Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/9/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/9/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige is at home looking at her diploma. She gets up a text from JJ asking to meet up. She smiles and texts back that she will see him at the usual place. Paige goes to leave but Mary Beth arrives and says she's sorry as she heard about her and JJ's moms hate each other.

JJ prepares to leave when Jennifer stops him and says it's about Paige, Eve, and what's going to happen.

Daniel finishes a call with the babysitter and goes to leave but Eve shows up suddenly. She apologizes but says it just can't wait. Daniel calls it inappropriate. Eve says she knows all too well.

After breaking in to Jordan's apartment, Clyde looks at a photo of Jordan and Ben. He asks if they really thought he would never track them down.

Jordan tells Ben that this is their chance to escape the past. Ben is glad and says he likes Salem. Jordan brings up Abigail.

EJ wants to count on her discretion but Abigail declares that she will not lie for him anymore. EJ argues that it's not what this is. Abigail asks what she's doing there then.

Mr. Valdez officiates the move to appoint Sami as the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Kate sends a text to Sami saying "Don't forget you need my votes bitch." Mr. Shin asks for a show of hands but Sami says she forgot something that EJ wanted her to read. Kate and Sami bicker back and forth. Sami offers to have Mr. Shin read it but Kate insists on Sami reading the letter.

EJ asks Abigail to give him a chance to explain. EJ hopes he can count on Abigail. She says EJ is the only person thinking there's a difference between lying and keeping quiet.

Paige tells Mary Beth that she doesn't know the whole story. Mary Beth feels she doesn't have to and she feels Paige and JJ are toast. Paige assures her that things are fine but Mary Beth asks why she's lying to herself.

Jennifer tells JJ that she's going to meet with Aiden about Eve's lawsuit. JJ asks what she's going to ask Aiden to do. Jennifer tells him to forget about that as she just wants him to understands that it's not just about her because she's not the only one with something at stake here.

Daniel tells Eve to call his office and make an appointment. Eve says she normally would but felt better talking privately. Daniel asks why. Eve thinks back to talking to Theresa about Daniel breaking up with Jennifer. Eve tells Daniel that she just found out about a problem that means he can't be her surgeon. She says when he finds out what it's about, he probably won't want to know her.

Mary Beth talks about excited Paige was about her mom coming home. She brings up her dad walking out. She tells Paige that she's in the middle and is going to have to decide who she's with.

Jennifer tells JJ that it's not fair that they might have to make a choice but assures she will do everything she can to make this go away. JJ asks how. Aiden arrives and greets them. Jennifer tells JJ to trust her and they'll talk later. JJ heads out for community service. Aiden tells Jennifer that some things stood out in Eve's agreement and she'll like what he found.

Eve informs Daniel that he knows her half-sister, Theresa. Eve says they aren't close but they are family so she checked on her and his name came up. Eve says Theresa's behavior towards him is inexcusable. Daniel doesn't think it's time to talk about it. Eve says she's so sorry and felt so bad for him.

Jordan asks Ben about him going quiet when she brought up Abigail. Ben tells her that it's not serious. Ben says she's a great girl but he can't let it get serious until he can trust her like Jordan trusts Rafe. Ben adds that they can't have any secrets.

Abigail tells EJ that she won't tell anyone that they slept together. EJ calls it an affair but Abigail says it was just sex. Abigail then asks if he meant the fact that he hired a hitman to kill Nick.

Sami reads Kate's letter as being from EJ which proposes that Kate be Sami's co-CEO. Kate pretends to be surprised.

Jordan and Ben talk about her telling Rafe the truth. Ben assures her that Rafe will understand and they will be closer than ever. Ben goes to work in the back. Jordan says to herself no secrets.

Clyde searches through Jordan's drawers and finds her lockbox.

Eve tells Daniel that she's here because of her surgery. Daniel asks if she wants to cancel. Eve feels it put Daniel in a bad place and claims she doesn't want to cause trouble for anyone. Eve says she likes and respects Daniel but she has a new surgeon. Daniel tells her that she will be in good hands. They shake hands and Eve thanks him for being so considerate.

Aiden and Jennifer go over the lawsuit and what they could challenge to try and get it thrown out on technicalities. Aiden says this could go their way or they could be in for a long, nasty battle. Aiden thought she would be happy about this news.

Sami calls the letter a shocker but says they will have to accept it. Kate points out that there is more to the letter which Sami writes off as more praising of Kate. Mr. Shin declares Sami and Kate be made co-CEOs of DiMera Enterprises of no less than six months. Kate remarks that she can't refuse.

EJ warns Abigail to keep her voice down. Abigail tells him there's no worry since everyone knows Gabi killed Nick. EJ yells at her to stop. Abigail says conspiracy to commit murder is still a crime. EJ says he cared about her. Abigail thinks he just didn't want her talking to Hope.

Jennifer looks at a photo of Jack and tells Aiden that she appreciates everything he's done but all she cares about is what Jack would have wanted. Aiden understands it's difficult for her. Jennifer says she knows Jack wouldn't want JJ stuck in the middle with Paige. She says Jack would somehow find a way out so that's what she is going to do. Aiden asks if this means she's giving up.

Daniel tells Eve that he will have her file sent to Dr. Chong at the hospital. Eve is glad this is resolved. Eve brings up her daughter which Daniel is surprised to hear. Eve informs Daniel that her daughter is Paige.

