Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Adrienne goes to the club and jokes with T about Sonny making him work a holiday. She says she will say something to him at the picnic but T informs her that he doesn't think Will and Sonny are going to the picnic.

Will and Sonny talk about EJ having to spend Independence Day in prison. They talk about how Sami must feel.

Jennifer and Abigail talk about Eve's lawsuit. Jennifer mentions JJ and Abigail informs her that he already left.

Paige meets JJ outside the town square to talk about the lawsuit and Paige brings up her aunt Theresa.

Theresa sits at the Pub with Anne. Eve calls Theresa. Theresa mentions that Brady is at work. Eve has something to talk about and wants to come over but Theresa says she has a social life and hangs up. Eve turns around in the town square to see Daniel with Parker. Eve declares that holidays should not be spent alone as she approaches.

Theresa tells Anne about Eve being her half sister and how she hates Jennifer too. Theresa complains about Eve drooling over Brady and says that Eve has a habit of going after any man she wants.

Eve greets Daniel and Parker. They joke about the parade. Eve comments that Daniel is great with Parker and how he's a single parent. Daniel says he's not raising him alone. Eve says she's confused as she thought he was single.

Jennifer assumes JJ is with Paige. Abigail figures he'll meet them at the picnic and asks if she will have a problem with JJ dating Eve's daughter. They talk more about the lawsuit and Abigail says at least no one is going to jail over it. Jennifer brings up EJ and asks how Sami is. Abigail isn't sure so Jennifer thinks she should call her.

Adrienne tells T that she understands since the whole town will be talking about Sami and EJ. She mentions that Jennifer is going to the picnic with JJ and Abigail which Ben overhears. Adrienne exits. T goes back to work and mentions seeing a girl named Jody. Ben jokes with him and decides maybe he'll stop by the picnic too.

Paige asks JJ if he knew about Theresa being her aunt. JJ says he just found out last night. JJ adds that he should've figured something was up when Theresa was asking about her the other day. Paige questions JJ still talking to her but JJ insists that he doesn't. Paige asks what went on between them. JJ thinks back to kissing Theresa on the night she overdosed. Paige then questions if JJ had sex with Theresa.

Daniel informs Eve that his ex-wife and he share custody and they work to do what's best for Parker. Daniel mentions taking Parker to the zoo. Eve says she won't keep him. Eve then asks Daniel out for a drink to talk about her surgery.

Anne jokes with Theresa about Eve being like her. Anne mentions a party boat on the lake. Theresa gets distracted as she sees Caroline upset at the counter and goes to her. Caroline complains that she can't find her keys. Theresa finds them on the counter. Caroline remembers leaving them there. Theresa encourages her.

Paige points out that Theresa is like ten years older than JJ. JJ tells her that nothing happened other than making out. He swears that he never slept with her. Paige doesn't know what to say as she feels it's all too weird. JJ says that Theresa is not a good person. Paige talks about not knowing her since she was little and Eve not liking her. Paige adds that Eve warned her to stay away from Theresa. JJ says something is wrong with Theresa. He adds that he would probably be in prison if not for Daniel helping him out.

Daniel tells Eve that they can talk in his office. Eve says she just wanted to get to know him better in a more social setting. Daniel understands but says he just got out of a relationship and learned his lesson from getting involved with patients. He tells her to call his office to make an appointment then exits with Parker.

Abigail tells Jennifer they aren't friends. Jennifer questions why she was the maid of honor then. Abigail says she doesn't know. Jennifer questions what she's not telling her about the wedding.

Adrienne goes to see Sonny and Will. She encourages Will about EJ and Sami. They joke that at least they made it through the wedding. Adrienne says she knows Sami wanted it to go perfectly. Sonny is surprised by Adrienne being supportive of Sami. Adrienne says Will is family now which means Sami is too and family needs supporting. Adrienne questions them not going to the picnic.

T gets a box delivery to the club. T talks to Ben about the annual hot dog eating contest and goes to prepare.

