Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/30/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/30/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate asks the man about recognizing Jordan. The man says of course he does and calls her his "Tammy Sue".

Jordan informs Ben that she's going to tell Rafe the truth about everything. Ben suggests he could tell Rafe first if it would be easier. Jordan says no because she made this happen so it's on her.

Aiden returns as Hope asks Chase what his mom was like. Aiden asks Chase what's going on and Chase says nothing.

Jennifer wants to talk to JJ about Eve and their very complicated history.

Eve sits with Paige at the club and explains how she has legal rights to Jack's book. Eve says it will solve so many of their problems. Paige doesn't think it's great.

Marlena tells Eric that a big part of her understands why he doesn't want to ask Nicole for help but if he doesn't convince her, his name might never be cleared. She asks if he can face that.

Daniel goes to exit the bishop's office as Nicole arrives. Daniel asks what she's doing there. Nicole says she came to speak to the bishop not Daniel.

Eric tells Marlena that Nicole will do what she decides and he can't force it. Eric brings up Sami's wedding. Marlena says she was invited by EJ at the last minute but not by Sami and she declined. Eric feels he can't support the DiMera family after what Kristen did. Marlena knows it doesn't work to tell Sami what to do. Eric says it's the same as Nicole.

Nicole asks if the bishop was finished with Daniel. Daniel says he just finished telling everything he could. Nicole mentions that she's the only person who can tell the whole story and she asks to speak to the bishop in private. She tells Daniel that she knows what she has to do. She asks Daniel to also let her tell Eric that she came. Daniel says it's no problem and exits. Nicole turns to the bishop and says they are alone at last.

JJ questions Eve wanting a cut from Jack's book. Jennifer explains how Eve had an agreement with Jack. Jennifer says she will make sure that what Jack wanted is what happens. JJ can't believe it. Jennifer says she never thought she would see Eve again after all these years. Jennifer adds that she doesn't trust Eve and JJ shouldn't either. JJ asks if she's saying he can't trust Paige either.

Paige thinks this is over the top even for Eve. Eve says she isn't doing this to be mean but Paige doesn't believe her. Eve argues that they had this money coming to them. Eve talks about Paige's dad walking out on them and how she hasn't been able to give her everything she needs. Eve declares now she can and she will.

Ben says maybe Jordan decided they would take off and never look back but only because they had to get away from that son of a bitch.

Kate questions Tammy Sue. The man asks about the photo and talks about how one day she grew up then took off and he hasn't seen her since.

Aiden sends Chase to judo class and tells him to try to do better about not being late next time as he exits. Aiden sits with Hope. Hope questions Aiden being upset about something in his tone. Hope points out that she just asked about his mother. Aiden says if she wants answers, he'll tell her.

Jennifer tells JJ that this isn't about Paige but about Eve and her. JJ says it's hard not to worry about it. Jennifer doesn't want to ruin his graduation day. Jennifer wants him to promise to let her handle this. JJ doesn't know what else to do. She encourages him to get ready for graduation. JJ heads out then stops to text Paige that they have to talk.

Eve asks Paige about the text. Paige says she has to get ready for graduation. Eve says they both have things to take care of. Eve hugs her goodbye and tells her to have an awesome day. Paige exits. Eve decides she better get this over with.

Theresa searches on her computer for John's net worth. She gets a call but nobody answers and she wonders who is doing that to her.

Eve hung up and says at least she knows Theresa is home as she then exits the club.

Kate asks the man about Tammy Sue leaving. He says she just took off 8 years ago. He talks about looking for her but having to give up. He hopes that she's happy wherever she is. He asks Kate for her name. Kate introduces herself and he does the same as Clyde. He says now maybe she can answer his questions. He asks her if his little girl is happy.

Jordan tells Ben that she couldn't take it anymore and getting out was the only option. Jordan says it had to be the two of them or nothing.

Aiden knows Hope is just trying to be nice but he wants to avoid the subject of Chase's mother even if he brings it up because it's too painful to think about. Hope agrees but thinks sometimes it's better to talk about what's upsetting. Aiden says not in this case. Aiden gets a call from Jennifer. She wants legal advice. Aiden offers to meet and says he'll come over. He tells Hope that Jennifer needs legal advice. Hope says they can go over the gala another time. Aiden thanks her and exits.

