Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes home to the DiMera Mansion. She walks in to the living room for a drink where Kate surprises her and welcomes her home. Sami questions what she's doing there. Kate says she's getting started on their plan to drive DiMera Enterprises into the ground.

Rafe meets with Abe about the state's case against EJ. Rafe says he plans to make the most of it and will start tomorrow. Rafe adds that EJ is not going anywhere tonight and he's got some personal business that he's been putting off for too long.

Jordan gets a text saying "Hello Tammy Sue" and drops her phone in shock. She turns around as Clyde appears and says it's nice to see her again. Clyde says he's learned a lot since she took off. Clyde calls it the perfect spot for them to have a nice long talk.

Ben responds that he knows it's about her and EJ. Abigail realizes Sami already told him. Ben says she was so mad that he didn't know whether to believe her or not. Abigail informs him that it's the truth.

Adrienne goes to Will and Sonny's but stops outside the door where she hears Lucas and Sonny talking about Abigail's affair with EJ. Adrienne enters and hopes she did not hear them right.

Will visits EJ and questions how he could cheat on Sami and think that he could get away with it.

Sami tells Kate that this doesn't mean she can come in to her living room but Kate informs her that she has moved in.

Jordan questions how Clyde found her and what he wants. Clyde talks about being so worried about her. Jordan argues that he's not her father. Clyde grabs her and warns her to watch her mouth with him.

Abe goes over the case against EJ. Rafe comments on Stefano. Abe then informs Rafe about Sami and Kate now running DiMera Enterprises.

Adrienne asks if Jennifer knows. Lucas says he hasn't talked to her yet. Adrienne questions it and assumes EJ forced himself onto her. Lucas says that Abigail didn't say so but he knows EJ probably worked on her.

EJ apologizes to Will for disappointing him. Will says not to worry about him but about Sami. EJ thinks Sami will be fine when she calms down but Will disagrees and says all she wants will be revenge.

Ben tells Abigail that it's none of his business which surprises Abigail. Ben doesn't want her to be embarrassed. Ben tells her that it happened and it's over now. Abigail agrees and swears it was over with EJ before she even met Ben. Ben says he doesn't need to know the details. Abigail apologizes for not being honest with him. Ben realizes why she was so stressed at the wedding. Abigail tells him that Sami hates her now which she gets. Abigail adds that she's afraid Sami won't stop until she's ruined her life.

Sami argues that Kate can't just move in but Kate says she can. Kate says the house is owned by DiMera Enterprises so as co-CEOs they share the house. They continue to argue. Kate wants her to lighten up and says there's more than enough room for both of them now that they've kicked EJ and Stefano to the curb. Sami does agree with that and they toast their drinks. Sami tells her that it's been a long day so she's not in the mood to tangle with her. Kate feels she has two options, go to sleep or get to business with her to make sure everyone who has wronged them pays. Kate tells her that it's up to her.

Rafe questions EJ and Stefano handing over the company to Sami and Kate. Abe isn't sure how it all went down. Rafe assumes it went down at the board meeting. Abe says all that matters to him is that the DiMeras are finally going down. Rafe decides that he will deliver the subpoena himself to Sami.

Adrienne feels they've been through enough and wants to call Jennifer so she knows they are on her side. Sonny texts Will asking where he is.

EJ apologizes to Will and says he doesn't want to talk to Abigail. Will tells him that Abigail is his cousin and he's known that something has been up with her but it never entered his mind that the guy could be him. Will was so sure that EJ loved Sami. EJ shouts back that he loves Sami and always will. EJ says he made a mistake. Will brings up Chad still loving Abigail when he left and EJ still going to bed with her. Will questions what is wrong with him.

Jordan pulls away from Clyde. Clyde says he didn't think they would start out like this. Jordan says he's not her father. Clyde says he married her mom as her father wanted nothing to do with her and he was all she had. Clyde brings up her dad drinking himself to death. Clyde wants to visit and hear all about her. He asks if she's heard from Ben.

Ben tells Abigail that there's one thing he wants to know and then they never have to mention EJ again. Ben asks if their relationship has just been her way of trying to forget EJ.

Sami thinks it's bad enough that they have to work together and asks if she wants to see her every night. Kate says no but when Stefano finds out, he will go out of his mind and she thinks that's worth it. Kate talks about decorating the mansion and getting rid of the portrait of Stefano. Sami says that's one thing they can agree on. Kate thinks they can find more common ground than that. Kate says she has file folders for each division of the company. She says one group will be what makes them profitable and the other group is where EJ and Stefano have invested their personal assets to crash and burn. Sami responds that she's feeling better now.

