Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/2/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/2/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe asks Sami if she takes EJ as her husband. She imagines EJ kissing Abigail which causes her to hesitate as she stares at EJ.

Aiden meets Hope at the Pub. Hope notes Aiden's papers on the Eve-Jennifer case. Aiden talks about trying to help Jennifer. Hope comments that he knows so much about her family but she knows nothing about his and asks why that is.

Kate walks through the town square and gets a call from Clyde.

Agent Hodges says he wants more than that as he thought Rafe might want to put the cuffs on the tax evading villain himself because it's EJ. Rafe admits he's been waiting a long time for this. Rafe calls it an interesting time because EJ is getting married to his ex-wife right at this moment.

EJ asks Sami if she's okay as she starts to breathe heavily. Sami faints in to EJ's arms.

Agent Hodges asks Rafe if it's a problem. Rafe says it's not and calls in an arrest warrant for EJ immediately. Rafe adds that he'll be bringing the evidence over right away. Rafe says it won't take long as the judge has been waiting for this as long as he has. Agent Hodges gets a call and steps out. Jordan then enters and tells Rafe that they have to talk.

Kate asks what she can do for Clyde. Clyde says he's been thinking a lot about his kids, Tammy Sue and Ollie aka Jordan and Ben. Clyde asks about them doing good. Clyde talks about worrying about the kids. Kate asks if he's changing his mind about coming to Salem.

Everyone checks on Sami. EJ and Will sit her down as she wakes up. Abigail brings her water. Sami says she just feels stupid. The crowd clears out and goes inside. Sami thanks Abigail and comments that she doesn't know what they would do without her. EJ encourages Sami. Sami talks about wanting the day to be special. Lucas approaches and suggests that fainting may have been her way to get out of it. Lucas asks if Sami fainted or if she faked it so she wouldn't have to marry EJ.

Aiden changes the subject which Hope questions. Aiden doesn't like being interrogated. Hope says she was just asking a question like friends do. Hope jokes with him about getting back to work. Aiden shows her the checklist from when they first started working together and praises everything they have done. Aiden declares that they are going to put together one hell of a gala.

Clyde tells Kate that there is a strong pull for him to go to Salem to let his kids know that he's thinking about them. Clyde adds that he would want it to be a surprise as he just wants to see the look on their faces. Clyde holds on to the photo of Jordan.

Rafe returns to Jordan. She asks about him being off soon but Rafe says he's on a high profile case so he won't be going anywhere for awhile. Rafe adds that it could be really great.

Sami assures that she didn't fake it. Sami talks about how special the moment is and how long she waited. Sami says EJ has no idea how much it means to her.

Marlena and Roman sit at the club playing cards. They talk about Sami becoming Mrs. EJ DiMera. Marlena thinks it's odd that she didn't twist their arms about not being there along with Eric or Caroline.

Sami assures EJ that she's okay. Sami promises to make every day so memorable. Johnny runs back and hugs her. Lucas assures that she's okay. Lucas remarks to Sonny that he thought Sami came to her senses but he knows that will never happen. Abe resumes the ceremony and asks Sami again. Sami says I do. Abe brings up that they wrote their own vows. Sami begins reading hers. Sami talks about his patience in their love. Sami calls herself the luckiest woman on the planet and adds that she doesn't deserve what he's done for her. Sami promises to commit her entire body, heart, and soul to give him all he truly deserves. EJ responds that he's speechless. EJ knows this is the beginning of their happily ever after. EJ strives to give her the best for all of the rest of the days of their lives.

Marlena and Roman are glad to have one another to gripe to. Roman assures her that she will always have him for that. Marlena laughs as Giselle interrupts and asks if it's a bad time.

Hope says their checklist is almost done. Aiden jokes that they triumphed and they high five one another. Father Louis arrives and notes that they seem to be celebrating. Aiden tells him that everything for the gala is covered. Louis points out that they don't have an MC and they can't have a gala without one.

Clyde tells Kate that he needs to handle this all in his own way but he will let her know what he decides one way or another. Kate hopes it all works out for him. Clyde hangs up and says it will thanks to her. Clyde looks over a background report on Kane.

