Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Eve calls out to Paige but she's gone. JJ arrives. Eve tries to shut the door on him but JJ says he came to see her. JJ tells her that he's been trying really hard to get along with her for Paige's sake but she crossed the line by hurting Jennifer. Eve warns him not to hurt Paige.

Aiden returns to the ballroom in his tuxedo. Hope comes in after in a stunning purple dress. Aiden turns and smiles. Aiden tells her that she looks beautiful.

Paige walks through the town square looking upset. She thinks back to meeting JJ and working with him in community service. She thinks back to questioning JJ about setting Theresa up. Paige shakes her head and wonders why everything is so wrong.

Sonny comes home as Will is working on his writing. Sonny gives him a letter from the mail. Will opens it and Sonny asks what it is.

Sami looks at the photo of Jack and remarks that she wishes he was here to see the woman Abigail turned out to be. Sami clicks over to the next picture which is the picture of Abigail and EJ kissing in the cabin. Jennifer asks if it's some kind of sick joke. Sami responds that it's not a joke and asks Abigail about it.

Hope tells Aiden that he doesn't look too bad himself. Ciara and Chase run in. Hope and Aiden stop them to make sure they don't knock over any of the artwork. Ciara says they are having fun and eating cupcakes. Chase and Ciara run back out. Hope is glad they are having fun. Aiden asks if she believes they are actually about to pull this off. Hope admits she never really expected that they would make it this far. Hope breathes a sigh of relief. Marlena enters and greets them. Marlena then informs them that she has some bad news.

JJ tells Eve that he would never hurt Paige as meeting her has been the best thing to happen to him. JJ accuses her of trying to hurt Jennifer when she just wants to help Jack's cause. Eve feels Jennifer isn't respecting Jack's wishes. JJ doesn't want to hear her badmouth his parents. Eve calls it the truth. Eve questions him setting Theresa up. JJ says he never should've gotten involved with her and he knows that. JJ says he's learned from his mistakes unlike Theresa because she's still the same crazy bitch. Eve laughs.

Jennifer asks to speak to Abigail alone. Sami says she wants to speak to her first since the photo is Abigail devouring her husband. Sami goes after Abigail. Jennifer stops her and doubts the reality of the photo. Jennifer says EJ must have forced Abigail because she despises him. Jennifer points out that Abigail is horrified. Sami brings up a video of more than just a kiss. Jennifer doesn't want to hear any more. Sami adds that she's about to unload on her slut of a daughter.

Will tells Sonny that a blog editor wants to interview him for a job that he didn't apply for. Will hopes he can make a living do what he loves after all and they hug.

Jennifer says she won't tolerate that language towards her daughter. Sami shows her the photo again and points out that it's in the Horton cabin. Sami asks how Jennifer feels about lies since all Abigail has said is lies. Jennifer wants to speak to Abigail. Sami says she's upset because a woman she thought was her friend had an affair with the father of her children and the man she loves. Abigail cries and apologizes.

Marlena informs Hope and Aiden that she got a message from Patti Stanger that she couldn't even understand. Hope asks if she's on her way. Marlena gets a call back from Patti. Patti informs Marlena that she's lost her voice so she has to cancel. Marlena tells her that she can't cancel. Guests start arriving. Marlena asks if she can atleast appear but Patti says the doctor ordered her to stay in bed. Patti says she will still make a large contribution to St. Luke's and to make it up to her but she has to go rest. Marlena informs Aiden and Hope that Patti is sick and can't make it. Aiden worries about what they are going to do. Father Louis enters followed by Roman and Giselle. Roman asks what's wrong. Marlena explains that Patti called in sick. Giselle worries about her paintings not selling. Roman says they will figure something out. Aiden suggest Father Louis be the MC. He feels it wouldn't be appropriate but Hope encourages him. Father Louis then suggests Marlena as the perfect choice for the job. Marlena laughs it off and says it's not her thing. Marlena goes over reasons why she can't do it despite Hope and Roman encouraging her. Marlena then reluctantly agrees to MC the gala.

Paige sits down on a bench as Mary Beth arrives and asks if she's not doing well with the family feud. Paige doesn't want to talk about it. Mary Beth tells Paige that she could become really rich off the lawsuit but Paige doesn't care. Mary Beth knows she doesn't want to choose between JJ and Eve. Paige doesn't know what else to do.

Eve tells JJ that he's right that Theresa is a bitch and agrees to let JJ tell his side of the story. JJ explains how he called Daniel when Theresa overdosed and he saved her life. JJ talks about his regrets and explains how Theresa blackmailed him. Eve says Theresa wants every man for herself. Eve asks about JJ setting her up and blackmailing back. JJ felt he had to fight dirty back. Eve agrees that's the only way to do it. JJ feels the best way to deal with Theresa is avoid her altogether. Eve calls him smart and adds that maybe she shouldn't be so hard on him. JJ tells her that he came to talk about Jennifer. JJ doesn't think she has any right to go after her. Eve responds that she has every right.

Abigail tells Sami that she wanted to tell her the truth and how she came to her before the wedding. Sami questions what stopped her. Sami questions if EJ threatened to kill her because that's the only thing that would justify it. Sami tells Abigail to enlighten Jennifer on the rest of it. Sami brings up Abigail having sex with EJ in the company shower. Jennifer tries to stop Sami and says it can't be true but Sami says it is and she knows it. Sami tells Abigail that she knows she was having sex with her husband where anyone could have walked in on her and she was the one who did.

JJ doesn't think Jennifer should owe Eve a penny but she offered what she wanted and still wants more. Eve offers her side. Eve tells JJ that he doesn't know what it's like to struggle financially. Eve talks about making just enough for Paige. JJ admits not having to want anything. Eve talks about wanting to send Paige to Stamford and also requiring expensive surgery. Eve says she's trying to get the most for everyone. Eve admits that Paige is her first concern and she wants her to have the best education and future. Eve says she won't stop until she knows Paige will get that.

