Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Paige goes in to see JJ while Eve parks the car. Paige starts to tell JJ as Jennifer walks in and then the doorbell rings. Paige informs JJ that their moms went to high school together. Jennifer excitedly goes to meet Paige's mom and is shocked when she opens the door to see Eve. Eve greets her and says long time no see and hugs her.

EJ and Abigail walk out of the town square. Abigail asks what he wants. EJ tells her that what happened at the house earlier can never happen again and asks if she understands that.

Ben runs into a co-worker in the town square and he asks Ben if he's meeting Abigail because he just saw her heading the other way.

EJ and Abigail argue. EJ warns her that if Sami finds out about their affair, it will ruin his life and destroy hers. EJ asks if that's something she wants.

Brady sits at the Kiriakis Mansion with his cocaine and he looks over at the drinks. He gets a text from Theresa about meeting later to have some fun.

Anne joins Theresa at the Pub and complains about her treating her job as an afterthought. Theresa mocks Jennifer and Daniel. Anne wants her to do something. Theresa says she's done everything she can and then brings up Paige. Theresa reveals to Anne that JJ's girlfriend is her niece.

Eve tells Jennifer that it's hard to believe it's been so long. Jennifer says she didn't know she was back. Jennifer calls it a bad time, not realizing that Eve is Paige's mom. Paige then comes in and reveals Eve is her mom.

Abe goes to Marlena's office. Marlena is happy to see him and they talk about not seeing each other since Will and Sonny's wedding. Abe brings up now it's Sami's big day. Marlena is shocked to hear that Sami is getting married tomorrow.

Anne is surprised to hear about JJ being with Theresa's niece. Theresa explains how she didn't know until recently. Theresa thinks they can use Paige to drive a wedge between Daniel and Jennifer. Theresa talks about her half-sister Eve being a total bitch.

Jennifer can't believe Eve is Paige's mom. Eve talks about being in shock when Paige told her. Jennifer calls it crazy. JJ and Paige go to get a drink. Eve talks about Paige always talking about JJ but only just mentioning his last name. Eve says it's almost like old times like Jennifer doesn't believe her.

Ben calls Jordan and leaves a message that he's worried about her and for her to call him back.

EJ tells Abigail that this is not easy for them but they have no choice but to move on with their lives. Abigail says she's been trying if not for Sami. EJ is sorry she's in this situation. He tells her that it's almost over as the wedding is tomorrow. Abigail asks how she's supposed to get through this. Abigail says she's made a lot of mistakes but this was the worst she'll ever make. EJ asks if that's because of Ben. Abigail says it is because she finally met a man who isn't trying to manipulate or control her. Abigail is worried that Ben would disappear if he found out the truth as she calls herself a homewrecking slut.

Anne asks Theresa more about Eve. Theresa calls herself the good sister which Anne laughs at. Theresa praises Brady and says things are going extremely well but sometimes she senses resistance from him. Anne assumes he's just not that into her then.

Brady puts the cocaine away as Maggie enters and tells him that Victor is out of town. Brady says it's her that he needs to see.

Jennifer tells Eve that they have a lot to catch up on and she goes to check on dinner. Eve goes in to the living room with JJ and Paige. Eve talks about feeling bad about not giving Jennifer a heads up. Eve says she now wants to know all about JJ and they can talk about their past later. Eve says she hasn't been in this house in two decades but everything is exactly the same including Jennifer. Jennifer listens in from the kitchen as Eve talks about JJ's great grandparents. Eve talks about how they loved Jennifer and how it makes a difference. Eve says Jennifer had many advantages and was very lucky. Eve says they will have a lot of fun hearing about it over dinner but Jennifer comes in and declares that's not going to happen.

Theresa assures Anne that Brady is in to her but gets a little irritable when he's sober. Theresa feels Brady thinks of her as a bad influence. Theresa says there is someone in her corner that doesn't know it yet. They look over as John is at the counter.

Brady tells Maggie that he's been trying really hard to be honest about what he's going through. Brady then admits he might need some help.