Rafe tells Jordan that it means the world that she wants to talk but things are about to get crazy. Rafe promises that whatever she has to say won't change their future. Rafe kisses her and then gets a call. Rafe says he'll be right over. Jordan decides to leave. Rafe says he will call her as soon as he is done. They kiss goodbye and Jordan exits. Agent Hodges comes back and asks if he's ready. Rafe informs him that there's a problem with the warrant so he hopes EJ isn't one step ahead of them.

Abe talks about EJ and Sami exchanging the rings. Will hands EJ his and Abigail gives Sami hers. Sami puts the ring on EJ's finger and EJ puts the ring on Sami's. Abe officially pronounces them husband and wife as they then kiss and the crowd claps. Sami tells Abigail that the day is so special and she hopes it has special meaning for her too. Abigail says they belong together. Sami hopes she can repay her some day for all she has done. Sami encourages EJ to thank Abigail and hug her so he does. Sonny jokes with Ben that Abigail is stealing some of Sami's thunder by looking really beautiful. Will suggests Sonny take some pictures so he goes to do that. Lucas approaches Sami and talks about thinking she wasn't going to go through with it. Sami says nothing would stop her from marrying EJ. Lucas jokes that it went smooth compared to her other weddings though he didn't think of her as the fainting type. Sami says she was overcome with emotion. Abe and Lucas plan to take the kids to the arcade. Sami thanks Abe for performing the ceremony. Abe hopes she will be happy. Sami doesn't think he sounds like he thinks she will be. Abe says what he thinks doesn't matter as he walks away. EJ thanks Lucas for coming. Lucas jokes about having the ex-husband round out the guest list. The kids all say congratulations and then they exit with Abe and Lucas. Abigail decides she's going to get going to JJ's graduation. Sami thinks she still has plenty of time as the party will be one that she remembers forever. The music starts for EJ and Sami's first dance. Sami talks about liking his vows as this is the beginning of their happily ever after while Abigail watches on uncomfortably.

Aiden jokes about needing an MC. Hope says they will have to get serious and figure this out.

Giselle asks Roman if he forgot about their date. She says they need to make plans for going to the gala. She adds that she hopes Marlena is going and asks who her date is. Marlena responds that she's going alone. Marlena remarks about blackmailing someone in to going seeming so tacky. Giselle responds that they don't have a seat for an odd woman. Roman steps aside with Marlena.

Will asks Abigail to dance and thanks her for all the help with the wedding. Abigail says she's glad to help. Will knows she's glad it's over too. Abigail still has no idea why it was her. Sami interrupts saying she wants to dance with Will and makes Abigail dance with EJ. Will asks Sami if she's alright. Sami assures that she is fine. Sami says she's excited about getting everything she wants. EJ suggests Ben that Abigail would much rather dance with him so he does and EJ goes back to dancing with Sami. Will then dances with Sonny. Sonny suggests maybe this time, Sami found the perfect person just like he did as they kiss. Abigail asks Ben if he's glad she roped him into this. Ben says he's very glad right now. Sami comments to EJ that Abigail seems really happy and calm with Ben. EJ kisses Sami and says he wants to talk about her instead of Abigail. EJ apologizes that she didn't get the wedding of her dreams. Sami says she did but EJ feels this was small. EJ says all that matters is that they are married and there's nothing that Stefano can do about it. Sami thinks there grand moments are still to come as they kiss. Sami then looks over confused as Rafe arrives with Agent Hodges. EJ greets Rafe and notes that he's a little bit late. Rafe introduces Agent Hodges from the state tax bureau and announces that EJ is under arrest. Rafe then handcuffs EJ, surprising everyone in attendance. Sami questions what Rafe is doing and if this is a joke. Agent Hodges informs her of EJ evading taxes for the last four years. Sami complains that he can't do this on today of all days.

Roman assures Marlena that Sami is tough like her. Marlena wishes Roman luck with his date and thanks him for the card game. Marlena then exits. Roman returns to Giselle. Giselle comments that exes can be tedious but Roman is so sweet with Marlena even when she's clingy.