Paige and JJ meet at the town square. JJ tells her that Jennifer thinks things might work out between her and Eve. Paige says that's amazing but maybe it doesn't matter. JJ asks if Eve still thinks he's bad news.

Daniel tells Eve about knowing Paige and not knowing they were related. Daniel says he'll give Paige a doctor's name when she goes to Stamford. Eve talks about how nice Daniel is and she hopes they can be friends. Daniel says of course. Eve suggests they go out for a drink sometime.

Mr. Shin welcomes the new co-CEOs, Kate and Sami. They stand as the board applauds. Kate calls it a historic day and says they are deeply honored. Kate raises their arms and Sami reluctantly goes along with it.

EJ tells Abigail that his fate is in her hands along with the fate of his entire family. Abigail doesn't think people will even know to talk to her about him. EJ agrees. Abigail assures him that she won't say anything about Nick or anything else as she doesn't want anyone suspecting. EJ apologizes. Abigail says it's really sad because EJ could've turned into someone so unique and special instead of who he is. Abigail then exits.

Paige tells JJ that Eve isn't their only problem and brings up Jennifer. JJ says she thinks Paige is great and the best thing to ever happen to him while Eve thinks he's a loser and a criminal. Paige points out that he's changed. JJ is unsure he can convince Eve that's true. Paige tells him that there's something about Eve and guys that he needs to know.

Eve tells Daniel that he doesn't have to say yes but she hopes he doesn't say no. She tells him that she thinks he's very interesting and very attractive.

Jennifer tells Aiden that she's not giving up and won't sign anything he doesn't approve. She says if Eve takes half the royalties then it still leaves money for the veterans. Aiden understands she wants a compromise with JJ's situation. Jennifer talks about Jack knowing Eve so well. Jennifer doesn't know why Eve would want to wreck something of his. Jennifer adds that she feels sorry for any man who winds up in Eve's sights.

Daniel tells Eve that the reason he hesitated is that he's still working through his last relationship. Eve hopes friendship is still possible. Daniel agrees. Eve comments on a photo of Parker before she exits.

The board room clears out leaving Sami and Kate. Sami and Kate talk about the letter. Kate says EJ and Stefano can't make a peep now. Kate says they have six months. Sami says that's plenty of time for her to give EJ the ride of his life. Kate adds that she can slice and dice Stefano in six months. Kate offers her hand in partnership and Sami accepts the handshake.

Jordan sits outside the town square, receiving a message that Rafe is out of town until tomorrow. She complains about having to wait another day to talk. Kate approaches and questions her talking to herself. Jordan says she thought she was alone. Kate says she was just thinking about her. Jordan assumes it was negative. Kate hopes she gets everything she deserves in life. Kate asks if she and Rafe are still on track with no bumps in the road.

Paige tells JJ that Eve has a bad history with men and sometimes hooks up with the wrong guy. JJ asks what it has to do with them. Paige explains that she's like a jewel to her and Eve wants her life to be perfect so she gets scared for her. JJ asks Paige if she is scared. Paige says she's not.

Daniel goes to the hospital. Maxine asks if she can help him with anything. Daniel gives her Eve's file to take to Dr. Chong. Maxine agrees to and jokes with him. Daniel explains how Eve requested the change due to a conflict. She calls it considerate as Daniel calls it very straightforward.

Eve goes to Jennifer's and meets with her and Aiden. Jennifer says Aiden is leaving so it will be just them. Aiden exits. Eve accuses her of hiring a handsome lawyer. Jennifer says she just wants to talk. Jennifer wants the lawsuit to go away. Eve laughs and asks how she's going to make that happen. Jennifer responds that she will give her what she wants.

Sami returns to EJ. He excitedly asks how the meeting went. Sami says they were all blown away. EJ says they must know how capable she is. Sami declares they will see her shine even more in her new job as CEO.

Jordan tells Kate that things couldn't be better for her and Rafe. Kate thinks back to sleeping with Rafe. Kate tells Jordan that she's happy for them. Jordan walks away. Kate says to herself that staying happy won't work out for her.

Clyde unlocks Jordan's lockbox to find her fake IDs. Clyde says she got real good at staying gone but not good enough. Clyde declares that he's got her now and this time isn't going to let her go.

Paige tells JJ that her not being scared won't matter to Eve. JJ brings up Theresa. JJ says they need to work this out. Paige assures him that they will be okay. Paige decides to go and they kiss goodbye.

Daniel explains to Maxine about Eve coming to see him in person to let him know what was going on. Maxine asks what she's like. Daniel says she has a real drive and a forceful personality. Daniel guesses that she's a real handful.

Eve excitedly talks about Jennifer seeing the light and says she's so proud of her. Jennifer talks about their new agreement and putting this behind them. Eve agrees if it's fair. Jennifer says it's exactly what she asked for so all proceeds of Jack's book will be split 50/50. Eve doesn't think that is going to be enough.

Abigail goes to the club and greets Ben. She apologizes for running off before. Ben blames himself for going off on EJ when she told him she has nothing to do with EJ.

EJ laughs thinking Sami is joking but Sami reveals that she and Kate were elected co-CEOs of DiMera Enterprises. EJ asks about Stefano. Sami informs him that he wasn't there. Sami shows EJ the papers. EJ begins to panic, questioning what she's done. Sami responds that she did to EJ exactly what he did to Abigail. EJ slowly looks up at her as she calls him a son of a bitch.

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