Nicole tells the bishop that she found the evidence that proves Father Eric was drugged by Kristen. She explains the pages of documents that explain the drugs used by Chyka. She asks if she can leave now. The bishop brings up Nicole refusing to talk at first and asks what changed her mind.

Eric goes to Daniel's office. Eric thanks him for giving his statement to the bishop. Daniel hopes it helps. Eric says it's in God's hands now. Eric adds that regardless of what happens, he's grateful for what he did. Eric offers to take he and Jennifer out for dinner but Daniel says it's a busy time. Eric suggests Daniel talk to Jennifer and pick a day but Daniel cuts him off and says it's not going to work.

Kate tells Clyde that she can't speak for Tammy Sue because she doesn't know her well. Clyde notes that Kate seems surprised by the name. Kate admits she doesn't know her by that name. Clyde talks about her never liking her name. Clyde asks what she goes by now. Kate informs him that it's Jordan Ridgeway. Kate then shows him the picture of Ben and asks if he knows him. Clyde tells her that's his boy.

Jordan doesn't know how to tell Rafe without leaving anything out. Ben warns her that Rafe will want to go after him and maybe arrest him. Jordan says there's no proof. Ben says he's a witness to him saying he'd kill her if she tried to run away.

Eric apologizes for putting him on the spot. Daniel apologizes for barking at him. Daniel says he knows Eric had a lot on his mind but informs him that he and Jennifer are taking a break. Eric asks if something happened and if he's angry at her. Daniel says it was his decision. Daniel informs Eric that it's about him. Daniel explains that Jennifer told Eric what Nicole did because she didn't believe he would. Daniel says he loves Jennifer but this is a rough time and he hopes he understands. Eric tells him that he doesn't have to convince him that love isn't always enough.

Nicole thinks back to Daniel telling her that he and Jennifer are no longer together. Nicole tells the bishop that she's here and that's all that matters. She offers to give more details and asks if Eric will finally be cleared. He says that her statement will be considered but it's a process. She asks what else he needs to know. The bishop says there is something. He says if she came to him immediately instead of destroying the documents, she could've helped Eric immensely. He asks her why she withheld this information for so long. Nicole responds that she did it for love.

JJ meets with Paige outside the town square. They talk about what's going on with their moms and how their moms hate each other.

Aiden meets with Jennifer and asks how well she knows Eve. Jennifer talks about not seeing her for years. Jennifer says Eve hasn't changed and is worse than ever. Jennifer talks about Jack setting up his book proceeds to go to veterans. Jennifer hopes Eve can't get away with this.

Theresa assumes Brady's at the door but opens the door to see Eve. They're not thrilled to see one another. Eve walks in and says they'll catch up.

The bishop questions if Nicole truly loved Eric. Nicole asks if she really did anything wrong. He says it would be up to Eric himself. Nicole says they have their opinions. He says she'll be in his prayers as she then exits.

Eric tells Daniel that he thinks Jennifer was wrong because he knows Daniel would've told him the truth. Daniel says it means a lot. Eric says that's what he believes and the truth has to count for something. Daniel admits it counts for something.

Aiden goes over the agreement being legally binding. Jennifer argues against it. Aiden hopes for a simple solution but Jennifer says nothing is ever simple with Eve.

Eve mocks Theresa. Theresa asks if she got dumped again since guys go through her. Theresa tells Eve that she's the gold standard of screwing up. Theresa would prefer to never see her again. Eve mentions Paige and not wanting her around a bad influence. Theresa tells her it's a little late to worry about that.

JJ and Paige continue talking about Jack's book royalties.

Jordan tells Ben that she stole that money to get them started. Ben argues that he owed them that money and he can't go to the police or else he'd have to say where he got it. Ben says that won't stop him from killing.

Clyde asks about Jordan and Ben being together. He talks about them taking off together. He says she took off with him because they thought he did them wrong. He says leaving them be was his way of making it up to them. He asks Kate where they are. She asks if he knows Salem.