Jordan claims that she hasn't heard from her brother. Clyde accuses her of lying and says he's been here a few days and has been watching them. Clyde suggests they get together for a family reunion right now. Jordan tells him that she's not letting him anywhere near Ben.

Abigail swears that she wasn't using Ben to forget about EJ as she was already over him and what they had wasn't love. Ben asks what it was about then. Abigail responds that she can't say. Ben asks if she's sure she was never in love with EJ or if she still is.

EJ tells Will that his relationship with Sami is very complex. Will asks about his relationship with Abigail or if he just saw that she was vulnerable. EJ argues that he didn't take advantage of her. Will thinks they didn't want to see EJ for the man he really is and he didn't either because he wanted to believe he changed. Will declares that EJ is a DiMera and will always put what he wants before anything else. EJ tells him that he's going to get her back. Will asks if he means Sami or Abigail.

Sami and Kate go over the files until the doorbell rings and then there's a knock on the door. Harold introduces Rafe and Kate says to show him in. Rafe enters. Kate jokes that it's happy hour at the mansion and offers him a martini. Rafe declines and asks what the hell is going on.

Jordan refuses to set Ben up for Clyde. Clyde tells her that he has people watching Ben right now.

Abigail tries to explain things to Ben. Ben gets a text from Jordan that they need to meet because he found them. Ben rushes out and Abigail exits as well.

EJ tells Will that he's talking about Sami as they have two kids and they are a family. EJ says they have worked through worse and he will convince her that she's the only woman he loves and wants to be with. Will tells him to save it for someone who cares as he's sorry he ever trusted him and won't make that mistake again. Will then exits.

Rafe gives the subpoena to Sami and Kate as the court has requested certain documents. Kate says they would be more than happy to comply tomorrow morning. Rafe questions them not even consulting with EJ or Stefano. Kate says they are tired of them. Sami informs him that they decided to run DiMera Enterprises their way. Rafe says it must be awkward since Sami just married EJ. Sami tells him not to remind her which confuses Rafe. Harold interrupts and tells Sami that Sydney needs her so Sami heads upstairs. Rafe asks Kate about her and Stefano. Kate responds that there is no her and Stefano. Rafe asks if there's a Sami and EJ. Kate replies that there was but then Sami found out that EJ cheated on her.

Jordan tells Clyde to give up because Ben won't show up. Clyde knows Ben will show if he knows Jordan's alone with him. Ben says they have a lot to talk about after all these years. Clyde tells Jordan that she's even prettier than when she left. Ben arrives and tells him to get away from her. Ben questions what Clyde wants. Clyde says they are the ones who did him wrong. Ben tells him that they know the truth and nothing's changed. Clyde declares that he has his family back and isn't letting them out of his sight again. Ben tells him that they aren't kids anymore so there's nothing he can do to them. Clyde threatens to get the law on them as they stole money from him and Jordan abducted Ben when he was a minor. Clyde says he was really unhappy when they took off so they don't want to think about making him that unhappy again.

Abigail visits EJ and tells him that they both knew the truth was going to come out.

Adrienne finishes her call with Jennifer while Sonny finishes putting Arianna to sleep. Adrienne informs them that Jennifer found out by Sami being a bitch. Sonny points out that Sami was really hurt. Adrienne continues to blame EJ but Sonny brings up Abigail. Adrienne complains about Sami until Will comes home. Adrienne says she tried with Sami. Will asks what Sami did now.

Rafe asks Kate if it's a fact that EJ cheated on Sami and asks if it was with anyone he knows. Kate informs him that it was with Abigail so she must not be as innocent as they all thought. Kate calls it ironic that Sami cheated on Rafe with EJ and now EJ cheats on Sami to destroy everything. Rafe says Sami made the mistake of thinking EJ could change. Kate says at least Rafe and Jordan are happy. Kate tells Rafe that Jordan will never find out that they were together the other day. Rafe agrees that it was a mistake. Sami appears in the doorway and listens in as Kate says that it would destroy Jordan to find out they slept together again.

