Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/16/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/16/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady asks if John is okay. Daniel responds no. Brady then asks if he killed him. Daniel tells Brady that he did not kill his father but he's in critical condition. Brady wants to see him but Daniel says no one can.

Kate walks by the Pub. She looks in the window and sees Clyde. She wonders how the family reunion is going and decides she will find out herself.

Jordan walks through the park, texting Ben that she really needs to see him now.

Abigail goes to the club and greets Ben. She says she has something to talk to him about. Ben thinks back to Sami already telling him.

Sami visits EJ at his cell. EJ says he has so much to say to her. Sami tells him to save it because she's not interested. Sami says EJ must be as delusional as Jennifer and tells EJ about Jennifer knowing about he and Abigail.

Daniel explains that John has a lot of a head damage. Brady can't believe he would do this to him. Theresa thinks back to doing it. She tells Brady that it's not his fault. She asks Daniel how bad it is. Daniel says John's brain had severe bleeding and fluid could lead to complications but his vitals are strong. Theresa asks if that means he's going to live.

Ben gets Jordan's text. Lucas arrives and interrupts to talk to Abigail. Ben says he has something to deal with anyways and he will be back. Ben exits. Lucas tells Abigail that Jennifer seemed kind of distracted and asks if everything is okay. Abigail responds that a lot is going on right now. Lucas asks Abigail if she is okay and she tells him that she's not.

Sami tells EJ about letting Abigail know that she knew and then letting Jennifer know too. EJ argues that it's not fair. EJ says it's his fault not Abigail's. Sami tells EJ that he can never change her mind on how she feels about what he did. EJ begs her to listen.

Marlena goes to the hospital and meets with Abe, asking about John. Abe tells her that he's in surgery.

Daniel says they are hopeful that John will recover. Theresa recalls being unable to find a pulse and wonders how he's still alive. Daniel calls him a fighter not ready to give up. Theresa asks if John will be able to talk if he recovers. Daniel thinks it's too early. Brady asks if he's not going to die. Daniel says he's not in the clear because he could stroke or slip into a coma. Brady tries to remain positive. Daniel adds that he might not make it if the brain damage is too extensive as Marlena walks up and hears that.

Kate sits with Clyde in the Pub and asks how things went. Clyde tells her that he hasn't seen Ben and Jordan yet because some business came up. Kate understands he's nervous and asks about his business. Clyde tells Kate that he's read all about her accomplishments. Kate tells him about becoming co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Ben meets Jordan in the park and asks about the emergency. Jordan says Rafe is coming back tonight and she's finally going to tell him the truth about the past. Ben notes that she's nervous. Jordan worries if Rafe doesn't understand.

Lucas apologizes for upsetting Abigail. Abigail says he didn't. Lucas asks if it was Ben. Abigail says it's just her and what she did.

EJ continues pleading with Sami and apologizes for hurting and betraying her. EJ says he just made a mistake and is sorry. Sami points out that there were multiple mistakes. EJ argues that they have gotten through mistakes before. EJ insists that Sami is the only woman he loves and wants to be with. EJ says he can't justify what he did with Abigail but he ended it. EJ adds that nothing about what he did was okay but he knows they can find their way back. Sami tells EJ that he betrayed her and their children. Sami says she's been tolerant of the DiMeras but after everything, he threw it all away for a cheap fling. EJ says he didn't want to hurt her. Sami feels he just didn't want to get caught. Sami accuses him of trying to kill Nick not to help her but to cover his own tracks.

Marlena asks to know what happened. Brady apologizes. Abe sends Brady and Theresa away so Marlena can talk to Daniel. Abe steps aside to make a call. Daniel sits with Marlena and informs her that John suffered severe head trauma. Marlena assumes the prognosis is not good.

Brady and Theresa sit in the waiting room. She asks if he doesn't remember anything. Brady says he doesn't and wonders why John was there. Theresa claims Brady asked her to call him. Brady wonders why he would do that. Theresa suggests it was to celebrate their good news. Brady questions what she means so she reveals that they were married tonight.

Kate wishes Clyde luck with his family reunion. Clyde says he will be off to see Jordan. Kate says she's sure she will be thrilled as she then exits. Clyde comments that he's not so sure.

Ben knows Jordan is nervous but he thinks Rafe will understand. Jordan feels she's putting Rafe on the spot as a detective as she will be outing herself as a thief and kidnapper. Ben talks about how Jordan kidnapped him because he was being beaten by his own father. Ben says she did it all for him but she says it wasn' t all for him.

Lucas doesn't think what Abigail did can be that bad and insists it won't change how he feels about her. Abigail asks what if she told him that she had an affair with EJ.

EJ assures Sami that he put the hit on Nick to protect her and Will. Sami accuses him of lying. Sami tells EJ to be honest for once and asks if he hired the hitman to kill Nick because he knew about his affair with Abigail. Sami asks if he's going to answer. EJ then admits he did.

Brady is shocked to learn that they are married and says there are obviously things he doesn't remember. Brady asks her what happened. Theresa says she called John because he asked her to and she left them alone then heard shouting so she came back in and saw Brady hit John with the fireplace poker. She says he was just trying to defend himself. Theresa says he would never deliberately try to kill his father. Brady declares that he needs to see him and if there's any change then he needs to deal with this whole thing. Brady leaves the room.

Daniel is called to recovery and rushes off. Abe returns to Marlena, who wants to know what happened. She asks if John hit his head. Brady approaches and tells Marlena that he hit him.

Lucas can't believe it and blames it all on EJ. Abigail tells him about Sami knowing and being in pain. Abigail blames herself. Abigail says it never should've happened and she feels ashamed. Lucas insists that EJ is to blame. Lucas encourages that she just made some mistakes and bad choices. Abigail thanks him but she's not sure the rest of their family will be as understanding. Lucas tells her to just leave them to him.

