Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie takes a picture of JJ in his graduation robe with Jennifer in the town square. JJ and Jennifer talk about him making it this far. They hug and Paige looks over with a smile. Abigail arrives and apologizes for being late. Maggie thinks Sami made sure her big day was bigger than anyone else's. Abigail informs them that EJ got arrested.

Rafe tells Hope about arresting EJ at the wedding.

EJ states that Rafe didn't do this on his own and he had help. EJ declares that he can't believe he didn't see this coming as all signs point to one person and he knows exactly who that is. EJ believes it was Stefano.

Marlena meets with Roman at the club, noting his text sounded important. Roman tells her that EJ was arrested but it was after he and Sami tied the knot.

Sami asks EJ about thinking Stefano was behind this. EJ complains that he's the only one with access to his records that wants him to fail. EJ and Sami complain about Stefano. Sami brings up Kate and how she must be behind this with him. Sami says they have to fight this and they can't let Stefano win since they are finally husband and wife.

Hope talks to Rafe about the state tax department receiving a tip. Hope thinks someone wanted EJ to get caught. Rafe says anyone but Sami wanted him to get caught. Rafe thought she would be happy. Hope worries that DiMeras never stay behind bars and questions the timing. Rafe notes her look and asks Hope if she thinks he tried to stop Sami from marrying EJ.

Paige and Mary Beth talk with Eve and Paige mentions not getting to talk to JJ. Eve notes that the Hortons look to be in the middle of something serious. Mary Beth is surprised to learn that Eve knew Jennifer.

Abigail explains how EJ was dragged out in handcuffs and that's why she is late. Abigail tells JJ how proud she is of him. JJ brings up Paige and points her out. Maggie turns around and recognizes Eve. JJ questions Maggie saying her full name as Eve Donovan.

Rory and Bev talk about graduating. Rory suggests having a little party themselves but Bev is distracted by JJ.

Eve excitedly hugs Maggie and tells her how wonderful it is to see her. Maggie asks how long she's back for. Eve responds that she's here to stay.

Hope tells Rafe that she wasn't accusing him but just thinking out loud. Rafe says it everything went smoothly, he would've been there before the vows. Rafe says he made some calls and found out about the upcoming board meeting for DiMera Enterprises.

EJ tells Sami that she's not going to lose him even if they spent their wedding night apart. EJ says he'll be at the board meeting. Sami says they have to move on with their lives and prove to be stronger than Stefano. Sami admits she is still scared as Stefano has an entire network of people. EJ tells her not to worry. Sami says she can't do anything to help. EJ says he's fighting for her, the kids, and their family. Sami says she knows now what kind of man he truly is. EJ says he doesn't deserve her. EJ declares that Stefano will not pull them apart. EJ kisses her and calls her the most beautiful bride. Sami thanks him for always making her feel like the only woman for him. Sami says she has to go. Sami adds that she wants to figure out a way to help as they kiss. Sami says she loves him and exits.

Hope says it's pretty clear that someone wants EJ out of the way. They talk about the board meeting. Hope gets a call. She tells Rafe that it was another anonymous tip as the move is being made as they speak.

Sami walks through the park on the phone about Salem PD getting the tip. She says she'll go in and get everything ready.

Hope asks if he's coming with her. Rafe says she can handle it while he goes to rattle EJ's cage a little bit. Hope tells him to play nice as she exits.

Marlena questions EJ's arrest for state tax evasion. Roman thinks she sounds relieved and asks if she thought it had something to do with Sami. Marlena says it must have been terribly difficult for Sami. Roman thinks she isn't saying everything. Marlena is worried about Sami and the children. Marlena suggests maybe they should've been there to support her. Roman wonders where their marriage can go from here.

Rafe goes to visit EJ in his cell and jokes about his honeymoon.

JJ explains to Paige how Maggie is like his grandmother, aunt, and friend. Maggie talks about how Eve must be so proud. Eve says she is and hugs Paige. Eve assumes there's a Horton celebration. JJ says they are going to have a good party and are just waiting for Doug and Julie. Eve offers to take them all to dinner at Chez Rouge. JJ is for it but Jennifer says no. JJ talks about Jennifer and Eve's issues. Jennifer wants to talk to Aiden which confuses JJ. Eve talks about being willing to put their issues aside and then mentions having to sue her which surprises JJ and Abigail. JJ questions it and Jennifer says she didn't want to ruin his big day. Paige questions Eve. Eve claims she tried to be civil but felt she had no choice. Eve accuses Jennifer of making it personal. Jennifer talks about Jack's wishes for all proceeds to go to veterans. Eve says they will just have to see.

EJ says he knows this is fun for Rafe. EJ calls him pathetic for ruining Sami's wedding. Rafe says he was just doing his job. EJ says somebody else was doing his job for him and asks who tipped him off.

Sami rushes through the DiMera Mansion. She shuts all the doors to the living room with gloves on and comments on Stefano teaching her well as she approaches the safe behind Stefano's portrait. She thinks back to secretly recording EJ opening the safe on her phone. Sami talks about EJ using their kid's birthday as the code. She opens the safe and pulls out an envelope of cash and passports. She pulls out another envelope which is all the evidence that EJ cleaned out from the river along with Percy's pictures of Sami, Kate, and Gabi throwing Nick in the river. She looks through another envelope and finds the evidence of Will shooting EJ. Sami questions EJ saving all of this and says it's too bad he won't have them because there is a big storm coming.

