried she is. Abe asks for her story again. Theresa says it's what happened and tells again that Brady hit John with the fireplace poker. Abe brings up the two sets of fingerprints and reveals that they now know who they belong to. Abe says one set belonged to Brady which is no surprise. Hope reveals that the other prints belonged to Victor. Theresa argues that it makes perfect sense. Abe notes that there was a singular partial print which Hope points out implies someone wiped it clean.

Daniel suggests Brady get some rest but Brady wants to know what's going on and what happened. Daniel says he will check back later and see what he can find. Brady thanks him as Daniel exits. Brady says he doesn't understand as he never wanted this. Brady says maybe he doesn't remember because he's turned in to someone who could do this.

Theresa questions if they are accusing her of wiping the poker. Theresa brings up servants cleaning the mansion. Abe and Hope talk about how it is just a little odd. Theresa insists that she just ran in to check on them. Abe and Hope talk about how the bodies must have been moved. Aiden arrives and interrupts. Hope asks what he's doing there. Theresa reveals that she's hired Aiden.

Eve enters and tells Jennifer that being rude doesn't accomplish anything. Jennifer questions her walking in to her house. Jennifer threatens to call the police. Eve threatens to tell them about Abigail's assault on her. Jennifer argues that Eve provoked her. Jennifer says Eve just wants a fight so she's got one. Eve tells her that she doesn't want a fight but understands Jennifer is angry with her. They argue about Jack's story becoming a movie. Jennifer accuses her of just wanting more money. Eve says she's looking out for JJ and Paige. Jennifer questions her using their children. Jennifer throws her out and tells her she's not getting anything. Eve shouts that she's being unreasonable and walks away after calling her a bitch.

Nicole calls Daniel and asks if he's at the hospital. Daniel says he's busy. Nicole wants to meet for coffee later. Daniel says things are crazy and he's sure she knows why. Daniel then asks if she's checked the news. Nicole says she heard about Sami taking over DiMera Enterprises but still wants coffee. Daniel argues that she didn't really care about Eric or their friendship. Daniel says Nicole only cares about herself so she can have her coffee alone and he hangs up on her. Eric then arrives at Nicole's door.

Hope questions Theresa needing a lawyer. Theresa says she hired Aiden for Brady. Theresa explains that she would've hired Justin but he's out of town. Theresa refers to Brady as her husband which Hope questions. Brady joins them and Theresa tells him about Aiden. Brady doesn't want a lawyer and says he will answer any questions because it's all his fault and he's not running away from this. Brady declares that he's guilty. Theresa tries to convince him not to talk like that and Aiden suggests he doesn't talk without a lawyer but Brady says he doesn't need him so Aiden walks away. Brady goes to talk with Abe and Hope. Theresa thanks Aiden for coming and asks him to stay close by which he agrees to. Brady tells Abe and Hope that he wants this cleared up. Theresa interrupts but Hope wants to talk to Brady alone. Theresa reminds that she's the only witness. Brady stops her and tells her to go to the waiting room so she walks off. Brady tells Hope that he wants to help but he doesn't remember anything. Abe brings up Theresa repeating that it was self defense. Hope questions Brady having doubts which he admits.

Theresa complains in the waiting room until Eve walks in. Eve complains about her encounter with Jennifer. Eve questions what's wrong with Theresa. Theresa tells her that she's been there all night. Eve asks what she did now.

Eric asks if Nicole has a minute so she invites him in. Nicole asks what he wants. Eric says he needs a favor about Sami. Nicole asks if it's about Sami taking over DiMera Enterprises. Eric says yes and no as negative comments will be coming in. Eric asks Nicole not to make it worse. He gets that she has news to report but he wants her to show some restraint. Eric brings up Sami's children. Eric adds that he would take it as a personal favor. Nicole tells him that she would do anything for him. Eric thanks her. Nicole asks if he wants to sit down but Eric says he's gotta get going. Nicole asks him to wait. Eric asks what she wants. Nicole says he came all the way here so why rush off. Eric says he just wanted the favor and now he's done. Nicole says she's not. Nicole thinks it's something that he came and she takes it as a small step. Nicole hopes that some day they can be friends again. Nicole tells Eric about asking Daniel for coffee. Eric asks if he said yes. Nicole says not in so many words. Eric is sure Daniel said no.

Jennifer walks out of the town square and runs into Aiden. Jennifer tells Aiden that she wants him to hammer Eve so that she doesn't get a cent. Aiden feels he has a good shot of getting her agreement thrown out. Jennifer says Eve is someone you can always count on to do the right thing.

Theresa questions why everyone always assumes she's done something wrong. Eve says it's what she does. Theresa worries about Brady and lets it slip that they are married. She asks Eve not to say anything as it was an impulse thing last night. Eve questions if she put him in the hospital. Theresa explains what happened. Eve questions her accidents and asks what she did. Theresa cries that she could use some support and help but she always cuts her down. Theresa yells at her to get out and shoves her out the door. Theresa repeats that she did nothing wrong and that's how it is going to stay.

