Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/15/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/15/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa tells John that he has no right to talk to her like that when he doesn't know her. John says he knows what she did to Brady and brings up her family. Theresa yells at him to shut up as John calls her an embarrassment. Theresa grabs John's arm and he pulls away, knocking her down. Theresa then grabs a fireplace tool and hits John in the back of the head, knocking him out.

Sami tells Eric that EJ won't be the only one that pays as she will make sure Abigail pays too. Eric asks if she's going to make her hurt and brings up how Sami was at that age. Sami says she never did this. Eric argues that Abigail is just impressionable but Sami calls her a slut. Sami says she enjoyed telling Jennifer the truth. Sami talks about Abigail having sex with EJ more than once. Eric still doesn't understand how Sami went through with the wedding. Sami says it was for revenge, not just for her but Eric too.

Abigail asks JJ and Jennifer about Eve. Abigail assumes they are talking about Jack's book. Jennifer tells her it's not her problem. Abigail says it means just as much to her and asks what Eve is up to now.

Daniel talks on the phone to Parker in the town square. Eve walks by and listens in. Daniel promises to have fun with Parker too and tells him to have fun with Chloe as he misses him. Daniel hangs up as Eve approaches and asks if everything is okay. Daniel says it's fine. Eve notes that he sounded a little lonely.

Theresa checks on John and begins to worry about what she's done.

Eric tells Sami not to drag him into this as he has no reason for revenge. Sami brings up what if EJ knew what Kristen did to him. Sami says EJ could've stopped that whole horrible day but didn't and asks Eric if he deserves revenge now. Eric asks how long she's known that. Sami says she just suspected. Eric questions Sami only sharing this now that she hates EJ. Sami says she didn't want to hurt Eric. Eric argues that she was only taking care of herself. Sami explains that she believed EJ because she was in love with him but she realized what a fool he was and now thinks he should pay. Eric wishes she was clear with him as it could've helped him. Sami cries that she loved EJ and they have two kids together so she's sorry. Eric tells Sami that she needs to take care of the kids before she does whatever she has planned with Kate.

T and Ben work at the club. Ben shows off a small gift box that he made. T assumes he made it for Abigail.

Jennifer thinks Abigail has been through enough. Abigail wants to feel like a part of the family even though she wasn't honest with them. Jennifer understands. Abigail wants to know what's going on and what she can do to help with Eve. Jennifer says Eve is being difficult and it's going to be really hard to come to any agreement.

Daniel tells Eve that Parker's disappointed about their plans falling through. Eve talks about understanding and mentions Paige having community service tonight. Eve sits with Daniel and tells him that it's nice to bump in to her only friend in the town.

Theresa wipes off the fireplace tool that she hit John with and then puts it in Brady's hand. Brady wakes up and stands then collapses. Theresa rushes over and puts the tool back in his hand. She drags John closer to Brady and goes to the door where she pretends to scream about what John is doing. Henderson is heard asking what's going on. Theresa goes over and grabs John's phone while Henderson enters and asks what happened.

Ben admits to T that he felt like doing something special for Abigail. T assures him that she will love it as it's hand made.

Sami questions Eric thinking Abigail should get a free pass so she can look out for her kids. Sami assures him that she always thinks of her kids first. Eric argues that the kids need her to be a good example of right and wrong. Sami brings up the DiMeras taking the priesthood away from him. Sami says she can't turn the other cheek like he can. Sami says payback is her pleasure. Sami feels she has every right to be angry. Eric thinks she's using her anger to push down the pain and tells her that it won't work. Sami doesn't want to hear it. Sami promises to grieve after she grinds Stefano and EJ into dust. Sami adds that she's not going to let anybody stop her as she then walks off. Eric worries about what she's going to do next.

Jennifer explains to Abigail how she offered Eve half of everything but she wanted more. Jennifer says Eve just cares about money. Abigail wants to bash her face in. JJ explains how he talked to Eve earlier and how she seemed a lot cooler to him so he thinks they can come to an understanding if they stay calm. Abigail can't stay calm about Jack's final wish and refuses to come to an understanding. JJ doesn't want to fight. Abigail understands but thinks Eve is using JJ. Jennifer stops them and wants the lawyers to handle it. Abigail agrees and says she has to go see someone about what happened today. Jennifer asks if she has to. Abigail says she doesn't want everyone to hear about it from Sami. JJ offers to go with her but she declines and exits.

