Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/8/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/8/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Clyde appears in the bushes and watches as Rafe and Jordan kiss. He crouches down and makes a noise which they hear. Rafe asks who's there.

Eric tells Theresa that people can change with the effort and support from the right people. She asks if he's going to tell her she's no good for Brady. Eric says he was actually going to ask if Brady is good for her.

John asks Brady about wanting them to be closer. Brady says it could happen. John points out that the deal has him start in Europe so he realizes Brady is trying to get rid of him which he admits.

Ben shows Abigail the newspaper at the club which has an article on EJ in jail.

EJ offers Nicole the scoop. She begins the interview by asking for his statement. EJ tells Nicole to go to Hell and laughs at her.

Kate tells Sami that she knows she promised but she doesn't trust her one bit. Sami apologizes and says they don't have time for trust falls. Kate says she's not playing. Sami brings up coming to Kate with this deal and offer. Kate says she needed her and she thinks it's fair compensation for her part. Sami questions her part. Kate says they know the risk of double-crossing Stefano. Sami gets upset and says this is just a scam. Kate tells her to walk away then but if she wants revenge on EJ, that's the price.

Ben sits with Abigail and says he can't believe EJ couldn't get bail. Ben apologizes if it upset her. Abigail responds that she doesn't care what happens to EJ.

Nicole calls EJ an arrogant, idiotic jackass and says she could help him. Nicole says he needs a favorable story in the press. EJ mocks her as a reporter. EJ says he will wait for a reporter with more integrity. Nicole tells him that no one is there but her and if he keeps it up, she might take it personal in print. Nicole tells him that he needs help but EJ calls it just a minor inconvenience. EJ argues that he'll be out in no time. Nicole brings up the board meeting being today. She questions EJ not being worried. EJ tells her that Sami can handle it. Nicole questions him counting on Sami and says he's really in big trouble.

Sami tells Kate that she will take her chances with the board for herself. Kate says she'll still be there and will vote against her if need be. Sami questions how she will explain to Stefano. Kate says she'd be voting to keep Stefano in charge while Sami is against him. Sami says the board members are on EJ's side. Kate points out that Sami is not EJ and she can't win this alone. Sami brings up turning around Countess Wilhelmina by herself. Kate calls that a tiny division. Kate tells Sami to go do it herself and turns to leave but Sami stops her.

Eric tells Theresa that she and Brady are good people but might not be good for each other. Theresa says they care about each other. Eric says sometimes that's not enough. She asks him if he thinks Nicole is a good person. Eric states that he does deep down. Theresa argues that if Nicole can't do right by him then she's not a good person. Eric brings it back to her and Brady. Eric tells her that he loves his brother but he worries that he could hurt Theresa or anyone else he gets close to.

Brady tells John that it's a good deal and revenue would skyrocket. John doesn't care about the money and just wants his son back. Brady argues that they were never that solid even at the best of times. Brady adds that their relationship went out the window with Kristen. Brady complains about him. John offers to back off. Brady wants him way off to Europe. Brady says he can't be around him. Brady tells him that if he wants any kind of relationship with him then he needs to leave Salem and let him breathe. John tells him he's wrong and he's not going anywhere.

Caroline arrives in the park and greets Rafe and Jordan. She asks if Rafe has a minute. Jordan offers to step aside but she tells her there's no need. Caroline says Roman got pulled off EJ's case so she has no inside details. She just wants to know if Sami and the kids will see EJ go to prison. Rafe says it's hard to say but the state wants a big splash and have a lot of evidence. Rafe thinks EJ could be in big trouble this time.

EJ tells Nicole that he survived marriage to her twice so this is nothing. Nicole argues that he needs a story. EJ thinks she needs the story desperately. Nicole says she has plenty to write about. EJ brings up her and Eric. EJ tells her that he knows what she's up to and he's onto her.