Rafe tells EJ that someone else must have been out to spoil his big day. EJ says it wasn't spoiled because they got married. Rafe brings up the board meeting.

Sami sets everything up as the doorbell rings. She answers the door expecting Hope but instead gets Marlena and Roman. Sami asks what they are doing there.

Eve decides to leave with Paige. JJ says he'll text Paige later. Paige questions Eve not telling her about this. Eve says they haven't talked about a lot so she suggests they go home and talk. Bev questions Mary Beth as to what that was all about.

Marlena says they came because they heard what happened at the wedding. Sami thinks she came to say I told you so. Marlena says they want to help and ask if they can take the children. Sami explains that they are with Lucas and didn't have to witness the arrest. The doorbell rings. Harold informs that it's the police with a warrant. Hope arrives with an officer. Hope didn't expect to see Marlena and Roman. Sami questions another warrant. Hope says they got another tip. Hope says Sami keeps getting in deeper. Roman asks if she needs a lawyer. The officer finds the passports that Sami laid out and Hope asks if she was planning a trip.

EJ tells Rafe not to worry as he'll get bail and will be at the meeting. Rafe exits.

Sami says they were planning a honeymoon. Hope questions passports for the kids with false names. Hope says the tip they got was about the flight plan on the DiMera jet. Marlena questions Hope and Roman suggests Sami stop talking. Hope says she has a warrant to take the passports. Sami tells her that she can get them from Harold. Sami declares that EJ will beat this and make them look like fools.

Paige and Eve go home. Paige questions Eve not giving her a heads up about the lawsuit. Eve feels she was completely in the right but she wants to talk about JJ.

JJ, Jennifer, Abigail go home with Maggie. JJ goes upstairs to change. Abigail calls Eve a stone cold bitch. Maggie feels she's morphed in to something much worse. Abigail talks about Eve not even considering Paige. Jennifer says she needs to handle this right for JJ and she's going to need their help. Jennifer asks Maggie not to tell anyone especially Victor and Daniel. Maggie talks about how they would be in her corner and she thinks Daniel should know. Jennifer says she just wants it settled. Jennifer hopes Aiden can make this whole thing go away. Maggie agrees and promises not to say anything. Jennifer says she'll get through it as they have dealt with worse. Abigail offers to take Maggie home. Maggie tells Jennifer that she loves her and is always there to talk. Maggie then exits with Abigail. Jennifer looks at Jack's photo. JJ comes back in. Jennifer apologizes to him. JJ says it's not her fault but Jennifer is still sorry that it's causing problems for him. JJ says he has one thing to get straight and questions Maggie calling Eve, Eve Donovan. Jennifer admits that means Eve is related to Theresa.

Eve goes over JJ being arrested. Paige questions how she found out. Eve says Theresa told her all about him. Paige asks what she has to do with this. Eve informs Paige that Theresa was involved with JJ in every sense of the word. Eve asks Paige if that bothers her when the drugs and violence doesn't. Eve talks about Theresa's history. Paige says whatever happened is in the past and JJ is different now. Eve feels people don't change. Eve says Paige has always been too trusting so she's going to make sure they do what's best for her.

Sami returns to EJ asking why he didn't tell her that he planned to leave the country right after the wedding. EJ questions what she's talking about. Sami explains that Hope searched the house and found the money and the passports that he left out. EJ says he didn't do it.

Hope returns to Rafe and shows him the evidence. Rafe calls it very sloppy for EJ. Hope thinks someone set him up. Rafe asks who has the most to gain if EJ misses the meeting.

EJ asks about the warrant. Sami brings up the flight plan tip. EJ tells her about Rafe coming to gloat. Sami continues to blame Stefano. EJ says if he's a flight risk then he can't get bail or attend the meeting. Sami complains about it. EJ tells her it's not her fault and that Stefano won't get away with it.

Eve says she and Paige both have to process things. Eve is sorry as today was supposed to be all about her. Eve hugs her and says she's so proud of her as she only wants what's best for her. Eve gets a call from her lawyer and steps out to answer.

Jennifer sits with JJ and explains that Theresa is Paige's aunt. JJ can't believe it. Jennifer says today was supposed to be his day and suggests they go out to eat but JJ isn't up for it. Jennifer feels it's a horrible situation that JJ is stuck in the middle of. JJ asks her about hating Eve. Jennifer says she loves him and that's all that matters. Jennifer heads to the kitchen to make dinner. JJ pulls out his phone and calls Paige. JJ says he didn't get a chance to tell her how great she looked. JJ says he needs to see her. Paige feels the same but asks when or how. JJ says he has an idea.

Sami doesn't know what to do as without EJ there, there will be no one to stop Stefano at the board meeting. Sami adds that with Kate by his side, Stefano will leave EJ with nothing just because he wanted to marry her.

Rafe admits that Stefano is the obvious culprit. Hope agrees and talks about EJ ousting Stefano a year ago and now being back for payback. Rafe likes the idea of EJ and Stefano destroying each other. Hope says it all fits but she has a feeling it doesn't add up.

EJ tells Sami that marrying her was the greatest decision he ever made. EJ assures that they will make sure Stefano doesn't get away with it. Sami tells him to just tell her what to do.

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