Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/26/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/26/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate walks through the town square and gets a call from her contact Ortiz. She tells him that it better be good. He thinks he's found a solid lead on Jordan.

Jordan walks through the park looking sad. Ben joins her and asks what's wrong and if something happened with Rafe. Jordan explains that Rafe told her that he can't be in a relationship with her unless she tells him the truth.

Brady sits in the AA meeting as he gets Theresa's text.

Theresa worries to Anne where Brady is since he's not answering his phone. She tells Anne that things are getting serious between them and she wouldn't be surprised if they got engaged soon. Anne tells her not to be window shopping just yet. Anne questions if she really thinks Brady is ever going to marry her.

Paige questions Eve and Jennifer hating each other and it should be ancient history. JJ talks about Jennifer talking about this earlier. Paige feels that JJ is making her mom sound like a total bitch and doesn't like it.

Jennifer thinks she's still upset about Frankie. Eve stops her and says it's not about Frankie but it's all about Jack and them. Jennifer says Jack has been dead for almost two years. Eve talks about Jack still living on through his work. Eve says that's the reason she's here.

Rafe meets Abe outside the town square. Abe informs Rafe that EJ asked him to officiate the wedding. Rafe notes that it wasn't that long ago that Abe was doing the same for he and Sami. Abe notes that Rafe makes a good couple with Jordan.

Jordan tells Ben about Rafe wanting to know everything or else it's over. Jordan says she can't blame Rafe for feeling that way. Ben says she can blame him because he ruined her shot at happiness and he's sorry for that.

Paige goes off on JJ about her mom not being a bad person. Paige tells him that it's wrong to assume Eve was the one doing underhanded things to Jennifer. Rory and Bev arrive. Rory jokes about JJ and Paige fighting.

Eve tells Jennifer that she read Jack's book. Eve brings up being married to Jack before. Jennifer calls it a total sham that meant nothing to him but Eve disagrees.

Maggie calls Brady and leaves a message about how proud she is of him taking this first step and he knows where to find her if he needs to talk. John walks in and asks if this means Brady is finally getting some help.

A man leads the AA meeting talking about giving up negative influences to focus on recovery.

Theresa questions Anne what makes her so sure that Brady won't marry her. Theresa talks up Brady's riches. Anne points out that Victor could cut him off. Anne tells her that she's the kind of girl that Brady loves to party with but not marry.

Abe asks if everything is okay with Rafe and Jordan. Rafe calls it complicated. Abe hopes it has nothing to do with Sami marrying EJ.

Kate questions Ortiz about having a lead on Jordan. He tells her that he's positive this will pan out as he finally found some people who recognize Ben. He tells her that he will get back with her. Kate declares that they are finally about to find out exactly what Jordan is hiding.

Jordan says she promised to always take care of Ben. Ben feels he should've just stayed away or else Rafe would have never known she has a secret. Jordan doesn't think it matters because she couldn't hide who she is forever. Jordan can't believe she thought she could have a regular life. Ben tells her she can and she has to tell Rafe the truth.

Rory jokes with JJ about arguing with Paige. Bev tells Paige that she knew they wouldn't last. JJ claims they weren't fighting. Rory talks about celebrating graduation. Bev mocks their argument. Rory suggests JJ come party with them as they are a lot more fun.

Jennifer tells Eve that Jack only married her for the money. Eve points out that Jennifer left Jack to go back to Frankie. Eve talks about letting Jack out of the marriage and not fighting for her money back. Jennifer asks if that's what she wants. Eve brings up their annulment agreement where Jack signed over his rights to half of the earnings from projects including books. Eve says she's here to collect what is due. Eve brings the agreement out of her purse and shows Jennifer.

John apologizes for eavesdropping but is excited about Brady going to a meeting. Maggie says she can't tell him anything. John calls it a huge first step and hopes it means things are finally turning around for Brady.

Theresa questions if Anne is saying she's not good enough for Brady. Anne says she didn't mean it as an insult but brings up her reputation and Brady's past with Kristen. Theresa blames Jennifer and Daniel. Anne suggests cutting her losses. Theresa thinks Brady is a big catch and she can squeeze more out of him.

