Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady looks over his phone, not remembering a text message he sent to a work client as he tries to put together a text. Maggie walks in and greets him. Brady says he's late for work. Maggie asks how the AA meetings are going and if he's still going.

Kate walks through the town square on the phone. She's disappointed and says not to risk coming to Salem when there's a warrant out for their arrest. She hangs up as Clyde then approaches and Kate welcomes him to Salem.

Jordan lays in bed with Rafe and thinks back to their last conversation.

Nicole sits in the Pub on the phone with Miles. She talks about work until Eric walks in. She hangs up saying her potential client walked in. Nicole approaches Eric. He has nothing to say to her. She tells him to get over himself as it's not about him but about Sami and EJ.

Sami complains to EJ about Stefano. EJ paces in his cell. Sami talks about EJ not being able to represent himself at the board meeting. EJ says he got Stefano's message loud and clear so now he has a message for him and he will give it to him today at the meeting.

Brady tells Maggie that he went to one meeting and it didn't feel right. He insists that he kept an open mind. Brady gets a headache but says it's no big deal. Maggie notes it as a hangover. Theresa walks in and joins Brady's side. Maggie questions her keeping him company.

Clyde talks to Kate about reuniting with his long lost kids. He appreciates her meeting with him. Kate says she's happy to facilitate this family reunion and she thinks Jordan and Ben will be thrilled to see their father again. Clyde responds that they won't be as thrilled as him.

Nicole talks to Eric about wanting an exclusive on the story of EJ's arrest from him. Eric asks what makes her think he would tell her anything.

EJ talks to Sami about the board meeting. EJ says there's only one person he trusts to send in his place and that's her.

Brady tells Maggie that they are getting breakfast together. Maggie points out that he said he was late for work. Maggie asks for a moment alone with Brady so Theresa steps out. Maggie questions what made Brady feel that the meeting didn't fit with him. Brady says the only part that resonated with him was removing bad influences from his life and the top of that list is John. Maggie questions how he's the bad influence. Brady mentions catching John laying in to Theresa at the Pub. Theresa listens in and thinks back to that happening. She is glad to hear Brady blame John. Maggie informs Brady that she's the one that told John where he was. Brady says he's not upset with her because it clarified everything for him. Brady says John freaked out on him like always but this time, he handled it instead of feeling like he had to use. Brady says he hasn't used since the meeting. Brady feels he has control over the problem. Maggie points out that he's still drinking and says it's clear that he's hungover. Brady argues that it's not a problem but Maggie shouts back that it is.

Clyde tells Kate that there's nothing he wants more than to be reunited with his family but he's been trying to imagine what the reunion will look like. Kate says it will be a revelation for all of them. Clyde admits he's a little nervous as he doesn't know what he's going to say to Ben. Kate says she knows how it must feel. Clyde assures her that what was made wrong will be made right thanks to her.

Jordan's phone rings and wakes up Rafe. She apologizes as she wanted to let him sleep in. Rafe talks about her being asleep when he came home. Jordan loves waking up with him and Rafe says there's no where else he'd rather be.

Nicole argues that Sami and EJ need her on their side for spin control. Eric tells her to forget it. Nicole says she's trying to help his family. Eric says Sami's too upset to talk so he doesn't know anything and he still doesn't believe that Nicole would take their side. Eric feels that Nicole never changes.

Sami asks EJ if she really wants her to vote his shares. EJ says she knows exactly what he wants. Sami doesn't know if the board will trust her. EJ argues that she turned a profit after Kristen left it in shambles. Sami talks about having to stare down Stefano. EJ tells her that all she has to do is vote and the balance of power will remain the same. EJ says he won't let Stefano and Kate shut them out. Sami tells him that Kate is definitely behind this.

Maggie complains about Brady's drinking and opening himself up to temptation. She calls him an addict. Maggie continues talking about Brady's drinking and how he can't remember the night before. Theresa continues listening in and calls Maggie a sanctimonious witch. Maggie questions this affecting Brady's work. Brady blames everything on John. Maggie tells him not to blame someone else for his addictions. Theresa interrupts and yells at Maggie to back off and stop harassing Brady.

Clyde asks Kate to point him to his kids. Kate informs him that Ben works at the club while Jordan works at the hospital but she thinks it's too early for them to be at work. Clyde wants to know where they live so he doesn't barge in on their work. Kate says she doesn't know where Ben lives but she has Jordan's address and writes it down for him. Clyde asks Kate not to say anything if she sees them first. Kate agrees and asks him to also not say anything about her bringing him to Salem. Clyde gives her his word and she wishes him luck. Clyde thanks her for everything as she walks away.

Rafe kisses Jordan and says he knows she wants to talk and he wants to hear what she has to say but he asks her to hold off for a while. Jordan asks if there's something he needs to do first. Rafe says yes and they kiss.

Eric doesn't think Nicole cares about Sami, EJ, or their story but she just wants to get in his face and will use any situation to do it. Nicole disagrees and says she wants to get the truth for Sami. Nicole then admits maybe Eric is right that she wanted to see him and this seemed like a good opportunity. Nicole wants to know if her testimony swayed the bishop on his case. Eric says he hasn't heard anything yet. Nicole asks if it's so wrong to want to know if she helped make things right for him. Eric says they both know that's not her real motive.

EJ has a notary come in to sign Sami in as his proxy for the board meeting, giving Sami control of the company. EJ tells her that they will get their marriage back on track. EJ says he can't wait to see her and the kids again. EJ encourages her to kick ass in the board room. Sami assures him that she has this covered as she exits.

