Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Aiden and Hope remain close and almost kiss until they finish their dance. Ciara and Chase come back in and ask why they stopped dancing. Hope claims she had forgotten the steps.

Sami responds that she hopes EJ will rot in prison for the rest of his life. Will asks why she would say that. Sami says she's not upset. Will asks what's going on. Sami tells him that she hasn't told him the story yet but EJ was having an affair. Sonny and Will can't believe it. Sami informs Will that it was an affair with Abigail, shocking he and Sonny.

Jennifer tells Abigail not to listen to what Sami said. Abigail calls herself a slut for sleeping with Chad and then EJ. Abigail cries about never forgiving herself for this.

John goes to the Pub and finds Eric. John wants to talk about Brady. John says he's back drinking again and needs some help. John adds that he won't listen to him. Eric quickly tells him that Brady won't listen to him either because he still blames him for what happened with Kristen. John brings up Brady with Theresa. Eric agrees that it's a train wreck.

Theresa helps Brady into the Kiriakis Mansion living room. She gets him to the couch. Brady laughs about how mad Maggie will be when she finds out he's been drinking. Theresa informs him that Maggie and Victor are away for the night at the Gala. Brady asks what they are doing there. Theresa informs him that they are celebrating as she looks at the ring on her finger while Brady questions what they are celebrating.

JJ walks through the town square and stops to think back to calling a truce with Eve. JJ pulls out his phone and calls Jennifer, wondering where she is when she doesn't answer.

Jennifer tells Abigail not to say or think that as she just made a mistake. Jennifer encourages her to move on. Abigail questions how she is supposed to move forward when she's so ashamed. Abigail says she can tell Jennifer is too by how she looks at her. Abigail tells her to just be honest and say it. Jennifer asks why she didn't tell her.

Will asks Sami why she would even think that. Sonny adds that Abigail hates EJ and he doesn't think she would keep that from them. Will thinks back to talking with Abigail about whoever she was seeing and how she wouldn't share the name. Sonny tells Will that Abigail couldn't possibly do something like that. Will doesn't say anything so Sami questions if he knew.

Ciara tells Hope that she was just doing all the steps. Hope says she doesn't have time to dance right now as she has to focus on the auction. Ciara tells her that nothing is happening. Hope says people will be coming in to pick up their art work. Aiden asks Chase if he's feeling tired. Chase says he's not and tells Aiden that he has to stay and work with Hope.

Theresa pours glasses of champagne and tells Brady again that they are celebrating. She asks if he really doesn't remember what happened tonight. Theresa reminds him about the private jet to Vegas. Brady doesn't remember but assumes it's something good. She tells him something really good happened.

John knows it's pointless talking to Brady so he was hoping Eric could talk to Theresa since she's the only one Brady listens to. Eric argues that there's nothing they can do other than let Brady know they are there for him if he needs. John refuses to sit on the sidelines and watch Brady destroy his life.

Brady assumes he won pretty big. Theresa tells him that he lost but she won big time. Theresa wishes he remembered how much fun they had. Brady talks about loving Vegas. Theresa comments on always thinking it would be a fun place to get married. Brady laughs and asks why. Brady stumbles to the drinks and declares he would never make that mistake again. Brady says Kristen did one good thing and that's teach him to hate marriage. Brady declares that he will never tie the knot again as long as he lives. Brady toasts to being single and then faints. Theresa rushes to check on him.

Eric knows it must be difficult for John to feel powerless to help. Eric exits the Pub. John starts to follow out but gets a call from Theresa. She tells him that she needs to talk to him in person at the Kiriakis Mansion. John says no but Theresa says Brady is there too so she needs him there now and hangs up.

Hope suggests Ciara go find Marlena but Marlena joins them first. Hope praises Marlena's work. Marlena talks about having fun. Roman and Giselle come in. Roman tells her she was great. Marlena thanks him for the pep talk. Aiden pulls Giselle aside to talk about a painting. Hope asks Roman if Giselle is a bit jealous of Marlena. Roman tells Hope that he and Giselle are over after tonight. Hope comments on Roman having his eye on Marlena. Father Louis comes in and congratulates Aiden on the most successful fundraiser in St. Luke's history. Aiden says he can't take all the credit. Father Louis jokes that he can since he recognized Marlena's comedic genius and he knew that Aiden and Hope would make a perfect team.