Ben knows how much Jordan hated Clyde and how she blamed him for their mom's death. Ben feels she did what she had to do because he was too young. Ben knows Jordan was looking out for him. Ben thinks now that he's grown, he should go back and teach Clyde a lesson himself. Jordan wants him to promise that he will never go back.

EJ admits that Sami is right as Nick knew about Abigail and he wanted to make sure he never told. EJ tries to tell her that it was over and he was sick at the thought of losing her. EJ tries to convince her. Sami says she knows this time the joke is on her. Sami says she got outdone by EJ. EJ knows he hurt her. Sami yells at him to shut up because she's not going to listen to him anymore. Sami refuses to fall for his lies ever again.

Marlena questions Brady hitting John. Abe doesn't think this is the time or place. A cop pulls Abe aside to talk. Brady says it is the time and place. Marlena questions Brady being drunk. Brady tells her what Theresa told him. Marlena argues that John would never attack or hurt him. Theresa interrupts and says it wasn't Brady's fault. She talks about John always pushing Brady's buttons. Marlena questions her being there. Theresa claims she walked in on Brady defending himself. Marlena argues that a fireplace poker isn't self defense and questions what he was thinking. Brady responds that he wasn't thinking. Marlena warns that he could've just killed the one man who loved him beyond everything.

EJ tells Sami that he's not lying. Sami talks about how all she could see is the photos of EJ and Abigail. Sami says EJ was exactly who everyone told her he was. Sami remembers the EJ that she hated and the one she tried to keep Sydney away from and the man that she shot in the head.

Ben tells Jordan that he's grown up and can handle himself. Jordan says Clyde doesn't fight fair and questions what kind of man beats his own son. Jordan tells him that they can never go back and he can never find them. Ben assures her that it's not going to happen.

Kate spots Lucas at the town square. She asks what's wrong. Lucas starts to tell her but she already knows about the affair and he questions her knowing.

Brady apologizes. Marlena says he's always sorry. Daniel comes back and says they will be moving John to a room shortly. Daniel adds that John is slipping in to a coma but he'll be stabilized and will be allowed visitors. Brady tells Marlena to go first so she does. Daniel asks to talk to Brady while Abe takes Theresa to talk in private. Daniel asks Brady if he's sure that he really did it. Brady wonders what other explanation there is. Meanwhile, Abe demands the truth from Theresa.

Kate explains to Lucas that she kept quiet to spare Sami more pain. Lucas wants to be kept in on what's going on. Lucas worries about Allie's reaction to it. Kate assures him that the kids won't be dragged into it so he doesn't have to worry. Lucas asks how Kate will take care of Allie. Kate tells him to just leave it to her.

EJ pleads with Sami to look into her heart and see what's true. Sami says she's already decided and talks about seeing the photos. Sami says she plotted and planned and he never saw her coming. Sami tells EJ to buckle up for a bumpy ride straight to Hell as she then exits.

Theresa tells Abe that she's telling the truth. Abe questions why her statement doesn't match forensics. Theresa says it all happened so fast. Abe says forensics show that Brady and John had been moved. Theresa thinks back to dragging John. Theresa says she was trying to see if John was dead or alive and was frantic.

Brady tells Daniel that Theresa was there but she was one of his victims too. Daniel gets called to the ICU.

Abe says he's not accusing Theresa but needs the facts. Theresa says she can't remember everything. Brady listens in as Theresa says she rushed over to check on them and must have moved them a little. Abe argues that John could've been hit in self defense or he could've been blindsided hard. Theresa argues that Brady didn't hit him on purpose. A cop calls Abe away. Brady turns to Theresa and asks if she's lying.

Marlena sits at John's side and says she knows they've had their problems and she told him they were through but she can't lose him.

Theresa tells Brady that she's not lying and asks why he would say that. Brady suggests maybe he was so drunk that he tried to kill John and she's covering for him. Theresa says he can't blame himself but Brady argues that it is his fault that John might not wake up. Brady says now he has to tell Victor and Maggie as he walks off. Theresa worries about John waking up then goes back to Daniel and asks if he will remember what happened. Daniel says he can only speak to family. Theresa informs him that she is family now so he has to answer her questions. Daniel questions what she's done.

Jordan gets a text saying "Hello Tammy Sue" and drops her phone in shock. She turns around as Clyde appears and says it's nice to see her again.

Ben returns to the club and apologizes for running off like that. Abigail tells him that something has happened a while ago. Ben tells her that she doesn't owe him any explanations about the past. Abigail says he's wrong. Ben tells her that she doesn't have to do this but Abigail feels she does. Abigail questions why she didn't just tell him the truth from the beginning. Abigail tells Ben that it's not about how she feels about him. Ben responds that he knows it's about her and EJ.

EJ is informed that he has a visitor.

Sami goes home to the DiMera Mansion. She walks in to the living room for a drink where Kate surprises her and welcomes her home.

Daniel questions Theresa getting Brady to marry her and doesn't think it was an informed decision on his part. Daniel assumes John wouldn't be happy. Theresa argues that John had no right to attack Brady. Daniel questions drunk Brady being able to defend himself and walks away. Abe returns to ask Theresa for confirmation that Brady was holding the fireplace poker to defend himself. Theresa thinks back to what she did and confirms to Abe. Abe asks if no one else held it. Theresa says there was no one else that she saw and asks why he's asking her this. Brady looks in as Marlena sits at John's side. Theresa repeats that Brady was the only one holding the poker so Abe questions why there were two sets of prints on it.

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