Theresa tells Maggie that she has no right to lay in to Brady like that. Theresa agrees that John is the problem. Brady tries to stop her but Theresa feels Maggie needs to hear it. Theresa talks about John always picking a fight with Brady. Maggie tells Theresa how wrong her defense is. Theresa says they are sick of it. Maggie accuses her of listening in on a private conversation. Brady declares he's done and has to go to work. Maggie tells him that she's available if he wants to talk and she exits. Theresa can't believe her. Brady tells Theresa that they will reschedule breakfast because he has something to do.

Eric tells Nicole that she's just looking for a way back in to his life and accuses her of always working an angle. Nicole disagrees but Eric says they can't be friends and there's nothing for her with him. Eric exits and Nicole then does as well.

Sami and Kate meet outside the town square. Kate tells Sami about Stefano turning around after hearing of the arrest warrant. Kate says it worked flawlessly. Sami points out that she has EJ's shares while Kate has control of Stefano's.

Maggie walks through the town square and runs into Eric. They apologize to one another. Eric asks if everything is okay. Eric invites her for coffee to talk. Maggie says she was worried about someone who is backsliding a bit. She's afraid this person will end up lost forever like most addicts.

Theresa asks Brady if he's sure he wants to be alone. She suggests they continue with their plans. Brady apologizes and says he has something important to deal with. Theresa questions it. Brady says it's his problem and he needs a little space. Brady offers to call her a car but Theresa decides to walk. She kisses him goodbye and they agree to talk later as she exits. Brady goes back to texting and then makes a call to John, who is at the club. Brady tells him that they need to talk.

Rafe and Jordan finish making love and he tells her that she can tell him whatever she wants now. Rafe's phone rings with a text from work, needing him to come in. Rafe tells her that it can wait if she wants to talk. Jordan says what she has to tell him is not going away and shouldn't be a rushed conversation. They agree on after work and they kiss before Rafe then gets up to shower.

Kate informs Sami that she doesn't have control of Stefano's shares yet but insists that she will get them before the meeting. Sami begins to worry and says if she doesn't get those shares then EJ will have too much power. Sami argues that Kate can't do this to her and she has to get those shares or else there plan is dead.

Nicole visits EJ in his cell and tells him that karma is a bitch.

John comes to the Kiriakis Mansion to meet with Brady. John is surprised to hear from him. Brady says he's glad he came. Brady tells John that he doesn't want to fight anymore and wants a fresh start. John responds that he wants the same thing. Brady tells him that he has a proposal as to how to make that happen.

Maggie feels she said too much. Eric notes that she didn't name names. Maggie says it's not right for her to discuss anyone else's problems. Maggie asks how Eric is doing as she heard what happened with Nicole and she's sorry. Eric admits it's been rough but wants to focus on the future. Theresa walks by and wonders if Maggie is trash talking her to Eric now. Maggie hugs Eric and walks away. Theresa approaches Eric and greets him. She asks about him becoming a priest again. Eric says there's no word yet. Theresa thinks it's awesome for him. Eric thanks her. Theresa apologizes for Nicole lying to him but points out that she did warn him about her.

EJ questions who let Nicole in. Nicole jokes that it's practically her second home. EJ asks what she wants. Nicole brings up going to prison for taking Sydney and how they later made peace. EJ asks if she came to gloat. Nicole says she came to help him. EJ laughs at the idea. Nicole asks if he doesn't want help. EJ questions why she wants to help him. Nicole states that helping him helps her.

Kate tells Sami to calm down and relax. Sami questions if she understands the plan. Kate assures that she does. Kate tells her that Stefano has people all over town but she is certain that he will choose her as his proxy. Kate then gets a call back from Stefano. Stefano asks if she could be free in a couple of hours. Kate says she can and asks if it's about his arrest warrant and not coming back to Salem. Stefano tells her that he will need to sign his shares over to her. Kate asks if this means he wants her to go to the meeting to vote for him. Stefano says yes. Kate agrees to do anything he wants but says she's sad that he won't be there. Kate tells Stefano that she understands. Stefano tells Kate what he needs her to do. Kate says she knows exactly how the vote needs to go. Kate says she will come to him as soon as the meeting is finished. Kate hangs up and Sami excitedly hugs her. Sami says this is working perfectly and she's so relieved. Sami says she has to get ready for the meeting while Kate has to sign the papers. Kate says she will be taking off in a moment but first there's just one little thing.

Rafe and Jordan walk through the park. Clyde appears in the bushes and watches as they kiss.

Brady tells John about the old days rebuilding Basic Black. John asks if he wants to work together again as well. Brady says he is and thinks they should dive right in with a deal and regain trust to see how a business relationship can function.

Eric tells Theresa that she doesn't know Nicole. Theresa says she knows people like her. Theresa states that people are who they are and can't change. She tells him to take her word for it.

EJ says it makes sense as everything Nicole does is for her own personal gain. EJ asks her to explain how helping him helps her. Nicole says she's a reporter and he's news so she would share his story. Nicole says it could get him sympathy while she scores points with her boss. Nicole talks about how the public could be in his favor while she gets a huge scoop for her career. Nicole asks EJ if he knows who did this to him. EJ responds that he knows exactly who did this and they won't get away with it.

Sami asks Kate about the one little thing and argues that they don't have time. Sami says everything else she has going on has to wait until she signs the papers and goes to the meeting. Kate smiles. Sami demands to know what's going on. Kate says they both know what Sami is getting out of this but Kate wants to know what she is getting out of it. Sami can't believe Kate is doing this now. Kate wants to make sure she benefits as well. Sami says she will. Kate says she will do what she's supposed to. She hands Sami a paper for what she is going to do in return. Kate tells Sami that she knows she promised but she doesn't trust her one bit.

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