Ben asks Jordan if maybe he's given up. Jordan talks about being tracked to Houston two years ago and barely escaping. Jordan feels he will never give up and is just biding his time for another lead.

Clyde says maybe they can make a good life for themselves in Salem. Kate asks if he's going to contact or visit them. Clyde says they know where he is. Clyde asks about them getting jobs and making friends. Kate says they do both have jobs and friends. Clyde says he can only hope they are happy. Clyde questions Kate coming all this way just to ask him about his kids.

Daniel sits in the town square with Parker. Aiden approaches and greets Daniel. Daniel introduces Aiden to Parker. Aiden asks to speak with Daniel for a minute. Daniel steps aside with Aiden to talk and asks what's up. Aiden says Hope told him about he and Jennifer so he wanted to say he's sorry. Aiden asks if there's any chance they work it out. Daniel says he doesn't know. Aiden asks if it's hard on Parker then apologizes if it's not his business. Daniel says it's okay but he's not sure. Daniel says Parker asks about Jennifer but hopefully will adjust and move on if it comes to that. Aiden says sometimes that is best so the kid doesn't have memories of things that upset them.

Eve talks about Paige staying away from Theresa. Theresa talks about seeing her around town and that she's the least of her problems. Eve tells her to make her point. Theresa brings up JJ and calls him quite the catch. Eve questions how Theresa knows JJ. Theresa remarks that before JJ was climbing all over Paige, he was climbing all over her.

Paige and JJ argue about Eve. JJ feels Eve is taking money away from veterans. Paige argues that Eve is just asking for what Jack agreed to. JJ remarks that she doesn't know what Jack agreed to because he's dead. Paige says they have to stop this now or there won't be anything left of them.

Nicole walks by the Pub and runs into Eric. She tells him that she just came from meeting the bishop and he'll fill him in on what they talked about but in case he doesn't, she told him the whole true story. Eric thanks her and knows she didn't have to do that. Nicole hopes it helps. Eric says the rest is out of their hands but he hopes she feels good about doing what she did. Nicole asks if that's it. Eric says he can't think of anything else they need to say. Eric says goodbye and heads into the Pub.

Daniel asks Aiden if he's okay. Aiden says he was just thinking about the situation and Daniel handling it well even though it's difficult. Daniel brings up Aiden having a son too. Daniel goes back to Parker as Aiden watches on.

Hope goes to see Jennifer to make sure she's okay. Jennifer says she feels better after speaking with Aiden but she has a mess. Jennifer informs Hope that Eve is back in town. Hope can't believe it and asks what Eve has done to her. Jennifer says it's not just her that she's worried about.

JJ tells Paige that this is not their fight and it will be a problem if they aren't careful so they should just stay out of it. Paige agrees and they kiss. Paige says Eve keeps wanting to talk about JJ and wanting to know more about him. JJ tells her it will be okay because he's different and wants to show her that. JJ declares that nothing is going to come between them.

Eve questions Theresa. Theresa tells her that she knew JJ way before Paige did and he's only interested in getting high and getting lucky. Theresa adds that JJ was with her when she overdosed. Theresa remarks that Paige is going the way all the Donovan girls go.

Kate informs Clyde that she brought Jordan from Birmingham as she is a physical therapist. Kate talks about her being very secretive and how she felt she was hiding something so she didn't want her to hurt her friend. Clyde calls her nice to look out for a friend. Clyde says Tammy Sue wouldn't hurt a fly. Kate says she's relieved then. Clyde asks if he can keep the pictures. Kate allows him to and leaves her contact information in case he thinks of anything else she needs to know. Clyde tells her that she got the whole story. Kate prepares to leave. Clyde asks for one favor to not tell them that she saw him as there's no reason to upset them. Clyde then exits. Kate says to herself that Jordan ran away from home but questions if that's all she is hiding.

Ben tells Jordan about Rafe being a cop. Jordan argues that Rafe can't help them as there's no fighting back with this man. Jordan says Ben's never seen what this man is capable of and she prays that he never does.

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