Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/27/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/27/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe wakes up in bed with Jordan. Rafe tells her that he loves her so much and kisses her. Jordan tells him that last night didn't settle anything and they still have to face the facts.

Sami walks through the town square on the phone with Kate, questioning her about going out of town now. Kate says not to worry as she just had a long conversation with Stefano so he won't be a problem. She tells her not to tip Abigail and EJ off. Sami then spots Abigail walking with Ben. Sami tells Kate that the two faced little whore just showed up.

Aiden, Hope, and Ciara go to the Pub. Hope talks about meeting Giselle. Ciara mentions going with a friend and Aiden's son Chase arrives. Hope questions them being friends now. Ciara points out that Hope and Aiden are friends now so why not them.

Eric meets with the Bishop. He tells Eric that there is good news and some bad news.

Daniel sits at the club finishing a call with Parker as Marlena arrives. Daniel brings up helping Eric. Marlena points out that not everyone will.

Kate sits at the out of town diner and continues talking to Sami. She tells Sami to keep her eyes on the prize.

Abigail sits with Ben in the town square and tells him about getting some bad news involving JJ. Abigail talks about so much going on. Sami runs up and excitedly hugs her while talking about the wedding. Sami mentions Ben joining her and says she's so excited as it's so great.

Kate makes an order at the diner and says to herself that this better be worth it.

Rafe tells Jordan that he knows they didn't talk but it was so perfect that he didn't want to. Jordan agrees. Rafe says he spoke to Ben who told him that she's protecting them with the secret. Rafe asks about it.

Giselle arrives and meets with Aiden and Hope. She asks about Roman. Hope guarantees that he's on his way. Hope is anxious to see the photos. Giselle talks about her art and shows the art on her tablet. Aiden looks over them and calls it fantastic. Roman enters and she greets him, telling him that he looks wonderful.

The bishop tells Eric that Daniel and others are coming in to tell their story but the one person who would help the most is Nicole and she has refused to cooperate.

Marlena tells Daniel about arguing with Nicole in her hotel room and how she said she would not help. Daniel points out that Nicole loved Eric. Marlena suggests maybe she'll change her mind. Marlena thanks Daniel for helping and says they will keep posted as she then exits. Daniel gets up and approaches Nicole at the counter. Daniel hopes she slept on her decision. He tells her that Eric needs her. Nicole assumes Marlena asked him to talk to her. Daniel says she didn't, he just knows her. Nicole disagrees and tells him that she will never help Eric. Daniel then calls her a selfish bitch.

Roman apologizes for being late as he greets Aiden and Hope. Aiden suggests going over the art some more but Giselle says she and Roman have things to go over privately. Aiden and Hope joke about it as Giselle goes to the counter with Roman. Marlena walks by and sees them together.

Ortiz meets with Kate. She notes he's late and wants something concrete and solid on Jordan. He says he had something but there may be a problem.

Jordan tells Rafe that she's only ever done what any sister would do. Rafe assumes she sacrificed a lot. Jordan says no one got through to her but she's glad because they found each other and then they kiss.

Sami tells Abigail that it's great that Ben is coming to the wedding. Abigail says she isn't sure but Ben assures that he is and looking forward to it. Sami talks about being glad and brings up the last guy she hooked up with.

Eric tells the Bishop that Nicole has made up her mind but he thanks him for his time and effort. The bishop notes that they were close and suggests Eric talk to her. Eric says if she won't come forward then she won't. Eric adds that he's at peace and he's done all he can so his future is in God's hands now.

Nicole argues with Daniel and doesn't want another lecture about how horrible she is. Nicole complains that Eric treated her like dirt while Marlena and Sami couldn't ask her nicely. Daniel stops her and talks about how she risked her life to help Eric. Daniel tells her that Eric has a chance to be reinstated by the church but only if she steps up. Daniel says Eric could have his life back. Daniel asks if she doesn't care. Nicole complains about Eric wanting nothing to do with her. Daniel says it's not about her, its' about Eric, his future and his whole life so she can't walk away. Nicole says she can. Daniel doesn't know who she is anymore after her lies and what she's done. Nicole tells him to shut up and not judge her.

Rafe tells Jordan that they will figure out what's going on. He apologizes for getting upset at her when she was only protecting him. Jordan feels she put him in a bad spot. Rafe gets a call and says he'll be right there. He tells Jordan that he has to go. Jordan says she'll have a chance to talk to Ben and give him the heads up. They kiss goodbye and Rafe gets up to shower.

Kate questions Ortiz having a problem. He explains how every lead fell through until Ben. He says one guy definitely recognized Ben and finally wanted to meet up.

Sami apologizes to Abigail for bringing up Chad. She mentions that she can't stand people who are two faced. Sami says they are all moving on. She calls it a beautiful day, perfect for the wedding. Sami mentions not seeing EJ until the ceremony. Sami tells Ben to have a good time that they'll never forget. Sami goes to get ready.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's not out to judge her but he has every right to tell her when she's being downright cruel. Daniel says he knows she still loves Eric. Daniel adds that Eric is his friend that he cares about. Nicole replies that Daniel is no longer her friend. Nicole says Daniel hasn't lost anything while she has nothing. Nicole tells Daniel to go back to Jennifer and live his perfect life. She gets up and heads to the restroom.

Eric arrives at the Pub and greets Marlena. Roman spots them and introduces Eric to Giselle. Giselle talks about her excitement about the gala along with Eric being reinstated as a priest. She adds that they hope to see them there.

Hope orders a coffee but the waitress says the coffee maker isn't working. Aiden says they need some caffeine. Hope agrees to run to the club and tells him to keep an eye on the others.