Brady talks to Hope and Abe about being drunk and not remembering. Hope mentions Henderson hearing yelling. Brady doesn't know if it was self defense. Hope points out that Brady married Theresa but isn't wearing his ring. Abe wonders if they fought over that. Daniel approaches so they ask for word. Daniel says John has been upgraded to stable but has slipped deeper into the coma. Brady doesn't understand. Daniel explains that this is different from a medically induced coma as John has gone deeper so they are not in control. Brady asks what he's saying. Daniel responds that they don't know if John will ever wake up.

Eric says it's written in Nicole's eyes that Daniel said no. Nicole questions if it makes him happy. Eric says she knows him better than that. Eric tells her to face the truth that she lied to Daniel and used him. Eric tells her it doesn't work that way. Nicole calls herself an idiot for expecting forgiveness and says she should stay worthless forever.

Daniel tells Brady that John's brain needs time to heal. Abe tells Brady that they are done so Brady walks off. Daniel tells Hope and Abe that he's handing John's case over to the staff as he completed the surgery. Daniel mentions a long night so he's going to the Pub to eat. Maxine asks if he's going to go home and rest after but Daniel says he will be back to do his rounds. Daniel exits and Eve follows him out. Abe goes over their notes while Hope checks her phone. Hope turns around as Aiden returns and thinks back to their dance.

Theresa paces in the waiting room. She says she can't stand this and then exits the room.

Daniel goes to the Pub. Eve follows him in and acts surprised to see him.

Hope asks Aiden about coming back. Aiden says he has a few other clients in the hospital. Aiden mentions getting compliments on the gala and Hope says she has too. Aiden says it was a very good night for them and the gala. Theresa complains to Abe and insists on Brady defending himself. Aiden interrupts. Theresa asks where Brady is now and Abe tells her that he's in with John. Theresa decides she should be with her husband. Abe steps aside with Hope. Theresa thanks Aiden. Aiden tells her to call if she needs him as he then exits. Theresa heads in to John's room where Brady is at John's side. Theresa thinks back to knocking John out. She asks Brady how John is doing. Brady says he has a question first. Brady says he knows what Theresa said happened but he needs to know if she's lying.

Hope tells Abe that Theresa seems pretty jumpy. Abe says the only alternatives are she's telling the truth, she's lying to protect Brady, or she did it herself. Hope asks if her doing it is a stretch. Abe says there's nothing to contradict what she's saying but the trouble is that it's Theresa. Hope understands she's jumpy because if she does anything at all then she's going to prison. Abe says they just have to wait for Brady or John to fill in the blanks but Abe's in a coma and Brady has no memory.

Theresa questions Brady thinking she would lie about something like this. Brady thinks she would to protect him. Brady asks if she was lying. Theresa swears that he didn't do anything wrong as John was attacking him and Brady was defending himself. Theresa hugs him and tells Brady that no one will blame him for doing what he had to do. Brady declares that he needs a meeting. Brady says it's probably best if he's not here when Marlena gets back. Brady says things need to change for him. Theresa offers to go with him to the meeting.

Hope joins Aiden in the waiting room. Hope doesn't know what to say to him if he's representing Brady or Theresa. Aiden says he'll speak up if it becomes official. Hope brings up leaving the gala with Ciara. Aiden says it's no problem. Aiden mentions that they have to get together and write up how the night went and make suggestions for next year. Both end up saying they can do it on their own.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and talks to Maxine about what happened with Brady and John. Maxine mentions Daniel going to the Pub and then coming right back to work. Jennifer says Daniel drives himself too hard. Maxine thinks it's because he's lonely. Maxine walks away so Jennifer decides to exit.

Eve joins Daniel at a table at the Pub. Eve notes that he's looking tired. Daniel tells her about the all night emergency. Eve asks if it had to do with Theresa but Daniel says he can't talk about the case. Eve says she gets it but trouble just follows Theresa around. Eve says keeping an eye on her is tough. Daniel is sure she's doing the best she can.

Eric isn't sure what to say after what Nicole did. Nicole argues that she did it for their love and asks if he forgot about that. Nicole says she was weak because she was afraid to lose him so she lied and fought. Nicole asks if she's this horrible person now who's not worth his time until he needs a favor.

Aiden and Hope apologize to each other for assuming. Hope says they shouldn't be meeting during this case or anything else that could be misconstrued. Aiden agrees to do the post-gala stuff on his own. Hope thanks him and he exits. Hope thinks back to their dance again.

Brady tells Theresa that he's going to the meeting alone because there's a lot he needs to get a handle on. Brady adds that they will talk about the marriage later but he doesn't want to be late for the meeting so they will deal with it later. Theresa hopes it helps. Brady declares it has to because he needs to make some changes. Theresa asks about John. Brady says they ran more tests and he's in a deeper coma that may be permanent. Brady then exits. Theresa breathes a sigh of relief.

Eve apologizes to Daniel for being a downer after his tough night. She asks about Parker. Daniel says he's with Chloe but they'll talk tonight. Eve tells a story about the first night she left Paige when she was little and how she got food all over her. Daniel talks about similar situations with Parker and shows Eve pictures on his phone of Parker. Jennifer walks by the Pub and looks through the window to see Eve and Daniel laughing together which shocks her.

Nicole questions Eric not giving her a minute of his time when he came for a favor. Nicole wants to be treated like a person. Eric questions how she treated him. Nicole argues that she loved him. Eric says it wasn't love. Nicole tries to slap him but Eric catches her arm and they end up face to face.

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