Rafe tells Abe that it has nothing to do with EJ and Sami. Rafe admits that he does think Sami is making the mistake of her life but not because he still has feelings for her, he just doesn't want to see her or the kids get hurt. Abe brings up Rafe's look when he saw Jordan at Will and Sonny's wedding and knowing it was the look of a man in love. Abe hopes it works out and then walks away.

Jordan tells Ben that she would be putting Rafe in danger if he knew what she did. Ben says she was just protecting him. Jordan worries that it's too dangerous. Ben warns that she will lose Rafe if she doesn't tell him the truth. Ben adds that she loves Rafe and he's never seen her happier than when she's with him. Jordan says she does love Rafe which is why she can't drag him into her mess. Jordan says she's protecting them both. Jordan declares that it may be time to accept that she and Rafe weren't meant to be together. Jordan then walks away.

JJ tells Rory that he'd rather stay. Bev tells Rory that they will go have some real fun as they exit. JJ thanks Paige for saving him from that. JJ says he doesn't want to dis Rory and they were good friends but he would much rather be with her. JJ apologizes to Paige and she can't believe they were fighting over their moms when it was ages ago. JJ suggests they could be laughing about old times now.

Eve talks about believing in Jack. Jennifer explains that Jack's books proceeds all go to military veterans and she is making sure that wish is fulfilled. Jennifer says even Eve couldn't take the money from the veterans. Eve says they will split it and Jennifer can do that with her half but she'll take hers. Eve goes over the agreement. Jennifer threatens to contact her attorney as it's not what Jack wanted. Jennifer calls her the same witch she always was that thinks she's entitled to something for nothing.

After the meeting, the man tells Brady about hoping to see him again but Brady isn't sure the meetings are for him. He tries to convince Brady to give it another try. Brady agrees to. Brady checks his phone and sees voicemails from Maggie and Theresa.

Theresa throws a dart at the dartboard and stands at the counter with her drink. John arrives and Theresa asks if he's happy now that Brady still isn't there.

Jordan walks through the town square and stops to think back to she and Rafe dancing in that spot. She turns around and Kate approaches. Kate hopes she spoke to Rafe. Jordan tells her to stay out of her business. Kate says she would love to but she's concerned about Rafe and thinks only she can get through to him. Jordan says she talked to him and only made things worse.

Ben remains in the park where Rafe jogs by. Ben tells him that he just talked to Jordan and she's really upset. Ben says she loves him. Rafe says he loves her too. Ben questions his ultimatums and why he can't just trust her. Rafe points out that she doesn't trust him. Ben says it's not about that but about protecting them both.

Eve complains that Jennifer was given everything in life including Frankie and Jack. Eve says everything came easy for her. Jennifer knows Eve had a hard life but tells her to stop blaming her. Eve shouts that she fought for everything and still is fighting. Eve tells Jennifer to give her the one thing that she deserves but she'll have to fight her for that again. Jennifer warns her that she's going to fight too and she'll win because it's not what Jack wanted so she's going to make sure she never sees that money. Eve argues that she's going to get it because she needs it. Jennifer argues against the agreement. Jennifer yells at her that she's not going to get away with this as JJ and Paige return.

Rafe tells Ben that he doesn't need protecting, just the truth. Ben says Jordan is just trying to do the right thing. Rafe just wants her to be honest with him. Ben asks him to be more patient and understanding. Ben then walks away.

Kate tells Jordan that she's stunned they couldn't work things out. Kate talks about Rafe tormenting himself over Gabi and asks what her problem is. She tells her not to give up when Rafe needs her help. Jordan gets a call and walks away.

Theresa asks if John came back to gloat. John says he left his credit card. Theresa assumes Brady never got her text. John tells her that he's actually trying to get his life together. Theresa asks if that means he went to a meeting. She accuses John of sending him there. John tells her that if she's not happy about Brady getting help then she's selfish and it won't be long before Brady sees her for who she is. Brady enters and tells John to get away from her.

