Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Aiden prepare for the gala. Victor arrives to deliver a pot for the auction and says Brady was supposed to deliver it but he doesn't know where he is.

Brady and Theresa are at the casino in Las Vegas. Brady gambles while drunk. Theresa tries to take him somewhere else but Brady insists on staying and shouts that he loves Vegas.

Bev approaches JJ while he's working community service. He asks what she wants. Bev says she knows how he feels about her and she's made mistakes but how she feels about him has never changed. Bev asks if she still has a chance now that he and Paige are going nowhere.

Paige runs into Daniel at the hospital. Paige thanks him for the graduation card. Daniel brings up knowing Eve and how Paige must be excited. Paige comments that it's great to have her here sometimes.

Jennifer says it's exactly what she asked for so all proceeds of Jack's book will be split 50/50. Eve doesn't think that is going to be enough. Jennifer points out that it's what is in the papers and questions her wanting more.

Ben blames himself for going off on EJ when Abigail told him she has nothing to do with EJ. Abigail says it's not what he said as she was just thinking about something else. Ben says he knows. Abigail thinks back to visiting EJ and questions if Ben knows where she went.

Sami responds that she did to EJ exactly what he did to Abigail. EJ slowly looks up at her as she calls him a son of a bitch. Sami asks if he thought he would get away with it. EJ questions her. Sami says EJ had sex with Abigail right under her nose and thought she'd never find out. Sami tells EJ that this is what payback feels like and it's going to get worse.

Paige asks Daniel about Eve not being his patient anymore. Daniel explains that she changed surgeons due to a conflict. Daniel changes the subject and asks about Paige and JJ's summer.

JJ questions who said he and Paige are going nowhere. Bev says she was there when Jennifer and Eve went at it after graduation. JJ calls it no big argument. Bev asks if Paige thinks so. JJ asks what she means. Bev says it's obvious that Paige is going to have to choose JJ or her mom.

Eve says Jennifer always thinks the worst of her. Eve tells her that she wants her fair share. Jennifer says that's what she would get. Eve tells her that she's wrong. Jennifer brings up the movie rights. Eve has issues with the way Jennifer is negotiating the movie rights.

EJ wants to explain. Sami tells him not to leave out any details. EJ stops her and tells her it only happened once. Sami calls it the confession and mocks him for lying. EJ tells her that he only loves her. Sami tells him not to lie. Sami says if he loved her, he wouldn't have betrayed her. EJ brings up her kicking him out of her bed. Sami asks if it's her fault.

Ben assumes Abigail went to see Sami so she goes along with it. Ben talks about how hard it must be for her. Abigail thinks Sami is taking her job seriously.

EJ says he's not saying it's Sami's fault. Sami says she stayed in the DiMera Mansion because she loved him. Sami talks about desperately trying to figure out how to fix their problems. Sami says EJ was desperate for something else. EJ feels he can't explain what happened in the cabin. Sami suggests talking about the shower and brings up being in the room while EJ did her.

Victor finishes a call with Brady saying he doesn't want to hear any more lies. Aiden wonders if he's the reason Brady didn't want to show up today. Aiden introduces himself to Victor and mentions getting off on the wrong foot with Brady recently. Victor asks if Brady was drunk.

Brady continues drinking and gambling. Theresa tries to stop him but Brady says they are going big. Brady gets dizzy but tells Theresa he's okay. Brady then faints so Theresa calls for help.

JJ thinks Bev wants things to go bad for he and Paige. Bev says she likes JJ but Eve won't be okay with him. JJ says he was someone else before and goes home.

Paige tells Daniel that JJ has a lot to do with community service but mentions he was totally blown away by the guitar Daniel got him. Daniel admits he misses him but understands if JJ doesn't want to contact him. Paige says it's not about he and Jennifer but something else. Daniel asks if something is wrong that she's afraid to talk about. Daniel asks if he can help her.

Eve accuses Jennifer of leaving too much money on the table with the movie rights. Jennifer says she has nothing to do with that. Jennifer explains that Jack's agents just want his story to be told. Eve argues that the key is money. Eve accuses her of shortchanging the veterans. Eve shouts that she cares about herself, Paige, and her pay day so she won't let Jennifer blow it.

Victor doesn't know how long Brady thinks they will put up with this. Victor gets a call and steps out. Hope and Aiden go back over their checklist. Aiden starts to say they made it but Hope stops him and tells him not to jinx it. Father Louis comes in and announces they have a huge problem and emergency.

Paige tells Daniel that there are some problems and she's sure JJ will talk to him soon. They talk about Eve. Paige mentions Eve really liking him and being impressed. Daniel responds that he likes her too. Paige is glad she has some friends.

Eve threatens to come after Jennifer and how she will have to pay more. Jennifer calls her greedy and insane. Jennifer accuses her of making it about her. Jennifer says it will just never be enough because she will just keep pushing to stick it to her. Eve tells her to get over herself. Jennifer calls her sick and twisted as JJ comes home. Eve calls her a controlling egomaniac. Jennifer tells her they are finished and to get out of her house.

Ben wishes Abigail could stay and talk but he has to go back to work. Abigail says they can talk later. Ben tells her there's some stuff that he wants her to know as he wants to be honest with her since she's been completely honest with him and he feels he should be open with her. Abigail suggests next time as she exits the club.

Sami asks EJ what it was like. Sami talks about how distracted EJ was with her so she noticed and went to watch the security tapes. EJ says he's not proud. Sami remarks about him finding a hot young chick. EJ says this is about them and how they need to work together to fix this for their children and family. EJ asks if she understands that but she laughs in his face.