Eve tells Daniel that she's exhausted but invites him for a drink. Daniel tells her that he's on call. Eve understands if he wants to keep his distance because of Theresa. Daniel thinks she's handled that situation well and he appreciates it. Eve calls Theresa difficult. Daniel says he doesn't know Eve well but she and Theresa are very different. Eve takes it as a compliment. The waitress comes to them and takes their drink orders.

Theresa tells Henderson that John's not breathing and she can't get a pulse so she hands him John's phone to call the ambulance. She worries that John may be dead.

Eve tells Daniel that this doesn't count as them having a drink together since he's having coffee. They joke and toast their drinks. She asks him about always being on call with the hospital. Daniel talks about being used to it. She asks about when he's with Parker. Daniel then gets a call and has to go. She calls it a rain check and he thanks her as he then rushes off. Eve remarks that Salem is no fun city but she won't be giving up any time soon.

JJ calls Sami a bitch for what she did to Abigail when it was all EJ's fault. Jennifer agrees that it was a rotten thing to do. JJ comments that EJ belongs in jail but Sami is still at large and he's going to make sure that she doesn't get away with this. JJ declares that he's going to find Sami and make her sorry that she screwed with his sister.

Sami goes to the club and greets Ben. She mentions not seeing him since the wedding. Ben asks how she is and says he's sorry. Sami asks to talk to him about something important. Ben asks T to cover for him so he can talk. Sami tells him it won't take long. Ben goes and sits with Sami.

Eve goes to leave the town square when Abigail approaches and says she's not going anywhere then calls her a bitch.

Theresa prays over John and cries about what she's done. Paramedics arrive with the stretcher. Abe enters and asks Theresa what happened. Theresa claims that everything happened so fast and that John was attacking Brady and Brady ended up hitting John in the head with the fireplace poker. Theresa tells Abe that it was self defense. Abe points out Brady being passed out drunk. John is loaded on to the stretcher and carried out while medics help Brady out as well. Theresa follows them out.

Sami apologizes to Ben for having to witness everything at the wedding. Ben says he's the least of her worries. She feels she forced him to come so Abigail could have fun. T tells Sami that he's sorry to hear about EJ and he hopes everything works out. Sami tells Ben that it's not going to work out and that's why she wanted to talk to him. Sami adds that it not working out has to do with him.

Eve calls Abigail as judgmental as Jennifer. Abigail accuses her of trying to steal money from veterans. Eve argues that everyone benefits including the veterans. Abigail argues that she has no idea what Jack would have wanted. Abigail complains about Eve making Jennifer's life a living hell. Eve doesn't want to listen to her. Abigail tells Eve that she has no claim on Jack's book. Abigail questions Eve's documents being fake and not trusting her word. Abigail adds that Eve was and is nothing to Jack. Abigail calls her a greedy, selfish, troublemaker just like Theresa. Abigail wishes they would both get out of Salem.

Brady is checked on in the hospital. Theresa checks in. The doctor says they are flushing the alcohol from his system. Brady wakes up wondering where he is. Abe pulls Theresa aside to ask what happened. Theresa says she told him and that Brady hit John in self defense. Abe questions her not being in the room to know. Theresa points out that they don't know how John is. Brady overhears and demands to know what happened to John.

Daniel prepares for surgery on John as he has massive brain hemorrhaging. Daniel prays he lasts long enough for them to start because they are about to lose him.

Jennifer stops JJ from leaving and says it's been a bad enough day. JJ agrees and apologizes. Jennifer tells JJ that his fighting for Abigail reminds her of Jack and they hug. Jennifer worries about Abigail going through this alone. JJ tells her that he thinks Eve might be ready to make a truce for Paige's sake. Jennifer hopes that's true. JJ asks if she's not buying it. Jennifer says she needs more than just her word. Eric arrives and asks to talk with Jennifer. JJ exits. Eric tells her that she is his friend so he had to talk to her about what's happening. Jennifer admits it's been a painful day. Eric tells her that Sami was wrong.