Sami questions Will knowing. Will explains that he didn't know it was EJ but Abigail wouldn't talk about who she was seeing. Eric arrives with a present for Arianna. Eric sees Sami and asks what's going on. Sami informs him that her husband is a lying bastard who cheated on her.

JJ walks through the town square with flowers and calls Jennifer again, leaving a message apologizing for things being so complicated lately and he hopes they get better soon.

Jennifer talks about Abigail being so upset when she came back from the cabin. Abigail says she wanted to tell her but she didn't know how and then it was over. Jennifer asked if EJ coerced her. Abigail says EJ told her the truth would never come out and not wanting to hurt people. Abigail insists that she wanted it to happen and has to take responsibility. Jennifer asks if she loved him. Abigail says no and talks about how he was just nice to her and listened to her. Jennifer asks about it not being the only time. Abigail admits the time in the shower. She talks about being unable to stop herself from wanting him. Jennifer stops her. Abigail asks if she can please forgive her. Jennifer says she does. Abigail thanks her and apologizes for not coming to her. Jennifer feels that she should've known. Abigail says it's only her own fault and has to own up to it. Jennifer tells her it's no one else's business. Abigail worries that Sami will tell the whole world. Jennifer insists that EJ is to blame. Abigail talks about letting Sami think she was her friend. Jennifer is glad Abigail's not pregnant and Abigail is glad that EJ is no longer in her life. They hug and say they will get through it together. JJ then walks in asking what they are getting through together.

Eric asks about the wedding. Sami tells him that it was before the wedding. Sonny and Will ask when and how she found out. Sami explains that Nick had the photos sent to her and it was the one good thing Nick did. Eric tells her that he's so sorry. Sami adds that she got the photos weeks ago.

Father Louis makes one more toast to Aiden and Hope for making all of this possible. Marlena asks Hope if she's alright. Hope claims she doesn't feel so well all of a sudden. Hope blames exhaustion and asks Father Louis if she and Ciara can go. He asks Aiden if they have everything under control. Aiden says they do and tells Hope to feel better. Hope exits with Ciara. Aiden thinks back to their dance.

Theresa wakes Brady up. Brady complains his head hurts and asks what happened. She tells him he fell. The doorbell rings so she tells him to sit tight. John arrives asking where Brady is. John goes in to find Brady passed out in the chair. John wakes him up. Brady asks if Theresa called him. Theresa admits she did. Brady wants him to get out. John thinks he needs to see a doctor and worries about a concussion. Theresa tells him that he's just drunk and will be fine. John notes that she's not worried and questions why she called him. Theresa tells him that she thought they would make the announcement together but now it's up to her to tell him.

Abigail explains what happened to JJ and asks if he hates her. JJ says after all he's put the family through, he can't judge anyone except for EJ. Jennifer says Sami will make sure EJ pays.

Will questions Sami knowing weeks ago that EJ cheated on her and still marrying him. Eric asks why. Sami says she has every intention of making EJ and Abigail's lives a living hell. Eric can't believe it was Abigail. Eric asks Sami to come with him as it's not Will and Sonny's problem. Eric says they can talk and get it off her chest. Will tells Sami that he's sorry and hugs her. Sami exits with Eric. Will calls it a nightmare. Sonny doesn't get why Sami would go through with the marriage. Will tells him that she wanted revenge and he has a horrible feeling that she's going to get it.

Marlena approaches Aiden and says it's too bad Hope had to leave. Aiden mentions that she fought to get through the night. They both hope she's okay.

Hope sits at the Pub. Ciara comes to her and tells her that Caroline loved the artwork. Ciara asks if Hope needs to go home. Hope tells her that she's feeling much better. Ciara asks if she wasn't really sick and says she could tell that she just wanted to leave because she was upset. Ciara says she knows her and knows why. Hope asks why she thinks she's upset. Ciara responds that it's because she misses Bo. Hope admits that she does. Ciara tells her it helps to have Bo's picture on her phone so he's with her all the time. She shows the picture to Hope. Ciara asks if they can go back and help Father Louis, Chase, and Aiden. Hope says no. Ciara points out that everyone is worried about her but Hope repeatedly says no.

Father Louis informs Aiden that they surpassed last year's proceeds thanks to he and Hope. Chase wants to call Ciara and Hope to tell them but Aiden tells him to let it go.