Sami goes to Roman's office and begins writing him a letter, saying she wanted to talk to him before the wedding and she loves him. She starts to write that she wishes he could've been there but stops and thinks back to the photo of EJ and Abigail. Sami finishes writing and then crosses it out, complaining that her whole life is one big mistake. She throws things as Rafe arrives.

Hope goes to the club and greets Daniel. She asks how it's going after Jennifer filled her in on Eric. Daniel says he's going to give the Bishop his statement. Hope brings up the problem between Daniel and Jennifer. She says it seems so wrong. Daniel says he loves Jennifer and misses her but this thing with Nicole made him realize how Jennifer sees him. Daniel says there's not much to say, they just aren't together anymore. Hope thinks he's making it sound so final and questions them not getting back together.

Eric sits with Aiden and talks about all the work he's done for the school. Aiden admits it's been awhile since he's been to mass. Eric asks Aiden about making sure his son went to St. Luke's. Aiden explains that Chase's mother always insisted.

Ortiz tells Kate that the man never showed but someone else did. Ortiz says the guy was asking a ton of questions and then walked away. Kate accuses him of making empty promises and wasting her day. The man then arrives and questions if Kate is the lady that hired Ortiz. Kate admits she is and asks who he is.

Abigail sits with Ben and complains about Sami making him uncomfortable. Ben assures her and talks about how excited Sami was. Abigail says Sami has been waiting for this for a long time.

Rafe asks Sami what's wrong. Sami says it's nothing and she's fine but Rafe doesn't believe her. Rafe asks if she's getting married today. Sami says yes. Rafe tells her that he can still read her and she's obviously angry. Sami denies it but Rafe says whatever made her angry really hurts and it's not exactly how a bride wants to spend the happiest day of her life.

Hope leaves as Nicole returns to Daniel. Nicole says she heard what Hope said about Daniel and Jennifer breaking up because of her. Nicole apologizes and says it seems like everything she's done lately has hurt someone. Nicole talks about Daniel standing by her and being there for her so she feels awful. Daniel responds that he needs to see the bishop and walks away.

Marlena takes Roman away to talk. Aiden comments to Eric that Giselle seems unhappy about that so Eric goes to interrupt. Eric takes Marlena outside to talk while Giselle calls Roman back to her.

The man is named Jeremiah and he makes Ortiz leave so that he can sit with Kate. He tells her that she's a brave lady. She asks if he's a threat. He warns her that being nosy around here can spell trouble. Kate replies that she doesn't want trouble, just information, and she has money and is determined. Kate tells him to name his price and he can tell what he knows about Jordan as she shows him her picture.

Jordan calls Ben saying she needs to see him and it's important. Ben apologizes to Abigail and says he has to go. Abigail says she'll see him at the wedding and walks off. Ben and Jordan agree to meet at the park.

Sami tells Rafe that she's perfectly happy. Sami says she just came to write a note for Roman and the pen screwed up. Sami asks him not to read into it. Rafe says he doesn't have to because he already knows exactly what's going on.

Kate says Jeremiah obviously knows Jordan and offers money. He instead gets up and walks away.

Ben meets Jordan in the park. She notes that he seems happy. He says he is because she looks happy for the first time in a long time. Jordan says whatever he said to Rafe worked. Ben is glad but notes that there is something else. Jordan tells him that it's big.

Rafe thinks Sami is mad that Roman and Marlena aren't coming to her wedding. Rafe tells her that it's only because of who she's marrying. Rafe says this is where Sami defends EJ and tells him off then wonders why she isn't saying anything.

Hope returns to the Pub and asks Aiden how it's going. Aiden explains how Marlena tried to pull Roman away and he goes to make sure things are going well. Giselle tells him that she's very happy as she exits with Roman. Ciara tells Hope that she's going to get some of grandma's cookies and she goes to the back. Chase talks about his mom's cookies and how he misses her.

Daniel goes to see the bishop. He tells Daniel that he appreciates him doing this. They agree that Eric deserves a fair shake. The bishop points out in Daniel's statement that he wasn't there when the evidence was found. Daniel admits he's not the one who could talk about it first-hand.


Eric sits with Marlena outside the town square and talks about Roman and Giselle. Eric thinks she's jealous. Marlena laughs it off. Nicole walks by and stops to listen in. Eric jokes with Marlena and she says it's so good to see him like this.

Kate can't get service on her phone as she wants to book a flight. Another man approaches and asks to see her picture. She shows the photo of Jordan. He sits down and states that it has been a long time.

Jordan tells Ben that it's not a bad thing but she can trust Rafe as he's very forgiving and let her keep the secret. Jordan informs Ben that she's going to tell Rafe the truth about everything.

Sami says Rafe has made up his mind about EJ so she won't waste her time lecturing him. Rafe says she's made up her mind as well. Sami responds that she knows exactly what kind of man EJ is and what she's getting into marrying him as she exits.

Hope tells Chase how sorry she is. Aiden returns as Hope asks Chase what his mom was like.

Marlena tells Eric that she won't admit anything regarding the jealousy. Eric comments that she still cares. Marlena brings up the bishop and running into Nicole. Eric doesn't want to go there. Marlena tells Eric that she feels responsible for Nicole refusing to help him. Marlena suggests Eric speak to her but he stops her and says she can't make what she wants happen. Eric talks about wishing Marlena and Roman would get back together and jokes that maybe now it will happen as they laugh together. Eric tells her that it's out of his hands as it's not about him anymore but what God wants for him. Eric says after everything with Nicole, he can't ask for her help. Eric declares that either she's going to step up or she's not.

The bishop thanks Daniel for talking with him and talks about the evidence still to cover. Daniel offers to do anything he can as they finish up. Daniel goes to exit as Nicole arrives.

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