Kate tells Sami that she must be getting smarter. Sami says she didn't see this coming. Kate brings up them not being friends. Sami tells her she hates her. Kate says they kept this under wraps because of their hatred making no one expect it. Kate tells Sami to keep her eye on the prize if she wants EJ to pay. Kate tells her that it never gets easier. Kate remarks that Sami couldn't keep EJ satisfied. Sami gets mad and calls Kate pathetic. Kate cuts her off and reminds Sami that she needs her.

John says he kicked his addiction to pain meds with Brady so he wants to return the favor. Brady says he doesn't need the favor. John questions how he can say that when he's drinking and doing coke. Brady says he stopped. John points out that he admitted he's using. John refuses to leave him.

Theresa calls Eric the sweetest man alive. Eric says they are talking about her. Theresa says she can take care of herself. She says she got stronger after all she's been through. Eric says he wouldn't worry if she was that strong. Theresa tells him that she doesn't want to hurt people or at least doesn't try to. Theresa says if she doesn't take care of herself then no one else will. Eric notes that sounded familiar. She asks if he meant she sounded like Nicole.

EJ thinks Nicole is coming to him so he will go to Sami who will go to Eric to beg her to do the story. He calls it another desperate ploy to get back with Eric. She argues that she's not desperate or stupid. EJ tells her that Eric will never get back with her and there's a reason that she will always be alone. Nicole calls him a vicious SOB.

Ben questions Abigail not caring that EJ's in jail when she dated his brother. Abigail claims she barely knows EJ. Ben points out that it's a shame for the kids which Abigail agrees with. Abigail brings up Sami going to jail last year but points out she was innocent and didn't deserve that.

Sami tells Kate that she's wrong about what happened with her and EJ. Sami says EJ slept with Abigail only after she kicked EJ out of her bed because of Kristen. They continue to argue. Kate tells Sami to grow up and learn that men are only as faithful as their options. Sami talks about their relationship. Sami stops and says she's not bonding with her. Sami tells Kate to go to Stefano's attorney. Kate gives Sami an envelope and says it's what she just read as she wants her to read it at the board meeting. Kate tells Sami to cheer up because they are about go get everything they want. They walk off together.

Rafe figures Caroline can't pry Sami away from EJ. Caroline says if she could've, she would've years ago but the heart wants what the heart wants. Caroline says she has to get back to the Pub and apologizes for interrupting. Jordan says it's always nice to see her as Rafe says goodbye. Caroline exits. Jordan asks if that was hard to hear for Rafe. Rafe calls it old news that Sami will stick by EJ and support him. Rafe tells her that he'll be there for whatever she has to tell him and it won't change anything. Rafe says he's late now but promises he wants to hear what she has to tell him. Jordan says she'll be waiting for him after his shift tonight. They kiss goodbye and Rafe walks away.

Eric tells Theresa that Nicole's had a rough road and always done whatever it takes to survive. Theresa asks if that's why she lied to him. Eric says that's part of it but admits he didn't give her a chance to tell the truth. Eric brings up telling her he loved her and that he was leaving the priesthood so it's understandable. Theresa thinks it sounds like he could forgive her. Eric says he has to go and walks off.

Brady argues that John knows nothing about his life. Brady says John isn't the solution but the problem. John disagrees and wants him to get help. Brady warns John to get away from him or he'll be sorry as Henderson walks in.

EJ questions Nicole thinking he would help her go after Eric after all his suffering. Nicole brings up EJ's part. EJ laughs at her not getting his story. EJ brings up Nicole alienating Daniel and next will be Rafe. She asks why he's being such a creep to her. EJ tells Nicole that Eric is Sami's brother and she loves him so he cares about him too. EJ states that Nicole is poison to Eric. Nicole argues that he doesn't know a thing about them. EJ mocks her and she tells him to go to Hell then says he already did when he married Sami. Nicole declares that she can't help him as no one can. Nicole tells EJ that he and Sami deserve each other so she will take great joy in watching them make each other miserable for the rest of their lives. Nicole then exits.