JJ can't believe Sami asked Abigail to be her maid of honor and then dumped it all on her. Abigail feels Sami had every right to say what she did but Jennifer says not in this house. They tell JJ about Jennifer throwing Sami out. They worry about Sami telling everyone and Abigail worries about the children finding out. Abigail hugs Jennifer and JJ and thanks them. Abigail says she's just sorry because what's coming is not going to be easy for any of them. Abigail heads upstairs. Jennifer agrees that it's not easy fighting the wrath of Sami.

Eric takes Sami out of the town square and asks for the whole story. Sami says there isn't much to tell. Eric questions why she went through with the wedding. Sami says she didn't want to hear I told you so. Eric says they would've helped in any way if she backed out of the wedding. Sami informs him that she helped herself as she's now co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises and will make sure that EJ and Stefano end up with nothing.

Sonny comments to Will that Sami seemed like she was looking forward to revenge. Will says she's burying how she's really feeling but must be totally crushed because she's loved EJ for so long. Will worries that this will tear the kids and family apart. Sonny hugs him and says he knows it will tear him apart too.

Theresa reveals to John that she and Brady got married today. John questions the ring. Theresa calls him dad. Theresa says they decided to elope and adds that she even has the certificate which she then shows to John. John accuses her of getting him drugged and drunk so there is grounds for annulment. John warns her that when Brady is sober, he will kick her to the curb.

Will realizes that Sami got EJ arrested. They talk about Abigail being in the wedding as torture. Sonny suggests they call Abigail now but Will says no as he thinks it's best for them to stay out of it.

Abigail washes her face in the bathroom. She stares in the mirror and then continues washing.

Jennifer asks JJ about him calling twice and bringing her flowers. JJ says it was no big deal. JJ then talks about not getting involved with Paige and Eve. JJ says he got upset so he went to talk to Eve himself. Jennifer reminds him about her not wanting him involved with Eve.

Eric questions Sami thinking EJ and Stefano will let them run their company. Sami says they have no choice as she and Kate made sure the contracts were iron clad. Eric questions Kate being the co-CEO. Sami says they have the jobs for at least six months. Eric questions how this will help anything. Sami says it makes her feel better, rich, and powerful. Eric tells her that it will make her miserable and she will hurt the most in the end.

John sits with Brady as Theresa worries and thinks back to Brady saying he would never tie the knot again. Theresa says she knows how much John hates her but also how much he wants back in Brady's life. Theresa tells him that she has a proposal for John if he wants to help Brady out of the marriage. Theresa says she will help John if he makes it worth her while with a million dollars. Theresa says she will have the marriage annulled and they can forget the whole thing ever happened. John then reveals he recorded her and informs her that it's over. Theresa cries that he's not going to win. John says he already did when Brady wakes up and finds out that she tricked him into marriage and tried to get him to pay her off to dump him. John argues that Brady didn't love her and he will hate her for the selfish, lying whore she is.

Sonny tells Will that Abigail is suffering too and needs their support. Will says they will give it to her but not now as they all need a little time. Will adds that she has JJ and Jennifer while he has Sonny. Will says sometimes he feels like Sonny is the only person he really knows anymore. Will talks about he and EJ having problems and how he knew how ruthless he could be but he knows that EJ really loves Sami which is why he doesn't get how he could do this to Abigail or Sami.

Sami questions Eric thinking what she is doing is wrong. Sami brings up EJ and Abigail. Eric says he's not making excuses for anyone. Eric realizes she's already been to the Horton house. Sami says it made her feel great. Sami tells him that EJ won't be the only one that pays as she will make sure Abigail pays too.

JJ talks to Jennifer about Eve as Abigail comes back downstairs and listens in. JJ states that Eve was reasonable in the end and suggests they be open to listening to her but Jennifer says no and wants him on her side in this. Jennifer says to fight the lawsuit, their family needs to be united. Abigail walks in and asks what's going on.

Aiden again thinks back to dancing with Hope

Ciara notes Hope is distracted and asks if she's okay. Hope says she's just tired. Ciara goes to get more hot chocolate and a cookie. Hope thinks back to dancing with Aiden.

Theresa tells John that he has no right to talk to her like that when he doesn't know her. John says he knows what she did to Brady and brings up her family. Theresa yells at him to shut up as John calls her an embarrassment. Theresa grabs John's arm and he pulls away, knocking her down. Theresa then grabs a fireplace tool and hits John from behind.

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