Abigail wants to go to the picnic but Jennifer continues asking about the wedding. Jennifer brings up Chad. Abigail says it was a long time ago. Jennifer thinks EJ getting arrested must have been a grim reminder of how that family operates. Abigail says Sami should know the DiMeras. Abigail says the DiMeras hurt people even those they say they love. Abigail declares that she just wants to move forward and focus on people she cares about. She assures Jennifer that she's fine. Abigail says she has something to take care of so she will meet them at the lake. Abigail exits and makes a call, asking if she can see someone so she can make something right.

Adrienne brings Sonny and Will with Arianna to the lake for the picnic. Sonny sets up at the table with Adrienne while Will takes Arianna to put sunscreen on. Abe arrives with Theo. Abe asks about Justin but Adrienne says he's away on work. T arrives with Ben. Theo brings up the hot dog contest. T says that Theo is his competition. T jokes that Ben came because he heard Abigail was coming. Will comes back and gives Arianna to Adrienne. Ben and T bring up playing softball so Will goes to get ready. Sonny jokes with Adrienne. T jokes about he and Ben against Will and Sonny for the softball game. Adrienne says she will send Abigail to Ben if she sees her and T mentions doing the same for a girl named Joanne. Ben says he thought her name was Jody as they walk off.

Anne exits the Pub. Caroline asks Theresa why they hang around when Anne is so rude but understands if they have plans. Theresa says she'd rather hang out with her. Caroline invites her to see fireworks. Theresa says she will see if Brady can come. Caroline asks how that's going. Theresa says it's great but Caroline asks why she looks so unhappy then.

JJ tells Paige that what happened with Theresa made him see how messed up he was so he's lucky it didn't ruin his life. JJ declares that he will never be that stupid again. Paige says she believes him. JJ says he's not a virgin but it was not with Theresa. JJ can't believe they are related. JJ asks if she will be able to find a way to be okay with this. Eve approaches and tells JJ to finish what he has to say.

Jennifer arrives at the lake and joins Adrienne and Abe with Arianna. Abe goes to grill while Will checks on Arianna. Adrienne goes to the bag to get a shirt for Arianna. Jennifer asks Will if Sami is okay. Will assumes she's probably trying to nail whoever ruined her day. Will asks where Abigail is.

Abigail goes to Daniel's and thanks him for seeing her. Abigail tells him that she really hopes he and Jennifer's break isn't going to last long. Daniel points out that it's between them. Abigail asks about still caring about her. Daniel says he does but it's not about that. Abigail tells him that something happened. Daniel asks if it has anything to do with him. Abigail admits it doesn't but she thinks he's the only person who can help her.

JJ tells Paige that he hopes to see her at the picnic and then exits. Eve asks if she wants to go with him. Paige says they have a lot to talk about. Paige says they were doing great but now Eve and Jennifer are hating each other and she knows about JJ with Theresa. Eve tells her it's okay and tells her to go be with JJ at the lake.

Will, Sonny, T, Ben, and Theo get out of the lake after deciding it was too hot for softball and joke about the volleyball game they had. Sonny takes Theo for ice cream while Ben heads to the grill. Sonny jokes that he's sure his girl's name is actually Judy. T and Will head back in to the lake.

Ben introduces himself to Jennifer. She talks about Abigail talking about how sweet he's been to her and she likes it when her kids make good friends as JJ arrives.

Abigail tells Daniel that she knows Jennifer wants to talk about this but maybe she doesn't feel like she can. Abigail tells Daniel that Jennifer is at the lake right now and then exits.

Jennifer greets JJ and mentions him leaving before they could talk about he and Paige.

Abe says he got called in to work so he tells Will and T that they have to take over the grill. Will asks about EJ but Abe can't talk about the case. Abe says they have to cut their day short. Will offers to keep Theo but Abe doesn't think he would like it if he left.

Ben asks T about the hot dog eating contest but he's no longer certain about it. T asks about his girl not showing up who he now calls Jolene. T asks about not getting texts. Abigail walks by so T calls out to Ben. T then tells Abigail about Ben being there and how he wasn't going to come until he heard she was coming.