Father Louis informs Aiden and Hope that the Sisters of St. Augustine never got their tickets. Aiden and Hope are happy to inform him that the sisters got their tickets hours ago. He praises them for being on top of things. Victor comes back in and tells them it looks terrific and they have things together. Victor exits. Father Louis brings up having to contact Marlena about Patti being the MC. Hope says it's already taken care of. Father Louis asks if they are glad he forced them to work together on this as he exits.

Brady regains consciousness and Theresa tries to help him up. Brady crawls back to the gambling table while Theresa tries to pull him away.

Eve tells Jennifer that there will be more charges for causing her traumatic emotional pain. Jennifer yells at her to get out. Eve exits and walks past JJ on her way out. JJ heads in to the living room. Jennifer complains about Eve being so unbelievable. JJ tries to get her to sit down but Jennifer says she's going to walk through the park and storms out as JJ goes after her.

Sami questions EJ thinking they could work through this. Sami asks why she would do that. EJ tries to calm her down. Sami tells him that she's known about this for weeks so she's not going to calm down about it. Sami declares that she decided to dedicate herself to making his life a living hell. Sami reminds him that she's now the Co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises so she has the power over everything he cares about. Sami says in six months, she'll move on and EJ will be in prison for tax evasion. EJ realizes she did this. Sami tells him there's more to come. EJ tries to stop her from leaving. Sami adds that she'll give Abigail all of his love as she walks out.

Aiden declares they are finished with nothing left to do. Hope questions him and says she still has to go get Ciara ready and get dressed. Aiden says he just has to put on his tuxedo. Hope adds that she doesn't care what Father Louis said as once this is over, she won't miss working with him. Aiden feels the same and jokes about who can get dressed first as he runs out. Hope calls after him that he just has a tux while she has to pick out a dress and follows out.

Victor goes to Daniel's. Daniel mentions not making the gala. Victor asks if he's heard from Brady. Daniel says last time they talked wasn't good. They mention being worried about him. Victor adds that he's also worried about Daniel.

JJ follows Jennifer to the park where she complains about Eve ruining everything to get at her. Jennifer says Eve only cares about money and sticking it to her. JJ says they will fight her. Jennifer says she will not JJ as it's not his battle. JJ argues that it is so he's in this all the way.

Eve complains to Paige at home about Jennifer. Paige suggests trying to see it from Jennifer's point of view. Eve argues that Jennifer is just trying to cut back her earnings. Eve says they can talk about that later as right now it's time to talk about JJ. Eve says he's been a big concern of hers since the beginning. Eve says they are a team so she doesn't understand why she is testing her by getting involved with someone like him. Eve calls JJ a drug user on probation who is lucky to not be in prison. Paige argues that it was a long time ago and he's changed. Paige adds that he's been honest with her about everything. Eve asks if that includes trying to get Theresa thrown in jail.

Sami shows up at the Horton house to see Abigail.

Daniel asks why Victor is worried about him. Victor brings up he and Jennifer. Victor asks if he's happy or miserable and why. Daniel says it's complicated. Victor knows he's not supposed to tell him what to do. Daniel asks if Maggie told him what went wrong. Victor says she did. Victor tells Daniel to get over himself and give Jennifer a break. Daniel suggests maybe she's right and he's not good enough for her. Victor says he is and that he's a saint compared to Brady. Victor tells Daniel that he has no need to be miserable when happiness is staring him in the face as he then exits.

Paige asks Eve what she means. Eve says Theresa was vague but she's sure she wasn't making it up. Paige thinks JJ would've told her about that. Eve thinks it would force her to take a look at who JJ really is. Eve says she's made her mind and Paige will realize that she's done her a big favor.

Jennifer warns JJ about his relationship with Paige if he gets involved. JJ doesn't think she will get involved in this and assures Jennifer that she's not in this alone. Jennifer says she just needed to vent and decides to go home. JJ says he's going to call Paige so he'll see her at home. Jennifer walks off as JJ calls Paige. JJ tells her that something has come up. Paige questions what he did to Theresa and if he set her up to try and send her to jail. JJ says it's not that simple. Paige asks if he did and Eve didn't make it up. JJ says he didn't hide it from her. Paige thinks he just didn't want to look bad and hangs up. JJ rushes out of the park.

Abigail says she didn't expect to see Sami. Sami says she wanted to see a friendly face. Abigail asks about EJ. Sami says he's locked up like a common criminal. Sami wants something to take her mind off everything that is going on. Sami suggests they look at wedding photos as they go in to the living room.

Daniel looks at a photo of Jennifer and then gets a call from Chloe, telling him that her mom needs surgery. Daniel says he will get there with Parker's things right away.

Aiden returns to the ballroom in his tuxedo. Hope comes in after in a stunning purple dress. Aiden turns and smiles.

Theresa and Brady are on the plane back to Salem from Vegas. Brady is passed out and Theresa holds his hand which now has a ring on it.

Eve calls out to Paige but she's gone. JJ arrives. Eve tries to shut the door on him but JJ says he came to see her.

EJ sits furious in his cell calling himself an idiot and asks how he couldn't see this coming. EJ throws everything in the cell and screams as he drops to his knees crying.

Sami shows Abigail wedding pictures. Abigail encourages that everything will be okay. Jennifer comes home and greets them. Jennifer asks what they are doing. Abigail says they are looking at Sami's wedding photos. Sami invites Jennifer to join in so she does. Sami looks at the photo of Jack and remarks that she wishes he was here to see the woman Abigail turned out to be. Sami clicks over to the next picture which is the picture of Abigail and EJ kissing in the cabin.

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