Ben doesn't get what Sami is trying to tell him. Sami says she would hate for Ben to get hurt because of her messed up situation. Ben feels it has nothing to do with him since he was only there to be with Abigail. Sami says it was clear how much he cared about her which is why she feels she has to make him understand that this is about him and Abigail.

Abigail questions who Eve thinks she is to demand money from Jack's estate. Abigail brings up Eve and Jacks' annulment. Eve feels she knew Jack better than anyone. Abigail yells at her to shut up. Eve says Jack would be appalled at her behavior and wouldn't be proud of her. Eve calls her a spoiled little brat that Jack would be disgusted with. Abigail responds by slapping Eve.

Brady questions the talk about John. Abe informs him that they got in a fight and John is now in the operating room. Brady asks how he is and wants all the information. Abe says they don't know yet. Brady gets up from the bed and storms off to find out himself.

Daniel begins to work on John but he flatlines.

Abigail yells at Eve to never talk about Jack to her again. Eve threatens to press charges. JJ arrives and gets in between them, questioning what's wrong with Abigail. Abigail says she lost it and apologizes. Eve says she should apologize to her. Abigail says she has to go. JJ offers to go with her but Abigail apologizes and runs off.

Jennifer tells Eric that this is eating Abigail up inside as she can't forgive herself. Eric talks about how EJ must have forgiven himself. Jennifer talks about Abigail's tough last few years and calls EJ a predator and a sociopath. Eric wishes he could do more but Jennifer says there's nothing anyone can do. Eric isn't sure that's true.

Ben apologizes to Sami but doesn't see how this is any of his business. Sami talks about Ben standing by Abigail when Nick was murdered and how he looks at her. Ben says they are just friends. Sami thinks it's more than that as he really cares about her. Ben admits she's special. Sami tells Ben that Abigail got to him just like she got to EJ. Sami adds that she thought Abigail was her friend and pretends to cry over her being her maid of honor. Sami says that didn't stop Abigail from sleeping with EJ, shocking Ben.

Daniel works to try and revive John but it's not working.

Doctors hold Brady back from the OR and the doctor agrees to try and find out what's happening if Brady settles down. Theresa joins Brady's side. Brady approaches Henderson and asks what happened. Henderson says he isn't sure as he heard Theresa scream and then John and Brady were both on the floor. Brady turns to Theresa and asks what happened. She asks if he doesn't remember and takes him aside. Brady says the last thing he remembers is being on the jet. Theresa tells him that she left when John asked to speak to him alone then she heard shouting and John was attacking him. Theresa then says that Brady hit John in the head with the fireplace poker and she couldn't wake him up.

Sami tells Ben that Abigail slept with EJ, knowing that he was engaged to her and that they have two children together. Sami cries about Abigail pretending to care about her and being close to her kids while lying the whole time. Sami says she just felt like Ben had a right to know. Ben refuses to believe it. Sami tells him that she has proof but it's pretty graphic so she didn't think he would want to see it. Sami then exits the club.

Eve tells JJ that Abigail is lucky that she's not pressing charges. JJ tells Eve that Jack died saving Abigail's life. Eve complains that Abigail slapped her. JJ asks if she's surprised. JJ tells Eve that they are not going to let her sail over their family without a fight. Eve questions if he's threatening her. JJ says he's the one that wants a truce. JJ accuses her of being the aggressor every step of the way with Jennifer and Abigail. JJ warns Eve to dial it back or things will get much worse and she won't get what she wants. JJ then walks away.

Ben goes back to work. T asks if he's okay. Ben responds that he's fine. T thinks he'll feel better now as Abigail walks in. Abigail smiles when she sees Ben.

Eric suggests Jennifer call Daniel but she says no. Eric says he knows she still loves him. Jennifer says that's not the point but Eric thinks it is. Jennifer says she won't use her problems to reel Daniel in to save her as that's not fair. Eric doesn't think he would mind. Jennifer says that Maggie said Daniel had plans with Parker so she won't ruin his evening.

Brady questions Theresa saying he hit John. Daniel comes out. Brady asks if John is alright. Daniel responds no. Brady then asks if he killed him.

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