Lucas meets with Kate in the town square. Kate tells him that she tracked down Jordan's father. Lucas doesn't want to hear it and wants her past to remain private. Kate questions Rafe not needing to know who he's dating. Lucas calls her devious and manipulative. Kate reveals to Lucas that Ben is Jordan's brother. Lucas wonders why she would keep that a secret. Kate wonders what else she's hiding. Lucas says he saw Ben at the wedding and he was cool. Kate questions Lucas being there and asks how it went and if there any surprises. Lucas tells her that the whole thing went off without a hitch other than Sami fainting. Kate seems surprised that that is all. Lucas comments that everyone seemed pretty happy so it wasn't like a Salem wedding at all.

Agent Hodges holds Sami back. Sami calls it sad and pathetic that Rafe would be so jealous to do something so petty and vindictive. Rafe says he didn't come up with the evidence or the warrant and he's just doing his job. Sami questions it being on today of all days. Rafe declares that today is the day that EJ is finally going to pay. EJ tells her not to give him the satisfaction. Sami kisses EJ goodbye as Rafe escorts him away. Ben asks Abigail if she's alright. She can't believe what happened. Ben comments that after the way Sami went after Rafe, he sure wouldn't want her mad at him. Sonny offers to call Justin. Sami says EJ is a lawyer and will know what to do but she has to get to the station. Sami stops to thank Abigail for being a true friend and by her side. Instead of tossing the bouquet, Sami hands it to Abigail and says it must mean she's next. Sami then exits.

Aiden calls all their work a waste of time as he thought Father Louis had an MC lined up. Marlena walks by and offers to call Patti Stanger to do it. She calls her and says she has a favor to ask.

Will comments that EJ and Sami didn't deserve this. Abigail suggests maybe it is time for EJ to pay for what he has done. Will questions assuming he's guilty. Sonny thinks this isn't the best time. Abigail agrees that Sami didn't deserve this. Ben talks about Sami wanting everything to be perfect. Abigail apologizes for snapping at Will. Abigail remembers JJ's graduation and Ben takes her to go. Sonny asks Will if he's okay. Will asks why this wedding should be any different from the others. They decide to get Arianna home.

Lucas gets a message about EJ's arrest and tells Kate. Lucas hurries off to get the kids. Kate says to herself "nicely done, Sami."

Rafe and Agent Hodges put EJ in a holding cell. EJ questions Rafe being so petty. Rafe invites him to confess to something bigger. Hodges talks about how it's not petty and says sooner or later they always pay. EJ tells them to enjoy the moment because it won't last and will only be a minor inconvenience. Rafe declares that any day that EJ is behind bars is a good day for him. Sami arrives and asks what about her day. She questions if Rafe had to do anything he could to ruin her day and calls him a son of a bitch. Rafe clarifies that he doesn't give a damn about Sami, EJ, or their special day but he's glad the kids didn't have to see it. Sami declares that EJ is a better man than Rafe will ever hope to be.

Jordan walks through the town square and comes across Kate. Kate notes that she seems in a better place. Jordan says she is and Kate doesn't have to worry about Rafe anymore. Kate asks if they worked things out. Jordan tells her to put aside her concerns and then walks away.

Clyde sits with Jeremiah and asks if this is all he had on Kate. Clyde says he's going on a little trip as he has some unfinished business in Salem.

Ben brings Abigail home. She thanks him for the ride and suggests they finish their dance on a more sane day. Ben kisses her goodbye and calls her the most beautiful maid of honor that he's ever seen as he then exits.

Marlena gets Patti to agree to be the MC of the gala. She thanks her and hangs up. Marlena informs them that it's all set. Aiden hugs her and thanks her. Aiden talks about how great this is and leaves the Pub excited. Marlena hugs Hope and she wishes all problems were that easy to solve.

Sami insists that EJ learned from his mistakes and is a good man. Rafe brings up the taxes. Sami argues that it's about EJ making her happy and always putting her first. Sami tells Rafe that he didn't ruin the wedding because EJ still gave her the dream wedding. Rafe exits. Sami tells EJ that it was her dream wedding. EJ states that Rafe didn't do this on his own and he had help. EJ declares that he can't believe he didn't see this coming as all signs point to one person and he knows exactly who that is.

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