Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/1/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/1/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa tells Eve that she knew JJ as a party boy. Theresa jokes that JJ makes her look like an angel. Eve mocks Jennifer and Theresa calls Jennifer a bitch.

Jennifer looks over the legal papers at home and thinks back to Eve telling her about the agreement with Jack. She gets frustrated and puts the papers down.

Brady sits at the Kiriakis Mansion on the phone. Brady hangs up, not remembering what he had texted to the guy he was talking to. Brady talks about wishing to turn his phone off after drinking. The doorbell rings and Daniel arrives. Daniel says it's been awhile since he's seen him. Brady notes that Daniel looks worried about something. Daniel asks if he should be.

Rafe sits with Arianna at Will and Sonny's. Rafe talks about Gabi missing her. Sonny goes to shower to get ready for the wedding. Will comments to Rafe about him probably not wanting to hear about the wedding. Rafe says he'll have to get used to it since Sami will do whatever she wants as always.

Sami runs into Lucas with Allie and Ciara at the town square. They ask about her wedding and Ciara asks to be the flower girl.

Abigail and Harold set up for the wedding in the garden. EJ arrives and calls it beautiful.

Daniel gets why Brady doesn't want to be around Eric or John but feels he's getting the same treatment and he's not sure why. Daniel asks if he's cutting everyone out. Brady says it's just Eric, John, and him. Daniel asks how he got on the list. Brady brings up that Daniel hates Theresa.

Eve asks what Theresa has against Jennifer. Theresa tells her that she used to be her boss then had her fired. Theresa comments that Jennifer thinks all of JJ's problems are her fault. Eve asks her to tell her all about JJ's problems.

Jennifer sits down and goes over the papers again. Jennifer says Eve wants her to lose but she just has to be smart. She declares to the picture of Jack that she won't let Eve get away with this and she won't let her win.

Theresa finishes filling Eve in. She talks about Jennifer being convinced that JJ has no faults. Eve suggests they got off on the wrong foot and sisters should be able to count on each other in times of need.

Sami tells Ciara that she already has a flower girl in Sydney. Allie says she told her that. Ciara feels she's running out of chances since Brady and Kristen didn't get married and then Will and Sonny didn't have a flower girl. Ciara offers to be a brides maid. Lucas mentions having to take her back to Hope. Allie takes Ciara to go look at the shop windows. Lucas tells Sami that Allie wants him to go the wedding.

Harold goes to check the music while EJ approaches Abigail. Abigail tells him not to tell her she looks beautiful. EJ calls it just a compliment. Abigail says she won't be around for him to compliment after today. EJ asks what happened to them being friends. Abigail declares she doesn't want to be friends and after today, never wants to see him again. She walks away from him as Ben arrives.

Theresa questions Eve wanting to join forces. Eve talks about Jennifer being in the middle of her problems. Eve says she's just making sure she gets what's hers and the fun part is driving Jennifer up the wall.

Jennifer puts the paper away in the drawer and pulls out her photo of Daniel. Jennifer tells herself that she has a graduation party to get ready for. She starts to put Daniel's photo back in the drawer but instead leaves it out on the desk.

Daniel calls Theresa a sociopath and thinks she's the last person he needs to be hanging out with. Brady doesn't want anyone telling him what's good for him. Brady says he can make the changes in his life. Daniel questions his hangover. Brady says he thought about kicking Theresa to the curb and even went to an AA meeting. Daniel asks about it but Brady says it's none of his business and tells him to leave.

Will tells Rafe that he's EJ's best man. Rafe knows he's in an awkward position. Will says his whole family wanted things to work out for Rafe and Sami. Will calls that one of the happiest times of his life. Will knows that ship has sailed. Will hopes this makes Sami happy because she deserves it. Rafe tells him that if Sami is marrying EJ then she's not the best judge of happiness.