Theresa tells Caroline about Eve being back in Salem. Caroline questions no one telling her. Theresa says she's heard stories about Eve and Frankie. Theresa asks Caroline who she thinks is worse, her or Eve. Caroline says it's not even close and jokes with her. Theresa hugs her and says it's one of the sweetest things she's said to her.

Eve tells Paige about going to college in two months so she wants it to be her best summer. Paige asks even if she spends it with JJ. Eve admits she still has questions. Paige assures he doesn't do drugs anymore. Eve tells her to go enjoy the lake. Paige asks what she's going to do. Eve tells her not to worry. Paige hugs her and says she's the best. Eve tells her the same and not to forget it. Eve adds that she doesn't know if Jennifer will be as understanding as she is.

JJ asks Jennifer if she wants to talk now. Abigail interrupts and asks where JJ was this morning. JJ asks about her just getting there. Abigail says she had something to take care of first.

Daniel calls Maggie and says he'll meet her and Parker at the zoo soon as he prepares to leave his apartment. Daniel thinks back to breaking up with Jennifer and then exits.

Everyone gathers around at the picnic. Paige arrives and Jennifer tells her she's so glad that she could make it as JJ smiles. Will, T, Sonny, and Adrienne talk about Arianna and they mention Gabi. Paige spots Arianna and says she's so cute. Adrienne encourages them to hold on to making it through so much.

Abigail sits with Ben and thanks him for coming after all the drama at the DiMera mansion. Ben knows she must bet upset for Sami and Will. Abigail mentions Will being her best friend. Ben says he wasn't surprised when he heard EJ was up to something illegal. Abigail notes that Ben never trusted EJ. Ben tells her that she shouldn't either.

Theresa goes home and finds Eve outside the door. She tells Eve that Brady isn't there. Eve says she came to see her and has some news that might put her in a better mood. Theresa isn't interested until Eve informs her that she's suing Jennifer. Theresa then invites her in. Theresa says she would've loved to have seen the look on Jennifer's face when she got the news. Theresa asks about the lawsuit. Eve says she can't discuss the case but it will all be public soon. Eve says she will finally get what she deserves while Jennifer gets what's coming to her. Theresa warns her that Jennifer has all sorts of backup like her family and Daniel, who she calls her boyfriend. Eve is surprised to learn about Daniel and Jennifer. Eve wonders if Jennifer was the relationship that Daniel mentioned and questioned them being together.

Jennifer finishes a call with Abe. She tells Abigail that Theo lost a flag pin. Ben suggests looking where they were playing softball. Jennifer continues searching and finds it in the bushes. Daniel then arrives and wishes Jennifer a happy fourth of July.

JJ tells Paige that Jennifer is totally cool with them. Paige says Eve is too with her being there. They agree that they are sick of talking about them. JJ asks if his past with Theresa will be a problem for her. Paige says she's already over it. JJ says they are good then and will keep it that way no matter what as they then kiss.

Jennifer says she's so glad to see Daniel. She notes something is wrong. Daniel asks if he has reason to be worried about her. Jennifer questions him riding to the rescue. Daniel says if she wants to talk. Jennifer says she would love to talk to him but she wants to talk about them instead of what he heard. Daniel asks what she needs. Jennifer tells him that she needs him in her life.

Eve tells Theresa that Daniel is performing a surgery on her. Eve mentions Daniel saying he ended a relationship. Theresa laughs about Jennifer messing up again. Eve wants to hear every detail. They joke and toast to Jennifer having a terrible year.

Daniel gets a text from Maggie to pick up Parker from the zoo. Jennifer understands he has to go and turns away. Daniel then exits.

T decides he was stood up until his girl then arrives introducing herself as Sarah. Ben questions this and she asks if T forgot her name. T assures he didn't and they go to get food. Adrienne declares that this is going to be a great summer. Sonny agrees as fireworks begin to go off for the Fourth of July. Sonny and Will, Ben and Abigail, T and Sara, Paige and JJ all sit together and watch the fireworks.

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