EJ tells Abigail that's not who she is. Abigail adds that she's a liar. EJ asks if she thinks he likes lying about this. Abigail thinks he's so good at it. EJ says no good will come from the truth but the questions will keep coming if she freaks out like she did in front of Will and Sonny. Abigail says she's not as good as lying. EJ tells her to just get through the wedding and he will keep her busy. Abigail asks about running into Sami around town. EJ thinks she can keep it casual. EJ asks Abigail to just do it for him. Ben interrupts and then apologizes, thinking she was alone. Ben starts to leave but EJ stops and introduces himself. EJ says they were just talking about him.

Jennifer claims the oven isn't working so the dinner would take two more hours and they'll have to change plans. JJ suggests going out but Jennifer instead insists that JJ and Paige go out while she and Eve chat. JJ and Paige exit together. Jennifer tells Eve that Paige is lovely. Eve responds that JJ is interesting. Jennifer asks what that means. Eve talks about JJ going through a hard time for the past few years. Jennifer says he's doing well and is a great young man. Jennifer doesn't believe Eve came to talk about JJ. Jennifer suggests they clear the air and not make this go on any longer than it has to.

Abe tells Marlena about EJ wanting him to perform the ceremony. Abe knows how she feels but truly believes EJ loves Sami. Marlena talks about all the time spent hurting each other. Marlena says she should be happy for Sami because she will have someone in her corner and Abe will be there for her and her children.

Ben notes that it didn't sound like they were talking about him. EJ explains Abigail planning his wedding and being the maid of honor. EJ talks about Abigail having to deal with this all alone. EJ suggests Ben go to the wedding with her. EJ tells Abigail how important this is to him and hopes to see Ben tomorrow. EJ walks off. Ben asks about the wedding. Abigail tries to cover up but Ben thinks it's a great idea. Abigail says it will be miserable but Ben just wants to be there with her and adds that he doesn't trust EJ at all.

Anne asks Theresa why John would be in her corner. She says John's not yet. Anne asks what good it would be since Brady can't stand him. Theresa talks about John and Brady with Kristen. She talks about John not getting the hint with Brady and trying to bribe her to leave town. Theresa decides she will try to have some fun. She gets up and joins John at the counter, calling it a surprise.

Maggie asks Brady what makes him think he needs help. She tells him that there's nothing he can say to her that she hasn't heard before and she would never judge. Brady reveals to her that he's using cocaine again. He claims it's a little not a lot but admits that he's scared.

Paige and JJ go to the club. She notes that he hasn't said a word since they left. JJ felt Eve and Jennifer weren't exactly friends and had a history. Paige agrees.

Eve questions what they need to clear the air about. Jennifer says it's Frankie. Eve calls it ancient history and says they didn't work out. Jennifer says she has to tell her something that she might already know. Eve asks if it's that Frankie came out of Africa to be with Jennifer.

Abigail asks Ben about not trusting EJ when he doesn't know him. Ben asks if she trusts him. Abigail says she doesn't but she knows all about him and his family since she dated his brother. Abigail talks about thinking Chad was different but it turned out he was never straightforward and EJ is the same way. She asks what Ben has heard about EJ. Ben says nothing but it's a gut feeling. Abigail notes that he felt the same way about Nick and was right. Ben talks about being a good judge of character where he comes from. She asks where he comes from.

EJ walks through the town square and runs into Marlena. She mentions hearing from Abe about the wedding being tomorrow. EJ apologizes for her finding out that way as he hoped Sami would've told her since it didn't seem like his place. EJ tells her that it would mean a lot to Sami if she attended. Marlena asks why it's her job to mend the fence between her and Sami.

John looks around but Theresa tells him that Brady isn't there yet but will be and they will have a great evening like always. John wants her to listen. Theresa assumes he's going to lecture her on staying away from Brady.

Maggie asks Brady if he's using mostly when he's drinking. Brady says the drinking is not the issue but admits he does them both. Brady doesn't think it's the problem. Maggie says drinking is making him crave cocaine. Maggie calls it a vicious cycle. Maggie worries that he's losing control and is life is becoming unable to manage. Maggie tells him that there is a solution.