Ben asks if everything is alright. Abigail says she's just trying to make sure everything is ready. EJ comments that she's doing a wonderful job and thanks Ben for coming. Ben praises the place as EJ goes to take care of a few things. Abigail tells Ben that she's glad to see him and he looks good. Ben comments on her dress. Abigail talks about not wearing it for long as she's going straight to JJ's graduation after the wedding.

EJ heads inside on the phone about the board meeting. EJ hangs up and says he doesn't know what Stefano is up to but he's not going to get away with whatever it is because he learned from the best.

Sami asks Lucas about Allie wanting him to come to the wedding. Lucas says he agreed to talk to Sami. Sami questions if he would really consider it. Lucas decides he should be happy for Sami if she's happy. He asks if she's happy. Sami says she's late and reminds Lucas to bring Allie to the house. Sami adds that she's excited to see him there. Lucas wants her to promise no surprises this time but Sami says she can't make that promise. Lucas knows it wouldn't be a Sami wedding without at least one surprise. Lucas kisses her on the cheek and wishes her luck. He adds that he may not like the man she's marrying but all he wants is her happiness. Sami tells him that he's in for one hell of a show as she then walks away.

Theresa asks Eve about wanting her help. Eve says she obviously knows how to push Jennifer's buttons. Theresa asks what's in it for her. Eve says all in due time. Theresa steps out to make a call. Eve then answers the door as Brady arrives. Brady says he's there to see Theresa but Eve says she's tied up and asks if she can help with something.

Daniel arrives at Jennifer's door with a big graduation present for JJ. Jennifer asks if he was just going to leave it at the door. Daniel says it's a day for her and her family so he doesn't want to intrude but she tells him that he couldn't be an intrusion.

Sonny tells Rafe about EJ being behind he and Will since day one. Sonny adds that he knows EJ is a DiMera but he helped with their wedding. Rafe understands Sonny wants to do the same for him today. Rafe gets a call and says he'll be right there. Rafe tells Sonny that someone needs to see him at the station so he has to go. Rafe tells Sonny that he and Will are good people so maybe some of that will rub off on EJ. Rafe exits and then says probably not.

Ben and Abigail head inside the DiMera Mansion. Ben praises the mansion. Abigail explains to Ben about Stefano. Abe arrives with Theo and they hug Abigail. Abe asks how Sami is doing. EJ says he hasn't seen her lately. Harold informs that she went upstairs to change. Abigail introduces Abe and Theo to Ben. Abigail goes to help Sami. Theo asks Ben if he is Abigail's boyfriend.

Sami prepares in the mirror and holds back tears. She tells herself that she's not going to try. She looks in her purse and finds her vows from EJ then thinks back to EJ proposing and times they spent together then finding out about EJ and Abigail. She turns around upset as Abigail appears and asks if she's alright.

Eve introduces herself to Brady. Brady gets a text from Theresa telling him not to come but he calls out that he's there. Eve asks about him. Theresa explains that Brady is her boyfriend and Eve is her much older sister that was just leaving. Theresa reminds Eve of Paige's graduation. Eve says it's much later but she should get ready. Theresa hurries her out while Eve adds that she looks forward to seeing Brady around. Brady comments that Eve seems to want something from her. Theresa says that's who she is.

Jennifer invites Daniel to bring the graduation present in so he does. Daniel informs her that it's a vintage guitar. Daniel feels JJ earned it. Jennifer hugs him and calls it so generous and sweet. Jennifer asks Daniel to stay and give it to JJ himself but he doesn't feel that's a good idea. Daniel doesn't want to give JJ and Abigail the wrong idea. Jennifer thinks they can get past this. Daniel starts to feel that bringing the present was a mistake.

Harold announces that it's time to move to the garden. Lucas arrives with Allie and heads out with Abe, Theo, and Ben. EJ stops Will and asks if he has the ring. Will jokes with him and shows he has it. EJ says all they need is the bride as he walks out with Will and Sonny.