Adrienne tells Will about Sami not just telling Jennifer but showing pictures. Lucas tells Will that he has to go out of town but he'll talk to Sami when he gets back about focusing on EJ instead of Abigail. Will worries about the kids. Lucas says he will take care of everything. Will hugs him and thanks him. Adrienne hugs Will and Sonny goodbye as she then exits with Lucas. Sonny apologizes to Will for Adrienne being on her high horse again. Will tells him that what Adrienne said was true as Sami knows what kind of guy EJ is. Will can't believe Sami taking this all out on Abigail in front of Jennifer. Sonny tells Will that everything is going to be okay and they kiss. Arianna starts to cry so Sonny goes to check on her.

Abigail talks about the lengths they were willing to go to in order to keep this from coming out. Abigail asks if it would've been any worse if they were just honest about what happened. EJ is sorry for what she's been through. EJ says he's getting what he deserves but Sami shouldn't be striking out on her. Abigail mentions Sami telling Ben and how she tried talking to him about it. EJ is sure he has a lot of questions. Abigail informs EJ that Ben's only questions was if she ever loved EJ.

Ben tells Clyde that he doesn't run their lives anymore. Clyde says he needs to show him respect. Jordan questions Clyde expecting things to back to how they were. Clyde says he's arranged for someone to manage the business while he's gone as he sees why they like this town. Clyde says they've made mistakes but they can get together and come to an understanding on how they can pay him back. Clyde warns them against running again. Clyde reveals that he stole Jordan's fake IDs. She questions him being in her apartment. Clyde says he told the janitor that he was her dad and he let him in. Clyde adds that the IDs aren't something she'd want the cops to see especially since she's dating one.

Rafe tells Kate that he was drunk and had just seen Gabi so they want to put it in the past.

Clyde tells them that they can't take off. Clyde says he'll be at the Salem Inn and a man could get real comfortable there. Clyde walks away. Ben questions how he found them but Jordan has no clue. Ben tells Jordan that he's building a life here so he's not running again.

Rafe adds that he doesn't like lying to Jordan but doesn't want to hurt her. Kate says she understands. Sami finishes listening in and then makes it known that she's coming back downstairs. Sami tells Kate that Sydney had a nightmare about EJ being lost. Kate worries about all she will have to deal with since EJ will be behind bars for quite a long time. Rafe says the subpoena spells out all they need to do. Sami says they will get the information first thing tomorrow and asks if there's anything else. Rafe says that's it but then stops and tells Sami that he's sorry about what happened to her. Sami turns to Kate and questions her telling Rafe about her personal life. Kate argues that it's no secret. Sami tells Rafe that she's fine and she can handle this. Rafe says he saw the look in her eye and almost feels sorry for EJ. Rafe then exits. Sami sits with Kate and questions her affair with Rafe. Kate replies that they couldn't help themselves.

Will finishes a call, saying he has to think about it and will get back with them tomorrow. Will tells Sonny that it was his editor at the magazine, who want him to write a cover story. Sonny questions him having to think about it. Will doesn't know if he can do it as they want him to write about Sami and EJ.

EJ tells Abigail that what they had is over so she shouldn't torture herself about it. Abigail tells EJ that she told Ben that what happened had nothing to do with love.

Sami can't believe Rafe slept with Kate again and questions if he lost his mind. Kate says Rafe will find out about Jordan soon. Sami asks if it will break them up. Kate says Rafe will find out that Jordan is not the wounded little bird that he needs to protect. Sami asks if that's not enough. Kate says plan B will be Jordan finding out that they slept together. Sami tells her that Rafe would never forgive her but Kate says Jordan would find out from Sami.

Jordan worries. Ben tells her that he won't leave him out of this and they have to stand up to him. Rafe calls Jordan. Jordan worries as she was going to tell Rafe about the nightmare from her past but now it's starting all over again.

Sami tells Kate that she's not going after Jordan as Kate can fight her own battle. Kate questions Sami not caring that Rafe will get incredibly hurt. Sami says Rafe doesn't belong with Jordan but that doesn't mean he belongs with Kate. Kate questions her being territorial about Rafe. Sami says she just cares. Kate questions if Rafe is looking better to her now that she is not with EJ.

EJ tells Abigail that she's right. She asks how long he will be in here. EJ says his lawyer is confident that he will make bail and then he will do everything in his power to get Sami back. Abigail wishes him luck and says for what it's worth, she thinks he and Sami really deserve each other. Abigail then exits.

Sami tells Kate that she doesn't need another man in her life as she hasn't finished with the one she married. Sami promises to make every second of EJ's life a living Hell. Sami suggests they get to work.

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