The board meeting begins with Sami and Kate as the proxies for EJ and Stefano. Mr. Shin talks about the disappointment of not having EJ or Stefano there while Kate talks about the meeting being recorded for them.

Eric goes to the Pub and greets Caroline. She asks if he's heard from the bishop yet. Eric says they are still looking over the new evidence. She asks about the church. Eric thinks his name will be cleared but isn't sure about being a priest again. Caroline brings up Nicole stepping up for him. She asks if there is a chance they will get back together.

Theresa comes home to find Brady on the couch drinking and they end up kissing.

Clyde goes to the club but stops outside and walks away.

Ben tells Abigail that EJ could be behind bars for a long time. Abigail says he always had a bad feeling about EJ. Ben says he just didn't like that she was involved with him. Abigail quickly responds that she's not involved with EJ.

EJ calls a guard over and says he needs to see something.

Mr. Shin clarifies that he is just concerned about the well-being of Stefano and EJ. Sami calls it bad timing. The board members talk about the major deals in the works. Kate brings up the envelope that she says is to be read on Stefano's behalf. She reads the letter to reveal she has Stefano nominating Sami as CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Brady and Theresa lay together on the couch. She asks how it went with John. Brady says it's a work in progress but he doesn't want him taking one more second away from him. They kiss and Brady then asks if she has any cocaine. She asks if he's sure that's what he wants to do.

Eric tells Caroline that he thinks it's best for he and Nicole to keep their distance for now. Caroline feels she's being nosy but thought Eric was his happiest in the church but after watching him with Nicole, she thinks she does something to his head. Eric says he won't make any rash decisions. Nicole then enters the Pub.

Ben says he knows Abigail doesn't know EJ that well. She questions why he would imply she was involved with him. Ben says he just meant that she was involved in the wedding and didn't mean to upset her. Abigail apologizes for snapping at him. Abigail tells Ben that she had a lot of fun with him on the 4th of July and she likes spending time with him. Ben feels the same then goes back to work. Abigail gets a call from an unknown number and answers it.

Rafe sits in his office and gets a call. He pulls up an e-mail on his computer and says he can't believe this.

Mr. Gordon questions Sami as CEO of the company. Sami says Stefano must think she's qualified. Mr. Shin points out that the members have to vote. Mr. Valdez mocks Sami's qualifications. Sami argues that her makeup has made the most profit and talks about working with EJ on every major matter of DiMera Enterprises. Sami accuses his division of underperforming. Sami asks if there are any other objections.

Jordan goes to the club and greets Ben. Ben notes it weird that Abigail didn't say goodbye. Jordan tells Ben that she's going to tell Rafe everything after he gets off work. Ben tells her that he's okay with it and notes that she is scared. Jordan says this is their chance to finally be free from their past.

Clyde looks at an old photo of Jordan.

Eric tells Caroline that he will see her later and goes to the back of the Pub. Caroline and Nicole exchange looks.

Brady and Theresa talk about her broken air conditioner. Brady thinks they need a change of scenery and says it will be a surprise. Brady tells her that he's going to plan a party while she gets the favors in the form of a couple grams. Theresa says she's in and Brady goes to make a call.

Abigail visits EJ and asks what he wants. EJ says he wants to warn her. EJ says with the charges against him, reporters will start digging and she might get called upon. EJ wants to count on her discretion. Abigail declares that she will not lie for him anymore.

Rafe remains on the phone and says someone is definitely trying to take down EJ and Stefano. Rafe adds that he has a warrant with Stefano's name on it. Rafe wants to figure out who sent this. Rafe notes that it's an inside job but wonders who has the stones to betray the DiMeras.

Mr. Shin asks if Kate wants to make a motion. Kate asks if they are ready to vote. Mr. Valdez officiates the move to appoint Sami as the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

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