Sami tells Abigail that she just didn't hear her come in. Abigail says she knocked but she didn't answer so she got worried. Abigail asks about her vows. Sami talks about writing them a long time ago when they were so happy and she thought they had got through everything a couple possibly could overcome. Abigail says she can only imagine. Sami lets Abigail read the vows. Sami talks about being overcome with her feelings and knowing exactly what she wanted to say to EJ on her wedding day. Sami says she wrote them down a long time ago and just found them by accident. Sami says it just hit her that this is the moment that they are going to commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. Abigail tells Sami that the vows are beautiful. Sami's not sure about them but Abigail encourages that it's from the heart and exactly how she feels. Sami talks about being with your soulmate. Sami tells Abigail that she will read the vows then and mentions Abigail reading the poem that she picked out. Abigail wants to practice but Sami says it's short and won't be a problem. Sami says that hearing Abigail say those words will be something she remembers forever. Abigail suggests they hurry as it's almost time and they hug.

Rafe meets with FBI Agent Hodges about a case. He hands Rafe a folder of papers.

Abigail prepares Sami to walk out to the garden and tells her that she looks beautiful. Sami thanks her and wonders what she would do without her. Sami gets a text which Abigail questions but Sami says it's no big deal and promises to get her to JJ's graduation. Abigail asks about the poem. Sami says Abe has it and will get it to her. Sami assures her that it's super easy and she has nothing to worry about. Abigail heads out. Sami stops and looks back.

EJ thanks Will for being there for him. Will is glad he asked and will believe he makes Sami happy. EJ says let's do this as the music begins and Sydney walks down the aisle as the flower girl. EJ picks her up and tells her she did a good job before sitting her in the front row. Abigail then walks down the aisle followed by Sami's arrival. Everyone stands as Johnny joins Sami to walk her down the aisle. EJ watches with a smile as Sami joins him. Abe begins the ceremony.

Theresa talks to Brady about growing up hearing about what a screw up Eve was and then being compared to her.

Eve walks through the town square and gets a call. Eve says they better have something good to tell her. Eve says that didn't take long and she's waited long enough so she wants it put in to motion.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she's been thinking about everything he said. Daniel says now is not the time as this is JJ's day. Jennifer points out that JJ wants them to work this out. Daniel says he still needs time to think about what he wants. Jennifer tells him that JJ wants him at his graduation and at the party. Daniel says he left a note in JJ's present that he has to cover for someone at surgery and has to go. Daniel apologizes and says he does miss her but he doesn't see how it's possible to see them together again. Daniel then exits.

Rafe goes over the papers which is state income tax evasion. Rafe asks if that's it and if it took a lot of digging. Agent Hodges informs Rafe that these got dumped on the doorstep this morning.

Abe declares they are here to witness the marriage of EJ and Sami. Will reads a bible verse about love. Abe then hands Abigail the poem that Sami chose. Abigail reads the poem about how love is about trusting, believing, and never deceiving. Abe says he's confident but still has to ask if anyone has any reason for them not to be married. Nobody speaks out so Abe continues. Abe asks EJ if he takes Sami as his wife and EJ says I do.

Theresa tells Brady to steer clear of Eve because she always ends up hurting people.

Eve runs into Daniel at the town square. Daniel mentions being on the way to the hospital and brings up that they can schedule her surgery soon. Eve tells him that she will dedicate her first song back on stage to him. Daniel asks if she's glad to be back in Salem. Eve says she had a bump in the road but it's all falling right in to place.

A man serves Jennifer, informing her that she is being sued by Eve over royalties.

Rafe says there's certainly a case but he isn't familiar with state income tax laws. Agent Hodges informs Rafe that the suspect is looking at ten years. Rafe asks if he wants the warrant. He says he wants more than that as he thought Rafe might want to put the cuffs on the tax evading villain himself because it's EJ.

Abe asks Sami if she takes EJ as her husband. She imagines EJ kissing Abigail which causes her to hesitate as she stares at EJ.

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