Mary Beth understands Paige is upset. Paige cries that she knows she's right but she keeps thinking there must be another way. Mary Beth asks what she's going to do.

Hope hugs Marlena and tells her that she will be a great. Aiden calls her a hero. Marlena doesn't think they will feel that way when she's on stage. Father Louis encourages her. Marlena continues to worry about not being able to do it. Roman encourages her as well. Giselle points out that the auction was supposed to begin ten minutes ago and worries that this was all for nothing. Aiden assures her. Ciara comes in with Chase and tells Hope about needing to go. Father Louis tells Marlena it's show time and they all head to the ballroom as Hope crosses her fingers.

Sami continues going after Abigail about having sex with EJ. Jennifer pulls Sami away and yells at her to stop it.

JJ tells Eve that he sees where she's coming from as he wants what's best for Paige too. JJ still wants her to lay off Jennifer. Eve tells him that it's not personal. JJ talks about Jennifer going through Hell and not wanting her to be hurt again. Eve says she admires that he loves Jennifer. JJ says he admires her love for Paige as well.

Paige doesn't know what to do as she can't make JJ and Eve like each other. Mary Beth brings up Paige going to California where she can meet new guys. She points out that Paige and JJ haven't been dating that long. Paige gets mad at her and says she didn't ask her opinion. Paige says she knows how she feels about JJ and it's not going to change. Paige then storms off.

Aiden, Hope, and Father Louis watch the monitor as Marlena begins to MC the gala. Marlena explains how Patti couldn't make it so she stepped in. Marlena starts telling jokes. She starts rough but gets better as she goes and gets the audience laughing and applauding.

Jennifer yells at Sami that she will not speak to her daughter like that and tells her to get out. Sami questions Jennifer throwing her out for speaking the truth when she should be throwing Abigail out. Sami says Abigail stopped being Jennifer's little girl the moment she had sex with her fiance. Abigail realizes that Sami's known the whole time before she asked her to be her maid of honor which Sami admits. Jennifer questions Sami knowing the whole time and tormenting Abigail. Jennifer asks how she could be so cold and calculating. Sami says she thought she was her friend. Abigail cries as Sami talks about letting her bond with her children. Sami brings up being by her side when she thought she was pregnant. Jennifer is shocked to hear that. Sami says she held her hand never suspecting EJ was the father. Sami congratulates Jennifer on raising quite a daughter.

Will tells Sonny that he already has an interview set up. Arianna starts to cry. Sonny assures Will that he will get the job. Will can't believe this happened out of nowhere. Sonny encourages him as Will goes to check on Arianna. Sonny makes a call to Victor and thanks him for coming through for he and Will.

Hope watches with a smile as Marlena finishes her opening . Hope claps and says she did great. Ciara and Chase join Hope. Ciara wants to learn the waltz. Aiden walks in and Ciara talks about wanting to learn the dance. Chase points out that Hope can't do it alone. Ciara asks Aiden if he knows how to do it. Aiden says he does and asks Hope to dance.

JJ asks Eve about her singing. Eve mentions Paige calling him such a talented musician. Eve asks if they should call a truce. Eve says they both clearly want what is best for Paige. Paige then comes home and asks what JJ is doing there. JJ informs her that he came to talk to Eve about the lawsuit. Paige was afraid of that. Eve tells her it's okay as they talked things through and found things in common. Paige is surprised and asks what. Eve says they have music and JJ says they also have Paige. Paige asks if this means Eve won't try to stop her from seeing JJ anymore. Eve tells her that's right. Paige hugs her and thanks her, promising that she won't be sorry.

Jennifer tells Sami to leave now. Sami tells Abigail to share all the details with Jennifer or else she will. Sami warns that Abigail and EJ will both pay for this. Sami suggests Abigail get out of town because by tomorrow morning, everyone will know what she's done. Jennifer tells her that she is not going to say a word to anyone.

Aiden and Hope dance the waltz while Ciara and Chase attempt to follow their lead. Ciara and Chase give up and decide they are hungry. They go to leave but Chase stops to record Aiden and Hope on his phone before they run off. Aiden and Hope continue their dance. Aiden questions her not being much of a dancer and says she could've fooled him. Aiden spins her and they end up close in an embrace.

Sami tells Jennifer that she just opened her eyes to her daughter being a whore and she can tell anyone if she chooses. Sami says they probably did it on the sofa there and brings up Alice. Jennifer tells her to get out. Sami says the humiliation is just beginning as she exits. Jennifer goes back to Abigail. Jennifer hugs her as they both cry.

JJ decides he should go. JJ knows they still have stuff to talk about. Paige says they will but she's just happy they worked things out. JJ is too and they hug goodbye. JJ exits. Eve follows him out as Paige's phone rings. Eve tells JJ not to get any ideas on her being his new best friend as the jury is still out. JJ agrees and exits.

Will returns to Sonny from putting Arianna to sleep. They kiss. Sonny suggests celebrating. Will points out that he doesn't have the job yet. Sonny is positive and is excited to tell his parents but Will wants to keep it between them until he has something published. They kiss again and Sonny goes to get some wine. Sami arrives. Will tells her that Arianna is asleep. Sami says she won't stay long as she just came to give him some news. Sami announces that she and Kate are the new co-CEOs of DiMera Enterprises. Sonny congratulates her. Will asks if it's just temporary until EJ gets out of jail. Sami responds that she hopes EJ will rot in prison for the rest of his life.

Aiden and Hope remain close until they finish their dance.

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