JJ asks what's going on. Eve says they were just catching up. Eve says she and Paige have a big day tomorrow so they will see them at the graduation. Paige thanks Jennifer for having them over as they exit. JJ asks Jennifer what happened.

Brady accuses John of trying to pressure Theresa in to leaving him. Brady tells him that he can't run his life. Theresa tells Brady that she will support whatever he does. Brady questions Maggie telling John about the meeting. John says he just overheard her message. Brady tells him to tell Maggie that the meeting was a complete waste of time as meetings do nothing for him. John tries to get through to him but Brady takes Theresa and exits.

Maggie goes to the club and makes an order with Ben. Kate arrives and greets Maggie. Kate assumes Maggie is celebrating Victor firing her. Maggie admits she's not distraught over it. Kate tells her that Victor will beg her to come back when he finds out that EJ and Sami set her up but she won't be needing him anymore. Maggie asks if it's because she's getting back in bed with Stefano. Kate asks if Maggie would be relieved by that so she wouldn't have to worry about her intimate relationship with Victor anymore. Maggie tells her that she was never worried.

Jordan goes outside the town square and meets with Rafe. Rafe thanks her for coming. She says he wanted to talk. Rafe admits he misses her so much that he can't stand it.

Eve and Paige walk through the town square. Eve talks about missing spending time with her. Paige wants her to explain what they walked in on. Eve admits that she and Jennifer never got along. Paige says she figured that out and JJ thinks it's over liking the same guy. Eve says there's that and reveals that she was married to Jack a long time ago. Paige is shocked and can't believe Eve never mentioned that to her. Eve says she didn't handle it very well but she was in shock. Eve says they weren't married long and had it annulled as it was a mistake. Eve complains that Jennifer is still resentful. Eve adds that Jack has left them a wonderful gift that will change their life forever.

Jennifer tells JJ that it was nothing. JJ asks if it was about him. Jennifer says no and they have a complicated relationship. JJ questions if they were fighting about their past. Jennifer says it was about money and she'll explain later. Jennifer asks JJ not to speak to Paige for now because she doesn't know what she knows and she wants to explain it herself. Jennifer says she needs time to think about things and will explain everything to he and Abigail in the morning. JJ agrees not to speak to Paige and asks if she still likes Paige.

Brady lays in bed drinking and complaining to Theresa that he hates his dad. He blames John for his life going to Hell. Brady then passes out. Theresa notes that he's completely wasted and realizes John is the key. Theresa says this could almost be too easy.

Jordan tells Rafe that she misses him too. Rafe doesn't want them to be apart but after what happened with Gabi, he hopes she understands why needs to be smart. Jordan says she does. Rafe tells her that he loves her and he refuses to throw away what they have. Rafe tells her that somehow they will find a way to work things out together and then they kiss.

Kate sits in the club and gets a call back from her contact Ortiz. He tells her to get on a plane tonight to Missouri. Kate agrees to book her flight and hangs up. Ben brings her coffee. She thanks him and says he's been very helpful.

Jennifer tells JJ that her opinion of Paige hasn't changed because of this. JJ asks if it won't be a problem that she hates her mom. Jennifer says she won't let their issues affect them. JJ asks if she's okay. Jennifer claims she's fine and excited for his graduation tomorrow. She hugs him and he heads upstairs. Jennifer looks at Jack's book and declares this is so wrong so she won't let Eve get away with it this time.

Paige asks Eve what Jack left them. Eve says she will explain everything tomorrow and asks her to avoid talking to JJ in the meantime. Eve thinks Jennifer will spin everything and she wants her to hear her side of the story. Paige agrees to not talk to JJ for one night. Eve adds that she will give JJ a chance but she wants to know what kind of trouble he was in to make sure he's good enough for her. Eve says they deserve the best and that's why she has to make sure this thing with Jack comes through for them. Eve tells her to that it will change their lives for the better and she knows just what she has to do to make it happen.

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