Paige tells JJ that Eve said she and Jennifer didn't hang with the same crowd and she didn't seem to want to talk about it much. They both feel that they weren't exactly friends and may have been the opposite.

Jennifer admits that she and Frankie tried. Eve says she's never been far from her mind. Jennifer asks if she's still upset about Frankie. Eve calls it ancient history and says she drove him off herself. Eve talks about troubles with men and asks about her. Eve says Frankie cared about her but she threw him over for Jack. Jennifer argues that she has no idea what happened. Jennifer wants her to admit that she's still angry over Frankie after all these years but she laughs at the idea.

Ben tells Abigail that he comes from a really small town where you knew who the good and bad ones were. Ben would put money on EJ not being good. Ben asks if she agrees with him.

EJ tells Marlena it would mean a tremendous amount to Sami, the children and himself if she attended the wedding. EJ knows she doesn't approve of him but after everything he sacrificed for Sami and her. Marlena admits she appreciates all he's done. EJ asks her to help him then by coming to witness the wedding.

Theresa asks John what he wants. John knows she's having a good time with Brady but he has a substance abuse problem and she's enabling it. Theresa claims not to know what he's talking about and says she doesn't have a problem. John says Brady can't handle it and warns her that he will die if she keeps encouraging the reckless behavior. He asks her to leave him alone and let him go. Theresa argues that he doesn't know what he's talking about because Brady is finally starting to leave. John replies not as long as he's with her as he then exits.

Maggie tells Brady that there is an AA meeting today at the hospital. Brady doesn't know if he's ready. She tells him that he won't have to say anything and she'll take him. Maggie asks him to take the first step. Brady says he has a date tonight with Theresa. Maggie asks what he wants to do then.

JJ says Jennifer is the nicest person ever. JJ wonders if it has something to do with Jack. Paige mentions Eve knowing about Jack's death. JJ asks if she ever talked about living in Salem. Paige says she never has but she got the feeling that she didn't have the best experience. Paige adds that the one guy she ever talked about doesn't even live there anymore. JJ asks about him and Paige reveals it was Frankie.

Jennifer questions what Eve is laughing at. Eve finds it funny that after all these years, everything is still the same. Eve calls her adorable and naive. Eve asks how she could be angry over Frankie when it's ancient history like their rivalry. Eve then tells her how sorry she is about Jack. Eve looks at the photo of Jack and calls him a wonderful man. Eve talks about Jennifer being so in love with him that she forgave him over and over again. Eve recalls the look on Jennifer's face when she told her that she and Jack were married.

Abigail tells Ben that after tomorrow, she has no plans to have anything to do with EJ ever again. Abigail is glad she got to see Ben tonight. Ben asks when should he show up tomorrow. She asks if he's sure he wants to. Ben refuses to let her walk into this mess alone. Abigail says she'll text him the information. Ben stops her and kisses her. She says she'll see him tomorrow as he then walks away.

Marlena asks EJ who else is on the guest list. EJ says it's tiny as not even Roman will be there and Sami just wanted the children. Marlena feels attending would make her a hypocrite and that's why Roman isn't coming. Marlena tells him that they have never brought out the best in each other and she believes that they never will. Marlena walks away.

Theresa returns to Anne. Anne asks about her plan. Theresa says she's getting there but was tempted to throw her drink in John's face. Theresa mentions that Brady is coming. Anne suggests she should go then. Theresa decides to text Brady first to find out where he is.

Brady sits in the AA meeting as he gets Theresa's text.

JJ realizes that Eve was Jennifer's rival. JJ explains Jennifer's history with Frankie and how Jennifer mentioned a rivalry that kept coming between them. JJ has an awful feeling that their mothers hate each other.

Jennifer tells Eve that they have both moved on and can't afford to have hard feelings about their past for JJ and Paige. Eve agrees that everything should be about their children. Eve says she just wanted everything out there. Jennifer agrees that this is good. Eve admits she's a little worried about JJ and Paige because she's afraid Jennifer won't be able to support Paige after everything she has to tell her. Jennifer thinks she's still upset about Frankie. Eve stops her and says it's not about Frankie but it's all about Jack and them.

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